The Grace of Siddha – Episode 17 – you are responsible for your fate

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Just ask Agasthiya Muni if we are blessed to have a child” came a frustrated middle aged couple. It appeared whoever says anything, they just believed them and had spent a lot of money on doing remedial measures (Parikaram) with no effect.

The male was 52 years old and the lady was around 43. As per the medical norms, the lady wasn’t fit enough to beget a child. But still, they waited with faith due to their longing for a child.

“I checked Agasthiya’s Ganda Nãdi. He asked us to do a few parikarams which we did, but there wasn’t any effect” they complained. I listened to these patiently and I felt a little grief when they complained about that Nãdi. I consoled myself as the Nãdi they mentioned was Ganda Nãdi and not Jeeva Nãdi.

Then I began to read Nãdi for them.

One’s parents were involved in killing the fetus, the other one’s parents separated a monther and child, didn’t let couples to be together, destroyed ant-hills* to construct house were the reason. This eventually became a brahma-hathi dosha which affects the third generation” – said the Sage. [* it is a practice to worship the ant-hills as the home of Naga Devatha]

Fate is nothing but this!

Right after I read this, their first question was this: “if it affects the third generation, then how come all my siblings are happy with their off-springs?  Why should it affect only us? We cannot believe this” – they both said at once.

“If you do not believe, just leave it” – said I.

“Ok, what indeed is the remedy for this, can you say?”

When I began to read about going to Rameshwaram for doing Thila-Tharpanam as a parikaram for the brahma-hathi dosha, they said they already had done that before even I completed.

Though they did the parikaram with the proper rules, there were a few mantras which was not uttered in the way it is to be, so the dosha still remains” – said Agastya Muni.

“In that case, should we go to Rameshwaram again?” – they asked hopelessly.

That is up to you. We would not intervene in these” – said the Sage.

“Is there anything else to do as parikaram or prayers?”

Later, pray to Naga Devatha for forty five days and install (do Pradishtai) it in your Kula-Devatha’s temple”.

“We did that as well, in SriKalaHasti”


“About 12 years back”


They said they made a Naga in silver and did a homa in SriKalaHasti and had put that in the temple hundi.

As they were answering even before any reply that came out of Nãdi, there wasn’t any responses from the Sage for a few hours. Generally, He clarifies me well in advance when I read Nãdi. As it were Deva-Rahasya, I do not disclose it to others. Others may think that it was purposefully hidden, but it is not the truth. If warranted, He discloses them in advance too. Had they come to test the Sage, the replies will come only accordingly.

As the couple kept stressing that even after doing all the parikarams, they weren’t blessed with a child, the Sage said “wait and see, we shall explain it later“.

If He says that they do have such a blessing, they may feel a lot relieved, I felt agonized. Why did the Sage asked to wait for a few hours, my mind began its haywire journey.

A few hours went by.

They do have a blessing for a child” – said the Sage in one word.

“When?” – for this the Sage asked them to come after forty days. I felt that still they didn’t feel the complete faith in Agastya Nãdi.

Forty five days passed by.

As foretold, just the husband came back. I didn’t ask why the wife didn’t accompany and I opened the Nãdi.

Even as per your fate, there isn’t a blessing for a child. But all the prayers you had mentally and the remedies you performed, have altered your fate and hence, there will be a change in the physical body. Only with that miracle, it is possible to get conceived at any age. I could have said that forty five days ago, you may feel why I didn’t.

At first, the parikarams were not done with total faith. It was the first mistake to do these parikarams half-heartedly as to why should we do these for such a thing. Second, remedies done in a hurry, done with calculating the money and they were not done completely either. Third, the person who did these parikarams did not utter those mantras properly. Fourth, all the remedies you performed had some impurities mixed, which you may not know. This is why the Puthra-Bhagyam is keep getting postponed, which could have happened very long back”

“Your Mother, who prayed to God for years together, observed many a vigil for you to be blessed with a child, the Mother who passed away an year and a half back, she, is going to appear in your wife’s womb. But for the lady who prayed only for you, kept vigils, neither you or your wife speak to her in kind, loving words, you had always spoken harshly to her. You had wounded her by your words. As a gratitude, name your daughter with your Mother’s. Also, observe the thithi of your Mother in a grand manner. If you do these wholeheartedly, this child will stay” – concluded the Sage.

He was listening to all these with tears brimming. Many a months passed by.

Just as the Sage mentioned, the lady gave birth to a daughter, which surprised the doctors themselves. As per the Sage’s clairvoyance, he named his daughter after his Mother’s, who was born on the same star as that of the Mother. That daughter is now healthily growing up in a prime place in Chennai.

