The Grace of Siddha – 32 – Thirukural-314

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

He came in with such a frustration and anger!

“I do not have any faith in Agastya’s Nadi. Whatever you told me was all a lie. Not even one happened as thought of. I did all the remedial measures. Other than my business facing further loss, there isn’t a single penny’s profit” – he went on.

I listened to his words spoken with anger, frustration and disappointment patiently and then said, “Ok, then why have you come looking for Agastya Muni?”

“That I will get a property unexpectedly and that I will live like that of a Zamindar, said the Maharishi. I am disappointed that nothing of that sort happened” – he lowered his voice a bit.

“Something has gone wrong. I will ask the Maharishi himself. If the words of Agastya comes true, then it is great. If not, you should not come again and ask me anything. Is this fine?”

“Why are you adding a condition?”

“You ask a doctor for medicine by describing your ailment. The doctor gives you medicines. If consuming that medicine does not cure your ailment, seeking another doctor’s guidance is normal right? Agastya’s clairvoyance is like that only” – I said.

“Ok, ok. Please read the Nadi for me again” – he was focussed on the reading than whatever I said. I was a little frustrated, but what to do. I opened the Jeeva Nadi for him again.

This Manickavasagan and his sibling Gopalsamy ventured in to a business together. They were getting along well and got good progress in business, buying them land, houses etc and were happy.

In the meanwhile,

The brother’s wife thought that if her husband starts a business on his own, he could become a millionairre by various means. She started convincing her husband by talking to him everyday. At first, Gopalsamy did not pay heed to her words, but later he got separated from the brother.

Manickavasagan felt sad about this. He couldn’t manage the business without his brother and so it went in a loss, thereby he was indebted for lakhs of rupees. At the same time, Gopalsamy ventured in to all crooked means of business and earned around 20 crores. The super-growth of his brother took Manickavasagan to surprise. He came to read Nadi with the desire of becoming like his brother.

Whatever remedial measures that Agastya said, if one performs that for the sake of it, in a hurried manner and expect to become a millionairre the very next day, how is that possible? So he is blaming and blasting Agastya” – said the Maha Muni.

I became silent on reading this. I just mentioned “The sage says that you did the parihaar’s in an rushing manner, says the Sage”.

“When will I be free of debt? When will I become a crorepathi like my brohter? Please ask this to the Sage” – he insisted.

Let him do the pariharam just as Agastya said. Then wealth will be of him” – came the reply. He was not convinced with this answer and he walked out. Even I felt embarrassed. I read the Nadi to others, and if everything happens as per what is read, then it’s fine. Otherwise, I am having to undergo all such insults and anger etc.

Reading Nadi is not my profession. I will read it if wanted. Else, let’s just leave it. Who are we to change the fate of these people? I felt. I am a human as well right?

By looking at the Nadi, I felt frustrated. Did I ask for such unwanted friendship or venting of anger? I could be just normal as the others, I thought.

One and a half years passed by. Manickavasagan came to visit me with a lot of fruits. Before I could ask him anything, he fell at my feet. I couldn’t understand anything.

“What Agastya Muni said happened” – he said happily and became silent suddenly. His eyes became moist. I was trembling as to what he is going to say. He became to narrate.

“When my brother went on his way, I was very frustrated initially. I even thought that he should not score well, should suffer and should fall at my feet after incurring heavy loss in business etc. Even more to say, I was also ready to do a hideous sin. I gave money to a Tantric from Kerala to do witchcraft against his business. The tantric did something and gave me a pendant and a rope saying that my brother will fall at my feet in forty days. He collected money and went off. But in forty days, it was me who fell in business and my brother soared high. Only then I came to read Nadi to you.


In spite of knowing the hideousness I did against my brother, Agastya Muni gave good words to me. Why did’nt Agastya Muni mention about the sin? How did He forgive me? If Agastya Muni knows everything, then why didn’t he outline my mistake to me? Having not done so, the Nadi must be a falsehood too, I thought. But I do not know whose good deed it is, my own brother Gopalsamy has written off about 10 crores in my name. Even his wife does not know about it.

Why did he write half of his property in my name, I could not understand initially. I didn’t believe that at first either. But he had called me to his wife a week back and so I went. He was bedridden. I was shocked. He said that he has blood cancer and he is in the fourth stage and that he will last long only for a month or two. He said he has written off half of the property to his wife and the remaining half in my name. As he is childless, he requested that I should take care of his wife as my own sister till the end.”

What a heart he has? For such a brother, I did such a crime – I felt so devastated. Now I do not feel the property to be so great. My brother should live. That is why I came praying to Agastya Muni” – he began to cry profusely.

When I asked the Maharishi, he said “This man’s brother, though suffers from a deadly cancer, will continue to live for another 3 years. Let him go to Thirukadayur and perform a yagna. Whoever comes to read Nadi, the angel of fate tells something about their future in advance, but We did not tell that to you, as you may just spit it off” – said the Sage!

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~ to be continued…!

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