The Grace of Siddha – 30 – Across the ocean

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I received a call from Dubai around 10 in the night, from one Mr. Viswanathan. Before he went to Dubai, he sought the blessings of Agastya Muni through Jeeva Nãdi. “Without any hurdles, your foreign trip shall happen. Go ahead” said the Muni. The very next night, he called up and was very shaken.

“My passport, visa, a lot of money, all got lost. I don’t have even a penny. I don’t know what to do. Please ask Agastya Muni if I will get the lost ones, please” he screamed.

“Where are you staying?”

“In a hotel. I have told that I’ll pay the balance by tomorrow”.

“How did it get lost?”

“Don’t know. I went to a shop to buy certain things. When I was about to pay the cashier, I noticed that my hand bag itself was missing. I had everything in that”.

“Did you check the shop thoroughly?”

“Every nook and corner of it. The hand bag is nowhere to be found” – he began to cry. “Agastya Muni said that the foreign trip will become successful without any hurdle. But it became untrue in the beginning itself” – he said additionally.

There was nothing wrong in what Viswanathan said. The words of Agastya must have been good. Then why it didn’t? Whom to blame? What’s the reason, is not known.

I took bath in a hurry, prayed to the Maha Muni and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

That which is lost will be retrieved, in 20 nazhigai (1 nazhigai equals 24 minutes). Till then, let him pray to the son of Puttabharthi earnestly. Then let him pray to his Kula-Devata” – said the Sage in a very short manner.

Viswanathan had accepted Puttabharthi Sai Baba as his spiritual guru for quite some time. Whenever he thinks or wants, he use to visit there and do whatever service he could. Besides, he is very fond of Agastya Muni. He seeks the Nãdi reading often. Whatever the Muni says, he will follow with utmost devotion. He is spiritual by nature. I
felt a little sad for him suffering in a foreign land.

“But why is this test? We should listen to what the Sage says” – I felt. I asked the Muni on behalf of Viswanathan.

If a chance to visit foreign country, he resolved and promised to feed 100 people in front of the Bharthi Siddha’s picture on a Thursday. But in a hurry to get started, he didn’t complete it.

Image courtesy unknown, but thanks for the wonderful picture!

Second, he had resolved that he will perform the Garuda Urchava in his Kula Devata on a Purattasi (Tamil month) Saturday. Eight years have gone by and he hasn’t done that either. Had he done that, he shouldn’t have got stuck in to this situation. Now, without a delay, let him pray to the Bharthi Siddha and Kula Devata and as soon as he is back from the foreign land, let him complete the rituals. Within 18 nazhigai, he will get back what he lost“.

When I began to ask on behalf of Vishwanathan, 40 minutes had gone by. Hence the Sage mentioned 18 nazhigai now. I really wanted to convey the news to Vishwanathan at once, but since I didn’t know his phone number or the hotel’s number, I just left it. Exactly 20 nazhigai went by.

Viswanathan called up again. “I don’t know how to thank Agastya Muni. I had prayed to my Kula Devata to have some offerings done by me, where one of them is to perform the Garuda Seva during a Puratasi Saturday. As I became wealthy, I forgot that almost. I got reminded of it only because of Agastya muni. I will complete that prayer as soon as I am back home.


I had prayed to do Anna-Dhana (feeding, as done as a ritual) at Puttabharthi earnestly. But I could not do it. Now I am reminded of that as well. I will do that as soon as I am back. I just got a call from the shop where I went. They have got all my passport, visa and money. I am getting ready to go there. I will call you as soon as I got them back” – he spoke in a jubilant voice.

He called up right after 30 minutes and what he said shook me off the ground.

“A person appearing like a Sage came to the shopping center it seems. When they described how He appeared, it seemed to Vishwanathan that it is none other than Agastya Muni Himself! He took out a picture of Agastya Muni from his shirt pocket and showed them. The shopkeeper confirmed that it was That same person who came in to the shop and handed over the bag saying that it was lying outside. The shopkeeper was so surprised too. Vishwanathan narrated this with double the amount of ecstasy and said “not a single penny is lost, a thousand namaskarams to Agastya Muni”, said he, with tears brimming.

The Sage, who has surpassed limits of geographical location, yet hasn’t gone out of the Golden-India, has gone all the way to Dubai to help His devotee – I realized!!!


