The Grace of Siddha – 21- Medicinal Miracle


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

They say that Agastya Muni does a lot of miracles. If so, will I be blessed with an offspring? When? – this, the first question.

If we check with the doctor, they all say that it is difficult if not rare, to get a child since I have crossed 43 years of age. Is this true? – this, the second question.

Will you read the Agastya Nãdi for me? – asked the middle aged lady. She became silent once she asked these in a straight forward manner.

The person sat nearby her, was in a dilemma as clearly seen in his eyes, probably due to the straight-forward questions from the lady.

As a matter of fact, it is rare indeed to conceive once the lady crosses 40 years. Better still, it is difficult if its 43 plus and is a medicinal fact as well, based on experience. They had come to Agastya at last after having done all sorts of prayers and parikarams, to read the Jeeva Nãdi.

Why do they need a child at this age? – could be the question that may arise at first. They had a huge bungalow in Adyar, Chennai with a large number of fertile land near Tiruchirappalli and were they were multi millionaires. The lady’s man is a well educated one with a prestigious post in a private firm.

If they do not have an offspring, there were enough crowd from both the lady and the man’s side who can threaten them in a decent manner to get possession over this wealth. But this lady was faithful that she does have the blessings. As the doctors have not given any hope, they have come to Jeeva Nãdi with a half-mind, as they said.

I had a worrisome mind, as they have come in the last minute, what will the Sage say, if He says that there is no such blessing, then the couple may get devastated, may even grow hatred upon spirituality and even say that it is a waste to have come, believed Sage Agastya.

If surpassing all these, if they did get a child, it will be a pleasant shock for the medicinal world as well, we ourselves can feel happy, but these couples are to have such a blessing, let’s see what the Maharshi says, I opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

In the previous birth, on the same day and same nakshatra, Agastya wants to remind about the milk-abishekam performed to my statue on the Podhigai Mountain. She herself has the sin of killing a few fetus. This has become a brahma-hathi dosha which made her long for a child for such a long time.” – said the Sage.

All the parikarams done so far were not done effectively as impurity was mixed in it. There is one remedy however. Offer prayer to Naga Devata for 45 days as per the “Agama” rules, then install the Naga Devata statue in the north-east direction of her Kula-Devata’s sanctum sanctorum. Within six amavasya’s of doing so will she become pregnant” – said the Mangala Murthi Agastya!

I felt so happy myself in reading this. I began to think how happy they will be.


There wasn’t a slight trace of happiness in their faces. This shocked me. “We have done like this many a times. Please ask if there is any other remedy apart from this.” – said the lady.

I became frustrated and wanted to ask if Agastya Muni is a vegetable vendor, to ask a different vegetable if one is not wanted etc. This lady does not even know how to talk to a Siddha Purusha. I controlled myself and asked..”the one you did the Pradishta (installation), is that a Jeeva Stone?”

“Who knows? Some stone, was installed in Rameshwaram.”

“Do you know at least if it was done after performing Jala Vasam, Paal Vasam (Milk) or Dhanya Vasam?”

“No” – came the neglected reply.

Let them go elsewhere and check for Nãdi, as there is no more parikaram, I thought to myself and began to roll the Nãdi.

The lady’s husband was shocked by seeing this and said “Please forgive us, she is atop of grief. Please tell us what we need to do, I shall do as you say”.

I made my mind as light as possible and began to read the Nãdi again.

They do not know. We shall forgive them” – said the Sage with a smile and said “This girl’s father Murugavel, who died some nine years back, will be reborn in her womb. She will also have a daughter thereafter. Both the kids will be born in Panguni (Phalguna) Moola Star, on Wednesdays. There will be a gap of two years between these two kids” – said the Sage.

Only after this the lady showed an expression of happiness in her face.

About five months passed by. The couple came with a lot of fruits, flower, beetle leaves, ground nuts etc to meet me. Their face shone with sheer happiness.

“O Sire! Just as Sage Agastya mentioned, we did the parikaram with no impurities mixed, prayed to Naga Devata behind a Jeeva Stone and installed it in our Kula Devata’s temple. Through God’s grace, through the Maharshi’s clairvoyance, she has conceived. The Sage should bless us to have this child delivered peacefully.” – he prostrated in the ground thankfully.

“What did the doctors say?” – I asked.

“This is an act of God, they said. But still, asked us to be very careful till the delivery and they were very surprised” and said with a typical fear “Why sir? My child will be born in a good manner, correct?”

“Let us ask the Sage himself, have a little patience please” – I opened the Nãdi.

All the work that which is done with faith will succeed. Bhakthi mixed with impurity, bhakthi without faith in the divine, Anna-Dhanam done withour whole-heartedness, speaking or acting without the thought that whatever happened, is happening, and will happen is all because of God Almighty, whoever forgoes these thoughts or acts, becomes lucky from that very day”

“Your wife behaved in this way so far. No results were found. She did what Agastya said, and hence her fate changed. With the medical world exclaiming thoroughly, she will become the mother of two, however, there are some minor hindrances here and there. To get through these, right from today, do a yagna and tie the holy thread (kaapu, as referred in Tamil, literally meaning protection)“, and mentioned about a secret Yagna to be performed in the Brahma Muhurtha.

When said normally, this lady would have questioned a lot on why and how’s, but she did just exactly as the Sage mentioned. In addition, as per the Sage’s instructions, she stayed outside of Tamil Nadu till the delivery happened, in disguise. Upon asking why He asks to take care of the delivery in disguise, the Sage did not reply.

I left it as well, only that the kid should be born without any issues. They didn’t mind it either. Later on, the Sage revealed why He said so.

To possess the wealth of these couple, their relatives had planned to destroy the fetus in many a ways, like in food, medicine or after the kid is born, to kill it in the hospital itself etc. Only to safeguard these, the Sage mentioned to stay elsewhere in disguise. Once done so, there won’t be any issues, the Sage said mercifully. Just as he said so, the kid was born, bringing a great amount of joy and relief to the parents.

~ to be continued….


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