Important update on Agastya Jeeva Nadi


It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that GnanaBoomi announces that Sage Agastya has agreed to resume providing guidance to those who seek (Nãdi) His grace through Jeeva Nãdi again. 

When The Grace of Siddha series started, many a readers requested the contact details of Jeeva Nãdi readers and thus far, the information was not available. It was due to the Maharshi Agastya’s instructions that the Jeeva Nãdi be kept under pooja so far. Now, He has kindly listened to all our prayers and has ordered the Nãdi be read again. Those who seek His guidance with a pure heart and true yearning, can obtain the same in The Agathiyar Gnana Peedham, Kallar. 

The contact information of the Ashram is that of Her Holiness Mataji at +91 98425 50987. At present, they have only 5 sessions for a month and it is done by prior appointments. Those who wants to read the Nãdi for themselves should be present in front of Guruji who reads the Nãdi. 

A few important points to note:

1. Please call up the number and speak to Mataji to fix up a time to get the Jeeva Nãdi reading and to obtain the directions to reach the place. The Guruji speaks English, if you are not familiar with Tamil.  

2. The Jeeva Nãdi is read on Saturdays mainly. But on Wednesdays, they do read the Nãdi for urgent needs.

3. The Guru Muni Agastya has kindly agreed to give His clairvoyance even on Saturdays that falls on a Ashtami, Navami days, where the Nãdi is not normally read.

4. Have your questions clearly written down. The Guruji asks for it before reading the Nãdi. This is to keep the questions running in his mind, to seek guidance from Agastya Muni. Avoid discussing your issues while waiting, to anyone. It is better to focus on Agastya Muni, do chanting or prayer and sit in silence. A satsang is good, but let it not turn in to a gossip session. It is a general recommendation to avoid disclosing your name, profession or why you have come here to anyone. You have come to get guidance from Agastya Muni. So request Him to guide you than disclosing personal information prior to the reading. 

5. The person to whom the Nãdi is to be read, must be present in the divine altar and others are not permitted. Speak to HH Mataji for further clarifications or updates about the same.

6. Be generous in your contributions. Though they do not charge for Jeeva Nãdi reading, they do accept the donations for feeding a group of poor children, their education etc.

7. Last but not least, have a yearning and a true seeking mind. DO NOT try to validate or test the Nãdi revelations. This is not a labaratory but a place of spiritual solace.

Jeeva Nãdi reading at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Agastya Muni has instructed the Nãdi be kept in pooja at Thanjavur and kindly agreed to resume reading from June 2014. You may contact Shri Ganesan through this mail address – arut.kudil at (no space in between, replace the word at with the @ symbol). His phone number is +91 9443421627, which remains switched off most of the times as he may be busy. We have heard that his phone remains on on Mondays. He responds to email queries however. 


1) In any place, it is a general recommendation NOT to reveal your personal identity before the Nãdi reading is done. This is particularly important because, the Agastya Muni has clearly mentioned that what comes out of reading has its effect on the Karma of the person and even the Karma of the reader. So, have faith but remain silent about your identity till the Nãdi reading is done. 

2) has NO affiliations or direct involvement in any of the above places regarding Jeeva Nãdi reading. We are merely updating these information as it may come helpful to those who seek His guidance and we have NO direct or indirect association with the places above. 


We sincerely thank Sage Agathiyar for His continuous grace upon us. 

Om Agatheesaya Nama:

The Grace of Siddha – 21- Medicinal Miracle


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

They say that Agastya Muni does a lot of miracles. If so, will I be blessed with an offspring? When? – this, the first question.

If we check with the doctor, they all say that it is difficult if not rare, to get a child since I have crossed 43 years of age. Is this true? – this, the second question.

Will you read the Agastya Nãdi for me? – asked the middle aged lady. She became silent once she asked these in a straight forward manner.

The person sat nearby her, was in a dilemma as clearly seen in his eyes, probably due to the straight-forward questions from the lady.

As a matter of fact, it is rare indeed to conceive once the lady crosses 40 years. Better still, it is difficult if its 43 plus and is a medicinal fact as well, based on experience. They had come to Agastya at last after having done all sorts of prayers and parikarams, to read the Jeeva Nãdi.

Why do they need a child at this age? – could be the question that may arise at first. They had a huge bungalow in Adyar, Chennai with a large number of fertile land near Tiruchirappalli and were they were multi millionaires. The lady’s man is a well educated one with a prestigious post in a private firm.

