The Grace of Siddha – Episode 20 – Tester gets transformed

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

 “Through God’s grace, I have all the comforts but peace of mind. The whole night is spent sleepless. There is some thing which scares me off. It tries to strangle my neck as well. Can you please check with the Sage for a remedy?” – asked a person.

“Yes sir. They happen even to me every day” agreed the lady who accompanied him.

I was listening to them patiently. I did not open the Nãdi yet.

“For how many days such bad incidents happen?”

“For eight months”

“Did you ask anyone else about this? Have they mentioned any parikaram?”

“I asked many. They said someone has done something to you, which needs to be taken out. It will cost 20, 000 rupees which we paid. But these things continue to happen” – they said.

I giggled to myself and opened the Agastya Nãdi. There came a few information swiftly.

“O Sir, do you know that Sage Agastya does not believe in these witch-crafts even to the tiniest bit?” – I asked.

“No sir”

“The Sage wants us to have a spiritual thoughts combined with rational thinking. So as you think, no one has done any witch-crafts against you” – I said.

They gazed each other upon hearing this, puzzled. Then…

“No sir. There is something in this house. We are suffering every day in different manner. What should be done so we can sleep in that house with peace? Please ask Agastya Himself” – the person asked.

Without opening the Nãdi, I asked them “If you feel that there is a bad omen in that house, why don’t you vacate that house and go elsewhere?”

“We tried even that. But it hasn’t been possible with some or the other obstacles keep coming” – his lady.

I opened the Nãdi again.

A few updates came still, but I did not say it out to them.

“What does the Sage say?” – the person asked humbly.

“The smoke of Sambrani (Frankincense) must be shown in all the rooms, especially on the Amavasya Fridays, spread this smoke both morning and evenings, says the Sage”

“That is exactly what we are doing for about 4 months now sir” – the person said swiftly.

What is this? Whatever the Sage says, this person tells me that he has done it already. Is it true that he is affected by some Atharvana-Veda tricks? Or the Sage Himself is thinking something else, where He replies thus? – I thought.

When I opened the Nãdi again, there came another few updates which I didn’t share it with the person, but gazed at him. Holy ash applied on forehead as Tripundra with Kumkum on the middle, the vibhuthi applied in both the hands as Tripundra, he appeared as if a riped bhaktha.

More than him his wife, kumkum on the forehead, sandalwood paste, Vibhuthi, silk saree, the face having turmeric marks after applied it, neck-ful of gold chain, ears shining with diamond ear-rings, both the hands adorned with 6 pairs of bangles, all studded with navarathna stones.

What Sage Agastya mentioned is different, but that they have come for, is different. What to believe, was my dilemma.

“What are you thinking? Does the Sage Agastya believe in what we say at least now or not?” asked the person.

I began to speak as I realized there isn’t any use in hiding from them.

“Sire, do not mistake me. You have come here to test Agastya. You belong to the Rationalist Party. You came here in disguise only to test if what Sage Agastya says is true or not. There isn’t a own house for you and you stay in a rented house. Another fact is that, you both are not real husband and wife. Are these true isn’t it?” – I asked.

Sage Agasthya Muni at Agastyarkoodam Kerala

The moment I said this, the person stood up and seeing this, the lady got up as well.

I thought that some feud is about to begin and felt ‘let whatever happen happen’ by thinking of Agastya Muni quietly. The next moment…

They both fell at my feet with no words coming out of them for a while. Then…

“What Agastya says is correct. We are not real couple. We heard that some people loot money from poor in the name of Nãdi. We wanted to get the truth out and so we came in disguise by wearing ornaments and symbols of religion etc. Please forgive us” – they said.

These are not new to me. Many a people have come thus and have got disappointed. You do not have bhakthi. You do not have faith in jyotish or Nãdi. Then why are you wasting your as well as my time? My business is not to get money and cheat people. I read this Nãdi as a guide. Those who believe shall. Those who don’t shall do so too. I am not the Bhagwan and neither is Sage Agastya a magician, to change the fate at once” – I said.

“Sir, please do not consider this as a great sin. Now, I really do wish to see the Nãdi. Kindly ask Sage Agastya” – said the lady. The person who came was in tears, and he requested so as well.

I prayed to Sage Agastya and started reading the Nãdi.

You, the lady from Salem is Swarna Lakshmi. In your younger age, you felt in love to someone and became pregnant thereby. So you came to a hill-side and gave birth to that child. The male child was born in the Moola Nakshatra. Had it been alive, he could have been king-like in this city. But since it was born out of anti-marital affairs, you had killed the child by feeding a poisonous spurge-milk. There you were possessed by the Brahma-Hathi dosha. You could not forget this incident by any means, and to this date, there is no marital life for you. With your family abandoning you, you are being forced to live by every other means” – said the Sage to the lady who was crying so uncontrollably.

She asked on what parikaram she should do to get rid of these.

For 45 days, let her lit lamp to Kala-Bhairava and then come” – said the merciful One.

“O Sire, you should read the Nãdi for me as well” -said the rationalist.

Divert your mind towards spiritual service. To your Kula-Devatha temple, do milk-abhishekam for 9 months, every Sunday. Then your life will change forever and you will shine” – said the Sage.

Nine months passed by. The rationlist became the devotee of Sage Agastya. He started a weaving business and has become wealthy. O, the special update about this is that those who acted as couple became a real couple.

Looks like people are more eager to check the validity of Agastya Muni than getting help from Him. Though a validation test is emphasized very much in Sanatana Dharma, the people in this post have gone to a greater extent to test the genuineness of the Maha Muni. He not only passed the test :), but transformed the testers themselves!

 ~ to be continued…

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One thought on “The Grace of Siddha – Episode 20 – Tester gets transformed

  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah ll

    Almighty, always guide you in trouble when you have strong belief and faith on Him…

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