~ to be continued…



First hand experience with Jeeva Nadi


As soon as the Important Update on Jeeva Nãdi was published, there were a number of enthusiastic responses seeking more details. Just like our thrilled readers, I was very excited to have a first hand experience of Jeeva Nãdi myself. So I set forth to the Ashram.

This trip was no short of a pilgrimage, with the mind completely filled with the thoughts of Agastya Muni and His Grace in many lives. The Ashram situated in the most apt location of Kallar welcomes one with its natural beauty. The weather was very comfortable and the people very kind and polite. I enquired the passerby on how to reach the place, albeit the name boards directing you very comfortably.

There came a figure descending from the hill with his saffron robe and walking-shoes. His hands gently glided through the beard of his and I ended up enquiring Himself. He said “It’s our Ashram only. Please wait in while I’ll be back from walking”. I later realized that He is none other than HH Thangaraj Swamigal, the founder of Agathiar Gnana Peedam, Kallar as per the instruction from none other than the Agastya Muni Himself. More on this later.

I was pleasantly welcomed by the inmates, a cat among them too. I was offered to choose between taking bath in the nearby river or in the Ashram itself and I chose the latter. The bath in cold water refreshed me a lot for I could not sleep well in the bus enroute. There were about three of us waiting, a gentleman who came the day before and another who was blessed with an experience of Jeeva Nãdi reading obtained from both Late Shri Hanumathdasan and Shri Ganesan of Thanjavur. When HH Mataji enquired our whereabouts, his reply was “The Sage has pulled me here as well”.

With our excitement growing, there formed a natural Satsang among those who came a little later. One among them is a gentleman with a rare but noble hobby, only done religiously. He plants saplings in temple premises with the choice of the temple authorities and hands over the responsibility of nurturing them to the locals / priests. Sometimes, he takes over them too wherever he can.

Talking to him revealed how famous the Sitthan Arul series is and how Mr. Karthikeyan is respected and sought after! He was all praise of the series and his wife enthusiastically joined him saying “We wait for it so eagerly”. Our man then said those words which validated the whole purpose of hosting GnanaBoomi. He said “I must have stumbled upon your link through Mr. Karthikeyan’s Sitthan Arul blog and I found those series in English as well, it is good. Keep up the good work. It is a pleasure to have met you.”

The gentleman who came a day before slightly differed with the posts however, by saying that one should buy the printed copies of the book written by Late Shri Hanumathdasan. It was a good meeting with like minded people sharing experiences and waiting eagerly.

HH Swamiji came back and had a few visitors. So we waited a little more, with a lot of excitement and a focussed mind. HH Mataji took our names in the order of our arrival. Swamiji went on with the Karpoora Harathi for Agastya Muni and Lord Subramanya doing penance, a rare sight indeed, both in golden color radiating beauty and serenity. He then went on to show Harathi to the huge 7 KG Eka Mukhi Rudraksha bead, seen nowhere else in the world. More on this later too.

Thava Murugar

The first person went in. It took almost an hour before he came out and people gathered around him asking questions out of curiosity. How was it sir, What is your experience, and so on. He answered them with patience and my excitement grew larger. Then HH Mataji called out my name…

I entered the room. Guruji has a sweet and gentle voice. He speaks slowly but clearly. He asked me to be seated while having a cup of tea. I was looking at the Nãdi with awe and the world seemed to have stopped for me, except the sound of the table fan and chirps of birds around the hill. My curiosity jumped out while Guruji was having His tea.

I asked..”Guruji, have you really seen the Agastya Muni?”

“What sort of a question is this? Is it without His darshan that I have started all these?” (meaning the Ashram duties)

“Please pardon my ignorance. I read about you in the booklet outside and it is just curiosity that I dared to ask so”

“Have I seen? Of course I have. It is Him who instructed me to establish this Gnana Peetam. I came here to attain Samadhi (after having done penance in hills like Chathuragiri for 4 years and more) where He appeared before me instructing me to do this and to be of service to others”

“That’s so wonderful to hear Swamiji”

I had written down the questions I wanted to ask in a notebook. He went through them carefully and confirmed with me on my questions. Then said “The questions ought to be in my mind when I read the Nãdi for answers”.