If they do not have an offspring, there were enough crowd from both the lady and the man’s side who can threaten them in a decent manner to get possession over this wealth. But this lady was faithful that she does have the blessings. As the doctors have not given any hope, they have come to Jeeva Nãdi with a half-mind, as they said.

I had a worrisome mind, as they have come in the last minute, what will the Sage say, if He says that there is no such blessing, then the couple may get devastated, may even grow hatred upon spirituality and even say that it is a waste to have come, believed Sage Agastya.

If surpassing all these, if they did get a child, it will be a pleasant shock for the medicinal world as well, we ourselves can feel happy, but these couples are to have such a blessing, let’s see what the Maharshi says, I opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

In the previous birth, on the same day and same nakshatra, Agastya wants to remind about the milk-abishekam performed to my statue on the Podhigai Mountain. She herself has the sin of killing a few fetus. This has become a brahma-hathi dosha which made her long for a child for such a long time.” – said the Sage.

All the parikarams done so far were not done effectively as impurity was mixed in it. There is one remedy however. Offer prayer to Naga Devata for 45 days as per the “Agama” rules, then install the Naga Devata statue in the north-east direction of her Kula-Devata’s sanctum sanctorum. Within six amavasya’s of doing so will she become pregnant” – said the Mangala Murthi Agastya!

I felt so happy myself in reading this. I began to think how happy they will be.


There wasn’t a slight trace of happiness in their faces. This shocked me. “We have done like this many a times. Please ask if there is any other remedy apart from this.” – said the lady.

I became frustrated and wanted to ask if Agastya Muni is a vegetable vendor, to ask a different vegetable if one is not wanted etc. This lady does not even know how to talk to a Siddha Purusha. I controlled myself and asked..”the one you did the Pradishta (installation), is that a Jeeva Stone?”

“Who knows? Some stone, was installed in Rameshwaram.”

“Do you know at least if it was done after performing Jala Vasam, Paal Vasam (Milk) or Dhanya Vasam?”

“No” – came the neglected reply.

Let them go elsewhere and check for Nãdi, as there is no more parikaram, I thought to myself and began to roll the Nãdi.

The lady’s husband was shocked by seeing this and said “Please forgive us, she is atop of grief. Please tell us what we need to do, I shall do as you say”.

I made my mind as light as possible and began to read the Nãdi again.

They do not know. We shall forgive them” – said the Sage with a smile and said “This girl’s father Murugavel, who died some nine years back, will be reborn in her womb. She will also have a daughter thereafter. Both the kids will be born in Panguni (Phalguna) Moola Star, on Wednesdays. There will be a gap of two years between these two kids” – said the Sage.

Only after this the lady showed an expression of happiness in her face.

About five months passed by. The couple came with a lot of fruits, flower, beetle leaves, ground nuts etc to meet me. Their face shone with sheer happiness.

“O Sire! Just as Sage Agastya mentioned, we did the parikaram with no impurities mixed, prayed to Naga Devata behind a Jeeva Stone and installed it in our Kula Devata’s temple. Through God’s grace, through the Maharshi’s clairvoyance, she has conceived. The Sage should bless us to have this child delivered peacefully.” – he prostrated in the ground thankfully.

“What did the doctors say?” – I asked.

“This is an act of God, they said. But still, asked us to be very careful till the delivery and they were very surprised” and said with a typical fear “Why sir? My child will be born in a good manner, correct?”

“Let us ask the Sage himself, have a little patience please” – I opened the Nãdi.

All the work that which is done with faith will succeed. Bhakthi mixed with impurity, bhakthi without faith in the divine, Anna-Dhanam done withour whole-heartedness, speaking or acting without the thought that whatever happened, is happening, and will happen is all because of God Almighty, whoever forgoes these thoughts or acts, becomes lucky from that very day”

“Your wife behaved in this way so far. No results were found. She did what Agastya said, and hence her fate changed. With the medical world exclaiming thoroughly, she will become the mother of two, however, there are some minor hindrances here and there. To get through these, right from today, do a yagna and tie the holy thread (kaapu, as referred in Tamil, literally meaning protection)“, and mentioned about a secret Yagna to be performed in the Brahma Muhurtha.