~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 16 – Remedy with Black Money?

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I came back to Chennai after having many a different types of experiences in Badrachalam, topping all was the divine experience of Rama Darshan. I wanted to take a nap while recalling those moments.

One day, I heard someone at my door. There stood an aged person and a middle aged man, both folding their hands like saying Pranaam. I invited them and inquired. They kept silent for a good while with an unthinkable amount of grief that blocked their throat and tears rolling down.

The aged person began to speak after a while.

“My son works as a marine engineer. Suddenly, there was a phone call from him last week. He said that he is in great trouble as he received life-threat from his superior. There has not been any information since then. Only Sage Agasthiyar should save him.”

“Where is your son now?”

“Netherlands. The ship should have boarded cargo from there and should have arrived at Singapore by now. But we are not able to contact him in spite of trying a lot. There won’t be anything fearful for his life, right?” – asked the middle aged man while the aged person appeared very worried.

“Fear not. Let us hand over this responsibility to Sage Agasthya Himself” – I prayed to the Sage and opened the Nadi.

Not today, neither yesterday, he is having this life-threat for 2 long years. Though there is no immediate danger for him now, let him not continue working in that ship” – replied the Maha Muni!

“How can that be sir? He was fond of this profession and studied just for this, now he is the secondary engineer in this ship. He will be promoted as the Primary engineer in about six months. How can he leave the ship at this stage?” asked the elderly.

Why don’t they decide what is important first and then ask Agastya?” – a reply came swiftly.

They both felt greatly disturbed.

I closed the Nadi leaves as well. They said they will go out for a while and came back running in about one and a half hours.

“We were in a hurry and said all that. His life is important than anything else. Please let Agasthya forgive us and give us a good clairvoyance”.

I said let me pray to the Sage to see if He accepts and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

For which son they have come running to Agastya, I shall tell about that son. He was sincere and honest indeed at first, then he and a few others started involving in smuggling activities. As this gave a lot of money, he purchased a lot of land and plots. He made others believe that all that money is his salary. His superior got to know of these smuggling and he asked a greater share in this activities. This son wasn’t willing to this deal but he gave a few shares. The superior didn’t accept this as he will be retired from service after a while and this son will become the successor.

The superior wanted to retire with a good amount and that became the reason for feud between these two. It grew bigger to become a life-threatening issue for the son. Had he gone in moral ways, he does not have to fear for his life like this. He earned in short-cut methods and the superior wants to cut his share, short-cut method again. Let this son give back all the money he earned by ill means to this superior within three days. If he refuses to do so, only the Three-Eyed Lord can save his life. Later, he will get the promotion. Let him not go by immoral means to earn wealth” – concluded the Sage.

At first, they couldn’t believe in what the Maharshi said. They argued that their son is not of that type. Then eventually they asked if there is any remedy (parikaram – Sanskrit) for this.

“Whatever parikaram you do with black money will never bear any fruit and it will never reach God. A garland of Rose every day, earned by sheer hard-work to Lord Subramanya and a laksha-deepa to the Kula-Devata should be lit. Let them pray that they will adore the Goddess Abirami of Thirukadayur with Sandalwood paste. This is the remedy” – said the Sage, after a brief silence.

“We shall do all these for him. There shall be no danger for him till that time, we believe in Agastya Maha Muni only” said the aged person, the marine engineer’s father.

These prayers are to be done only by the son. But as he is in the middle of the ocean struggling with life-threats, he cannot. On his behalf, perform all types of Abhishekam to Lord Subramanya at once. If you do not do it before tonight, it is difficult for Agastya to guarantee any protection to his life” – said the Sage.

The moment I read this to them, they set forth immediately and there wasn’t any information from them.

About 3 months passed by.

In an evening, the marine engineer, his father and brother came along to see me saying “We came here to thank the Maha Muni” and they paid their respect to the Nadi. I asked them what happened.

The engineer began to speak “I was honest and sincere at first indeed and wasn’t consent to these smuggling activities. But the smugglers threatened me that they will kill me and throw me in to the ocean if I don’t agree and I had to nod because of the threat. Then that became a habit by itself. In the recent times, I got a lot of opposing. I even said ‘why should I do such things, let me get rid of this, leave me’ etc. My superior said that I have earned so much and if I don’t give him all that, he will kill me. That is when I called home to convey all that.

But I am not sure what happened, he changed his mind. I even offered him to give him all my money but he refused to accept them. I gave them off to an orphanage. Now I am promoted as the chief engineeer”.