He opened the Jeeva Nãdi after praying to Sage Agastya, taking it closer to his eyes, as though worshipping. Then he slowly began to unwind the thread, my pulse and excitement increased. He looked at the Nãdi and asked “What was your name

I mentioned. He then asked my father’s name and looked in to the Nãdi again.

He then started narrating with HH Mataji writing down every word of it. He narrated them slowly and it was in understandable literature Tamil. It went on and on with me immersing deeply in to a strange journey within. I got tears at time, felt so grateful at His mercy, and felt so puny. It went on.

I had an important question in mind about a mail which I received sometime back, that the Siddhas are going to take over the world towards Dharmic rule and as a symptom of which, the temple tanks will get rid of any foul smell and will radiate fragrance. I had written that question and asked: 

 Is that true?”

Agastya Muni kindly replied thus:

This is the time of Siddhas. Every Yuga is ruled by Gods. In this Kali-Yuga, We have appeared to uplift the Dharma and to prevent the world from destruction. We have set forth to destroy the Adharma carried out by people in the name of religion. There will be fragrances of Sandalwood and the fragrance of Thiru Mann (the holy mark held by Sri Vaishnavas with Mann literally means soil) in places where we come by. Since you are Our devotee, We have uttered this truth to you.

Post the narration, the Guruji mentioned that “This is a great Bhagyam that the Sage has revealed such truths.” The day went on with a feeling of a heavy load lifted off my shoulders. I began to feel lighter and calm. Later during the evening, I had the fortune of talking to HH Guruji and I asked the same question again. The answer this time was elaborate.

“Have you seen Agastyar, Swami?”

“Yes indeed.”

“How did he appear? I mean, how was the whole experience?”

“Do the Siddhas have form? They take whatever form they want to. Just to appease us humans, they appear in forms. At first, there was a radiating light that appeared before me, within which the Agastya Muni was seen coming towards me (He gestures walking). It was wonderful!”

During the day, I had the great opportunity to listen to HH Mataji, who is a down-to-earth, loving lady. She mentioned that “On a certain day around 5 in the morning, someone had entered the Ashram premises and called us from there (she points me to a place). Guruji went up to him where the person said “It has been ordered to hand this over to you” and handed over a heavy item wrapped in saffron clothes. Guruji went inside and placed it in an altar, returned only to find the person to be missing. Mataji said.. “we have no clue as to how he entered the premises which was closed and locked”. When they opened it, they found the 7 KG Eka Mukhi Rudraksha, in the form of Shiva Linga, and another Rudraksha of about 650 grams, Eka Mukhi too.

I later spoke to a lady who said that whatever that came off the Nãdi was precisely true and that she felt tears when she listened to them. May be it is true that in the presence of divine, our bad karma begins to melt as tears!





The Grace of Siddha – 29 – one in a lakh

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Those who gets the mercy of the Siddhas, they get the effect right then. But some do not receive the divine mercy till the end. This is something seen out of experience. The other day, an old lady with a twelve year old girl and her mother came.

“Only you can save this child” – they started crying, with no information provided in prior.

I glanced at the girl whose face resembled a lot of grief. With a dim light in her eyes, she did not have the healthy look of a twelve year old. It occurred that she suffers from some serious disease. She did not open her mouth and so were the ladies. They both sat with their heads down.

“If you give any details, I shall see if I can ask the Sage Agastya to see if there is any remedy”

“We are not in a position to say anything. Please ask the Sage yourself” – they said.

This is a typical dilemma. They are not going to open their mouth. Let us ask the Maha Muni Himself, I began to open the Jeeva Nãdi.

There are three who are born in the Ayilya star. Let one of them stay out. Then shall we say about the girl’s future.” – said Agastya Muni.

I closed the Nãdi and asked them on the star in which they were born. One said Punarvasu. The other one said Thiruvadhirai with the girl herself being born at Ayilya.

I got confused. They are reporting three different starts but the Maharshi says they all are of the same star. If the person of Ayilya star has to stay out, then it is this girl herself. But they have come to seek Agastya Muni’s guidance via Jeeva Nãdi only for this girl. For a moment, I was so puzzled as to what to do.

All three had their horoscopes with them. I checked them thoroughly and it clearly mentioned Punarvasu, Thiruvadhirai and Ayilya in them. I had no choice but to seek Agastya Muni’s help. I opened the Nãdi again.

