The Grace of Siddha – 35 – Possessed!

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

There came a mother along with her 22 year old son saying, “This guy was normal but now he behaves like an insane, don’t know what happened. Will he recover or not?” He appeared normal and does not seem affected with any of the symptoms that the mother described.

“What happened?”

“Nothing. He was driving alone in the Chetpet bridge about 1’o clock in the night, a year and a half back. As soon as he came down the bridge, something cold touched his body. From then on, he is not himself”

“How do you know about this?”

“His friends told me what happened for I do not know if its real or not. But he has gone with them for a tiffin, went to a movie and had a good time chatting with them as well.”

“Did you take him to the doctor?”

“Yes. They gave different medicines. Nothing cured it. You only can request Agastya Muni about him.”

“Ok. What do You think about it?”

“I believe someone has done a witch-craft”

“Why should it be so?”

“I don’t know. I just tell you what I hear from neighbours”

“Ok, then you must have performed any parihaar for this.”

“We took him to the Chottanikarai Bhagavathi Amman Temple and stayed there for 45 days and did parihaar, puja etc. We did not get the expected outcome”

While this talk was on, the guy kept silent and I didn’t ask him anything either. Though I was interested to know what would have happened, I didn’t express and I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Jeeva Nadi. At first, no reply came from the Nadi which shocked me. I prayed again and opened the Nadi, again.

Agastya Muni did not say anything, at all!

With a lot of hope, I opened it again and again and at about the ninth time, a reply came.

This is not the right place to tell any clairvoyance to this guy. Though Agastya does not believe in witch-craft, there is an evil spirit that has possessed him and hence Agastya does not want to talk to that spirit. Hence, on an Ashtami day, just about night fall, We will explain about this in that famous Church of Chennai

Then he said “Make yourself a protective circle and here’s a mantra for that” and gave me a mantra.

I have never heard of those Mantras before, and it was difficult to read it as well. With a lot of patience, I recited that about three times slowly then and there. The moment I finished reciting the mantra, the guy who kept quiet for all the while, began to laugh terribly. It was not a laughter from that of a guy, but that of a young girl, laughing romantically!! The mother and myself were shell-shocked to hear a girl’s voice from a grown up lad. Though Agastya Muni had given a protective mantra beforehand, such a laughter made us trembling.

The mother began to cry profusely as she could not bear that. The guy kept laughing like a girl.

I began to notice him completely, which required a great mental strength. The mantra that Agastya Muni gave must also have given me the courage. Otherwise, it would be impossible to be in that room with this guy even for a moment. About ten minutes, the guy lied down on the ground as if unconscious and the laughter had stopped as well.

I explained the mother about Agastya Muni’s words and asked her to take him to that Church on a Ashtami evening. I suggested her to bring a couple of more people on that day as such an occurance may happen there also.

I stood there in front of the Church on the specified Ashtami day with Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi, reciting the Mantra that He gave me with a slight fear, waiting for them to come. They came after a while, along with a couple of others. The guy’s face radiated and was active too. The rest of them appeared slightly fearful. Agastya Muni asked the guy to be seated facing West and began to narrate…

This guy had fallen in love with a girl. At first, the girl did not pay heed to him but later she fell in love with him only manifold than he loved her. She belonged to a Christian family by birth but still she resolved to marry him only. She expressed her wish to her parents when they began to discuss about her alliance and the parents told her what most of the parents would say. Though they put a barrier for her marriage with this guy, she thought she would cross it however. Thereby she ran out seeking him.

But this guy changed his mind suddenly and has told her that they should get married after two years. She did not expect this and jumped in front of the train near Chetpet railway station and committed suicide. Thankfully, she did not blame anyone or wrote a suicide note or so.

As this guy realized that she committed suicide only because of him, he used to go to Chetpet bridge every midnight and used to shed tears thinking of her. As that girl died thinking of him, her spirit got in to him suddenly and it is that spirit which has possessed him” – said the Muni!

This truth is known by everyone including his mother, but she kept it without disclosing it to me. She asked as to how to get rid of the spirit from this guy. Agastya Muni began to explain:

This is related to Atharvana Veda Parihara method. They should have done this during their stay in Chottanikarai Bhagavathi Amman Temple itself. Still, let him be taken inside the Church to get a holy cross from the priest with his blessing and let him wear it. Otherwise, let him be taken somewhere and read The Bible from the beginning to end for about thirty days. Otherwise, let them go to Velankanni Temple and pray for about 18 days. As the deceased girl belonged to a Christian community, I suggested you to come to this holy church and to do these. The girl won’t trouble him after this. ” – said the Agastya!

The guy’s relatives did not get convinced about this and argued as to how could they read a Bible as they belonged to a different caste etc. I just said them this. “Whatever the Maha Muni told me, I narrated. Whether to do it or not is up to you” and I left.

