The Grace of Siddha – 26 – a strange request indeed


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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Sir, I don’t want anything else. Where was I born in my previous birth, where did I live, where is that place now? Who were my siblings? Are they born again now? If so, can I meet them and speak to them…..?

If Agastya Muni can answer me this alone, I am ready to wait how many ever days it takes to. Can you please request this to the Sage?” – a young man asked me with folded hands.

Such queries are not new to me. In all the years of experience, the Sage has answered such questions before. But by asking about his previous birth, what is he going to attain? I thought. He took my thinking as hesitation, “Let it not be today sir. Whenever it is possible for you, please let me know and I shall come over” – he handed over a visiting card.

He is a very wealthy person from Malaysia, named RajMohan. His father had passed away out of a disease after making him the owner of unsurmountable wealth. Long back, his mother too had passed away. A group of relatives are trying to get him in their clutches, so as to seize the enormous wealth. But since RajMohan was inclined towards Spirituality and that he had great faith in Jeeva Nãdi, he is roaming in and around Tamil Nadu, he said himself.

There is no issues in answering his queries. But there are other inconveniences present, which I am aware of. I asked him “Why do you want to know about your previous birth?”

“I want to meet my brothers and sisters of my past birth. I want to have at least a meal with them, have a hearty chat and spend time with them” – he said.


“If they are in need of money, if they are in any trouble, I should sell off my wealth in Malaysia to help them. I do not have my parents, neither do I have any siblings. I only need to know about my previous birth” – said he, in a humble manner.

I thought I should first get the Sage’s approval and if He approves, then shall we read the Nãdi for him.

If in case He refuses, I should tell him “Sir, I do not know, please find yourself some other resource”. I prayed to the Sage and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

This person has thought of Agastya Muni even from his previous birth. The clairvoyance can be told. But not here. In a holy river, by standing in knee deep water in the Brahma Muhurtha (4.30 to 6 AM), one can read the Nãdi” – said the Sage!

He became very happy on knowing this. After a few months, I reached the Kaveri river bank with the Jeeva Nãdi. He came as well, with happiness reflecting on his face like anything.

For me, it was a mere worry that everything should be ok.

Early morning’s chill breeze, the holy Kaveri water running beneath, with a slight trembling, I began to read the Nãdi.

On the banks of Kaveri


Image courtesy: Prabhu

Bearing the name Sundaram in his previous birth, he was born in a house that had number 13, in Thiruvarangam (Sri Rangam, Tamil Nadu) on the 18th day of Aani Month (a Tamil month) at 12 noon. His father is Venkatavan and mother Amirthavalli. He has a younger sister named Padma. They were a family of normal financial status with Vaidheega (spiritual services performed as per the Vedas) as profession.

They got Padma married at her age of 16th to someone who married her the second time. Her mother-in-law tortured Padma and she died at a younger age due to that mental illness. Sundaram became very upset and he quit the house one day, without informing anyone and enrolled himself in military and served the nation for many years. Out of the grief of his sister, he never married.

Sundaram did not even think of his parents in these days, who were very upset. Out of their grief towards their son, they passed away one after the other. Since they were in utter grief and were almost cursing Sundaram, this RajMohan is suffering after losing his parents. The effect of his previous birth’s cause is hitting him now” – the Sage paused.

I took my eyes off the Jeeva Nãdi and looked at RajMohan. He was crying, thinking of his parents from the past birth, that he had made them suffer. I remained silent for a while till he became normal, and opened the Jeeva Nãdi again.

After a long time, Sundaram came back from military to see his parents and knew about their passing away. The house where he lived had been bought over by someone else. This vexed him even more and made him roam around wherever his legs took him, and eventually died in Thiruvarangam. Now he has born again as RajMohan” – the Sage finished the second part of narration.

RajMohan, listening to all this asked “Can you please ask the Sage as to when I died?”

This got me a little frustrated. Still, I began to read.

