The Grace of Siddha – 25 – The Goddess opened Her eyes, grandly!

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Will my husband turn good? Or not? I have a young daughter at home. When will she get married? Or will this all be just as it is now? Please ask this to the Sage” came a lady with tears who is of about 50 years old.

I checked the calendar before opening the Nadi. Karthikai nakshatra with Ashtami Thithi. I do not read Nadi in such days as much as possible simply for the reason that it won’t be of good effect and I might as well be held for Agastya’s rage.

I looked at that lady. Reddish lines all over the eyes out of grief, her neck had only the Thirumangalya, she wore a normal saree with a blouse that was shabby and with dirt. She had Vibuthi and Kumkum on her forehead and had white hair here and there. Instead of ear-rings, she had pierced a small stick.

Her hands had a normal glass bangles with her sole revealing the truth that they have not seen sandals for ages together, probably she couldn’t afford them. I felt I should help such a poor lady somehow and began to think how I can console her.

I prayed to the Sage earnestly.

“Won’t you give clairvoyance on Ashtami, Navami, Barani-Karthigai days? It is all auspicious day for God indeed right? What great sin have these worldly people committed? At least from now on you must help this lady with your grace” – I prayed and opened the Nadi. There came nothing. I felt a little frustrated that Sage Agastya didn’t come down to my this prayer.

At first, He used to give the clairvoyance in literature-Tamil and upon my request, He began to give them in normal colloquial Tamil. Just as this, I desired that He has to come down and help such poor beings even on these days such as Barani-Karthigai or Ashtami-Navami. I prayed again.

I do not know what He thought. He came forward to give clairvoyance, but with a few conditions.

Though it is me who gives clairvoyance, Lord Brahma must approve of this too. Hence my beloved son you, must pray to Lord Brahma in the early morning hours of these days, if you want me to provide clairvoyance. You must chant specific mantras for 25000 times and get His approval. Then I do not have any objection” – the Sage mentioned.

I was taken aback. Not once or twice, twenty five thousand times if I have to recite mantras, is this normal or possible? That too, how can I complete them within the Brahma Muhurtha time (4.30 to 6.00 in the mornings)? I began to think. I could not know whether it was possible for me or not.

I prayed to Him again. Such mantras, won’t it suffice if I chant for a thousand or two? Please try to reduce the count so they can be completed within the Brahma Muhurtha timings. At first, the Sage refused but later He said “We will give clairvoyance on these days, but that Deva Mantra has to be recited for at least ten thousand times” – He concluded.

“O you have saved me”, I thought and thanked the Sage, and began my chanting for that lady at once. Once I completed the chanting for 10000 times, Sage Agastya began, with the approval of Lord Brahma Himself.

The Ambal who adorned Her temple in a small village of Tanjavur, this lady’s husband was the priest. He wasn’t well educated. He believed only in the Almighty and with the little income he got, they lived in that village and had a beautiful girl child. As she was born in poverty as against wealth, everyone abandoned the priest and those whom he related to, left the village and set forth for other places in search of occupation.

No income, no salary from the temple, no land or plot. They lived in a mud-house that belonged to the temple. He believed in the Goddess of that temple. Will She not open her eyes and bestow salvation, the priest spend his days thinking so.

As he did not listen to anyone and stayed in the village, it was only once that he had food per day, that too some gruel. This was possible only if the villagers had a thought of him. The daughter grew up as well and could be educated only less. Now she is 32 years old. She has lost all her beauty on poverty and have become skinny. The wife of this priest came to know about Jeeva Nadi and wanted to hear Agastya’s words. She came with a thought that if He says anything good, let us return home. Else, let us jump off in front of a passing train and commit suicide” – the Sage mentioned.

In spite of the poverty, the priest has believed in that Goddess, so he must be shown some light, his wife’s live saved thereby and to get their daughter married, O Sage, you must help – I prayed to the Sage in my mind.

Go at once to your native! There awaits a very good alliance where your daughter will get married within 90 days” – said the Sage at once.

[Those who feel a bit of tears brimming in their eyes upon reading the above, salvation unto thee for you are blessed. Do tell us if you felt so]

How could this be possible? A magic may happen, but for this lady’s daughter, how come she will get married within 90 days?” – I felt surprised.

On a Ashtami thithi, is the Sage diverting this lady like they say the ways of Siddha is that of Lord Shiva (a proverb in Tamil)? – I began to question myself.

There isn’t a way to eat the next meal, how come then, a grand marriage will take place? The priest’s lady went back home without a bit of hope. Those who were around us discussed that if the Sage hadn’t said thus, this lady must have committed suicide.

Two days went by.

On a early morning, a young man came to my house. He had handful of fruits.

“O Sire! My name is Subramanian, from Tanjavur. I work in Singapore. I have come here to discuss about marriage.”

The reason to search for me?

“My Mami (aunt) mentioned that I should come here. My uncle is a temple priest. My parents went to Singapore when they were young where I was born. My parents are no more now and I am not married yet” – he paused.

I was listening patiently.

“For my father, when he was alive, it seems he felt a great distress that he did nothing to his sister. He wrote that in a letter with his sister’s name and address and asked me to help them in whatever ways I can, and only then, his soul will rest in peace, he had written that like a will. I noticed this letter only recently.”

“Once I read this, I came to India and thankfully that my aunt lives in the same place as in the letter, I found her out without any difficulty. I mentioned everything to them as well. I also decided that I should marry her daughter. But…”

“But what…?!”

“My uncle is adamant that he should put the Mangalyam from his own money and he asked me to wait till then. From his status, it is difficult for him to earn that money and thereby make the Thirumangalyam. I was confused where my aunt directed me to you. Will this marriage happen or not? Can you please ask Agastya Muni?” – he said.

“Why is this priest letting go of such a wonderful alliance?” I thought to myself and opened the Nadi.

On the backside of the house where this priest lives, near the cowshed on the North-Eastern corner, there will be a box of tin inside the ground. Upon opening which a Thirumangalyam and four golden bangles will be found. This belongs to the priest’s mother. She had desired to give this to her future daughter-in-law and as the priest did not get married till she died, she buried it under the cowshed. Ask them to dig it open and conduct the marriage” – ordered the Sage!

Tin Box Open

The box is empty as they took out the bangles and thirumangalyam 🙂

After two days, the priest, his wife, their daughter and the would-be young man from Singapore came to me, with that Thirumangalyam and golden bangles. They got married then. I blessed them too!

The girl who was poverty stricken, I later heard that she is very very well off in Singapore now!

~ to be continued…

3 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 25 – The Goddess opened Her eyes, grandly!

  1. Lakshmi.R says:

    Om Agasthiyaya namaha. Sir,Thank you for giving us the blessings of Sidharkal in English so that people like us also can benefit.

  2. Vijayalakshmi says:

    I am indeed so grateful for having translated these wonderful incidents of Agastiar Jeeva Nadi in English. Reading each of them is so thrilling and I just cannot feel grateful to Guru Agastiar for having so much compassion and grace to us lowly humans. Om Agatheesaya Namaha.

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