The Sage said “All three are born in Ayilya star only. As per some astrological calculations out of which it seems like they are of different stars, but they belong to Ayilya star only. We Siddhas alone know this as its a secret. Ask the old lady to sit outside. Then I shall explain.

I did just as said and the Muni started to tell about the girl.

Let one believe in Good Karma or Bad Karma or not. For this girl, if she gets wounded anywhere in her body, the blood flow cannot be stopped easily and the blood does not get clot. Sometimes, the blood flow will remain for two to three days also. Though there is a solution to this problem in Vaidya Shastra, that particular herb grows only once in twenty four years, and that too deep inside the forests of Kolli Hills, Podhigai Hills, Parvatha Hill and Chathuragiri.

Having found this, if consumed with a specific dose, this blood flow will stop. Only one in a lakh wil get such a disease. If it is a male, it can be managed somehow. But for this girl, who attained puberty just recently, the blood flow isn’t stopping as it does normally for girls. They are not able to cure this. This is the truth.

Once read, even I felt sorry for the girl.

The mensus has just started and will last for years from now. During every periods, it will take many days for the blood flow to stop. How to compensate the blood that gets wasted thus? Periods is natural but this unstoppable flow of blood?

Apart from this, if she gets married, begetting a child will then become a mammoth task by itself. First of all, who will marry her knowing this issue? I began to think all such thoughts. The girl’s mother got scared looking at me, who is quietly thinking all these.

“Sir, please tell us if there is any danger to her life” – she said with tears.

“No, no. Nothing like that. The child’s disease will be cured soon. Do not fear” – I said and rebuked her for asking such a question right in front of the girl.

“But everyone says just the same”

“Who are those ‘everyone’?”

“The doctors! They said that she has to be given blood during every periods. How can this tender body bear all that sir?” – she asked amidst tears. She could not speak further.

“No Amma (a respectful tone used when referring to ladies, as Mother). The Maha Muni has mentioned that there is a herb that can cure this disease” I consoled the lady and began to read the Nãdi again.

These particular herbs are to be collected from Chathuragiri, Podhigai hills, and Kolli hills, then washed thoroughly, and dry it in shadow. Then make a powder of the mixture (here, the sage mentions to use Ulakkai, a wooden pestle to grind the herbs). Place the mixture in beetle leaf and mix honey obtained from hills. This should be consumed thrice daily, which will take care of this disease.” – said the Sage in a marvelous manner.

Herbs from Chathuragiri, Kolli Hills and Podhigai Hills

Need it be said that the girl’s mother felt happiness knowing no bounds?

“I shall sell even my Mangalya to get this medicine. She will be cured of this anyhow right?” – she asked with so much of anxiety.

“Do not worry Amma. The Sage Agastya will NEVER forsake you” – I consoled her.

Three months passed by.

The girl and her parents came to meet me, with hapiness lingering in their faces.

“A very happy news sir! I got those medicines that Agastya Muni mentioned with difficulty. Now she does not have those unstoppable blood flow and is normal just like other girls. If she gets wounded, blood comes, but does not flow non-stop like before. Only the Sage Agastya Muni has saved this girl” – said the mother with tears in her eyes. I thanked and wondered on the grace of the Siddha Agastya, that he cured even the rarest of the diseases.

But I had a doubt. This girl never spoke to me, even when the mother shared such a happy news, I thought. Only then I came to know that she cannot speak.

~ to be continued…

The Grace of Siddha – 28 – caste, creed and religion

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

They were aged, and I felt a little heavy on seeing them.

“Please stop this wedding from happening. We offer our Namaskarams and are begging you” – they asked with tears flowing down, in a melting tone.

“Which wedding?”

“My daughter’s!”

“I am not God. Agastya is a Siddha. He will guide towards good only. If your prayers are genuine and good, then your daughter’s marriage will happen, just the way you want it” – I consoled.

“We don’t know all that. Agastya should stop my daughter’s wedding. There is not a jyotish whom we haven’t met, not a parikaram (remedy) that we haven’t done. We have come here at last” – said the person’s wife.

I smiled and asked “You said your daughter is around 32 years old. She is well educated and is earning well. You are saying that she works as a professor in a college as well…”


“You are not able to search for a groom for her and she is growing older. Let her marry the person she likes. What’s wrong in it?