In the Pingala year, on the month of Thai, on a day of Visaka star about 11 AM” – said the Sage!

RajMohan did a strange thing. He began to calculate something and said “Right after 10 months, on the same Visaka star 4th Padam (astrological calculation done on each star), right at 11 AM, I was born in Singapore. How accurate this is!” – he exclaimed.

As the Sage said, the date of his death in his previous birth and his birth now, right after 10 months on the same star on the last Padam, the next minute to 11.00 matches so accurately. Even I was surprised to know this. How is this possible, I thought and began to read the Nãdi again.

The Sage said at once to me…

If ye don’t believe in Agastya, he can go to the registrar office where they record the births and deaths and cross verify for himself

This was a whip given to me, I knew. The Sage continued…

The Padma who was born as a younger sister in his previous birth, is born again in the same Srirangam, on the …….th street, 4th house. She is of 19 years old now. Her name now is Padmaja (!!). You can test this as well” – concluded the Sage.

I don’t know how many will believe this, but I believe this totally, said RajMohan and said he wanted to go to the registrar’s office right that day. The very next day around 11 in the morning, we both set forth to the office at SriRangam and asked if “a person named Sundaram died in the date mentioned earlier”.

The officials searched for the ledger with great difficulty and at last found the name Sundaram which was written in running handwriting, with the exact same date – Visaka Month, Pingala year (it must have been the equivalent English calendar year on the ledger), on the month of Thai, right at 11.00 AM! Do we need say we were so very surprised?

It was a surprise to know every detail about Sundaram. Does the Sage say all such things, I wondered. Does everyone get such a blessing? We can only say that it depends on individual’s bhagyam and the Sage’s mercy.

RajMohan said, “I have to see my sister Padmaja. Please come along with me” – he grabbed my hand and almost pleaded.

Even I wanted to see Padmaja! It was the Sage who mentioned that RajMohan and Padmaja were siblings in their previous birth. Only I know about this other than RajMohan. If we go to her house now to tell that RajMohan is your brother from the previous birth, who may believe it, I doubted.

Moreover, what if they misinterpret everything and blame us that we have come indeed to misbehave with a young girl and give us a very warm (?!) welcome?

Even if it was me, if someone comes to me claiming that he is my elder brother from the previous birth, I would take the first step of calling the police myself to put him behind the bars. I thought what would happen if RajMohan goes to Padmaja’s house. I got a very uneasy feeling in the stomach.

“Let RajMohan go to Padmaja’s house himself. It is not appropriate to accompany him and I should somehow get rid of this, and see what happens” I thought.

But there is this fate, which never spares anyone! RajMohan persisted in taking me along and I only could think “Here, we’re stuck very well”.

Note: What made RajMohan to think of his previous birth? He was already wealthy and had no reason to worry about his previous birth. Despite, he searched for the Nãdi and the Sage guided him with such an accuracy which leaves us astonished. Does it also mean that the Sage gives the thought to the individuals who are sincere and yearning, to search for Him, even to read about such incidents?

~ to be continued 🙂 …

The Grace of Siddha – 25 – The Goddess opened Her eyes, grandly!

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Will my husband turn good? Or not? I have a young daughter at home. When will she get married? Or will this all be just as it is now? Please ask this to the Sage” came a lady with tears who is of about 50 years old.

I checked the calendar before opening the Nadi. Karthikai nakshatra with Ashtami Thithi. I do not read Nadi in such days as much as possible simply for the reason that it won’t be of good effect and I might as well be held for Agastya’s rage.

I looked at that lady. Reddish lines all over the eyes out of grief, her neck had only the Thirumangalya, she wore a normal saree with a blouse that was shabby and with dirt. She had Vibuthi and Kumkum on her forehead and had white hair here and there. Instead of ear-rings, she had pierced a small stick.

Her hands had a normal glass bangles with her sole revealing the truth that they have not seen sandals for ages together, probably she couldn’t afford them. I felt I should help such a poor lady somehow and began to think how I can console her.