I thanked the Agastya Muni.


~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 15 – back to Chennai

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So far – We got relieved from the Naxal group and started our journey back. While I was on the police van reading the Nadi to one of the officers, we heard a loud scream from the millionaire’s car from a girl.

As we were driving a little closer, we could hear the scream and so the vehicles were stopped. I got down to know why. One of the daughters of the millionaire had let out that scream from an unbearable stomach pain. The pain grew every minute and so was her shrieks. The others were trying to console here when we inquired if there are any hospitals nearby. The policemen said that we had to go another 20 miles for a hospital.

We were worried whether this girl will be able to bear the pain till then. No one could understand the reason for a girl who was totally alright to have pain all of a sudden. I called her Dad privately and mentioned what I was told in the Nadi and told that the hidden palm leaves be taken out at once.

At first, the dad was angry “What? Did she do such an act?” but conveyed the information swiftly to the girl. The girl said “Please forgive me. I desired that let one of the Agastya Jeeva Nadi be with me and so I stole it from you. Only after I did so, I began to get this pain” – she cried and took out the Nadi and extended towards me. Within five minutes of she doing so, the stomach ache started subduing.

I thanked Agastya Muni and since there wasn’t any use with the palm leaves, I left them there. The girl got some rest as the vehicles paused for this. The railway station though was visible from where we were, with the dim light, it occurred to me that it may take up to twenty miles. So I bid farewell to the millionaire right there and started with the policemen. It was 12 in the night when I reached the station.

There weren’t anyone in the station other than a couple of beggars. The person in the ticket counter handed over the ticket to me in a half-asleep state and said that the Chennai train will come at 1.00 AM.

I am not sure if this is a connection from the previous birth, the policeman from Tamil Nadu and his close friend sat along with me in the platform for company. I desired to sip some hot tea but there was only a beetle-nut shop. As there weren’t much who alighted and descended from that station, I was made aware that none of the trains stops here for more than two minutes. Apart from Badrachala temple festivals where a few trains from nearby town stops at this station.

If we think why this station was built at all, it may seem as if it was built for the sole purpose of other passenger trains to stop by letting the express trains to pass. As a couple of express trains comes here in the midnight, I thought of catching hold of one to reach Chennai.

Due to the heavy rain and flood that embraced Godavari, my body started shivering out of bitter cold. I felt inconvenient as well as relieved on seeing the policemen waiting on me. We were chatting about stories from Tamil Nadu, its politics, the general happenings, cinema etc, about four people wearing half-trousers came in to the station rushing, all bearing wooden sticks.

Before we could assimilate what’s happening, the railway ticket counter was closed and the already-dim light was switched off, leaving just the moonlight to shine subtly. They started walking here and there from a place and it appeared that something is about to happen.

But I didn’t worry as I thought “Sage Agastya is with me, why worry?”

They came near us and upon seeing the policemen on uniforms, they ran away like crazy. The alerted policemen started chasing them and a fierceful hide-and-seek game happened there.

15 minutes passed by.

The two of the policemen caught hold of just one person in that group, tied his hands on his back and dragged him. It was just at that time that the express train to Chennai came too.

“Who is he?”

“He belongs to the Naxalites group. The other three has escaped. As he fell down, we could catch him” – they bid farewell to me as they proceeded to take him to the police van standing outside.

With no space left even to board the train, I got the scoldings of people seated even in the foot steps of the train and somehow got inside. I could see only heads everywhere, with no space even to stand.

I haven’t reserved any ticket, so I got in to the compartment for the unreserved. A ticket checker came from nowhere and said “come here” in Telugu to me. I peeped via the window and asked ‘Are you telling me?’ with a little anxiety.

“Yes, there is an empty berth in the nearby compartment for the reserved. Do you want to come?”

I agreed happily, got in to that compartment and leaned on the berth and gave the checker some money for what is required.

“Give only what is required for the reserved berth” – he gave back the extra money I had given. I thought ‘such good people exist even today’. Though I had got a comfortable berth, I couldn’t sleep and so was the TTR. I began to talk to him slowly where the topic touched upon the Naxalites. It seemed the TTR is a knowledgeable man in many a things. From what he said…

“Don’t you know? One of the naxals who came to loot was caught by the police. It seems they came to loot in the ticket counter, but got caught. They said his name is Nagi Reddy(!) and it seems he is a big shot”

“What, Nagi Reddy?” – I was surprised.

“Why, do you know anything about him?”

“No” I said immediately.

