The Grace of Siddha – 9 – Who is Hindu, who is Muslim?

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Note: One of the readers kindly gave a feedback to have a title and to have one post per incident. So is this change. I hope you all like it. Do let us know.

He did not reply, with his head bowing down still.

“That is…the medicine you gave thinking as philter, she consumed and has become what she is now. To turn things to your advantage, you are fabricating a story that she is possessed with ghost, is it not?”


“Now, how can you get the property from this girl, as she is not sane?”

“That’s true sir”

“Even if you had threatened and got her signature in a blank paper, it will not be accepted as per the law, what are you going to do?” – I emphasized.

“I made a mistake. That’s why I came to Agastya Muni. You only should guide me in the right direction” – this person started pleading.

“Does anybody know of this wrongdoing of yours?”

“Nobody. You but, have found this out now. Please forgive me. I will accept to whatever you say” – he almost broke down.

I prayed to Sage Agastya again.

In ‘Thanga Chalai’ street (Gold-Lane in literal translation) lives a wise old man, a follower of Islam. Take this girl to that person. He will be available between eleven and twelve in the night. He only can cure this girl” – the sage guided.

“If the girl becomes ok, that’s all is needed, we can sort other things later” – they rushed to the Gold-Lane street.

But that old man met with an accident and was admitted in the hospital just two hours back. That person is gifted with great powers. Right from childhood he is inclined on being helpful to people and had learnt all types of shashtras.

Having an inclination towards Siddha Vaidhya, he also believed in Atharvana Veda. He learnt Atharvana Veda as he thought of doing good with the power of Mantras. The Atharvana Veda contains powerful mantras that can control all sorts of evil spirits and also to do good by controlling the angels.

This requires tremendous mental strength and one must not fear. Above that, before initiating any such work, one should make a protective circular layer without doing which, there may be adverse effects to them. Those who indulge in such acts are rare.

There are a few Muslims in Kerala who have learnt Atharvana Veda and are doing welfare to the humankind!

Can we do such controlling of evil spirits and things at this time of ours? They say angels exist, are all these true? – we do get such doubts and nothing wrong in them :). Those who have learnt Atharvana Veda and have practiced it for years can find out between the evil spirits and angels. How to use a particular mantra, how long can a mantra fetch good results, also, what sort of an evil effect it will have – all these can be accurately calculated for which there are many a secrets and mysteries.

The “prayoga” or usage of a mantra with an intention to spoil somebody, though acts pretty fast on whom it is aimed at, but returns with 100 percent of magnitude to the same person who initiated it, once the time frame of that usage gets over. This will be very disastrous. This is why 99 out of 100 seldom get involved in Atharvana Veda. So what wins at the end is prayer. The reason for this explanation is that one should not get terrified with the thoughts of “possession, evil spirit, ghost or witchcraft” and spoil their life.

One might ask “Can’t Agastya Himself save the girl? Why should He send her to another man?” Whoever specializes in whatever acts, the Sage always have bought them to light. Moreover, how can we guess what His intentions are anyway?

Just as the Sage mentioned, they rushed to the Gold-Lane street before 11 in the night to show the girl to the elderly man to get her cured off the evil spirit. But fate played well before they reached. That person was hit by an auto when he was walking across the corner of the street. He fell unconscious and was taken to the hospital. The gang that took the girl to him were shocked. One of them came right back in the same night and said “what shall we do now?!!”

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi!

Had they been there with good intentions, they could  have met the old man. Never mind. Not many believes in Agastya’s words, even now. The uncle still has some yearning that he is not able to cure her and get hold of the wealth from her. He just spoke to you for the sake of it. While he has such thoughts in his mind, this girl won’t become normal” – He said.

I mentioned this as it is to her uncle.

“Leave alone the property sir, I don’t need it and I shall take care of her. She must be cured soon. Don’t we have anyone else other than this wise old man?”

“Fear not” – I checked the Nãdi again.