The mother and son came after a month and a half and said that they performed all the remedies that Agastya Muni told them and that the guy became absolutely normal.

I thanked the Agastya Muni and prayed to him earnestly about one thing but. It is not to get me stuck in matters involving spirits or religion”.

So far, such trouble did not come.

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 34 – The Blue Jagger Diamond

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Please do not say its because of the bad karma from previous births and do parihaar. We are so tired of doing it again and again. Please tell us something else and we shall do so. If only our difficulties can be ward off, it’s enough” – came a lady of middle age.

“What’s ‘that’ sort of a difficulty for you?”

“My husband who was employed in a very good firm lost his job. Second, our son who was very good in academics is staring at something, laughs by himself and behaves like he is insane. He does not go to college at all.”

“O, then?”

“Our only daughter Pavithra, was very good and intelligent. She said she wouldn’t go to work from our house and gone in to a hostel. I am like mad. We had to sell our land, farm-lands, house for a cheaper rate to get rid of the debt, in spite of which, the debut is not totally over.” – she began to cry after saying these in a single breath.

I felt pity about her.

“To get rid of the bad karma, I have done so many parihaars by accepting more and more debts, in lakhs of rupees. I do not have anything more to sell” – she said.

“How did your husband lose his job?”

“Somebody did some mistake and he was penalized that he mishandled money, they took him off the job. This was the first blow to our family”.

“What happened to your son?”

“He came back from college, that’s all we know. From next day on, he did not attend college, he started talking to himself. He does not eat, doesn’t take bath, never changed his clothes. Whatever we ask, he won’t reply. I tried a lot of different medications. It is going to be eight months by tomorrow since he attended college. What has come of him? Why do we have this much of difficulty?” – she cried. I remained silent.

“My daughter earns well, only by which we run our family. I thought she would shoulder me but she said she doesn’t have anymore peace at our house and it’s six months since she went away. Has somebody performed a witch-craft against my family?” – she asked.

Agastya Muni does not believe in witch-craft generally, though he does not speak lowly of the powers of Atharvana Veda. From the narration, even I began to think if its some witch-craft. I prayed to Agastya Muni earnestly for fifteen minutes and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Let her go home at once. Let her come back in the morning after two days” – this is what came repeatedly and nothing else.

“O Amma, Agastya Muni does not say anything on this now, but he instructs you to go home at once without any delay. Please come after two days, He will definitely give a reply” – I tried to set her off.

But she refused to move. “What am I going to do wby going home? Let it take how much ever time. I will leave only after reading the Nãdi” – she was adamant.

“If the Maha Muni says something, there will be a meaning and purpose behind it. Please go home now, do not go anywhere but staright to your house” – I persuaded her very much, though I felt a little hestitant.

She was frustrated and that was shown in her voice. I didn’t know what to do. Instead, I felt frustrated with Agastya Muni. Why is this blame? Why do I have to hear such harsh words from people?”

It is true that those who sat there witnessed the lady going out with rage. I did not feel like reading the Nãdi for those waiting after this.

Four hours went by.

The same lady called up. I felt that she didn’t feel it was enough to scold me in person, so she wanted to complete it over the phone also, probably, I thought and took the receiver.

“O Sire, please forgive me. I scolded you and the Maha Muni. Had I not reached home in time, my son who consumed the sleeping pills would not have got saved by now. I must thank Agastya Muni for this” – she said!

I felt the happiness in her voice, that she got saved from a huge danger.

The son, out of some disappointment took the sleeping pills in overdose and fell unconscious. The Maha Muni knew this and He drove the lady home to save him! But as the doctors had told it would take 48 hours for him to recover completely, she said she will bring her son after two days.

I personally thanked Agastya Muni as well. Two days went by.

The lady visited with her son. He fell at my feet. “Why is this difficulty? Let Agastya Muni tell us what we need to do. We are ready to do whatever He says” – said the lady. I requested the Muni’s approval and began to read the Nãdi.

Her husband is very used to get bribes. He does not feel like going home if he had not got even a rupee as bribe, though he worked for a big firm. If he does not get anything for a day, he used to take something, anything from the office, even at least the staple pins. For such a person, to complete an important task, another person gave a costly “blue-stone” diamond studded ring as a gift.

For this one, who steals even staple pins, if he is given such a diamond, he accepted it at once and put it in his trouser pocket. He did not realize how dangerous effect that blue jagger will bring forth. Had he known that, he would have returned the ring at once or he must have thrown it away. The moment he accepted the ring, time turned against him at once.


