The Grace of Siddha – 24 – Your surroundings matters too!


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

A lad of 19 years old, came along with his wealthy parents with them requesting the Nãdi be read for their son and that they were seeking Agastya Rishi’s blessings.

The time they had come was a day time on Sunday, more so, during the Yama Ganda time. During these times such as Rahu Kala or Yama Gandam, auspicious works are to be put on hold. This is something that is gone in to the blood of many a people.

Whether the person who came have such a belief or not but I do! I kept this in mind and said “Nãdi can be read, but I shall read it in one and a half hours time. Till that time, please see if you can visit a nearby place or so”

But as if not heard what I said at all, the person said “It would be good if its read at once, else it by itself may seem like an bad omen”

“Yes, yes” nodded his wife.

“What? These people don’t know, if they think not reading immediately may appear as an ill omen, whey aren’t they thinking that for reading it in times such as Yama Ganda” – I thought.

“Let the Yama Ganda pass by. Then we shall see the Nãdi” – I said.

He began to laugh at this, “What sir, how does Agastya Muni have an impact on Yama Ganda or where is Rahu Kala for Him? Have courage, please read” said the person and added “Don’t worry about the money” in a intended casual tone.

If one possesses wealth and health, what all they speak, how all they react, I worried. They don’t even know how to behave in the presence of a Maha Muni such as Agastya.

“You may be a very wealthy person for I don’t care about it. By showing money, you cannot persuade me or the Sage Agastya. If you have such a thought, right here and right now, leave this place” – said I, and closed the Nãdi.

He did not expect this from me. He was shocked and did not utter a single word for a few minutes. Then I myself began to speak.

“This Nãdi, has been given only to me through Sage Agastya, for reading. I prayed to Him that let everyone get benefited out of it and I am reading it for everyone. At least from now on, do not display your wealth or status. You may go and seek some other Nãdi” – I said it in a firm tone upon which the person began to tremble.

He fell at my feet at once and said “I heard every Nãdi reader is behind the money alone. I thought of you as one among them and hence I spoke that way. Please forgive me.” His wife joined his pleading. But Agastya Muni did not give any clairvoyance.

After a struggle of about half an hour, I took bath again, prayed and then began to read the Nãdi very patiently.

The son is not interested in education. With bad company, he is addicted to drugs and is not able to come out of that brutal gang. Is it not?” – asked Agastya Muni, to the person.

“Yes”. Tears began to roll down his eyes. They did not expect that the Sage will tell this in such a straight forward manner and so they appeared shocked. Again…”Yes, what the Sage says is all correct” – he said with a shaking voice.

At the age of getting educated, will one be addicted to drugs? Should one be accompanied to that brutal gang? The parents are one of the reasons for this too. They gave the impression that money can get anything to their son and he has gotten hold of it. Isn’t it true that this is the reason why he is spoilt?” – asked the Maha Muni.

“Yes”- he nodded his head.

Still, since you have sought Agastya’s shelter, We will help the son get out of this addictions. This won’t happen instantaneously. Wait for 3 months” – said the Sage.

“What prayers or offerings should we do till then?” – asked the Mother now.

Stay out of town for three months, only then can you return home” – came the reply from Nãdi.

“How is that possible? He has to attend college as his education will get spoiled” – said the father.

The Sage was swift in his reply “If stayed in town, he will get tangled in various trouble and then there is no use in worrying“.

After a brief silence, “Ok, we shall come back later” they said and left the place.

Searching for me to read Nãdi, to seek Agastya Muni’s guidance, the son seemed he did not like any of this and was keeping quiet all the way, I had observed.

They came. They asked. I mentioned what the Sage mentioned. To take it and follow through or not, to believe or not, is up to them. I left the matter.

A few months pass by. The same person banged my door at 5 in the morning and appeared verily shaken.

“My son is missing. He went to college, and its three months since then. He hasn’t returned. We searched everywhere. We are not sure if he is alive or not. It is only you who can ask Agastya Muni and tell us” – he cried profusely. I consoled him and began to read the Nãdi.

What Agastya said, they did not listen to, and hence are stuck in trouble. Had they been out of the town, getting stuck with that gang wouldn’t have happened” – shocked the Sage. I looked at the person’s face. He bowed down and said “We tried convincing him a lot but he didn’t listen. He said he did not want to get separated from his old friends, he fought with us and took the bike and went off, hasn’t returned yet“.

Your son is alive indeed and is unconscious in a room at Mahabalipuram. Go at once to find him out and getting him admitted to a hospital is very good” – hurried the Sage.

Though he was shocked to hear that he is unconscious out of drug addiction due to bad company, the father felt very relieved to know that he is alive. To save him from trouble, he ran off even without saying a word to me. I understood it and I prayed to Agastya Muni.

There came an update by the next day afternoon. The people at the lodge had got him admitted to a hospital where the father has enquired his whereabouts and had gone to the hospital. He was safe and will recover in two day’s time, he said. He also felt very sorry for not having listened to Sage Agastya’s words, to stay out for three months and that they could’ve avoided this from happening. He also promised that he will do so once he recovers.

He came back after 4 months.

“Let the education be. He has come out of the drug addiction. We stayed out of the town and I gave him complete treatment for this. Now he looks like a complete Shiva devotee. The guys who got him to this addiction are in police custody now. As he stayed out of town, he escaped staying in their custody. It is all Sage Agastya’s grace only – he said happily.

Then he said…”I shouldn’t have come to read Nãdi at Yama Gana. That along with my arrogance of wealth and that I tried to compell Agastya Muni, had given all these trouble to my son. From now on, I will behave like any other normal human, please bless me and my family” – said the wealthy one.

~ to be continued…

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