The Grace of Siddha – 33 – those who wanted to test Agastya Muni

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

When inspector Devaraj knocked my door in the wee hours of early morning, I was shocked a bit, in spite of he being my ex friend. He showed me an order when I questioned the reason of his arrival.

It was a suspension order, due to the missing of the mic-set inside his police jeep parked out of his house, marking it as his ‘irresponsibility’. As far as I know, there are a number of very good police officers in the department and Devaraj is certainly one among them I believe. Why is he being tested like this, I thought. He spoke further.

“I am not even worrying about my suspension order. But where is the missing mic set now? Will I get it back? I wanted to know this and hence I came, without minding the wee hours”

“Why should the mic set be taken away? What is the gain for them in it?”

“That’s what even I don’t understand. There is no use for either the public or anyone to that matter. Why they took it, is not clear” – said Devaraj.

“Can’t we fix another one in the jeep?”

“No, it is designed for the department specially, we can’t procure it just like that. It has to be ordered”

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi, thinking that the debate is enough.

You will get back what you lost. Just wait for 30 days” – came the reply.

Inspector Devaraj was disappointed a bit as there weren’t any input on its whereabouts, how will he get it etc. He left the place at once in spite of me asking him to have patience. He said…

“I came here as everyone said that things happen just the way Agastya Muni says. I did not expect such a blunt reply. Is this really from Agastya or is it your own words?” I was surprised, is this he who asks such a question? But I did not reply. I kept silent. He came back after 4 days, and his face did not show any sign of happiness.

“A eight soverign gold jewellery is missing at home. There isn’t a servant maid. As its a police quarters, outsiders cannot enter the place easily. With the only person at home being my wife, how can it be missing? Will Agastya Muni clarify me at least this in his clarivoyance?”

“Today is Chandrashtamam and so there won’t be a good reply today. Please come after two days” – I said.

“I knew that Agastya Muni cannot clarify ‘such’ things as He is not an astrologer. But I asked it just as I had some doubt” – his words pierced me as a thorn as he left out.

I determined that if he comes back again, I must ask him to check any Nãdi elsewhere and to leave me alone with folded hands. I was happy too that he did not come back to me for about 25 days.

It was the 30th day.

Inspector Devaraj came around 10 at night and said “I am sorry sir. Out of depression, I spoke what not and I must have hurt you. Somehow, the lost mic-set has been found”

I asked him silently. ‘How?’

“It was in the Koovam river, nearby my house.”

“Who found it?”

“I did. They were digging the sand from the river side and had put them in the road. When I went for walking, I saw this wireless mic, its spares etc in that drain. I had a doubt. Upon digging the soil further, the entire set came out.”

“Who could have thrown it there?”

“Only Agastya Muni should tell that!”

“Have you informed this to your department?”

“Yes I have. They said that the mic is not going to be useful, but looks like they will cancel the suspension order tomorrow”

“It is a very good news indeed”

“Who threw this wireless set in to the sewage. I want to know this, please ask this in the Nãdi” – he rushed me, which I did not like. I opened the Nãdi with a dislike as he is sort of a weird person. I worried if he is setting a trap for me by saying such things. Moreover, he does not believe a bit in me or Agastya Muni. For such people, why should I read the Nãdi at all? I thought.

Agastya Muni said…

As per the Government’s order, any police officer should not park the vehicle belonging to Government in front of their houses. It can be done only upon requirement, after seeking approval. Devaraj does not respect this, and was doing things all by his own. The one who resides near Devaraj’s house is Vivek, who is a ill-minded fellow. A guy from an anti-social element wanted to take 

revenge on Vivek and was watching his residence. He wanted to push the jeep parked outside Vivek’s residence along with 4 other gang members. As they could not, they took out the wireless-mic and threw it in Koovam river. But that jeep was not Vivek’s. It was Devaraj’s, which they did not know.

Vivek was escaped, but Devaraj was suspended due to this. Why he was suspended? He has a bad quality. He use to write anonymous letters to his higher officials on those he did not like. Due to this, many an officials have got suspended and re-joined.

Due to his anonymous letters, the family members of those officials too were very affected. It is their tears, that cursed Devaraj to get this suspension” – explained the Maha Muni, in detail. Later He said…

We could have told this well ahead. But as he lied to Agastya Himself that he lost his jewellery, We thought he should undergo the punishment for such an act. Else, we could have saved him by saying this out well before 26 days. At least from now onwards, let him not say such lies to Agastya or to test Him” – advised the Sage.

The Devaraj still lives. He got retired after reaching a high post in the department. But this is nothing before what he does not. He prays to Agastya Muni everyday, in front of His image and looks like a ripen Shiva Gnani. When he was under inquiry during his suspension, an anonymous letter which stated that he should be dismissed, somehow stated that he is innocent. This is an unsolved mystery even now. May be this is a divine play orchestrated by Agastya Muni Himself, who knows?!

~ to be continued…


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