For getting the work for the person who gave the ring, he went wrong ways to accomplish his request and got caught. He lost his position. He could’ve thought even then, he did not think as to why he lost the position. Even fate did not let him think. His son wore the same ring one day. From that day on, he became insane. It was its peak that persuaded him to suicide. Out of this ring, this lady lost all the property they had, drove their daughter out of house” – said the Maha Muni and stated “Let them throw this ring away, everything will be alright and let this lady decide whether this is the effect of past birth’s bad karma or this present!

Later on, the lady and her husband accepted that whatever the Sage said was all true. Though the ring kept in their safe costed about 4 lakhs, it has swallowed about 40 lakhs worth of their properties. Now it lies somewhere in a garbage. But once they threw the ring away, the family’s happiness got restored for sure. The person must have learnt a good lesson to be good too!

~ to be continued…!


The Grace of Siddha – 33 – those who wanted to test Agastya Muni

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

When inspector Devaraj knocked my door in the wee hours of early morning, I was shocked a bit, in spite of he being my ex friend. He showed me an order when I questioned the reason of his arrival.

It was a suspension order, due to the missing of the mic-set inside his police jeep parked out of his house, marking it as his ‘irresponsibility’. As far as I know, there are a number of very good police officers in the department and Devaraj is certainly one among them I believe. Why is he being tested like this, I thought. He spoke further.

“I am not even worrying about my suspension order. But where is the missing mic set now? Will I get it back? I wanted to know this and hence I came, without minding the wee hours”

“Why should the mic set be taken away? What is the gain for them in it?”

“That’s what even I don’t understand. There is no use for either the public or anyone to that matter. Why they took it, is not clear” – said Devaraj.

“Can’t we fix another one in the jeep?”

“No, it is designed for the department specially, we can’t procure it just like that. It has to be ordered”

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi, thinking that the debate is enough.

You will get back what you lost. Just wait for 30 days” – came the reply.

Inspector Devaraj was disappointed a bit as there weren’t any input on its whereabouts, how will he get it etc. He left the place at once in spite of me asking him to have patience. He said…

“I came here as everyone said that things happen just the way Agastya Muni says. I did not expect such a blunt reply. Is this really from Agastya or is it your own words?” I was surprised, is this he who asks such a question? But I did not reply. I kept silent. He came back after 4 days, and his face did not show any sign of happiness.

“A eight soverign gold jewellery is missing at home. There isn’t a servant maid. As its a police quarters, outsiders cannot enter the place easily. With the only person at home being my wife, how can it be missing? Will Agastya Muni clarify me at least this in his clarivoyance?”

“Today is Chandrashtamam and so there won’t be a good reply today. Please come after two days” – I said.

“I knew that Agastya Muni cannot clarify ‘such’ things as He is not an astrologer. But I asked it just as I had some doubt” – his words pierced me as a thorn as he left out.

I determined that if he comes back again, I must ask him to check any Nãdi elsewhere and to leave me alone with folded hands. I was happy too that he did not come back to me for about 25 days.

It was the 30th day.

Inspector Devaraj came around 10 at night and said “I am sorry sir. Out of depression, I spoke what not and I must have hurt you. Somehow, the lost mic-set has been found”

I asked him silently. ‘How?’

“It was in the Koovam river, nearby my house.”

“Who found it?”

“I did. They were digging the sand from the river side and had put them in the road. When I went for walking, I saw this wireless mic, its spares etc in that drain. I had a doubt. Upon digging the soil further, the entire set came out.”

“Who could have thrown it there?”

“Only Agastya Muni should tell that!”

“Have you informed this to your department?”

“Yes I have. They said that the mic is not going to be useful, but looks like they will cancel the suspension order tomorrow”

“It is a very good news indeed”

“Who threw this wireless set in to the sewage. I want to know this, please ask this in the Nãdi” – he rushed me, which I did not like. I opened the Nãdi with a dislike as he is sort of a weird person. I worried if he is setting a trap for me by saying such things. Moreover, he does not believe a bit in me or Agastya Muni. For such people, why should I read the Nãdi at all? I thought.

Agastya Muni said…

As per the Government’s order, any police officer should not park the vehicle belonging to Government in front of their houses. It can be done only upon requirement, after seeking approval. Devaraj does not respect this, and was doing things all by his own. The one who resides near Devaraj’s house is Vivek, who is a ill-minded fellow. A guy from an anti-social element wanted to take 

revenge on Vivek and was watching his residence. He wanted to push the jeep parked outside Vivek’s residence along with 4 other gang members. As they could not, they took out the wireless-mic and threw it in Koovam river. But that jeep was not Vivek’s. It was Devaraj’s, which they did not know.

Vivek was escaped, but Devaraj was suspended due to this. Why he was suspended? He has a bad quality. He use to write anonymous letters to his higher officials on those he did not like. Due to this, many an officials have got suspended and re-joined.

