What attracts Westerners towards Hinduism

A lot of westerners are drawn towards the Vedic Dharma and have found an inner peace in them. Their number continues to increase for the good of all and then naturally, the question arises – Why? What is attracting them towards Hinduism as its most commonly and erroneously being called or the Sanatana Dharma?  What makes them leave their most comfortable and advanced countries and come to India for a search within? What are the possible reasons for them to think that this Vedic way of life is what they’ve been looking for? This article reviews some of the important factors on the same and emphasizes the Vedas as the supreme yardstick of reference. This article also hopes that the citizens of India continue to look upon Westerners, who are looking at our glory and thereby realize our own greatness.

The opposite poles attract each other :). We seem to get carried away by the Western world and look upon them for everything. And they, though advanced in Science & Technology, look nowhere else than India and her Vedic Wisdom when it comes to the science of inner self.

They are in the saturation level of materialism. In the recent times, there is a slight drift in their attitude, towards the material possessions and equating everything to money. We hear phrases like “Less is more“, “Purpose of my life“, “What is my karmic call?” and the likewise often. It is a very good sign as they are sincere in following through once they are convinced. They look upon India and her heritage as they realize that material possessions and advancement in modern machineries is not everything and that there is something which is deeper still, the knowledge about inner-self, which is present in The Vedas  and the Sanatana Dharma. Since long, India has embraced them with love and affection whenever they come here seeking this science, this realization, guidance, bliss, however it is named.

Countless of them experience that inner peace here in the Vedic Dharma, here in India and all their questions are answered. They are convinced about their birth, the purpose of life, the cause-and-effect of thoughts (vasanas) converting to actions (karma) and more. They feel they’ve come to where they belong, at home.

This doesn’t happen without a solid reason. They don’t get drawn because of any missionaries or propaganda. They don’t face life-threatening calls from groups who call themselves as ‘God’s angels’. There is however good reasoning that runs through a mind “which can think straight” and these are some of such reasoning when it comes to embracing the Vedic Dharma.

  • First and foremost, the Vedic Dharma is a way of life, and is not found by a person, organization or community. It does not hold one preceptor or clergy as the single point of authority. It is universal, intact and applicable to all.
  • A way of life, which harnesses the thinking process, and gives a better understanding and reasoning, lets one adapt or leave something purely based on the reasoning than that of force or dictatorship.
  • Does not have childish talks or foolish proclamations such as ‘If you do not follow path “X” hell is reserved for you’ etc.  OR ‘This X way is the only way and those who does not follow X are doomed’, even for the hilarious sense 🙂
  •  A system of life that addresses practical methods to put the irresistible, wavering mind at rest without any resistance being imposed on it. Thereby, a perfect mastery, not control of the senses are achieved.
  •  A way of life that goes hand in hand with body-mind-soul and addresses every queries based on these three.

The temple just represents the human body and the spirit within!

  • Vedic Dharma gave the world so much out of which, Yoga, Meditation and Sanskrit stand out like crown jewels. The exploration in these three areas itself have left the world awestruck that they wonder at the height of evolution reached by these men and women way back in history, when the word evolution itself wasn’t derived by then. The mammoth list of what this Dharma gave the world is beyond the scope huge research, leave alone this tiny article.
  • A system of life that believes and proclaims universal tolerance, love and equality and practices it. Which country has given shelter to the downtrodden masses of the world when they were thrown out of their own country other than India? See for yourself, who says so!
  •  A Dharma which does not spread hatred or violence, not just in the books but also in practice.
  •  A system whose method can be tested and verified under scientific norms and not based on mere hearsay stories.
  •  A dharma that accepts me for what I am and reminds me of my blissful and lovable nature (self) without sticking any falsehood and immature labels on my head and on of my heirs such as ‘you are a sinner because your forefather did a forbidden act against the will of God and only X academy will save you’ etc.
  •  A way of life in which every mental temperament has a unique, tailor-made practice towards the ultimate realization, one complementing the other than confronting.
  • The system that goes well with nature, science and not contradict it by weird theories such as Earth is flat etc.
  • A dharma which encourages me to question its very truth, even if it is the Vedas themselves and explore the truth for yourself, than binding me by compulsions or threats.
  • A system that has been intact, unchanged, definitely not have gone through modifications based on clergymen’s convenience.
  • That which has No contradictions. Period.
  • That which approaches the realization of the self or finding God in the ways of love than that of fear.
  • Today’s countless modern books and workshops based on self-help and management have erupted through the wisdom of Vedic Dharma.
  • The people who can come up with architecture that lasts for 1000 years plus, who can pin-point the accurate time frame of the sun’s revolution and planetary positions, who have pioneered  in fields of astronomy, mathematics, art and so on, must have been following a way of life that is very sensible, evolved and mature. It is a time tested, robust yet adaptable one, best of all, applicable even today.
  • It is a time tested, robust yet adaptable way of life, applicable even today.

…and so on. The list is by no means complete. But what is clear beyond a doubt is that this way of life in Vedic Dharma is the complete one that caters to the individual’s temperament towards self-realization and allows to expand oneself to completeness. Let’s adore our glorious past laid down majestically by our forefathers for they know what they meant.

Asatoma Sadgamaya
Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya
|| Om Shaantihi Shaantihi Shaantihi. ||

From ignorance lead me to sat (truth)
From darkness lead me to light
From death lead me to immortality
||Peace Peace Peace||

Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28

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