I prayed to the Sage earnestly.

“Won’t you give clairvoyance on Ashtami, Navami, Barani-Karthigai days? It is all auspicious day for God indeed right? What great sin have these worldly people committed? At least from now on you must help this lady with your grace” – I prayed and opened the Nadi. There came nothing. I felt a little frustrated that Sage Agastya didn’t come down to my this prayer.

At first, He used to give the clairvoyance in literature-Tamil and upon my request, He began to give them in normal colloquial Tamil. Just as this, I desired that He has to come down and help such poor beings even on these days such as Barani-Karthigai or Ashtami-Navami. I prayed again.

I do not know what He thought. He came forward to give clairvoyance, but with a few conditions.

Though it is me who gives clairvoyance, Lord Brahma must approve of this too. Hence my beloved son you, must pray to Lord Brahma in the early morning hours of these days, if you want me to provide clairvoyance. You must chant specific mantras for 25000 times and get His approval. Then I do not have any objection” – the Sage mentioned.

I was taken aback. Not once or twice, twenty five thousand times if I have to recite mantras, is this normal or possible? That too, how can I complete them within the Brahma Muhurtha time (4.30 to 6.00 in the mornings)? I began to think. I could not know whether it was possible for me or not.

I prayed to Him again. Such mantras, won’t it suffice if I chant for a thousand or two? Please try to reduce the count so they can be completed within the Brahma Muhurtha timings. At first, the Sage refused but later He said “We will give clairvoyance on these days, but that Deva Mantra has to be recited for at least ten thousand times” – He concluded.

“O you have saved me”, I thought and thanked the Sage, and began my chanting for that lady at once. Once I completed the chanting for 10000 times, Sage Agastya began, with the approval of Lord Brahma Himself.

The Ambal who adorned Her temple in a small village of Tanjavur, this lady’s husband was the priest. He wasn’t well educated. He believed only in the Almighty and with the little income he got, they lived in that village and had a beautiful girl child. As she was born in poverty as against wealth, everyone abandoned the priest and those whom he related to, left the village and set forth for other places in search of occupation.

No income, no salary from the temple, no land or plot. They lived in a mud-house that belonged to the temple. He believed in the Goddess of that temple. Will She not open her eyes and bestow salvation, the priest spend his days thinking so.

As he did not listen to anyone and stayed in the village, it was only once that he had food per day, that too some gruel. This was possible only if the villagers had a thought of him. The daughter grew up as well and could be educated only less. Now she is 32 years old. She has lost all her beauty on poverty and have become skinny. The wife of this priest came to know about Jeeva Nadi and wanted to hear Agastya’s words. She came with a thought that if He says anything good, let us return home. Else, let us jump off in front of a passing train and commit suicide” – the Sage mentioned.

In spite of the poverty, the priest has believed in that Goddess, so he must be shown some light, his wife’s live saved thereby and to get their daughter married, O Sage, you must help – I prayed to the Sage in my mind.

Go at once to your native! There awaits a very good alliance where your daughter will get married within 90 days” – said the Sage at once.

[Those who feel a bit of tears brimming in their eyes upon reading the above, salvation unto thee for you are blessed. Do tell us if you felt so]

How could this be possible? A magic may happen, but for this lady’s daughter, how come she will get married within 90 days?” – I felt surprised.

On a Ashtami thithi, is the Sage diverting this lady like they say the ways of Siddha is that of Lord Shiva (a proverb in Tamil)? – I began to question myself.

There isn’t a way to eat the next meal, how come then, a grand marriage will take place? The priest’s lady went back home without a bit of hope. Those who were around us discussed that if the Sage hadn’t said thus, this lady must have committed suicide.

Two days went by.

On a early morning, a young man came to my house. He had handful of fruits.

“O Sire! My name is Subramanian, from Tanjavur. I work in Singapore. I have come here to discuss about marriage.”

The reason to search for me?