Due to his anonymous letters, the family members of those officials too were very affected. It is their tears, that cursed Devaraj to get this suspension” – explained the Maha Muni, in detail. Later He said…

We could have told this well ahead. But as he lied to Agastya Himself that he lost his jewellery, We thought he should undergo the punishment for such an act. Else, we could have saved him by saying this out well before 26 days. At least from now onwards, let him not say such lies to Agastya or to test Him” – advised the Sage.

The Devaraj still lives. He got retired after reaching a high post in the department. But this is nothing before what he does not. He prays to Agastya Muni everyday, in front of His image and looks like a ripen Shiva Gnani. When he was under inquiry during his suspension, an anonymous letter which stated that he should be dismissed, somehow stated that he is innocent. This is an unsolved mystery even now. May be this is a divine play orchestrated by Agastya Muni Himself, who knows?!

~ to be continued…


Another experience of Jeeva Nadi reading at Kallar, Mettupalayam


A devotee went to seek the guidance of Sage Agastya in the Kallar Gnana Peedam. His experience is given as it is, from how he stated them originally in Tamil.

First, let us see what the Siddha Kaka Pujunda says about Shri Agastya Muni:

அகத்தியரே பெரும் பேற்றை அடைந்தோராவார்
அம்மம்மா வெகு தெளிவு அவர் வாக்குந்தான்!
அகத்திலுறை பொருளெல்லாம் வெளியாய்ச் சொல்வார்
அவர் வாக்கு செவி கேட்க அருமையாகும்!
அகத்தியரின் பொதிகையே மேருவாகும்!
அம்மலையும் அகத்தியரின் மலையுமாகும்!
அகத்தியரின் அடையாளம் பொதிகை மேரு
அவர் மனது மவரைப் போற் பெரியோர் உண்டோ!

In English…

It is Agastya who attained the huge blessing
Oh my holy Mother! His words are pretty clear!
He clarifies the hidden meanings openly
The ears will be pleased to hear His words!
Agastya’s Podhigai Hills is but Mount Meru!
It is Agastya’s holy abode indeed!
Agastya’s identity is Podhigai Meru
Is there anyone who can match Him?
Siddha Kaka Pujundar →


I have been reading the Sitthan Arul for weeks together now and have realized that I was getting immediate answers to all my queries from the various incidents from that series. Just like how I get a reply each week, this week also, I got to know that “If it is getting delayed to reach a place without we knowing or by unavoidable circumstances, they are for good only!”

I had a grievance for a long time. For that, I have checked the Nãdi in various places and have done parihar, but I never thought that I will get an answer from Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi! If “They” are the one who calls, then whatever happens is all because of “Their” grace. This was shown to me clearly as that of a movie by Them.

After lengthy thought process, I chose a auspicious vrata day, offloaded every other burden in the name of Lord and took the phone number of Kallar Gnana Peedam and gave it to people close to me, requesting them to talk. I can most certainly say that it is all Their grace. The first surprise was that I got a date allotted for receiving the Nãdi reading. But from that day on, whatever sins I havd committed knowingly began to daunt me, leaving me sleepless. I realized what sort of a big sinner am I, in those short span of time. There is forgiveness for sins committed unknowingly. But I had known from reading Sitthan Arul (The Grace of Siddha’s original Tamil version) that those accumulated karma’s effect will continue birth after birth. Having said these, will the Maha Muni Agastya say any word at all, for a person like me? This fear surrounded me.

I began to do Japa whenever I thought of, fed the cow with ample fruit and was doing whatever parihar I learnt. The truth is, as the day came closer, many sleepless nights added up. Even if He (Agastya Muni) scolds me, it is fine, but what if He says ‘I won’t help’?, everything will be over and done! Fear. I bewailed this to one of my friend who visits Agastya’s temple constantly. My friend might have thought – O, if only he relieves me of this torture – he use to say “do not go if you fear”. Again I use to get worried and then will summon courage to do the regular tasks!

The day of travel came!

As we could not get train tickets, we decided to go by bus. I thought I should get some sweets and snacks for the children there at the Ashram and to tell my friend before I set off. When I called him up, he asked:
“What are you taking for Agastya?”

I could not answer. Then he himself suggested to get Vastra (garment), Beetle leaves, fruits, saambrani (frankincense), rose water etc. As it was already dark, we could not get any of these and so we boarded the bus. The bus started an hour late and due to rain, it moved in the speed of a tortoise. What could be reached in 4 hours, it took 6 hours to reach Coimbatore. It is for good as the shops will be open by then! We boarded a bus that goes to Mettupalayam.