“NO. This is where our family’s reputation is. The boy follows a different religion. His sister has married a person who follows a different religion. We do not like this. We follow the Hindu dharma. Even to say, we are high class Saiva Vellalar (a sub-sect in the Hindu family tradition).”

“Let it be. You said that the boy and your daughter are in touch for years together now. How come Agastya Muni separate such a people? – I asked.

“Agastya Muni conducts so many miracles. He should do so in our case too. We desire only this and have come from a long distance and are waiting for 4 days now.” – they said.

“What you say is correct. For 80 out of 100, what the Sage says happens. For 10 out of the remaining 20, it happens a little late. The 5 out of remaining 10, it takes even longer. The remaining 5, it does not happen, that too for a reason. Only Agastya should say in which category you belong to” – I opened the Nãdi saying this.

In his previous birth, his daughter and the lad lived as a couple. Out of difference of opinion, they got separated. It is only the remaining effects of the previous birth, that continues today.” – said the Sage and mentioned about a few remedial measures and prayer methods.

“We have done all these already” – said them.

“It was not done as per procedure”, is what the Sage says. You won’t face any harm in doing it again. “In what has been done already, whether knowingly or unknowingly, pushpa-theetu has occurred (the Tamil word theetu means an impurity and is classifieds in to various different types). As it is a predha-theetu (preadha – corpse), the offering did not reach the almighty as it is supposed to– having the Sage said so, they left half-hearted.

To separate the lover from the beloved or to unite them is not Agastya’s intention. If they get married, they should live happily and so He mentions a few prayers and remedies in a subtle manner. If anyone does not believe them, or thinking that it is only a spending or to do them as a fate and do it mechanically, they seldom get benefited  but blame Agastya for it. This is not sensible” – said the Sage.

After fifteen days, the couple came back in an early morning.

“We have done everything you said, but nothing happened. In fact, their intimacy seems to have increased now. We got to know that they are going to do a registered-marriage in about 4 days. That’s why we came rushing to you after hearing this even not minding this early morning hours” – they both said.

Has the clairvoyance of Agastya gone wrong?!! I was so shocked. There somehow has been a mistake, I began to think. Otherwise, how come their prayers haven’t been answered even after doing all the remedial prayers and offerings.

I opened the Nãdi, to seek clarification from the Sage Himself.

These parents, just as they wanted, the marriage of their daughter will happen with the groom of their beliefs and acceptance. There is nothing wrong.
The words of Agastya will never go wrong
!” – said the Sage.

“Don’t worry. The marriage will happen just as you wanted” – I said to them.

“How is that possible sir? This girl and the boy is getting married at the registrar’s office in just 4 days. So in that case, this marriage will be stopped right?” – they asked.

“Even I think so. But the Sage didn’t mention about this”

“Didn’t the sage say ‘such will happen, this will not happen’ etc?” – asked the girl’s father.

“I have been in contact with the Maha Muni for forty years. Whatever He said, I told you just as it is. I do not have the energy or caliber to talk to that Maha Muni and argue with Him, as you are doing. Hence, believe if you do, else just leave it” – I bought an end to this conversation. “

They felt a little angry and so they left without saying anything.

On the fifth day, the parents came, with a very sad face. I asked them what’s the matter.

“We came here believing in Agastya Muni totally. But we’re disappointed. The girl’s marriage is over. She married the same guy from the other caste in a registrar’s office yesterday” – said the father.

I felt a little sad too, as to why the Maharishi who makes a lot of miracles in many people’s lives is testing this couple so much. Did I mention anything wrong? Where is the mistake, I thought. .

The marriage has happened somehow. Whatever reason I may say now, may not be accepted. I felt sorry and decided that I won’t read the Nãdi for anyone else hereafter. But as I have to tell them some answer, I opened the Nãdi, with a half heart, after offering the regular prayers.

The fate, is a wonderful thing. We Siddhas alone know this very well. We cannot say some of the deva ragasyas (secret) right away. If Agastya’s beloved son, you, cannot believe in Agastya, how will others do?” – paused the Muni.