When said normally, this lady would have questioned a lot on why and how’s, but she did just exactly as the Sage mentioned. In addition, as per the Sage’s instructions, she stayed outside of Tamil Nadu till the delivery happened, in disguise. Upon asking why He asks to take care of the delivery in disguise, the Sage did not reply.

I left it as well, only that the kid should be born without any issues. They didn’t mind it either. Later on, the Sage revealed why He said so.

To possess the wealth of these couple, their relatives had planned to destroy the fetus in many a ways, like in food, medicine or after the kid is born, to kill it in the hospital itself etc. Only to safeguard these, the Sage mentioned to stay elsewhere in disguise. Once done so, there won’t be any issues, the Sage said mercifully. Just as he said so, the kid was born, bringing a great amount of joy and relief to the parents.

~ to be continued….


The Grace of Siddha – Episode 20 – Tester gets transformed

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

 “Through God’s grace, I have all the comforts but peace of mind. The whole night is spent sleepless. There is some thing which scares me off. It tries to strangle my neck as well. Can you please check with the Sage for a remedy?” – asked a person.

“Yes sir. They happen even to me every day” agreed the lady who accompanied him.

I was listening to them patiently. I did not open the Nãdi yet.

“For how many days such bad incidents happen?”

“For eight months”

“Did you ask anyone else about this? Have they mentioned any parikaram?”

“I asked many. They said someone has done something to you, which needs to be taken out. It will cost 20, 000 rupees which we paid. But these things continue to happen” – they said.

I giggled to myself and opened the Agastya Nãdi. There came a few information swiftly.

“O Sir, do you know that Sage Agastya does not believe in these witch-crafts even to the tiniest bit?” – I asked.

“No sir”

“The Sage wants us to have a spiritual thoughts combined with rational thinking. So as you think, no one has done any witch-crafts against you” – I said.

They gazed each other upon hearing this, puzzled. Then…

“No sir. There is something in this house. We are suffering every day in different manner. What should be done so we can sleep in that house with peace? Please ask Agastya Himself” – the person asked.

Without opening the Nãdi, I asked them “If you feel that there is a bad omen in that house, why don’t you vacate that house and go elsewhere?”

“We tried even that. But it hasn’t been possible with some or the other obstacles keep coming” – his lady.

I opened the Nãdi again.

A few updates came still, but I did not say it out to them.

“What does the Sage say?” – the person asked humbly.

“The smoke of Sambrani (Frankincense) must be shown in all the rooms, especially on the Amavasya Fridays, spread this smoke both morning and evenings, says the Sage”

“That is exactly what we are doing for about 4 months now sir” – the person said swiftly.

What is this? Whatever the Sage says, this person tells me that he has done it already. Is it true that he is affected by some Atharvana-Veda tricks? Or the Sage Himself is thinking something else, where He replies thus? – I thought.

When I opened the Nãdi again, there came another few updates which I didn’t share it with the person, but gazed at him. Holy ash applied on forehead as Tripundra with Kumkum on the middle, the vibhuthi applied in both the hands as Tripundra, he appeared as if a riped bhaktha.

More than him his wife, kumkum on the forehead, sandalwood paste, Vibhuthi, silk saree, the face having turmeric marks after applied it, neck-ful of gold chain, ears shining with diamond ear-rings, both the hands adorned with 6 pairs of bangles, all studded with navarathna stones.

What Sage Agastya mentioned is different, but that they have come for, is different. What to believe, was my dilemma.

“What are you thinking? Does the Sage Agastya believe in what we say at least now or not?” asked the person.

I began to speak as I realized there isn’t any use in hiding from them.

“Sire, do not mistake me. You have come here to test Agastya. You belong to the Rationalist Party. You came here in disguise only to test if what Sage Agastya says is true or not. There isn’t a own house for you and you stay in a rented house. Another fact is that, you both are not real husband and wife. Are these true isn’t it?” – I asked.

Sage Agasthya Muni at Agastyarkoodam Kerala

The moment I said this, the person stood up and seeing this, the lady got up as well.

I thought that some feud is about to begin and felt ‘let whatever happen happen’ by thinking of Agastya Muni quietly. The next moment…

They both fell at my feet with no words coming out of them for a while. Then…

“What Agastya says is correct. We are not real couple. We heard that some people loot money from poor in the name of Nãdi. We wanted to get the truth out and so we came in disguise by wearing ornaments and symbols of religion etc. Please forgive us” – they said.