It was happier that from a shop, we got garland and other items. We inquired the cab drivers who asked for Rs. 600 to Kallar which is only about 6 kilo meters. As we stood there, an auto rickshaw came and hurried us to get in. He said ‘give me 100 rupees, but get in first’. It was about 8 in the morning. The auto rickshaw guy said that he knows the place but where he went was to Sri Ramakrishna Math. There were nobody and I thought I shall take bath right there as I remembered the post which said that there is a river that runs by. I was very eager but I couldn’t take bath since I could not spot any river. I began to doubt. Is this the place? The person accompanied me confirmed my doubt too. Then we realized that we have been mis-routed, and somehow reached Agathiyar Gnana Peedam. From a distance, the Ashram looked as if asking “Here you came, at last?” It was 5 minutes to 9. Once my companion took bath in the Ashram and then I began to read some slokhas and did some Japa. The garland we bought, as expected, covered the Sage Agastya from the neck to toe. This itself gave me a sort of peace. We are in the right direction, I realized.

The crowd was good enough. After a while, HH Mataji came out of the Dhyana Room. When she began to call out names, we said ours and she said ‘Oh O, I just called out this name and since there wasn’t any, I moved other names prior to yours”. Then she wrote our names. We were the eleventh.

Ok good. Let us do japa for a longer time, we thought. Around 11 AM, when inquiring a person who lives there, he explained how the Eka Mukhi Rudraksha came there. A spontaneous feeling of paying respect to that rose in me. Then I asked the doubt which I had in mind.

“If we have committed a sin knowingly, will Agastya Muni help?”

The answer he gave was so soothing. “Even if one has done the 5 most hideous sins (referred to as Pancha Maha Papa), Agastya has the motherly heart of forgiving, only 10 times more”.

While talking, I saw Lord Subramanya who is at a meditative posture and the moment I thought “O our Murugan, He is quiet without doing any mischievosness!” – the person whom I was talking to said “Today, the crowd is more”

“Looks like it will be dark before our reading”

“No no, the moment sun sets, Agastya Muni will say “Stop!” after which not even a line can be read!”. I became dumbstruck. By looking at the cold wind and the weather in that hill, it appeared as if the Sun might set right at 4 PM itself!

“When exactly does the sun set?”

“Anytime! Could be 4, 5 or even 6” – he said.

“So far, the reading is done only for 6!”

We c a n n o t do anything. It is His count. Humans cannot do anything. If sun sets, one has to just leave! We couldn’t get lucky, even they called out our names before! Without knowing this, we came slowly – all sorts of thought-bursts started. “O Muruga, please save me! – I began to chant the Kanda Sashti Kavacham for about 6 or 7 times, Hanuman Chalisa, Agastya Akhanda Japa – all these happened. Everyone was invited to have food. I could not go. I was greatly confused in mind. Around 2 PM, Swami Thangaraj came who appeared as the embodiment of peace. He asked “Had your food?”

“No” I replied.

“I am going for food, please do so too” – his words reflected a blissful silence!! Then Mataji took us to the dining hall and said “We will surely read Nãdi for you”. The mind was relieved a little. Then Japa, slokha and meditation continued. There were a few people and were with full of hope. One of them could not move his head. I felt a soft corner for him. Even our grievance is to be resolved, but the chances of his name to be called out was less. I went up to him and said “Do you want to go in before us?” He said “Let it be over for you first as you keep praying!!”

We all started chanting Adithya Hrudhayam by facing West, praying that everyone should be blessed with a reading. As a surprise, the sun did not set even after 6 PM!

They called us around 4.30 PM. One can have a darshan of the Eka Mukhi Rudraksha as soon as entering the room. I prostrated and sat in front of Guruji. I had written down my queries. Guruji asked my name, my
father’s name and asked if I have the questions.

“Quesions O Sir? I only have grievances.”

Thereafter what Guruji read off the Nãdi were only Answers, Reasons and Remedies! Who will have this much of mercy? Within ten minutes, Agastya Muni had become a Mother, Father, and Everyone! For that ten minutes, I totally forgot my bodily presence and felt like a leaf which afloats freely in air. It was as if a mother’s lullaby to her child in a cradle. He made me realize that all the suffering is only for the physical body! As and when he narrated my previous births, I forgot this present Janma (birth). The grievances was not grievances anymore! Even then He came as a rain-cloud of mercy. It felt as if the words that came out were more than enough, with which one can cross the ocean of birth.

Mataji writes down the reading in a notebook clearly and explains to us. Then they hand over the notebook to us. Even if the questions are same, two people cannot enter at the same time as the Nãdi will be read for one at a time. This is Agastya’s order. Then when explaining the reading, the others can be present. THEY DO NOT EXPECT ANY MONEY FOR THIS! But since they feed everyone who comes and does services, it is good to give around 500 Indian rupees. It is up to individuals to offer more, adding up good karma. Their request is that when there is a Guru Puja where a Yagna is conducted, one should be present and get the grace of Siddhas – this is the blessings of elders there.