I realized my mistake and offered my sincere apology to the Sage. He continued then…

Those who have come here, have not performed any remedial measures as Agastya mentioned. They are lying that they did so, to Agastya himself! Still, we are bearing with them for you. Ask them to go home. Ask them to invite the bride and groom waiting in the entrance with Mangala Arati (it is customary to receive people with a arati or harathi, where they circulate light lit with camphor usually, in clockwise direction thrice or so) and invite them in. Then will happen a miracle right there. At least after that let them have some faith in prayers. But one thing, let it be whoever, if they are truthful to Agastya, then He will reflect truthfulness. But if they think of deceiving Agastya or to test Him, it will retaliate back to themselves!” – the Sage gave the clairvoyance.

I did not tell them everything that came in the Nãdi but just said “Go home, the bride and groom will come. Do not show faces or attitude, and to invite them with Mangala Arati, behave cordially and cool, a miracle will happen.”

They left and I left out a relieved breath. They sure must have scolded either me or Agastya Muni. Again, on a day, I heard the door being knocked. There stood the same old couple along with their daughter and a young lad, with garland, fruits etc. with smile radiating from their faces.

When I invited them in, I thought that something miraculous must have happened. Else they wouldn’t come back here with so much of happiness. The father handed over a box of sweet and said “Namaskarams to Agastyar. Here, this is my daughter and he is my son-in-law. I was thinking that he belongs to a different religion and so was very skeptical in accepting this relationship. When they came home last night, I invited them with a Mangala Harathi. When I began to talk to the groom, I came to know that he is none other than the son of my sister from a distant relation and his name is Prashanth.

That sister got married to a person who belonged to a different caste while she was in college itself, and she went to Singapore. There was no information about her thereafter and we almost forgot about her. Then she lost her husband, got converted back to our Hinduism. All these I came to know only yesterday from Prashanth.

The Sage Agastya said “Go home and a miracle would happen” and it happened just like He said. Please bless them. If we had misbehaved with the Sage, we are very sorry”.

Love marriage goes apart from caste, creed or religion, but for some of the parents to feel blessed and blissful, it appears that the wedding should happen only within the caste it seems. Nevertheless, what the Sage mentioned happened just as it is and even I escaped :).


~ to be continued…





The Grace of Siddha – 27 – a strange request – 2

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

When we reached Padmaja’s house, her father himself opened the door. I introduced myself by saying a bit more about myself, only to safeguard from this person chasing us out of the door after insulting us or the Jeeva Nãdi. When we mentioned about Raj Mohan as well, her father invited us in.

“We’re safe” – I thought.

Then Padmaja’s father began to talk.

“What do you want?”

“We want to see Ms. Padmaja”


“In his previous birth, Padmaja had been his sister, as mentioned by the Sage Agastya. Due to the bonding, RajMohan has come from Malaysia to see his sister”

“I do not believe it even a tiny bit. You both have come here with some other motive. Please, get out of my house” he interrupted suddenly and he became angry too.

“Sir, I believe in Agastya Jeeva Nãdi. When I came to know that my sister has born here, I want to meet her only once and I am yearning to do so. Please do not mistake us” – said RajMohan.

“How many such have started I say? Before I get furious, strangle your neck and kick you out of my house, its better if you set off yourselves” – her father screamed at the peak of his voice.

I was scared. RajMohan was shaken. He did not expect that this person will speak in such low language. Hence we became numb, not knowing what to speak further.

“Nãdi! She was his sister in his previous birth, O. Why? There is an old lady who is bedridden in my house. Why isn’t someone coming to see her claiming that she was the grandmother in their previous birth?” – her father continued his shouts.

“Only there should be a young girl at home, there you will see people getting in with the disguise of brotherly relations. I am here in this town for 20 years now, I am earning with great difficulty. No one came saying that they are my brother. Why didn’t these come in Agathiyar Nãdi? It seems if there is a young girl, all such things will come in Nãdi it seems. If you say words like Nãdi and all that and come looking for Padmaja, you will get dharma-adi (a local slang to say that they will be beaten royally). Now get out of my house!” – said that man.

If we stay even a little longer, we may sure get the dharma-adi, and we shouldn’t stay here for a minute more – I got up suddenly. RajMohan was sweating, didn’t know what to do. I signaled him through my eyes to get out.

We came out with our heads bowing down. The surprise here is that with that much of a screaming done by that man, no one peeped out of the house from anywhere. At least if Padmaja does so, RajMohan will have a glance of her, for his satisfaction, I thought. But this didn’t happen.

