The Grace of Siddha – 22 – Ashtami & Navami


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

That day was an Ashtami Thithi.

On the days of Ashtami, Bharani, Krithigai, the Sage does not give any clairvoyances, was a general rule. As this was a kind of mandatory rest given to me, I thought I shall enjoy myself and was indulging in other activities rather slowly.

There came a person of about 45 years suddenly, appearing tensed.

His face reflected grief while the sleeplessness of days together marking bloody trails in his eyes. The shirt he wore was also out of shape and his hair was devoid of any oil. But the body language was that of a big shot’s. All these mentioned that he is stuck in some great misery.

He said, without a reverse, ‘I need to read the Nadi today for sure. Can you read it?’ – he ordered, almost.

I did not feel like asking his whereabouts. “Today is Ashtami and I cannot read the Nadi. Come back after two days. I will read if Sage Agastya grants me the permission” – I said.

This must have shaken him well. His voice came down at once.

“It’s a big trouble. Hence I came here running, please have some mercy” – he spoke in a pleading tone.

“There won’t be any good clairvoyances given during Astami-Navami’s”.

“It is fine. Let the Sage say what He wants to. Then let things happen anyhow, as per my fate” – he said.

“Sir. Please do not mistake me. I have 40 years of experience in reading Nadi. Just like you, a big shot compelled me in reading the Nadi. I forsake the order given by Sage Agastya and read the Nadi. The effect of it turned haywire. From then on, I don’t read Nadi on Ashtami-Navami thithi’s. Please leave me, and search for someone else who can read” – I even tried to get rid of him.

The person however, did not move.

“I will accept anything that comes, even if something bad comes out or good. I just want to hear it from Agastya Muni’s mouth. That’s all” – having said this, he sat down on the entrance.

I had no choice but to invite him in, thinking how I wanted to spend the time. I asked him to be seated and prostrated the Nadi and prayed to the Sage not to tell anything that is bad to this person, and opened the Nadi.

Working with a very big company, he and his sub-ordinates have got in to a feud. The owner of this company is in North India and he does not interfere in the issues of these workers. He has made this person responsible for everything. For running the organization better, this person has spoken harshly to some and have given punishment to some in an indirect manner as well.

The problem became worse and a couple of workers even wanted to stab him with dagger and knife etc. which he somehow escaped. Having known all these, the owner has warned him either to fix the issues amicably that nothing of this sort happens ever again or he will be sacked“.

Just like how Mathalam (an instrument) gets hit from both sides, he is stuck between these two sides. He even tried calling the subordinates for a peace-talk without worrying about his dignity but they didn’t accept. He has come to Agastya to know how he can solve the problem” – said the Sage.

I was surprised as to how the Sage gave such a nice explanation in an Ashtami thithi. Then it looks like I can read the Nadi for everyone in the thithi of Ashtami or Navami – I began to think. (See the box)

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Ashtami & Navami” shadow=”true” color=”0e100e” ccolor=”ffffff” bgcolor=”778882″]Normally, the auspicious work are not adviced to be carried out during these days. There is a puranic legend that goes where both the Thithi devata went to Shriman Narayana and expressed their grief on why people avoid these thithis, where the Lord promised them that these two thithis’ will be worshipped at least once in a year. He fulfills the promise by being born as Rama during Navami and Krishna during Ashtami, respectively celebrated throughout as Rama Navami and Gokulashtami).[/stextbox]

I did not tell the person what came in the Nadi, but started asking him questions to bring them out of his own.

The person explained just as the Sage mentioned.

“Everyone must be present in the factory by 8 sharp. Some did not and I warned them many a times which fell in deaf ears. I took action against them, which has become a big problem now. What does the Sage say?” – he asked eagerly.

“Should you go to the factory today?”

“Yes, for sure, mandatory”

“Can’t you avoid?”

“No I cannot”

“Then do one thing. Avoid going to the factory by 8 today but reach there by 11.”

“Are you saying this by yourself or is this from Sage Agastya Himself?”

“It looks like you aren’t believing me as yet. I am just saying what the Sage tells me, as it is”

“The clairvoyance has come on a Ashtami day. I doubted whether is this true or is it your own words, just to console me. That’s why” – he said and left without saying anything.

I thought I am not able to understand the humans.

If this person goes to the factory a little later as the Sage said, then its good for him. Else, if he had wanted to test Agastya if he gives His words on a Ashtami day, then it is between this person and the Sage, what’s in it for me? – I thought.

The then morning newspapers bore a sensational news.

A factory in Chennai caught fire because of the workers who got frustrated and set fire after locking up the director and a couple of others. Three young managers were killed in the fire. Those who came late to the factory were escaped miraculously. This was the news.

Though this created a sort of panic within, I thought this person should have escaped the fire. The Sage had given His kind words though it was Ashtami. Whether this person escaped or not, I began to worry that nothing bad should have happened.

Such incidents have happened in the past and hence I could’ve avoided reading Nadi for him on that day. I resolved to myself that I should not read Nadi to anyone on Ashtami days.

At that time…

That person came in a car with a smiling face, carrying a fruit basket and his family along. I began to tremble out of happiness that I asked him on what happened even before I asked him to be seated.

“I went home as per the Sage said and began to read Sundara Kandam as I was instructed to reach the factory late. Just as the Sage said, I read the verses 35 and 36 eight times and got ready where the news of factory fire reached me. The factory and my house are closeby. I hurried to the factory. The workers who saw me said “Hey, he is here” and I couldn’t understand anything.

Then it dawned that since I reach the factory at sharp 8, and this is known to everyone, my assistants have gone in yesterday right at 8. Thinking that it was me, somebody closed the shutter and threw petrol inside and set fire. Three of my assistants were killed and had I gone there shart at 8, I could’ve got killed too. It was due to the Sage’s mercy that I am alive” – he said with tears in his eyes.

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