To teach these guys a lesson, God has played this game with that old man. There is nothing to worry about him as he will be out of the hospital in 18 hours. He only can cure this girl” – concluded the Sage.

“If he cannot be seen today, can we see him tomorrow night?

No. He will come at 4 PM tomorrow. Go there with the girl in the evening itself. For sure he can cure her in a day’s time” – I referred the Nãdi and mentioned again.

He could not believe that she can be cured in just one day. He asked in bewilderment and doubt then later said “if Agastya says so, it must be correct” – he set forth thanking me and met his gang at Golden Street and updated them.

It was about 4 in the evening next day. The Islamic wise man came to his office unexpectedly. The girl and the others were waiting for him already.

“Who you are all?” – asked the wise man.

They explained him which he listened to with patience. He then called them in and showed “see here” and pointed to a wall.

What they saw was a picture of Sage Agastya bearing the Kamandalu with His eyes showering mercy, smiling. They were shocked and felt “How did Agastya Muni come here?”

The wise man said, “In medicine, I adore the Siddha Bhoga as my guru. I had the fortune of having the darshan of Sage Agastya. I am from Tirunelveli. An auto rickshaw hit me yesterday, but I didn’t get hurt fortunately. The auto guy himself took me to the hospital where the doctor said I am all fine and sent me back”.

They didn’t have the patience to listen to all these. They mentioned about this girl and about Sage Agastya in Jeeva Nãdi.

The person listened to them calmly and said “such a thing can be cured only around 11 PM in the night, but you have come in the day time?” – then he meditated for a while.

Then…he asked to buy jaggery and took out a light sheet of copper from the drawer on his table and on that sheet, he drew a few lines with a needle. Then he placed the jaggery on a leaf and chanted something to himself. Then he put that in the girl’s mouth himself.

He handed over the metal sheet in her hands.

“In 4 hours, this girl will become normal, but there is something” ..he paused and said “after 4 hours, she will be feeling very thirsty. Do NOT give lots of water, and try to evade her without providing water. If required, you may soak cotton in water and pour a few drops in her tongue. Then in 3 hours, she will be alright and you do not have to worry about her” – he said.

“What if she drinks a lot of water surpassing all of us?” – asked one of them as they had witnessed how devilish the girl becomes at times, notwithstanding all their might.

“Then there is no guarantee for her life, moreover I will not be able to drive away the mental illness or possession of ghost or whatever in her” – said the wise man.

“You can take her along now. Come back if you have any trouble”

In 4 hours, the girl’s thirst for water grew so much that she screamed, rolled in the ground and shrieked that she will die out of thirst, and fell down unconscious at last. Once the time mentioned by the wise man pass by, the girl woke up from sleep, and made everyone around her happy. She smiled at those around and did not remember anything that happened so far. She felt as if not feeling well and got cured. The first thing she asked was water. They gave a little of it which was not sufficient, and she kept asking for more but they poured drop by drop of it. This did not quench her thirst.

She yelled and even cursed those who around. But with the advice of the wise man, they struggled in avoiding it where she even tried to run away. This was a painful sight for everyone, that they had bought the girl to this condition, including the uncle. They even thought of giving the water she asked for fearing that she might succumb to thirst and they do not know in what form she will come back to threaten them. Moreover, it is even better if she dies out of drinking water than dying thirsty, they thought.

But they persisted with the courage of the wise man’s words and as the time passed by, the girl’s ferociousness increased. They got scared and they even took her to the wise man which did not help either. But they somehow managed not giving her water.

Time went past 7.30 in the evening. She came down slowly and she lied down. The wise man said “now you can give her water, not just that, give her anything she asks, the medicine which had been mixed with her blood is gone dissolved now and she has become quite normal now” – this made everyone get so very surprised.

