The Grace of Siddha – 28 – caste, creed and religion

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

They were aged, and I felt a little heavy on seeing them.

“Please stop this wedding from happening. We offer our Namaskarams and are begging you” – they asked with tears flowing down, in a melting tone.

“Which wedding?”

“My daughter’s!”

“I am not God. Agastya is a Siddha. He will guide towards good only. If your prayers are genuine and good, then your daughter’s marriage will happen, just the way you want it” – I consoled.

“We don’t know all that. Agastya should stop my daughter’s wedding. There is not a jyotish whom we haven’t met, not a parikaram (remedy) that we haven’t done. We have come here at last” – said the person’s wife.

I smiled and asked “You said your daughter is around 32 years old. She is well educated and is earning well. You are saying that she works as a professor in a college as well…”


“You are not able to search for a groom for her and she is growing older. Let her marry the person she likes. What’s wrong in it?

“NO. This is where our family’s reputation is. The boy follows a different religion. His sister has married a person who follows a different religion. We do not like this. We follow the Hindu dharma. Even to say, we are high class Saiva Vellalar (a sub-sect in the Hindu family tradition).”

“Let it be. You said that the boy and your daughter are in touch for years together now. How come Agastya Muni separate such a people? – I asked.

“Agastya Muni conducts so many miracles. He should do so in our case too. We desire only this and have come from a long distance and are waiting for 4 days now.” – they said.

“What you say is correct. For 80 out of 100, what the Sage says happens. For 10 out of the remaining 20, it happens a little late. The 5 out of remaining 10, it takes even longer. The remaining 5, it does not happen, that too for a reason. Only Agastya should say in which category you belong to” – I opened the Nãdi saying this.

In his previous birth, his daughter and the lad lived as a couple. Out of difference of opinion, they got separated. It is only the remaining effects of the previous birth, that continues today.” – said the Sage and mentioned about a few remedial measures and prayer methods.

“We have done all these already” – said them.

“It was not done as per procedure”, is what the Sage says. You won’t face any harm in doing it again. “In what has been done already, whether knowingly or unknowingly, pushpa-theetu has occurred (the Tamil word theetu means an impurity and is classifieds in to various different types). As it is a predha-theetu (preadha – corpse), the offering did not reach the almighty as it is supposed to– having the Sage said so, they left half-hearted.

To separate the lover from the beloved or to unite them is not Agastya’s intention. If they get married, they should live happily and so He mentions a few prayers and remedies in a subtle manner. If anyone does not believe them, or thinking that it is only a spending or to do them as a fate and do it mechanically, they seldom get benefited  but blame Agastya for it. This is not sensible” – said the Sage.

After fifteen days, the couple came back in an early morning.

“We have done everything you said, but nothing happened. In fact, their intimacy seems to have increased now. We got to know that they are going to do a registered-marriage in about 4 days. That’s why we came rushing to you after hearing this even not minding this early morning hours” – they both said.

Has the clairvoyance of Agastya gone wrong?!! I was so shocked. There somehow has been a mistake, I began to think. Otherwise, how come their prayers haven’t been answered even after doing all the remedial prayers and offerings.

I opened the Nãdi, to seek clarification from the Sage Himself.

These parents, just as they wanted, the marriage of their daughter will happen with the groom of their beliefs and acceptance. There is nothing wrong.
The words of Agastya will never go wrong
!” – said the Sage.

“Don’t worry. The marriage will happen just as you wanted” – I said to them.

“How is that possible sir? This girl and the boy is getting married at the registrar’s office in just 4 days. So in that case, this marriage will be stopped right?” – they asked.

“Even I think so. But the Sage didn’t mention about this”

“Didn’t the sage say ‘such will happen, this will not happen’ etc?” – asked the girl’s father.

“I have been in contact with the Maha Muni for forty years. Whatever He said, I told you just as it is. I do not have the energy or caliber to talk to that Maha Muni and argue with Him, as you are doing. Hence, believe if you do, else just leave it” – I bought an end to this conversation. “

They felt a little angry and so they left without saying anything.

On the fifth day, the parents came, with a very sad face. I asked them what’s the matter.

“We came here believing in Agastya Muni totally. But we’re disappointed. The girl’s marriage is over. She married the same guy from the other caste in a registrar’s office yesterday” – said the father.

I felt a little sad too, as to why the Maharishi who makes a lot of miracles in many people’s lives is testing this couple so much. Did I mention anything wrong? Where is the mistake, I thought. .

The marriage has happened somehow. Whatever reason I may say now, may not be accepted. I felt sorry and decided that I won’t read the Nãdi for anyone else hereafter. But as I have to tell them some answer, I opened the Nãdi, with a half heart, after offering the regular prayers.

The fate, is a wonderful thing. We Siddhas alone know this very well. We cannot say some of the deva ragasyas (secret) right away. If Agastya’s beloved son, you, cannot believe in Agastya, how will others do?” – paused the Muni.

I realized my mistake and offered my sincere apology to the Sage. He continued then…

Those who have come here, have not performed any remedial measures as Agastya mentioned. They are lying that they did so, to Agastya himself! Still, we are bearing with them for you. Ask them to go home. Ask them to invite the bride and groom waiting in the entrance with Mangala Arati (it is customary to receive people with a arati or harathi, where they circulate light lit with camphor usually, in clockwise direction thrice or so) and invite them in. Then will happen a miracle right there. At least after that let them have some faith in prayers. But one thing, let it be whoever, if they are truthful to Agastya, then He will reflect truthfulness. But if they think of deceiving Agastya or to test Him, it will retaliate back to themselves!” – the Sage gave the clairvoyance.

I did not tell them everything that came in the Nãdi but just said “Go home, the bride and groom will come. Do not show faces or attitude, and to invite them with Mangala Arati, behave cordially and cool, a miracle will happen.”

They left and I left out a relieved breath. They sure must have scolded either me or Agastya Muni. Again, on a day, I heard the door being knocked. There stood the same old couple along with their daughter and a young lad, with garland, fruits etc. with smile radiating from their faces.

When I invited them in, I thought that something miraculous must have happened. Else they wouldn’t come back here with so much of happiness. The father handed over a box of sweet and said “Namaskarams to Agastyar. Here, this is my daughter and he is my son-in-law. I was thinking that he belongs to a different religion and so was very skeptical in accepting this relationship. When they came home last night, I invited them with a Mangala Harathi. When I began to talk to the groom, I came to know that he is none other than the son of my sister from a distant relation and his name is Prashanth.

That sister got married to a person who belonged to a different caste while she was in college itself, and she went to Singapore. There was no information about her thereafter and we almost forgot about her. Then she lost her husband, got converted back to our Hinduism. All these I came to know only yesterday from Prashanth.

The Sage Agastya said “Go home and a miracle would happen” and it happened just like He said. Please bless them. If we had misbehaved with the Sage, we are very sorry”.

Love marriage goes apart from caste, creed or religion, but for some of the parents to feel blessed and blissful, it appears that the wedding should happen only within the caste it seems. Nevertheless, what the Sage mentioned happened just as it is and even I escaped :).


~ to be continued…





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