Up India! Conquer the world by your spirituality!

During his visit to Kanyakumari, Swami Vivekananda brainstormed ideas and came up with a plan, a layout for the country he loved more than anything else, to be of service to the downtrodden, to make the Indian men and women feel proud about their glorious past and to be truthful to their backbones. He formed Sri Ramakrishna Mission. He called upon us bravely, ‘Ye, children of immortal bliss’.
The Indian needs more spiritual energy in addition to the mental and physical strength now more than ever. Every one of us has a responsibility in our shoulders now. To put India back in its glory, just like it was in the past, even greater perhaps. To do this, the change must happen within us as a first step.
Everything happens twice. First in the mind and then in reality. What we focus on, we create. As you think, so you become. Therefore, we must think, feel and visualize positive and energizing thoughts.
The Swami visualized this. Our great country standing up in its full glory, the Vedantic past in its complete potential.
They say “expect success to find it!”, it is extremely important for us to focus on the good, focus on positive improvement than melting down with the negative feelings. Let us be the change that we want to see in the country. There is power in positive expectations. A word of caution too, it is also true that there is power in any expectations and you hold the key to choose whether it is positive or not.
Here is a set of quick steps to reinforce that system that Swamiji proclaimed.
1. Determine to focus on the good. Just only on Good.
2. Expect Success. Expect Progress. Expect Good.

3. Have a watch over the thoughts. We wouldn’t like to smell bad physically, why then in thoughts?

Spread the aroma of positive energy around you.

4. Here’s an interesting method. If you have a idol or a role model, think of any situation in two perspective. One if your own way, and another in a way that your role model would think and do, if he/she were in your position. You will see a dramatic switch over in you and will get new perspective
of the same situation.

 5. Stay out of negativity. Avoid humbugs, negatives and gossips of newspaper, magazines and mediaStay clean.

Remember, we all have the responsibility of handing over a prosperous nation to our children. If not for us, let us do it for them as they deserve to live in a better place. Up India!

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