These are not new to me. Many a people have come thus and have got disappointed. You do not have bhakthi. You do not have faith in jyotish or Nãdi. Then why are you wasting your as well as my time? My business is not to get money and cheat people. I read this Nãdi as a guide. Those who believe shall. Those who don’t shall do so too. I am not the Bhagwan and neither is Sage Agastya a magician, to change the fate at once” – I said.

“Sir, please do not consider this as a great sin. Now, I really do wish to see the Nãdi. Kindly ask Sage Agastya” – said the lady. The person who came was in tears, and he requested so as well.

I prayed to Sage Agastya and started reading the Nãdi.

You, the lady from Salem is Swarna Lakshmi. In your younger age, you felt in love to someone and became pregnant thereby. So you came to a hill-side and gave birth to that child. The male child was born in the Moola Nakshatra. Had it been alive, he could have been king-like in this city. But since it was born out of anti-marital affairs, you had killed the child by feeding a poisonous spurge-milk. There you were possessed by the Brahma-Hathi dosha. You could not forget this incident by any means, and to this date, there is no marital life for you. With your family abandoning you, you are being forced to live by every other means” – said the Sage to the lady who was crying so uncontrollably.

She asked on what parikaram she should do to get rid of these.

For 45 days, let her lit lamp to Kala-Bhairava and then come” – said the merciful One.

“O Sire, you should read the Nãdi for me as well” -said the rationalist.

Divert your mind towards spiritual service. To your Kula-Devatha temple, do milk-abhishekam for 9 months, every Sunday. Then your life will change forever and you will shine” – said the Sage.

Nine months passed by. The rationlist became the devotee of Sage Agastya. He started a weaving business and has become wealthy. O, the special update about this is that those who acted as couple became a real couple.

Looks like people are more eager to check the validity of Agastya Muni than getting help from Him. Though a validation test is emphasized very much in Sanatana Dharma, the people in this post have gone to a greater extent to test the genuineness of the Maha Muni. He not only passed the test :), but transformed the testers themselves!

 ~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 19 – Testing Sage Agastya, again!

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

It was a noon. I had finished all my prayers and while I thought of going out, came a person running helter-skelter. It seemed as if he is stuck in a great trouble.

He was middle aged, well built and looked healthy. He appeared wealthy as well. I asked him to sit down and enquired.

His wife who was hale and healthy, suddenly began to get white dots in her skin. They consulted the renowned skin specialists and took various treatment, which only increased the white dots in skin but didn’t cure, even a little.

The lady who looked really fair started feeling depressed whether she got leprosy because of these white dots and even attempted to commit suicide a couple of times. It is not leprosy but just an allergy in the skin and that it will become alright if the medicines prescribed are continued, she was told and was consoled. Moreover, someone had mentioned that the Vastu is not correct in their house and the effects of what she has is only due to Vastu not being right. So in order to know if there is any cure and if there is any Vastu Dosha in their house, this person has come from outstation seeking Sage Agastya’s grace.

From the person’s conversation, it became further aware that if there isn’t any information or remedy that comes out of the Nadi, both the couple had decided to attempt suicide.

I really could knew his state of mind and hence I mentally prayed earnestly to the Sage, “O grand Sire! please provide a good news, please do not say anything that can take off these people’s lives!”

As he didn’t know about my silent prayer, he spoke as if he pleads, “What sir? Won’t you read Nadi for me…?”

“I sure will read. Please have a little patience” – I said and took out the Nadi from the Pooja Room.

At first, as a Deva Rahasya, the Sage narrated about this person who came for Nadi reading. At first, I was shocked and looked at the person, “Do you believe in Nadi?” – I asked.

“Not a bit! This is because I checked Nadi with many others. They all mention the past really well, but nothing happened on what they said about the future” – he said.


“They said Parikara Kandam, Dheeksha Kandam and Shanthi Kandam and suggested a large number of parikarams. For these remedies, they said that I have to give ten and twenty thousands to those who read the Nadi. I was not consent with these but was afraid if my wife’s skin condition will never improve. So I agreed to pay all those sums blaming my fate. Only after giving all that, there isn’t any improvement in her health” – he said in a frustrated tone.

If in case there is any parikaram comes out from Nadi, you should do it whole – heartily. Be it whatever parikaram or prayer ritual. Are you prepared to do so? – I asked.

“What can be done, only that can be done. Can we do everything?” – he counter questioned.