Om Agatheesaya Namaha!

Note from GnanaBoomi Admin:

A number of people who came for the Nãdi reading said that they were asked to provide whatever they can, for the Yagna that takes place in December. This became a topic of discussion and eventually it turned to a comparison between what they experienced in Thanjavur with Shri Ganesan’s reading and here at Kallar. One of them said that the letters appear in Gold there with Late Shri Hanumathdasan and now with Shri Ganesan. The Mataji had told me that the letters scroll as and when read here.

Another person said, ‘Last time when I got the reading in Thanjavur, Gurunathar (Agastya Muni) had mentioned a few parihaar to be done and quoted that it is because of past karmic effects etc. I did complete them all but when I listened to Him here today, there wasn’t any mention about the past effects. I think that the parihaar what I did has taken care of it.

We could feel that the question of ‘Why does this information about Yagna is said to everyone and they are requested to do whatever they could for the ritual? Why this does not happen anywhere? The Sage does not compel anyone to donate money or even to perform the remedial measures He suggests! He just guides and leaves the decision to oneself. He has mentioned this in many a questions that the answers one get may differ at times, which depeneds on the individual’s fate, the time and his karmic effects. It is out of His mercy that the Agastya Muni goes out of the way to help people. It is the individual’s wish to donate anything they want or to do anything He suggests.

However, we took this question to none other than Mr. Karthikeyan, who writes the Sitthan Arul. His explanation made it very clear.

Why does everyone get a note about the Yagna that happens in December?
→ It is the Sage Agastya who mentions this to everyone to attend the yagna, where the Siddha-Purushas will be present in an invisible form and will bless those who attend and those who helped in whatever
means they could. This is told to everyone to get Their blessings! The Yagna is being conducted as per the instruction from Agastya Muni Himself!

Why doesn’t the letter appear in Gold as in other places? When they read it here at Kallar, the Guruji reads one palm leaf, flips and opens the second, and so on, where a video showing Shri Ganesan’s reading shows him reading it from a single leaf itself.
→ How the letter appears, how they read etc is not important. What is important is that it is Agastya Muni who answers. In case of late Shri Hanumathdasan, he sometimes closes the Nãdi, closes his eyes and
starts saying the clairvoyances! One has to focus on what the message is for them than how it is read.

What Siddha Agastya says is:

“With the thoughts turning inward, from a human perspective, even upon meeting a person who is holy, one should understand this clearly. Even if undergone many a spiritual experiences, this person is still entangled in Maya. Even he may have some bad karmic effects out of which, sometimes he may say a good reason, sometimes incorrect ones. So, every human, meeting a Gnani is not wrong, but if done so, one should think on his own and come to a conclusion. This is what We say at this juncture.”

And experience shows that the one who believes and surrenders to Agastya Muni, He never forsakes them, and never lets them go wrong!

The Grace of Siddha – 32 – Thirukural-314

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

He came in with such a frustration and anger!

“I do not have any faith in Agastya’s Nadi. Whatever you told me was all a lie. Not even one happened as thought of. I did all the remedial measures. Other than my business facing further loss, there isn’t a single penny’s profit” – he went on.

I listened to his words spoken with anger, frustration and disappointment patiently and then said, “Ok, then why have you come looking for Agastya Muni?”

“That I will get a property unexpectedly and that I will live like that of a Zamindar, said the Maharishi. I am disappointed that nothing of that sort happened” – he lowered his voice a bit.

“Something has gone wrong. I will ask the Maharishi himself. If the words of Agastya comes true, then it is great. If not, you should not come again and ask me anything. Is this fine?”

“Why are you adding a condition?”

“You ask a doctor for medicine by describing your ailment. The doctor gives you medicines. If consuming that medicine does not cure your ailment, seeking another doctor’s guidance is normal right? Agastya’s clairvoyance is like that only” – I said.

“Ok, ok. Please read the Nadi for me again” – he was focussed on the reading than whatever I said. I was a little frustrated, but what to do. I opened the Jeeva Nadi for him again.

This Manickavasagan and his sibling Gopalsamy ventured in to a business together. They were getting along well and got good progress in business, buying them land, houses etc and were happy.

In the meanwhile,

The brother’s wife thought that if her husband starts a business on his own, he could become a millionairre by various means. She started convincing her husband by talking to him everyday. At first, Gopalsamy did not pay heed to her words, but later he got separated from the brother.

Manickavasagan felt sad about this. He couldn’t manage the business without his brother and so it went in a loss, thereby he was indebted for lakhs of rupees. At the same time, Gopalsamy ventured in to all crooked means of business and earned around 20 crores. The super-growth of his brother took Manickavasagan to surprise. He came to read Nadi with the desire of becoming like his brother.

