Important update on Agastya Jeeva Nadi


It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that GnanaBoomi announces that Sage Agastya has agreed to resume providing guidance to those who seek (Nãdi) His grace through Jeeva Nãdi again. 

When The Grace of Siddha series started, many a readers requested the contact details of Jeeva Nãdi readers and thus far, the information was not available. It was due to the Maharshi Agastya’s instructions that the Jeeva Nãdi be kept under pooja so far. Now, He has kindly listened to all our prayers and has ordered the Nãdi be read again. Those who seek His guidance with a pure heart and true yearning, can obtain the same in The Agathiyar Gnana Peedham, Kallar. 

The contact information of the Ashram is that of Her Holiness Mataji at +91 98425 50987. At present, they have only 5 sessions for a month and it is done by prior appointments. Those who wants to read the Nãdi for themselves should be present in front of Guruji who reads the Nãdi. 

A few important points to note:

1. Please call up the number and speak to Mataji to fix up a time to get the Jeeva Nãdi reading and to obtain the directions to reach the place. The Guruji speaks English, if you are not familiar with Tamil.  

2. The Jeeva Nãdi is read on Saturdays mainly. But on Wednesdays, they do read the Nãdi for urgent needs.

3. The Guru Muni Agastya has kindly agreed to give His clairvoyance even on Saturdays that falls on a Ashtami, Navami days, where the Nãdi is not normally read.

4. Have your questions clearly written down. The Guruji asks for it before reading the Nãdi. This is to keep the questions running in his mind, to seek guidance from Agastya Muni. Avoid discussing your issues while waiting, to anyone. It is better to focus on Agastya Muni, do chanting or prayer and sit in silence. A satsang is good, but let it not turn in to a gossip session. It is a general recommendation to avoid disclosing your name, profession or why you have come here to anyone. You have come to get guidance from Agastya Muni. So request Him to guide you than disclosing personal information prior to the reading. 

5. The person to whom the Nãdi is to be read, must be present in the divine altar and others are not permitted. Speak to HH Mataji for further clarifications or updates about the same.

6. Be generous in your contributions. Though they do not charge for Jeeva Nãdi reading, they do accept the donations for feeding a group of poor children, their education etc.

7. Last but not least, have a yearning and a true seeking mind. DO NOT try to validate or test the Nãdi revelations. This is not a labaratory but a place of spiritual solace.

Jeeva Nãdi reading at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Agastya Muni has instructed the Nãdi be kept in pooja at Thanjavur and kindly agreed to resume reading from June 2014. You may contact Shri Ganesan through this mail address – arut.kudil at (no space in between, replace the word at with the @ symbol). His phone number is +91 9443421627, which remains switched off most of the times as he may be busy. We have heard that his phone remains on on Mondays. He responds to email queries however. 


1) In any place, it is a general recommendation NOT to reveal your personal identity before the Nãdi reading is done. This is particularly important because, the Agastya Muni has clearly mentioned that what comes out of reading has its effect on the Karma of the person and even the Karma of the reader. So, have faith but remain silent about your identity till the Nãdi reading is done. 

2) has NO affiliations or direct involvement in any of the above places regarding Jeeva Nãdi reading. We are merely updating these information as it may come helpful to those who seek His guidance and we have NO direct or indirect association with the places above. 


We sincerely thank Sage Agathiyar for His continuous grace upon us. 

Om Agatheesaya Nama:

38 thoughts on “Important update on Agastya Jeeva Nadi

  1. GUNASEELAN.P says:

    dear Ganeshan Iyya,

    Please be informed that your Email Id and your Mobil are not in working condition always… pls give me any one of source to contact you….. I am eager to know about my life from the Advise of Maharisi AGASTHIYA GURU…..

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mtc :pg. cne/

  2. Sivakumar says:

    மேட்டுப்ளையத்தில் பாக்குகாதெரு இறைசித்தன்செந்தில் ஐயா என்பவரிடம் உமையான அகத்தியர் ஜீவநாடி உள்ளதுொடர்புக்கு7373835583

  3. Lola says:

    Thank you very much.
    Can you please explain is this the only place to receive a reading? There are too many fake cheaters.
    How can we determine who is real or not?
    Please make a clear indication as to the legitimate mega Nadi readers.
    I read that there is someone who hea blank leaves and suddenly the words appear in gold. Is this true?

    • GnanaBoomi says:

      Dear Lola
      You are indeed correct about fake nadi readers. Late Shri Hanumadhdasan was one of the genuine readers and we believe Ganesan Ayya from Tanjore is another genuine person. While we cannot recommend anyone in particular, we can suggest the readers to use all possible research mediums to corner a reader.


  4. S.VIJAYAKUMAR says:

    Those who are asking money for doing parigara booja eg: agni kothra booja, raktshai booja , 48 days enthra booja after reading the naadi those felows are cheating fellows only. In nadi sithargal says ony to visit temples for parigaram.

  5. S.VIJAYAKUMAR says:

    ஆலய பரிகாரம் தவிர்த்து புற பூஜை, தாயத்து , நூல் ஆசானுக்கு இதை செய் என்பவன் அப்பட்டமான போலி நாடி ஜோதிடன்

  6. Rajmohan says:

    Can anyone give ONGARAKUDIL THIRUVANNAMALAI S.VIJAYAKUMAR’s nadi feed back please.

    Thanks in advance


    • S.VIJAYAKUMAR says:

      Please see the ONGARAKUDIL,THURAIYUR, Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Sangam ,Monthly magazine this month(September 2016) you will get the proof.

  7. Sandeep Patil says:

    I have mailed my request for Jeeva Nadi Reading by Shreee Ganesan ji , but as per Agastiyar’s instructions Jeeva Nadi reading stopped for more than a year now ( I have received such mail from them ).
    When it will resume now ?

    • GnanaBoomi says:

      Dear Sandeep
      We do not have any updates on the Nadi reading at Thanjavur has resumed. There are other places such as Kallar and the likewise where the Nadi for personal queries is read. We recommend you to pray to Agastya and evaluate the place for one such reading. Thanks!

      • Sandeep Patil says:

        Thanks for update , but i would like to have reading from Shree Ganesan only . Has the Jeeva Nadi Reading restarted now ? Please SMs me on 9028069012 as early as possible !!

  8. S.VIJAYAKUMAR says:

    In google search please type ” ongarakudil vijayakumar” then go to you tube video telecasted by VENTHAR TV, then you will find SAKTHI JEEVA NADI & ARUL VAKKU feed back

    • GnanaBoomi says:

      Dear Shreeram,
      Namaste. We do not read Nadi. You may contact the addresses given in the article and the comments, evaluate and let us know your findings or experiences. Thank you.

    • santh says:

      The feed back from people who visited Sri Muthukumaraswamy at Kutralam for jeevanadi is not encouraging. All hi predictions have gone wrong. He charges Rs 500 each time.

      • JR says:

        I have had good experience with the reading given by him. The pariharams prescribed by his nadi are visits to temples only.
        That was very helpful.

  9. Sagar says:

    In Agatheesaya Namah

    The soul always enlightened by Mahaguru at the right time and at right place. So those who want Mahamunis guidance just pray and surrender yourself to HIM unconditionally….everything will be take Care by HIM.

    Om lopamudra mata samhet Agatheesaya Namah.

  10. Sairaman says:

    Dear All,
    I had visited Muthukumarasamy in 2016 and was happy with the readings. He did not charge anything then.
    Best Regards,

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