I thought it could be the missing brother of that policeman. Later the Maha Muni confirmed it to be true as well. I was totally surprised.


~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 14 – Encounter with Naxalites

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So far:
After having a wonderful darshan of Sri Rama at Badrachalam, we set forth in the millionaire’s car while on the way a group of people barged in front of our car. In that darkness, it was difficult to figure out what is happening and whether to get out of the car or to stay in. Why are they blocking our way and of all, why are they banging the car, we had no idea.

The inmates of the car were terror stricken. We could understand one thing from what those lads said in Telugu – to get out of the car! So the driver got out first, then the millionaire and myself. As the ladies were so scared to get out, they remained seated in the car, trembling with fear.

One of the lads showed the torch light on us from head to toe. The driver asked ‘what do you want, why are you blocking us?”

“We are Naxalites. How much money do you have, hand them over and go” – said one of them.

Even in the dark hours, the driver began to sweat out of fear. “We shall do just as you said, just leave us alone” – saying this, he took out everything that came out of his pocket and gave them.

“Fine. Ask the ladies inside the car to get their ornaments out soon” – rushed that lad.

“There aren’t any ornaments with them. We came to Sri Rama’s temple for an offering. Only the Mangal- Shuthra (Thirumangalyam) is there” – said the millionaire with his limited Telugu knowledge.

“No no! Ask them to get down first” – shouted the lad.

“They’re not feeling well, please do not disturb them, we have handed over all the money we have to you, please let us go” – pleaded the driver.

Witnessing all these, I did not know what to do as the place is new, I don’t know Telugu and above all, neither me, the driver or the beggar (referring to the millionaireSmile ) are empowered enough to fight these Naxal group.

“Hurry!” said the group and they themselves tried to open the door of the car from both sides. Thankfully, as the car glasses were up and the doors were locked from inside, they couldn’t open the back door. The ladies inside were praying loudly “Rama Rama” out of fear.

Many a surprise events are orchestrated by Sage Agastya, knowing and unknowing to me. Why then, should He make me undergo such tests? Is this His play or have I done any mistake?” – I really was worried for a while.

Though the lads weren’t appearing cruel, but they were muscular, so they should not do any harm to these ladies in the verge of any wicked thought, I worried so much. The money that the millionaire gave them should have been around five hundred or so, but the ornaments worn by those girls must have been worth many a thousands, no one would afford to lose them indeed.


If one shows a dagger at one’s neck, one must have to forego everything with the fear of life indeed. I was worried that no such harm should happen when having the Jeeva Nãdi of Agastya Muni. I even thought if I should take out the Nãdi from the front door of the car. But I was scared that these guys should not seize and take away the Nãdi.

The Jeeva Nãdi must be saved from them, I thought. As they weren’t coming near me, I went near the car and took out the Nãdi! As it was rolled in a cloth in a safe manner, it appeared like a wooden stick! One of the lads didn’t know what I was doing by seeing the way I took the Nãdi out swiftly, and so he screamed..”he is taking out a gun!”

I heard this partially. Such an act probably might kindle their wrath and they might well use their dagger, I worried. He screamed again “He is taking out a gun on seeing me” and the moment they heard this, they ran helter-skelter. At the same time, a couple of vehicles with a dim light were rushing towards Badrachala Rama temple.

I get goose-pimps even now when I think of the way I took out the Nãdi, which made them think that it was a gun and how they ran in to the darkness. The old Tamil proverb of a Palmyra fruit falling just when the crow alighted the tree is what came to my mind. I was intended to safe-guard the Nãdi, but what made them see that appear as a gun? Is this an act of Agastya? If not, how shall I name it?

Within this, a passenger vehicle which came in the opposite side and an Andhra Pradesh Police vehicle who saw us stranded in the middle of the road stopped by. The driver explained everything to them in Telugu.

“They all will be arrested before tomorrow morning, but still, come with us to the station and lodge a complaint” – said one of the police officers and asked me “do you really have a gun with you?”

“No sir. I don’t. This is the bag which has Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nãdi” – I said for the officer asked “in that case, may I take a look at it?” I showed it to him half-heartedly. He heard an overview about the Nãdi and asked “can you read the Nãdi for me now?”

By this time, the millionairre started murmuring in my ears “to tell something and send him off” as he did not like the way the Police asked me. To sum up, I felt isn’t there a time and place where the Nãdi should be read? I murmured myself.