Whatever remedial measures that Agastya said, if one performs that for the sake of it, in a hurried manner and expect to become a millionairre the very next day, how is that possible? So he is blaming and blasting Agastya” – said the Maha Muni.

I became silent on reading this. I just mentioned “The sage says that you did the parihaar’s in an rushing manner, says the Sage”.

“When will I be free of debt? When will I become a crorepathi like my brohter? Please ask this to the Sage” – he insisted.

Let him do the pariharam just as Agastya said. Then wealth will be of him” – came the reply. He was not convinced with this answer and he walked out. Even I felt embarrassed. I read the Nadi to others, and if everything happens as per what is read, then it’s fine. Otherwise, I am having to undergo all such insults and anger etc.

Reading Nadi is not my profession. I will read it if wanted. Else, let’s just leave it. Who are we to change the fate of these people? I felt. I am a human as well right?

By looking at the Nadi, I felt frustrated. Did I ask for such unwanted friendship or venting of anger? I could be just normal as the others, I thought.

One and a half years passed by. Manickavasagan came to visit me with a lot of fruits. Before I could ask him anything, he fell at my feet. I couldn’t understand anything.

“What Agastya Muni said happened” – he said happily and became silent suddenly. His eyes became moist. I was trembling as to what he is going to say. He became to narrate.

“When my brother went on his way, I was very frustrated initially. I even thought that he should not score well, should suffer and should fall at my feet after incurring heavy loss in business etc. Even more to say, I was also ready to do a hideous sin. I gave money to a Tantric from Kerala to do witchcraft against his business. The tantric did something and gave me a pendant and a rope saying that my brother will fall at my feet in forty days. He collected money and went off. But in forty days, it was me who fell in business and my brother soared high. Only then I came to read Nadi to you.


In spite of knowing the hideousness I did against my brother, Agastya Muni gave good words to me. Why did’nt Agastya Muni mention about the sin? How did He forgive me? If Agastya Muni knows everything, then why didn’t he outline my mistake to me? Having not done so, the Nadi must be a falsehood too, I thought. But I do not know whose good deed it is, my own brother Gopalsamy has written off about 10 crores in my name. Even his wife does not know about it.

Why did he write half of his property in my name, I could not understand initially. I didn’t believe that at first either. But he had called me to his wife a week back and so I went. He was bedridden. I was shocked. He said that he has blood cancer and he is in the fourth stage and that he will last long only for a month or two. He said he has written off half of the property to his wife and the remaining half in my name. As he is childless, he requested that I should take care of his wife as my own sister till the end.”

What a heart he has? For such a brother, I did such a crime – I felt so devastated. Now I do not feel the property to be so great. My brother should live. That is why I came praying to Agastya Muni” – he began to cry profusely.

When I asked the Maharishi, he said “This man’s brother, though suffers from a deadly cancer, will continue to live for another 3 years. Let him go to Thirukadayur and perform a yagna. Whoever comes to read Nadi, the angel of fate tells something about their future in advance, but We did not tell that to you, as you may just spit it off” – said the Sage!

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~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 31 – You reap what you sow

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“I am in debt for the past 4 years and have sold all my properties, jewels and all. The people whom I owe money are creating a lot of disturbances. I have no other option than to give up my life. Please show me a way out. I came here believing in Agastya Muni” – came a person.

His looks resembled his words. Unshaven face, no jewellery or even wrist watch and it appeared it must have been days since he wore a washed shirt. The time he came was midnight. Normally, Agastya Muni does not give any clairvoyance towards good deeds in midnight. Some have pestered and asked for. I don’t recall good things happening in their lives either. But this person’s appearance touched a soft corner of the heart and so I opened the Nãdi.

He is about to start a sinful profession in the company of evil minded people. His wife and children has left him due to his irresponsible behavior. This profession is not good. Let him continue in the same place where he is working. Time will be fruitful after which he will see remarkable progress in life. Till then, let him not venture in anything” – said the Sage.

“O Sir, I have a lot of debt. Please ask the Sage to allow me to do that work only till I get rid of the debts. I will leave it at once I am free of debt” – he pleaded and so I asked the Sage again.

Ask Me the way to Gnana, I shall show. Ask Me how to get rid of Karma, I shall tell. But Agastya will not agree for such a sinful profession. It’s a no-no for that profession as per Agastya” – concluded the Maha Muni.

The person not only disliked those words, rather he got irked.

“Sir. Don’t mistake me. I will disprove the words of Agastya. I will do that profession, become a big shot” – he spoke aggressively. I uttered nothing but thought “Such a person, why should he come to Agastya Muni then?” Then I said…

“If you come up in life in a good manner, all is well” – the person left at once.

Two months passed by.

The same person came in a scooter, with all smiles. I could not recognize him initially. But his body language and his talks reflected that he is well off now, with a glow of happiness in face.

