The Grace of Siddha – 27 – a strange request – 2

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

When we reached Padmaja’s house, her father himself opened the door. I introduced myself by saying a bit more about myself, only to safeguard from this person chasing us out of the door after insulting us or the Jeeva Nãdi. When we mentioned about Raj Mohan as well, her father invited us in.

“We’re safe” – I thought.

Then Padmaja’s father began to talk.

“What do you want?”

“We want to see Ms. Padmaja”


“In his previous birth, Padmaja had been his sister, as mentioned by the Sage Agastya. Due to the bonding, RajMohan has come from Malaysia to see his sister”

“I do not believe it even a tiny bit. You both have come here with some other motive. Please, get out of my house” he interrupted suddenly and he became angry too.

“Sir, I believe in Agastya Jeeva Nãdi. When I came to know that my sister has born here, I want to meet her only once and I am yearning to do so. Please do not mistake us” – said RajMohan.

“How many such have started I say? Before I get furious, strangle your neck and kick you out of my house, its better if you set off yourselves” – her father screamed at the peak of his voice.

I was scared. RajMohan was shaken. He did not expect that this person will speak in such low language. Hence we became numb, not knowing what to speak further.

“Nãdi! She was his sister in his previous birth, O. Why? There is an old lady who is bedridden in my house. Why isn’t someone coming to see her claiming that she was the grandmother in their previous birth?” – her father continued his shouts.

“Only there should be a young girl at home, there you will see people getting in with the disguise of brotherly relations. I am here in this town for 20 years now, I am earning with great difficulty. No one came saying that they are my brother. Why didn’t these come in Agathiyar Nãdi? It seems if there is a young girl, all such things will come in Nãdi it seems. If you say words like Nãdi and all that and come looking for Padmaja, you will get dharma-adi (a local slang to say that they will be beaten royally). Now get out of my house!” – said that man.

If we stay even a little longer, we may sure get the dharma-adi, and we shouldn’t stay here for a minute more – I got up suddenly. RajMohan was sweating, didn’t know what to do. I signaled him through my eyes to get out.

We came out with our heads bowing down. The surprise here is that with that much of a screaming done by that man, no one peeped out of the house from anywhere. At least if Padmaja does so, RajMohan will have a glance of her, for his satisfaction, I thought. But this didn’t happen.

In the evening, we went to Sri Rangam temple to have darshan. RajMohan began to speak slowly.

“I never thought that the Agastya Muni will forsake me thus”

“What do you want do you?” – I asked.

“Right here and right now, I would like the Nãdi be read”


“I have to see my sister Padmaja at least one, only then I will move away from Sri Rangam”


“I will not believe in Agastya Muni’s words! All that happened so far, is some sort of a trap, all lies and I will spread this throughout the town”

“That’s all right? Go ahead and say so. What’s the loss for me? Am I the agent of Agastya Muni? Or is my profession to read Nãdi? I do not have the fate that I must survive by reading Nãdi to others. I have some other work through which I do have income” – I blasted without any patience left.

In general, the Agastya Muni wants that no one should hurt other’s feelings. I obeyed it so far too. But whatever happened in Padmaja’s house had provoked me as well.

RajMohan did not expect my wrath and he was greatly shocked. He apologized at once.

“See here, RajMohan. The Jeeva Nãdi is a Kalpa – Vruksham (a celestial tree, which gives whatever one asks for). This is a gift given to me by Sage Agastya. I do not have the necessity to read Nãdi for others. It is me, who prayed to the Maha Muni, that He bestows His clairvoyance to others. Whoever has the bhagyam (good fate), they will get it, this you know well right?”

He nodded.

“We must not read the Nãdi bwherever we want or whenever we thought. Do you think Agastya Muni has nothing else to do?”

“Forgive me sir, please. I babbled out. It is indeed a mistake. I seek my earnest pardon to Sage Agastya. Just as He said, all details about my previous birth, name, happened accurately. With the same happiness, I thought my sister will come to me as well. Whenever you think it is fit, please do read the Nãdi” – he folded his hands as if worshiping / seeking pardon. Tears dropped off his eyes. I came off my frustration as well and opened the Nãdi.

You got stuck without knowing. This is enough. I gave a small test in which this RajMohan insulted this Agathiyan. I think I shouldn’t have told him about his previous birth at all, I feel. Yesterday he praised Agastya like anything and today he says he does not believe in Agastya at all. What a world man!” – said the Sage, then “since he sought Our pardon and didn’t realize what he spoke, we have forgiven him. In a few moments, RajMohan will meet his sister and feel blissful” – said the merciful One.

I then realized that a small crowd had gathered around us when I was reading the Nãdi!. From there came towards us a young girl and her mother.

“Sir, you both had come to our house in the morning. My husband is mentally unstable and he has the habit of suspecting anything and everything. He has insulted you both. Please forgive us” – said the mother.

“And you….?”

“I was inside the house. As Padmaja had gone to the school when you had come, I could not understand who you are. Once you left, my husband came to me and asked “did you see how I chased them out?” with pride.

“I do not know what happened to him in the next half an hour. He kept saying that I have insulted Agastya Muni for many a times and he asked me to look for you so he can seek his pardon. He kept saying them and is lying down as if he is affected by Janni (a type of fever). Can you please come to our house?”

“Is this girl Padmaja?” – I asked.

“Yes” nodded the young girl. RajMohan saw his sister from the previous birth and though he was moved so much, he could not express much in front of everyone, in the temple.

Padmaja glanced at RajMohan and the brotherly affection was very visible in her eyes. Though we went to their house again along, when we saw that person, we were only reminded of the incident happened in the morning. What if he speaks just like then, I thought and I entered the house with great hesitation.

He fell down at our feet the moment he saw us. He explained everything and pleaded that I must bless him by touching him, thereby granting my forgiveness. I did just as he said and explained what came in the Jeeva Nãdi. Their joy knew no bounds. The sister of RajMohan now, is a billionaire and is the heir for all the property that RajMohan has.

We sure want to know what her father said don’t we?  

“I saw a bright light within which a holy person said “I am Agastya. You are separating a brother and sister, is this fair?” and He gave one big slap on my back and He disappeared!!!” Then I realized that out of anger, I have spoken ill words and I have done a great mistake. Now you have come searching for me, please bless me by touching me. Only then I will feel peace”

Now, who among this is greatly blessed? Without a doubt, the girl’s father! He must have got a great blessing to not just have the darshan of the Maha Muni for which many yearn for, he also was blessed with the touch of Agastya Muni, correct?!


~ to be continued….





2 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 27 – a strange request – 2

  1. Vijayalakshmi says:

    Such a beautiful episode and so very touching. Indeed Padmaja father is most blessed one as Agastiar muni Himself appeared and gave him a good whack on his back. What puny am the man has done to receive a pat on his back.

  2. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    What kind of Punya karma that man he got Agathyar blessings directly…

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