“My Mami (aunt) mentioned that I should come here. My uncle is a temple priest. My parents went to Singapore when they were young where I was born. My parents are no more now and I am not married yet” – he paused.

I was listening patiently.

“For my father, when he was alive, it seems he felt a great distress that he did nothing to his sister. He wrote that in a letter with his sister’s name and address and asked me to help them in whatever ways I can, and only then, his soul will rest in peace, he had written that like a will. I noticed this letter only recently.”

“Once I read this, I came to India and thankfully that my aunt lives in the same place as in the letter, I found her out without any difficulty. I mentioned everything to them as well. I also decided that I should marry her daughter. But…”

“But what…?!”

“My uncle is adamant that he should put the Mangalyam from his own money and he asked me to wait till then. From his status, it is difficult for him to earn that money and thereby make the Thirumangalyam. I was confused where my aunt directed me to you. Will this marriage happen or not? Can you please ask Agastya Muni?” – he said.

“Why is this priest letting go of such a wonderful alliance?” I thought to myself and opened the Nadi.

On the backside of the house where this priest lives, near the cowshed on the North-Eastern corner, there will be a box of tin inside the ground. Upon opening which a Thirumangalyam and four golden bangles will be found. This belongs to the priest’s mother. She had desired to give this to her future daughter-in-law and as the priest did not get married till she died, she buried it under the cowshed. Ask them to dig it open and conduct the marriage” – ordered the Sage!

Tin Box Open

The box is empty as they took out the bangles and thirumangalyam 🙂

After two days, the priest, his wife, their daughter and the would-be young man from Singapore came to me, with that Thirumangalyam and golden bangles. They got married then. I blessed them too!

The girl who was poverty stricken, I later heard that she is very very well off in Singapore now!

~ to be continued…

The Grace of Siddha – 24 – Your surroundings matters too!


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

A lad of 19 years old, came along with his wealthy parents with them requesting the Nãdi be read for their son and that they were seeking Agastya Rishi’s blessings.

The time they had come was a day time on Sunday, more so, during the Yama Ganda time. During these times such as Rahu Kala or Yama Gandam, auspicious works are to be put on hold. This is something that is gone in to the blood of many a people.

Whether the person who came have such a belief or not but I do! I kept this in mind and said “Nãdi can be read, but I shall read it in one and a half hours time. Till that time, please see if you can visit a nearby place or so”

But as if not heard what I said at all, the person said “It would be good if its read at once, else it by itself may seem like an bad omen”

“Yes, yes” nodded his wife.

“What? These people don’t know, if they think not reading immediately may appear as an ill omen, whey aren’t they thinking that for reading it in times such as Yama Ganda” – I thought.

“Let the Yama Ganda pass by. Then we shall see the Nãdi” – I said.

He began to laugh at this, “What sir, how does Agastya Muni have an impact on Yama Ganda or where is Rahu Kala for Him? Have courage, please read” said the person and added “Don’t worry about the money” in a intended casual tone.

If one possesses wealth and health, what all they speak, how all they react, I worried. They don’t even know how to behave in the presence of a Maha Muni such as Agastya.

“You may be a very wealthy person for I don’t care about it. By showing money, you cannot persuade me or the Sage Agastya. If you have such a thought, right here and right now, leave this place” – said I, and closed the Nãdi.

He did not expect this from me. He was shocked and did not utter a single word for a few minutes. Then I myself began to speak.

“This Nãdi, has been given only to me through Sage Agastya, for reading. I prayed to Him that let everyone get benefited out of it and I am reading it for everyone. At least from now on, do not display your wealth or status. You may go and seek some other Nãdi” – I said it in a firm tone upon which the person began to tremble.

He fell at my feet at once and said “I heard every Nãdi reader is behind the money alone. I thought of you as one among them and hence I spoke that way. Please forgive me.” His wife joined his pleading. But Agastya Muni did not give any clairvoyance.

After a struggle of about half an hour, I took bath again, prayed and then began to read the Nãdi very patiently.