“Shouldn’t the skin condition of your wife improve? You have come here looking for me only for that, haven’t you?”

“Everyone told about you. As a last resort, I thought I shall try this and came. As I have already done a number of parikarams, I am frustrated really. Nevertheless, please tell me what the Sage says, I shall see if I can do it” – at last he came to a practical frequency.

Sage Agastya opened His mouth through the Nadi!

He belongs to a family whose head was a big landlord in Thanjavur. Very wealthy. A lot of irrigation land, farm, crops that were wealthy thereby he lived a life filled with the illusion of power.

He does not have faith in God, ever. He went against his parents and well-wisher’s good-will. He became prominent in that political party which does not believe in God-hood. The flab of wealth and blood made him go haywire and insult those helpless ladies, boys and girls who spoke against him in front of others. He even tonsured their heads, made them sat on a donkey with white and red dots marked in them (a mark of insult, which was in practice right from olden days, mostly in the village side) and made them come around the village as a procession. Though he did all these in his previous birth, the effect of that has come in this birth in the form of skin disease on to his beloved, thereby torturing him.

However, even if he had come to Agastya, the good karma of his parents and the Anna Dhanams that they did, there is a chance to cure his wife’s skin disease. Even then, as a left over, he still does not have complete failth in God. He will not do what Agastya says. Even more to say, he has come here only to test Agastya. Here, is the truth” – completed the Sage.

I did not mention the last part to this person but said that if the remedies are carried out, the disease will be cured, I said.

He nodded his head that he will do what Sage Agastya said.

Once reaching Chathuragiri mountain, turn right in about 8 kaadha distance (here, the distance is not clear as to how much 1 Kadham means, please check here) where you will find a small cave. To the left of the cave will be a tree that’s very different. Take 18 flowers from that tree and with these herbs: Acalypha indica, tanner’s casia, pepper, kumari flower, pomegranate flower, sarakkondrai flower, sembaraththam flower, grind and mix, and add it to the sesame oil prepared from oil-press, this will cure the skin disease. It will prevent the skin disease from maturing in to leprosy. This must be continued for three months” – said the Sage.

The person did not express happiness on hearing this, but expressing frustration, he said “How will I go to Chathuragiri? How will I know which one is what kind of flower? All these are remedies that can take us nowhere” – said he, straightforwardly.

I mentioned this to the sage and asked if there are any easy remedy for this.
“There is. I could’ve told that too. Where but is the faith in this person? I can make him get the medicine. But let him first trust in Agastya and go to Chathuragiri” – He said it again.

“Do as Agastya says. Else, you won’t escape from your previous karma and the same skin disease will possess you too” – warned the Sage upon which the person went back quiet.

He came back after 45 days, with his wife. I was so surprised to see him and I was surprised.

He had been to Chathuragiri where a person asked as if Sage Agastya had sent him and handed over the medicine which had all the herbs that Agastya had mentioned. She consumed that for 45 days which cured the disease and hence this person had bought her wife with a lot of happiness, to show that the disease is cured.

His forehead was shining with the Holy Bhasm (Vibhuthi) and Kumkum!

~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 18 – Testing Sage Agastya!

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“They say that Agastya Muni does countless miracles through His Jeeva Nãdi, but somehow I am not come in to believe in all that. Even then, I came here with some belief. Will Agasthya satisfy my doubt?” – came and sat a person with such a query.

“You may just leave it if you do not believe. Why waste your’s and my time?” – I said.

“Do you know the disease I have? Cancer! The doctors found this out just one and a half months back. I am undergoing treatment for it. Will I be cured of this disease? Can you ask this to Agastya Muni?” – he gave me a shock.

“I think the Sage will provide a Saying for this, but you will have to have total faith in Agastya?” – I said.

“If not, I wouldn’t have come this long in search of Agastya Muni” – he said at once.

“You do not have to say this for me. I am His messenger, that’s all. Whatever He says, I say the same thing just as it is. If you have faith, listen to it”

“One more thing. I don’t have any belief in doing remedial measures (parikaram). If (He) says so, I cannot do it. At the same time, the disease I got must be cured” – he ordered, almost Smile.

These words made me inconvenient. I do not know what He will say in Jeeva Nãdi. If there comes any parikarams or prayer offering that he will not do, the effect will be counter-productive, I worried. I wouldn’t take any medicine, but the disease must be cured. For this, the Sage must use some rare miraculous powers, he wanted.

