The Grace of Siddha – Episode 7

The gang who came to tear off the old man who had consumed poison gets transformed by Sage Agastya’s sweet words. They not only abandon the hideous plan, but were all in praise for the Maha Muni who assures them cure of their loved ones.

The feast of Sri Meenakshi Sundareswara Marriage at Madurai

For the Chitrai Festival in Madurai, avolunteer group based in Madurai is organizing a massive feast this year to feed about 40 thousand devotees. This is done by collecting resources from the public, prepared by public and served to public.

The Grace of Siddha – Episode 6

This episode reveals a few men, though appearing brutal and cruel who were on a hideous task are completely transformed through the revelations from Jeeva Nadi of Sage Agasthya. Also, we are awestruck to know the medicinal qualities of any material that comes in to contact with the Nava Bashana idol of Subramanya Swamy at Pazhani Hill.

The Grace of Siddha – Episode 5

Every sacred text says this “ask and ye shall receive”. The same holds true to Jeeva Naadi. Whoever searches, finds. Agastya muni guides you when truly surrendered.