The son is not interested in education. With bad company, he is addicted to drugs and is not able to come out of that brutal gang. Is it not?” – asked Agastya Muni, to the person.

“Yes”. Tears began to roll down his eyes. They did not expect that the Sage will tell this in such a straight forward manner and so they appeared shocked. Again…”Yes, what the Sage says is all correct” – he said with a shaking voice.

At the age of getting educated, will one be addicted to drugs? Should one be accompanied to that brutal gang? The parents are one of the reasons for this too. They gave the impression that money can get anything to their son and he has gotten hold of it. Isn’t it true that this is the reason why he is spoilt?” – asked the Maha Muni.

“Yes”- he nodded his head.

Still, since you have sought Agastya’s shelter, We will help the son get out of this addictions. This won’t happen instantaneously. Wait for 3 months” – said the Sage.

“What prayers or offerings should we do till then?” – asked the Mother now.

Stay out of town for three months, only then can you return home” – came the reply from Nãdi.

“How is that possible? He has to attend college as his education will get spoiled” – said the father.

The Sage was swift in his reply “If stayed in town, he will get tangled in various trouble and then there is no use in worrying“.

After a brief silence, “Ok, we shall come back later” they said and left the place.

Searching for me to read Nãdi, to seek Agastya Muni’s guidance, the son seemed he did not like any of this and was keeping quiet all the way, I had observed.

They came. They asked. I mentioned what the Sage mentioned. To take it and follow through or not, to believe or not, is up to them. I left the matter.

A few months pass by. The same person banged my door at 5 in the morning and appeared verily shaken.

“My son is missing. He went to college, and its three months since then. He hasn’t returned. We searched everywhere. We are not sure if he is alive or not. It is only you who can ask Agastya Muni and tell us” – he cried profusely. I consoled him and began to read the Nãdi.

What Agastya said, they did not listen to, and hence are stuck in trouble. Had they been out of the town, getting stuck with that gang wouldn’t have happened” – shocked the Sage. I looked at the person’s face. He bowed down and said “We tried convincing him a lot but he didn’t listen. He said he did not want to get separated from his old friends, he fought with us and took the bike and went off, hasn’t returned yet“.

Your son is alive indeed and is unconscious in a room at Mahabalipuram. Go at once to find him out and getting him admitted to a hospital is very good” – hurried the Sage.

Though he was shocked to hear that he is unconscious out of drug addiction due to bad company, the father felt very relieved to know that he is alive. To save him from trouble, he ran off even without saying a word to me. I understood it and I prayed to Agastya Muni.

There came an update by the next day afternoon. The people at the lodge had got him admitted to a hospital where the father has enquired his whereabouts and had gone to the hospital. He was safe and will recover in two day’s time, he said. He also felt very sorry for not having listened to Sage Agastya’s words, to stay out for three months and that they could’ve avoided this from happening. He also promised that he will do so once he recovers.

He came back after 4 months.

“Let the education be. He has come out of the drug addiction. We stayed out of the town and I gave him complete treatment for this. Now he looks like a complete Shiva devotee. The guys who got him to this addiction are in police custody now. As he stayed out of town, he escaped staying in their custody. It is all Sage Agastya’s grace only – he said happily.

Then he said…”I shouldn’t have come to read Nãdi at Yama Gana. That along with my arrogance of wealth and that I tried to compell Agastya Muni, had given all these trouble to my son. From now on, I will behave like any other normal human, please bless me and my family” – said the wealthy one.

~ to be continued…

The Grace of Siddha – 23 – Miracle in a month and a half


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Here is an important update about Jeeva Nadi!

There are many who come for Nadi. Each one comes with one issue to be solved through the guidance of Jeeva Nadi. Of these, it is notable that many of them are devotees of Agastya Muni. In this post, let us see one such lady who sought Agastya’s guidance.

A young lady with a tired face came seeking Agastya Nadi. Right as she came, she asked ‘You are the one who reads Agastya Jeeva Nadi?”

