The Grace of Siddha – 23 – Miracle in a month and a half


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Here is an important update about Jeeva Nadi!

There are many who come for Nadi. Each one comes with one issue to be solved through the guidance of Jeeva Nadi. Of these, it is notable that many of them are devotees of Agastya Muni. In this post, let us see one such lady who sought Agastya’s guidance.

A young lady with a tired face came seeking Agastya Nadi. Right as she came, she asked ‘You are the one who reads Agastya Jeeva Nadi?”

“Is there really a blessing for me to have a child?” – she asked ferociously. As I didn’t know the impact of this question, I said “O lady, this needs to be asked to the Sage Himself”

“Ok, how many children will I have, will the Sage tell this?” – she asked.

“This is a slightly disturbing question. I am not sure if Agastya Muni will answer such questions” – I said.


“No one has asked such a question before. Moreover, this is a question that has to be handled carefully. If some reply comes out of our hurry, then chances are that your married life might change course” – I said.

“Ok. But I do know a truth. If that can be verified with Sage Agastya, it is enough. Whatever the reply is, I will accept it with all of my heart” – said the lady.

“O Lord. Do not get me in to trouble. Please do tell a favourable reply” – I prayed to the Sage with devotion as well as fear, and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

She has delivered two male children in a famous hospital in the city, in the same star. When this lady was unconscious after delivery, a person took away one of the male twins. Then from the same hospital, he took a girl child who was born the previous night around 12, and have kept it near her. The male child is in somebody’s house

The Sage said this truth only to me as Deva Ragasya, “O Son, if you say this out to her now, she will be shocked and will become a lunatic. So don’t say this out now. But within one and a half month, the male child born to her will reach her. The girl child with her now, will also reach the mother who gave birth to her” – said the Sage, incidents like we see in movies.

“What Sir? You are looking at the Nadi for quite some time, but aren’t opening your mouth?” – she broke my silence.

“The Sage has said something good indeed”

“What is it?”

“You are blessed with children. There are two children for you”

The lady was intelligent. She looked at me with a meaningful sight and asked the next question beautifully.

“Will there be a twins, born at the same time or has it born already?” – asked the lady. I was shaken away by that.

“On what basis are you asking this?”

“I won’t ask such without a reason. I worship Agastya Muni by keeping his picture for years. My father has built a temple for Sage Agastya and is worshipping for about 50 years. Also, our Kula-Devata is Lord Muruga (Subramanya Swamy)”

“In my dreams, it appeared as someone took away one of the children born to me, and had kept a child with a dark complexion near me. The doctor who had tested me used to say that I am blessed with a twins, very often. Though I have two children, which is mine out of the two, I do not know. There is a doubt which is bothering me for about 20 days. That is why I came here to read the Nadi, in spite of having just twenty days passed after delivery.” – said that young lady.

I felt a strong urge to say what I read in the Nadi. If I don’t say, I may have done a great betrayal to that lady. But if I do say it out now, this lady might lose her mind and if that happens, the sin will be of mine. In addition, I will also be blamed for not keeping up the words of Sage Agastya and I might even earn His anger.

For about ten minutes, I faced this dilemma and I prayed to the Sage again saying “Please do not let me get stuck in this. Please show us a way where the lady can get her child back” – and started reading the Nadi again.

From this day on, let this lady recite a few mantras including the Garuda Dhandakam. In one and a half months, the children will reach their respective places” – briefly concluded the Sage.

I was not satisfied with this reply that Agastya Muni gave.

When I myself wasn’t satisfied, how could this girl be? Won’t she ask as to why she should recite these mantras? How will her child reach her in a month and a half? Even if it does, how would she believe that it is her own? Let it all be. First of all, why did this interchange of children happen? What’s the reason and who is behind this? Who did this? I scratched my head with all these questions.

Those who come to read Nadi will only come with some issues. If we can say a few good words and send them back, it would be good enough – is what I think. But issues such as this may arise out of which I will be stuck in a dilemma – I never thought, even in my dreams.

I prayed to Sage Agastya earnestly again.

“Please allow me to tell the truth to this lady. At the same time, please protect her from any mental disabilities that may arise.” What the Sage said was…

Have patience. Everything will happen for good. Ask this lady to come after a month and a half. There will be a miracle with regards to the children. Just tell her that she will get what she lost“.

I mentioned the lady what exactly the Sage asked me to. “Keep up with your prayers, your dream will come true in one and a half month”. She accepted it as well.

I began to think once she left. This lady must have known these already. She wanted to get this information indirectly,
my intuition said.

Exactly one and a half month passed by, one fine morning, the lady, her parents, her hushand came in. I was reminded of her arrival before but didn’t display anything as such. The lady showed the twins and sought my blessings. Then she began to tell..

“Just like how Agastya Muni said, my child has come back to me” – she said happily.

“I don’t understand quite well. Please explain” – said I.

“Just look at these two children. They both look alike right?”


“Even if the other twin was a girl child, the face should have some resemblance. That day, the girl child which was lying down next to me did not have any resemblance whatsoever. Right at that time I got a doubt that that child wasn’t mine. I came to you. I sought Agastya Muni’s clarivoyance. You had said that a miracle will happen in a month and a half. That miracle happened just yesterday” – she paused.

No one uttered a word till she resumed.

“There is a lad who is my paternal uncle’s son, named Shanmugam. He comes home often and behaves nicely too. He fell in love with a girl of a different caste and got married in spite of the opposing from our family. So my uncle did not let him home. He started living alone. On the day when I was admitted in the hospital, his wife got admitted too. I wasn’t aware of it earlier. His wife gave birth to a girl the previous day and they were told that there is some trouble with the baby’s health and that it won’t survive for long. He became very upset.

Once he came to know that I gave birth to a male twins, his criminal brain started working. As his wife’s ward was just nearby mine, and that the people there knew that he is our relative, he used to frequent. At that time, he took his girl child and put it near me and took away one of my male child. He has confessed it to his wife as he was drunk yesterday. As a true mother, his grief striken wife came in the next half and hour in an auto, gave my child back to me and got her own and went back. My brother has also confessed this to us in the morning and we forgave him”.

The lady further said.. “Just as Sage Agastya’s clairvoyance, this happened exactly in one and a half month. We came here only to thank Him”

… to be continued ~

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