The Grace of Siddha – 10 – Jeeva Nadi & Ganda Nadi

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Though related to Sage Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi for forty years, I couldn’t perceive a few things completely.

They come to read Nãdi with great enthusiasm and a lot of expectation.. When I am reading Nãdi for them, the Sage will reveal some seemingly unrelated information. Sometimes, nothing will come as a clairvoyance for the person sitting in front.

This will cause a great inconvenience for me. I can’t lie to them. I can’t compel the Maharishi to say something either and thus I will be handling a twin edged sword. I faced such a situation now. By saving the girl  from a critical condition through the Golden Street Musalman, the people had developed great faith in Sage Agastya. Those who came to thank for that were shocked to hear what the uncle is about to do.

“Sire, what should we do now?”

“From where can we find them, can you please ask this to the Sage?” – hurried one.

“If we don’t go there within 9 hours, won’t we be able to see them alive? Please ask the Sage on this as well” – said another rightfully and faithfully.

I listened to them patiently and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

The passage that heads North outside the city, cross that to find a farm land. Go through that straight to see a small canal. Go by the grassland close to the canal to find a tamarind tree of 100 years old in the Northeast corner. Surrounding the tree will be a small platform made with a mixture of mortar, sand and cement. Both of them are there in that platform” – pointed the sage, as they show the whereabouts of some treasure in thriller novels.

But for some reason, Agastya did not mention the name of the city. He didn’t say where will they head further either. One of them who listened carefully to the directions said “Oh, they are in Thekkur, come let’s go at once and we can find them”

“Before we reach Thekkur, this man shouldn’t do anything to the boy right?”

“The sage mentioned know, that there is 9 hours left?”

“No no, right there in Thekkur there is Thirumukkulam, which is referred as that takes revenge on people, covered with spread, as moss. If one does not keep a careful foot hold on the steps, that’s all, in one slip, it will push inside the water. I am scared that these two should not go in there”

“Why imagining unnecessarily? Let’s go at once. Agastya will save them, I have complete faith” – said themselves and set forth.

All we wanted is to say something good to people, why is the Sage scaring me off by saying all these? Is this necessary?” – I thought.

Nãdi means that which solves the misery or that which guides. It would be better if it says ‘go to this temple, do this parikara’ etc, it will be happy then. The Nãdi that I got is not of these types, which I felt a little sad and there is a reason for it. The Jeeva Nãdi which I have, Sage Agastya talks to me in the form of light. It is not like the Ganda Nãdi that others have. Those who come to read Ganda Nãdi, their name, their parent’s name and their horoscope, all that gets revealed for those who get it read for the first time.

This will make the reader feel so happy. Then they will refer to Parikara Gandam, Shanthi Gandam, Deeksha Gandam and so on. The Parikaras will come as per the person. But the Jeeva Nãdi that I have, noting of this sort comes, but what if any shocking information about themselves or about those who are related to them comes out. They won’t get any belief at all. I use to think ‘why is the Sage reacts this way to those who came to read Nãdi?”

Somehow I felt that these two will be saved for sure and I prayed for them within.

In the meantime….

I wanted to know what happened to the person who consumed poison and took me for a ride and those who came in search for killing or kidnapping him, got transformed by Sage Agastya and set forth to Kolli hills for the treatment for their kid and wife. There is no information about either and suddenly I felt an urge to know their whereabouts.

I offered some prayers and sat in the Pooja Room to read the Nãdi.

That millionaire Shiva Bhakth had thought of testing Agastya, he is alive and his kith and kin has identified him and also has accepted him. The person who thought of killing this hermit and to take over all the wealth, he is almost in a coma stage struggling for life in a hospital, cannot talk and is paralyzed.  Did you see the act of fate?” – asked Agastya Muni.

“O Grand Sire! I have a doubt, may I ask you?

Ask, if there is a doubt

“The hermit quit his house long time back and he returned to Tamil Nadu after many years. He seldom has any attachment towards wealth or family. In fact, he is not of a trouble to anyone. If so, why was an attempt to kill him and how did they know that it is indeed this hermit?

This question had to be asked. He wrote to his friends and to police pleading for his protection that somebody is trying to take over his wealth and to kill him. That is how his wife and relatives came to know that he is alive. If he lives, they cannot live at peace and so they decided to get rid of him” – said the Sage.

While saying this, Sage Agastya said this all of a sudden “Go at once to Badrachalam. You will have the darshan of Sri Rama!

~ to be continued…

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