Everyone wants to know about their future and there is nothing wrong in it. But there is a time factor for everything right? Why did we get stuck with the terrorists? Why didn’t the Maharshi tell this in advance? Had I committed any mistake? – I had this little nagging feeling in mind. I tried to pick up the Nãdi which appeared like a gun, how and why is this? – I wanted to ask this to Agastya Muni.

By then, a couple of vehicles came adn everyone ran away – all these seemed like a dream, and I felt all these must have been the divine play of the Muni. So when this police man asked me, I said “In this midnight, that too in the road, reading Nãdi may not be appropriate” hesitantly. On seeing my murmuring and hesitation the policeman said in Tamil “Sir, I am from Tamil-Nadu only. If you don’t feel like reading it now, then please don’t.

I felt an unnamed pleasure when he said he is from Tamil-Nadu. We don’t know the local language and so his help might be required. Thinking so in a selfish note, I agreed to read the Nãdi.

Just then the policeman said “Sir, I don’t know if you know or not, but you shouldn’t have come here at this time in this route”


“The Naxalites who committed many a murder are hiding here. Everyday some loot, kidnap and even murder happen here. That is why we roam around here for security reasons. We came here only as a safety for the passenger vehicle”

We were totally shocked. Indeed God has sent them in a timely fashion. I thanked Badrachala Rama a thousand times.

“Come with us in your car. We will come along with you wherever you want to go” he said enthusiastically and that made us very happy and I felt I must read the Nãdi for this policeman. We made some changes. I got on with the policeman on their jeep while the millionairre followed us in his car.

I began to read the Nãdi for the policeman.

“One of your brother left the house in anger during his childhood. He got along with ill-minded people and have become a terrorist, looting money and killing people etc. You and your family think that that brother is no more now. He is roaming after having his name changed to ‘Nagi Reddy’. Catch hold of him if you can’ – said the Muni briefly.

The police officer just couldn’t believe this! He was shocked and surprised. “Can Agastya Muni tell us where he is now?”

“We have shown the target. Now he will be seen based on the measures taken” – The Maha Muni concluded thus. The police officer became restless. At the same time, he wasn’t able to convey this to his police friends. Even I kept quiet that this shouldn’t bring in difficulties to him.

Either it is my good time or that officer’s, none other than the two of us knew Tamil, and none of them were interested in knowing about the Nãdi either. By this time, I had asked Agastya Muni on why I got stuck with the Naxalites.

“One of the girls in the car was in her periods. She didn’t say anything about it and she opened the Nãdi kept in the car. Even that is fine, but she took out some of the palm-leaves and had hidden it in her garments near the hip. She did this out of some curiosity and not with an intention to steal. The incident was to give her some shock, which my beloved son, you, did not know. That is why the terrorists did not come near you” – said the Muni! I felt very disturbed on hearing this.

What shall I do now? Should I stop the car and get the palm-leaves from that girl? – “No. Agastya is not there in those leaves. It has become damaged and there is no use for her with it, neither do you” – said Agastya Muni.

TheNhan at The fractals indicate the series of events, though seem unrelated they have a connection, a divine one probably!

TheNhan at
The fractals indicate the series of events, though seem unrelated they have a connection, a divine one probably!

It was a first experience for me that palm leaves went missing from the Nãdi. What if anyone, out of the love for Agastya Muni, take out a little out of the leaves left, I began to worry.

Right then, the Maharshi gave an excellent remedy.

“Normally, Agastya does not give any clairvoyance on Ashtami-Navami-Barani-Karthikai thithi. Now that the entire Nãdi has become (theetu paduthal), for one and a half month, take this Jeeva Nãdi to “GoMukh” and do ‘Punyascha Vachanam’ with the Ganga water there. Suitable opportunity for the same will find its way towards you.

You will get to know a Military General from the North. His family will face a big issue which this Agastya will solve. Then through him, take this Nãdi to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath and then to GoMukh where Ganga Mata appears.

This is one. Then once you reached GoMukh, divide this Palm Leaves in to two. With one half, read Nãdi for the people always and give the other half to that whom We wish it be given. With the palm-leaves you have, this Agastya will give clairvoyance on all days, that is, nakshatras from Ashwini till Revathi and Thithi from Pournami till Amavasya.”

“I have a small request for Agastya Muni”

“What would that be?”

“I would like to know two things. Is that act of the girl correct? What is her punishment? The second, why should this Nãdi be separated to two? Why can’t it stay with me as it is?”

“Wait for some time and watch what happens” – said The Muni.

Within ten minutes, there came a huge scream from the millionaire’s car, a scream from a girl. In that midnight, the scream of a girl shook everyone off.

~ to be continued…

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