“Remember me?” – he came and sat before me. I nodded for the sake of it.

“I took off from work and started this profession. My debts are greatly reduced now. The property and jewels I lost seems like they’ll return to me. I am very well now. I came here for a wedding and thought I shall stop by” – said he.

“Very well. Everyone should be happy. That’s all” – I said.

“No sir! That day, the Maharishi said not to get in to this profession. Had I listened to Him, I would’ve committed suicide by now. Fortunately, I escaped by starting this new profession” – his tone was full of negligence and sounded as if challenging. Above all, he said these words at last “From now on, please tell Agastya Muni to give good clairvoyance  – he advised and left.

I felt painful on hearing this. I felt like both Agastya Muni and I have been insulted by this. But I remained like a rock.

Two weeks went by.

A middle aged lady came in a big hurry. Except for a mangalya (an yellow thread worn by married ladies especially Hindus, the color is because of turmeric in which the thread is soaked on, an indication that the lady is married. In fact, wearing the Mangalya Shutra has a deeper spiritual meaning and reason by itself) there wasn’t any ornaments. As she came in a big hurry, she was sweating with her kumkum (a red powder used ceremonially and cosmetically, esp. by Hindu women to make a small distinctive mark on the forehead) appeared smeared off, with the sweat.

“Who are you? And why have you come here in such a hurry?” – I asked.

She kept saying that I am the one who can save her husband repeatedly, but did not say who was her husband, how am I qualified to save him and what sort of a crime has he committed. I could not understand anything. How does this lady know me? Where is she from and who has told her about me? – thoughts, thoughts.

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi, better to ask the Sage Himself.

She is Kalarani. The person who challenged Agastya the other day, she is his wife. The person who worked as a grade 4 employee in the State Government, is called Manivannan.”

As soon as he got the job, money flow came in all directions and thereby he was addicted to all sorts of illicit and bad activities. Kalarani tried to persuade her husband towards good. But she couldn’t. He fell in debt. She lost everything and as there wasn’t any hope of Manivannan turning good, she went to her native village along with the kids.

Three days back, when Manivannan was selling ganja (marijuana), he got caught red handed by the police. The one who accompanied him cleverly escaped. When police put him behind the bars after registering a case against him and came to Kalarani’s village for inquiry, that she got to know about Manivannan. She went to see him in the jail.

‘Out of desire for money, I started selling ganja. In spite of Agastya Muni warning me against this profession, I ventured in with such an arrogance. I challenged Agastya Muni. Right after three months, he will get caught in a trouble, said the Sage and it has indeed become true. I am caught and the one who was with me, escaped, cried Manivannan to Kalarani. Today, I did not do a mistake. I just joined my friend. I should be saved cried he, and asked her to meet me, who reads the Jeeva Nãdi.

I asked her “O Amma, you and your husband do not even live together nowdays. Then why have you came here rushing with a request to save him?”

What she said surprised me. “Whatever it is, he is my husband. He did a mistake. Though he forgot about me and went in a bad route, he is in jail now. It is enough for me if he realizes his mistake for which, I can even forsake my very life”.

Your husband has been caught red handed. As per law, we don’t know if its going to be ten years imprisonment or how much ever. How can Agastya Muni save him?”

“O Sire, I do not know all these. I came here as per my husband told. He must be saved somehow. He believes you so much. Please see the Nãdi and request Agastya and please say something” – she pleaded.

Whether to wonder on her ignorance or to applaud her hope, being a village girl or to read the Nãdi as per Manivannan’s request, I got confused for a quick while. To solve all legal complications, is Agastya Muni a influential political leader? Or to debate in the court and to nullify the case, is He a criminal lawyer? Or is He a law minitster? No! Then how come can I read the Jeeva Nãdi and to save him? I began to think. I definitely cannot open the Jeeva Nãdi and read as per the recommendation of Manivannan. At the same time, I have to convince and console Kalarani too. While I thought about it for a very quick moment, I then this came to my mind.

Let whatever happen. We need not have to be in a dilemma. Who am I to judge? Whatever the Sage says, let it be, I opened the Nãdi patiently and began to read.

You reap what you sow

Agastya had told that day itself, not to indulge in such a hideous task. But he listened to all that and thought of Agastya in negligence. And today, he got stuck in such a way that he may not be able to come out for a long time and is crying behind the bars. All the arrogance, determination, everything is only uptil the blood flow remains the body. No one thinks about it, and so is Manivannan.

We showed him the way out. He ignored it and fell in tiger’s cave. Both he, and his wife, haven’t lead their life by thinking of the Almighty even for a single day. Hence, their requests cannot become prayers. However, the parents who gave birth to Manivannan, their prayers will save him, not now, but after three years. Till then, have patience” – concluded the Sage.