“Let me put forth your queries to Bhagawan Agastya. Let us see what happens” – I opened the Nãdi. There came some seemingly irrelevant phrases.

That who has adorned the character of Sri Rama is gathering crowd to get in to power. Another crowd is all set to loot public’s tax money after consuming liquor and signing off documents in Ayodhya. Untruth rules over the country. That whose blood is good, is narrating about a disease that he hath not, only to scare off his siblings to loot wealth, just see what this money does!

I felt that not a single word came out for the person who is sitting in front of me. I even tried to pray many a times and opened the Nãdi, only to get the same exact phrase as above. Even I could not decipher as to what it says. I kept the Nãdi closed.

“Sir, I opened the Nãdi for you, but there isn’t anything that came for you. Perhaps the day is not so appropriate today. Please come some other day” – I said slowly.

“I know sir, it’s all like this only. I made a condition know, that I won’t do any parikaram or prayer? Then how come Agastya will reply? These are all “your” own words said blindfolded according to the person you see.” – the person left after those flaming words came out of him.

Once he left, I was confused as to why the Sage said those words. The friends who were beside me tried to interpret those words in many a different ways. No proper answer was sought.

A few months passed…

The person came to me again. At first, I had an impression not so good about him at first. Why should he revisit if he does not have faith in Agastya Muni, I thought. Even then, I opened the Nãdi for him.

What the Sage said on that day is this.

“N.T. Rama Rao, who acted in movies adorning the character of Sri Rama has decided to start a new political party called Telugu Desam. That is what I mentioned indirectly. Did Agastya tell a lie or is it true, will come to light in tomorrow’s newspapers in the first page.

It was on the same day that the ruling and opposition parties decided to loot people’s tax money. They took liquor and planned to show off a welfare-plan which does not exist only to loot crores and crores of money. But that plan has been diffused by a few kindhearted souls. Let me tell that as well.

Third, about the person who is sitting in front, I mentioned it yesterday itself. That nobody understood, even Agastya’s beloved son, yourself included!”

He wanted to take possession of the entire wealth and so he faked that he got cancer only to shock and worry his siblings, thereby to take over the entire wealth. Whatever he says is all blatant lie. He does not suffer from cancer. To take possession of his family’s wealth by shortcut means and to change the ownership of the entire wealth to his lover, he acts as though he has got cancer, how is it fair that he, blame Agastya?!” – the Muni gave a detailed explanation.

The persons’s face who was hearing all these became numb. He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out.

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi again.

He belongs to the clan which says that God does not exist. He was sent only to test Agastya. Otherwise, will he dare say that he has the Kandamalai (cancer) disease to Agastya Himself? But know the act of fate? In a few months, he is going to suffer from a similar life-threatening disease. He will then come only to Agastya” – said the Muni briefly.

The person after hearing these words I thought, will either realize his mistake or will get scared or will apologize, but he challenged that he will prove the above clairvoyance to be false and left.

In fact I was surprised to see his behavior, the talks and all, that I began to worry ‘have I said something wrong indeed?” I was greatly worried. But whatever happens, I felt it is all offered to Agastya Muni, and left it at that. Even that person did not come thereafter. Exact three months passed by.

On a fine morning, that person came back, how? Three men were balancing this person and held him in front of me with difficulty.

“What happened?” – I asked.

“Paralysis. A hand and a leg does not function and his mouth became crooked too. It is a miracle that he is alive” – said one who came along. “Also, he insisted that he be taken to you, so we have come here.” “Whatever Agastya Muni has said is all true” – he has written this with his left hand. See!” – he showed a 40 pages notebook.

“What should I do?” – I asked.

“Please pray to Sage Agastya on behalf of him for forgiveness. For faking that he has cancer to obtain that wealth, there is really a tumor which has formed in his stomach in its beginning stages. The paralysis added up to it. He has come with complete faith in Agastya now. Agastya Muni should come forward to give him his life as alms” – said those who came along.

That person nodded his head as if saying ‘yes, yes!’ and knelt down with the help of one hand before the Jeeva Nãdi.

I could not bear all these, opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Had he desired to accumulate good karma than to wealth, he wouldnt’ have suffered so” said the Agastya Muni and mercifully mentioned that a particular herb from Chathuragiri hills and how it has to be consumed.

Through its effects…

The person got rid of cancer and paralysis and is living hale and healthy for about 30 years now.

~ to be continued…