“Is there really a blessing for me to have a child?” – she asked ferociously. As I didn’t know the impact of this question, I said “O lady, this needs to be asked to the Sage Himself”

“Ok, how many children will I have, will the Sage tell this?” – she asked.

“This is a slightly disturbing question. I am not sure if Agastya Muni will answer such questions” – I said.


“No one has asked such a question before. Moreover, this is a question that has to be handled carefully. If some reply comes out of our hurry, then chances are that your married life might change course” – I said.

“Ok. But I do know a truth. If that can be verified with Sage Agastya, it is enough. Whatever the reply is, I will accept it with all of my heart” – said the lady.

“O Lord. Do not get me in to trouble. Please do tell a favourable reply” – I prayed to the Sage with devotion as well as fear, and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

She has delivered two male children in a famous hospital in the city, in the same star. When this lady was unconscious after delivery, a person took away one of the male twins. Then from the same hospital, he took a girl child who was born the previous night around 12, and have kept it near her. The male child is in somebody’s house

The Sage said this truth only to me as Deva Ragasya, “O Son, if you say this out to her now, she will be shocked and will become a lunatic. So don’t say this out now. But within one and a half month, the male child born to her will reach her. The girl child with her now, will also reach the mother who gave birth to her” – said the Sage, incidents like we see in movies.

“What Sir? You are looking at the Nadi for quite some time, but aren’t opening your mouth?” – she broke my silence.

“The Sage has said something good indeed”

“What is it?”

“You are blessed with children. There are two children for you”

The lady was intelligent. She looked at me with a meaningful sight and asked the next question beautifully.

“Will there be a twins, born at the same time or has it born already?” – asked the lady. I was shaken away by that.

“On what basis are you asking this?”

“I won’t ask such without a reason. I worship Agastya Muni by keeping his picture for years. My father has built a temple for Sage Agastya and is worshipping for about 50 years. Also, our Kula-Devata is Lord Muruga (Subramanya Swamy)”

“In my dreams, it appeared as someone took away one of the children born to me, and had kept a child with a dark complexion near me. The doctor who had tested me used to say that I am blessed with a twins, very often. Though I have two children, which is mine out of the two, I do not know. There is a doubt which is bothering me for about 20 days. That is why I came here to read the Nadi, in spite of having just twenty days passed after delivery.” – said that young lady.

I felt a strong urge to say what I read in the Nadi. If I don’t say, I may have done a great betrayal to that lady. But if I do say it out now, this lady might lose her mind and if that happens, the sin will be of mine. In addition, I will also be blamed for not keeping up the words of Sage Agastya and I might even earn His anger.

For about ten minutes, I faced this dilemma and I prayed to the Sage again saying “Please do not let me get stuck in this. Please show us a way where the lady can get her child back” – and started reading the Nadi again.

From this day on, let this lady recite a few mantras including the Garuda Dhandakam. In one and a half months, the children will reach their respective places” – briefly concluded the Sage.

I was not satisfied with this reply that Agastya Muni gave.

When I myself wasn’t satisfied, how could this girl be? Won’t she ask as to why she should recite these mantras? How will her child reach her in a month and a half? Even if it does, how would she believe that it is her own? Let it all be. First of all, why did this interchange of children happen? What’s the reason and who is behind this? Who did this? I scratched my head with all these questions.

Those who come to read Nadi will only come with some issues. If we can say a few good words and send them back, it would be good enough – is what I think. But issues such as this may arise out of which I will be stuck in a dilemma – I never thought, even in my dreams.

I prayed to Sage Agastya earnestly again.

“Please allow me to tell the truth to this lady. At the same time, please protect her from any mental disabilities that may arise.” What the Sage said was…

Have patience. Everything will happen for good. Ask this lady to come after a month and a half. There will be a miracle with regards to the children. Just tell her that she will get what she lost“.

I mentioned the lady what exactly the Sage asked me to. “Keep up with your prayers, your dream will come true in one and a half month”. She accepted it as well.