“How is this possible?” they asked him for which he said “This is a rare and wonderful Vaidya Shastra that Agastya Muni gave me. It was Sage Agastya Himself who is the reason for me to be here at 4 in the evening, yesterday. Though I did not get hurt, the doctor had advised me to take enough rest and so I did. But I had an intuition. It was like Sage Agastya Himself tapped me awake and said “For you waits a girl who is sick, go at once and give the treatment that We gave you. Cure that girl“. That’s why I came here at 4 PM itself, otherwise, I will come here only in the night” – he said.

“But you just gave the jaggery?!”
“Does the jaggery bear such a wonder?!”
“But it bears Agastya’s Jeeva Mantra right?, that’s the main reason”
“It’s surprising, can it cure anyone and everyone?”
“That depends on the Grace of Siddha Agastya, I gave the Yantra also, you see”
“The devilish girl has become childish” – they exclaimed.
“It’s not a ghost or anything that got her, but it is something that someone did with bad intention”
“The case that even the doctors dropped got cured by you in just 8 hours, is indeed a surprise”

“For a few days, let nobody talk anything about her and just make her feel happy. She will be alright”
“What’s your charge for this sir?”
“Give me 3 rupees 25 paise” – said the Islamic wise man!

He refused to take anything more, how much ever stressed. The girl, who got up from her sleep, identified her relatives and did not scream or do anything abnormal and smiled at them. This made everyone pleased including the wise man. After a few days, a relative of that girl met me and informed me about these and mentioned that he needed to ask Sage Agastya a doubt.

“If a small amount of jaggery through Agastya Muni’s Vaidhya Shastra can cure such a mental illness, why should He teach it only to this Musalmãn, why not for us?”

I asked Agastya about this and the reply that came made me wonder!

In this birth he is born in a Muslim family, though, he was a Siddha Vaidya in his previous birth and lived long under Kolli Hills with the name Kannappa. He erected my statue there in Kolli Hills and was performing Abhisheka with great happiness. He wanted to live as a Siddha throughout but he could not. He misbehaved with a girl who came to him for treatment which spoiled his name and business. When he breathed his last, he prayed to me Agastya and therefore was born again in this janma“.

When he died, he prayed that at least in his next birth, he should do Siddha Vaidhya, study Atharvana Veda Shukshuma and help others with the grace of Siddha Agastya. Hence We listened to his prayers. That is why he though is 85 years old, he is young and energetic. Only to those who display such a Guru Bhakthi, Agastya will grant 4018 shukshuma – said the Sage. Sukshuma can be loosely translated to intricacies but does not convey the entire meaning of it :).

My wonderment grew larger that I had to pinch myself once. “If I am taught of these shukshumas also, I could be of some help to others” I began to think for which He said “You must first trust the Nãdi completely. Then you must trust you who read it and those who come to you for reading. I will point those who come with that trust to you. For those, I will be in your tongue and disclose treatments for various bodily diseases” – said the Maha Muni.

My happiness knew no bounds upon hearing this. I thanked Agastya wholeheartedly and laughed.

“Sire! What happened? You are checking the Nãdi and laughing to yourself, what’s the matter?” asked those who were present. “All is well” – I diverted the topic. “How is the girl now? Is she going to college? That uncle who was dying to marry her, how is he?”

“He lost the property which he dreamed of acquiring by marrying her, and he did not get the girl either. He is very upset that the paralysis that his son got is not yet cured. Only you can suggest him a remedy, that’s why we came here” – said the companion.

“That uncle must come in person. The term Nãdi in Tamil means “to look for or in search of” and he must come looking for Agastya in person where he and his son will be revealed of the cure. This is why it’s called Nãdi” – I said.

“If not for him, please read the Nãdi for the son who is handicapped” – they pleaded with folded hands. This made me feel sorry for them and I thought that the son should be helped somehow.

I prayed to Agastya and opened Jeeva Nãdi. The information that He shared not only shocked me but those who came for it.

The boy for whom they have come to read Nãdi, his cruel father is planning to kill him and to kill himself thereafter and is starting from his place now. Stop him within 9 hours or else worse will be the condition” – this came in Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi!

~ to be continued…

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