In the evening, we went to Sri Rangam temple to have darshan. RajMohan began to speak slowly.

“I never thought that the Agastya Muni will forsake me thus”

“What do you want do you?” – I asked.

“Right here and right now, I would like the Nãdi be read”


“I have to see my sister Padmaja at least one, only then I will move away from Sri Rangam”


“I will not believe in Agastya Muni’s words! All that happened so far, is some sort of a trap, all lies and I will spread this throughout the town”

“That’s all right? Go ahead and say so. What’s the loss for me? Am I the agent of Agastya Muni? Or is my profession to read Nãdi? I do not have the fate that I must survive by reading Nãdi to others. I have some other work through which I do have income” – I blasted without any patience left.

In general, the Agastya Muni wants that no one should hurt other’s feelings. I obeyed it so far too. But whatever happened in Padmaja’s house had provoked me as well.

RajMohan did not expect my wrath and he was greatly shocked. He apologized at once.

“See here, RajMohan. The Jeeva Nãdi is a Kalpa – Vruksham (a celestial tree, which gives whatever one asks for). This is a gift given to me by Sage Agastya. I do not have the necessity to read Nãdi for others. It is me, who prayed to the Maha Muni, that He bestows His clairvoyance to others. Whoever has the bhagyam (good fate), they will get it, this you know well right?”

He nodded.

“We must not read the Nãdi bwherever we want or whenever we thought. Do you think Agastya Muni has nothing else to do?”

“Forgive me sir, please. I babbled out. It is indeed a mistake. I seek my earnest pardon to Sage Agastya. Just as He said, all details about my previous birth, name, happened accurately. With the same happiness, I thought my sister will come to me as well. Whenever you think it is fit, please do read the Nãdi” – he folded his hands as if worshiping / seeking pardon. Tears dropped off his eyes. I came off my frustration as well and opened the Nãdi.

You got stuck without knowing. This is enough. I gave a small test in which this RajMohan insulted this Agathiyan. I think I shouldn’t have told him about his previous birth at all, I feel. Yesterday he praised Agastya like anything and today he says he does not believe in Agastya at all. What a world man!” – said the Sage, then “since he sought Our pardon and didn’t realize what he spoke, we have forgiven him. In a few moments, RajMohan will meet his sister and feel blissful” – said the merciful One.

I then realized that a small crowd had gathered around us when I was reading the Nãdi!. From there came towards us a young girl and her mother.

“Sir, you both had come to our house in the morning. My husband is mentally unstable and he has the habit of suspecting anything and everything. He has insulted you both. Please forgive us” – said the mother.

“And you….?”

“I was inside the house. As Padmaja had gone to the school when you had come, I could not understand who you are. Once you left, my husband came to me and asked “did you see how I chased them out?” with pride.

“I do not know what happened to him in the next half an hour. He kept saying that I have insulted Agastya Muni for many a times and he asked me to look for you so he can seek his pardon. He kept saying them and is lying down as if he is affected by Janni (a type of fever). Can you please come to our house?”

“Is this girl Padmaja?” – I asked.

“Yes” nodded the young girl. RajMohan saw his sister from the previous birth and though he was moved so much, he could not express much in front of everyone, in the temple.

Padmaja glanced at RajMohan and the brotherly affection was very visible in her eyes. Though we went to their house again along, when we saw that person, we were only reminded of the incident happened in the morning. What if he speaks just like then, I thought and I entered the house with great hesitation.

He fell down at our feet the moment he saw us. He explained everything and pleaded that I must bless him by touching him, thereby granting my forgiveness. I did just as he said and explained what came in the Jeeva Nãdi. Their joy knew no bounds. The sister of RajMohan now, is a billionaire and is the heir for all the property that RajMohan has.

We sure want to know what her father said don’t we?  

“I saw a bright light within which a holy person said “I am Agastya. You are separating a brother and sister, is this fair?” and He gave one big slap on my back and He disappeared!!!” Then I realized that out of anger, I have spoken ill words and I have done a great mistake. Now you have come searching for me, please bless me by touching me. Only then I will feel peace”

Now, who among this is greatly blessed? Without a doubt, the girl’s father! He must have got a great blessing to not just have the darshan of the Maha Muni for which many yearn for, he also was blessed with the touch of Agastya Muni, correct?!


~ to be continued….