I began to think once she left. This lady must have known these already. She wanted to get this information indirectly,
my intuition said.

Exactly one and a half month passed by, one fine morning, the lady, her parents, her hushand came in. I was reminded of her arrival before but didn’t display anything as such. The lady showed the twins and sought my blessings. Then she began to tell..

“Just like how Agastya Muni said, my child has come back to me” – she said happily.

“I don’t understand quite well. Please explain” – said I.

“Just look at these two children. They both look alike right?”


“Even if the other twin was a girl child, the face should have some resemblance. That day, the girl child which was lying down next to me did not have any resemblance whatsoever. Right at that time I got a doubt that that child wasn’t mine. I came to you. I sought Agastya Muni’s clarivoyance. You had said that a miracle will happen in a month and a half. That miracle happened just yesterday” – she paused.

No one uttered a word till she resumed.

“There is a lad who is my paternal uncle’s son, named Shanmugam. He comes home often and behaves nicely too. He fell in love with a girl of a different caste and got married in spite of the opposing from our family. So my uncle did not let him home. He started living alone. On the day when I was admitted in the hospital, his wife got admitted too. I wasn’t aware of it earlier. His wife gave birth to a girl the previous day and they were told that there is some trouble with the baby’s health and that it won’t survive for long. He became very upset.

Once he came to know that I gave birth to a male twins, his criminal brain started working. As his wife’s ward was just nearby mine, and that the people there knew that he is our relative, he used to frequent. At that time, he took his girl child and put it near me and took away one of my male child. He has confessed it to his wife as he was drunk yesterday. As a true mother, his grief striken wife came in the next half and hour in an auto, gave my child back to me and got her own and went back. My brother has also confessed this to us in the morning and we forgave him”.

The lady further said.. “Just as Sage Agastya’s clairvoyance, this happened exactly in one and a half month. We came here only to thank Him”

… to be continued ~

The Grace of Siddha – 22 – Ashtami & Navami


[stextbox id=”info”  image=”null”]The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.[/stextbox]

These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

That day was an Ashtami Thithi.

On the days of Ashtami, Bharani, Krithigai, the Sage does not give any clairvoyances, was a general rule. As this was a kind of mandatory rest given to me, I thought I shall enjoy myself and was indulging in other activities rather slowly.

There came a person of about 45 years suddenly, appearing tensed.

His face reflected grief while the sleeplessness of days together marking bloody trails in his eyes. The shirt he wore was also out of shape and his hair was devoid of any oil. But the body language was that of a big shot’s. All these mentioned that he is stuck in some great misery.

He said, without a reverse, ‘I need to read the Nadi today for sure. Can you read it?’ – he ordered, almost.

I did not feel like asking his whereabouts. “Today is Ashtami and I cannot read the Nadi. Come back after two days. I will read if Sage Agastya grants me the permission” – I said.

This must have shaken him well. His voice came down at once.

“It’s a big trouble. Hence I came here running, please have some mercy” – he spoke in a pleading tone.

“There won’t be any good clairvoyances given during Astami-Navami’s”.

“It is fine. Let the Sage say what He wants to. Then let things happen anyhow, as per my fate” – he said.

“Sir. Please do not mistake me. I have 40 years of experience in reading Nadi. Just like you, a big shot compelled me in reading the Nadi. I forsake the order given by Sage Agastya and read the Nadi. The effect of it turned haywire. From then on, I don’t read Nadi on Ashtami-Navami thithi’s. Please leave me, and search for someone else who can read” – I even tried to get rid of him.

The person however, did not move.

“I will accept anything that comes, even if something bad comes out or good. I just want to hear it from Agastya Muni’s mouth. That’s all” – having said this, he sat down on the entrance.

I had no choice but to invite him in, thinking how I wanted to spend the time. I asked him to be seated and prostrated the Nadi and prayed to the Sage not to tell anything that is bad to this person, and opened the Nadi.

Working with a very big company, he and his sub-ordinates have got in to a feud. The owner of this company is in North India and he does not interfere in the issues of these workers. He has made this person responsible for everything. For running the organization better, this person has spoken harshly to some and have given punishment to some in an indirect manner as well.

The problem became worse and a couple of workers even wanted to stab him with dagger and knife etc. which he somehow escaped. Having known all these, the owner has warned him either to fix the issues amicably that nothing of this sort happens ever again or he will be sacked“.

Just like how Mathalam (an instrument) gets hit from both sides, he is stuck between these two sides. He even tried calling the subordinates for a peace-talk without worrying about his dignity but they didn’t accept. He has come to Agastya to know how he can solve the problem” – said the Sage.

I was surprised as to how the Sage gave such a nice explanation in an Ashtami thithi. Then it looks like I can read the Nadi for everyone in the thithi of Ashtami or Navami – I began to think. (See the box)

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Ashtami & Navami” shadow=”true” color=”0e100e” ccolor=”ffffff” bgcolor=”778882″]Normally, the auspicious work are not adviced to be carried out during these days. There is a puranic legend that goes where both the Thithi devata went to Shriman Narayana and expressed their grief on why people avoid these thithis, where the Lord promised them that these two thithis’ will be worshipped at least once in a year. He fulfills the promise by being born as Rama during Navami and Krishna during Ashtami, respectively celebrated throughout as Rama Navami and Gokulashtami).[/stextbox]

I did not tell the person what came in the Nadi, but started asking him questions to bring them out of his own.

The person explained just as the Sage mentioned.

“Everyone must be present in the factory by 8 sharp. Some did not and I warned them many a times which fell in deaf ears. I took action against them, which has become a big problem now. What does the Sage say?” – he asked eagerly.

“Should you go to the factory today?”

“Yes, for sure, mandatory”

“Can’t you avoid?”

“No I cannot”

“Then do one thing. Avoid going to the factory by 8 today but reach there by 11.”

“Are you saying this by yourself or is this from Sage Agastya Himself?”

“It looks like you aren’t believing me as yet. I am just saying what the Sage tells me, as it is”

“The clairvoyance has come on a Ashtami day. I doubted whether is this true or is it your own words, just to console me. That’s why” – he said and left without saying anything.

I thought I am not able to understand the humans.

If this person goes to the factory a little later as the Sage said, then its good for him. Else, if he had wanted to test Agastya if he gives His words on a Ashtami day, then it is between this person and the Sage, what’s in it for me? – I thought.

The then morning newspapers bore a sensational news.

A factory in Chennai caught fire because of the workers who got frustrated and set fire after locking up the director and a couple of others. Three young managers were killed in the fire. Those who came late to the factory were escaped miraculously. This was the news.

Though this created a sort of panic within, I thought this person should have escaped the fire. The Sage had given His kind words though it was Ashtami. Whether this person escaped or not, I began to worry that nothing bad should have happened.

Such incidents have happened in the past and hence I could’ve avoided reading Nadi for him on that day. I resolved to myself that I should not read Nadi to anyone on Ashtami days.

At that time…

That person came in a car with a smiling face, carrying a fruit basket and his family along. I began to tremble out of happiness that I asked him on what happened even before I asked him to be seated.

“I went home as per the Sage said and began to read Sundara Kandam as I was instructed to reach the factory late. Just as the Sage said, I read the verses 35 and 36 eight times and got ready where the news of factory fire reached me. The factory and my house are closeby. I hurried to the factory. The workers who saw me said “Hey, he is here” and I couldn’t understand anything.

Then it dawned that since I reach the factory at sharp 8, and this is known to everyone, my assistants have gone in yesterday right at 8. Thinking that it was me, somebody closed the shutter and threw petrol inside and set fire. Three of my assistants were killed and had I gone there shart at 8, I could’ve got killed too. It was due to the Sage’s mercy that I am alive” – he said with tears in his eyes.