The Grace of Siddha – 34 – The Blue Jagger Diamond

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Please do not say its because of the bad karma from previous births and do parihaar. We are so tired of doing it again and again. Please tell us something else and we shall do so. If only our difficulties can be ward off, it’s enough” – came a lady of middle age.

“What’s ‘that’ sort of a difficulty for you?”

“My husband who was employed in a very good firm lost his job. Second, our son who was very good in academics is staring at something, laughs by himself and behaves like he is insane. He does not go to college at all.”

“O, then?”

“Our only daughter Pavithra, was very good and intelligent. She said she wouldn’t go to work from our house and gone in to a hostel. I am like mad. We had to sell our land, farm-lands, house for a cheaper rate to get rid of the debt, in spite of which, the debut is not totally over.” – she began to cry after saying these in a single breath.

I felt pity about her.

“To get rid of the bad karma, I have done so many parihaars by accepting more and more debts, in lakhs of rupees. I do not have anything more to sell” – she said.

“How did your husband lose his job?”

“Somebody did some mistake and he was penalized that he mishandled money, they took him off the job. This was the first blow to our family”.

“What happened to your son?”

“He came back from college, that’s all we know. From next day on, he did not attend college, he started talking to himself. He does not eat, doesn’t take bath, never changed his clothes. Whatever we ask, he won’t reply. I tried a lot of different medications. It is going to be eight months by tomorrow since he attended college. What has come of him? Why do we have this much of difficulty?” – she cried. I remained silent.

“My daughter earns well, only by which we run our family. I thought she would shoulder me but she said she doesn’t have anymore peace at our house and it’s six months since she went away. Has somebody performed a witch-craft against my family?” – she asked.

Agastya Muni does not believe in witch-craft generally, though he does not speak lowly of the powers of Atharvana Veda. From the narration, even I began to think if its some witch-craft. I prayed to Agastya Muni earnestly for fifteen minutes and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Let her go home at once. Let her come back in the morning after two days” – this is what came repeatedly and nothing else.

“O Amma, Agastya Muni does not say anything on this now, but he instructs you to go home at once without any delay. Please come after two days, He will definitely give a reply” – I tried to set her off.

But she refused to move. “What am I going to do wby going home? Let it take how much ever time. I will leave only after reading the Nãdi” – she was adamant.

“If the Maha Muni says something, there will be a meaning and purpose behind it. Please go home now, do not go anywhere but staright to your house” – I persuaded her very much, though I felt a little hestitant.

She was frustrated and that was shown in her voice. I didn’t know what to do. Instead, I felt frustrated with Agastya Muni. Why is this blame? Why do I have to hear such harsh words from people?”

It is true that those who sat there witnessed the lady going out with rage. I did not feel like reading the Nãdi for those waiting after this.

Four hours went by.

The same lady called up. I felt that she didn’t feel it was enough to scold me in person, so she wanted to complete it over the phone also, probably, I thought and took the receiver.

“O Sire, please forgive me. I scolded you and the Maha Muni. Had I not reached home in time, my son who consumed the sleeping pills would not have got saved by now. I must thank Agastya Muni for this” – she said!

I felt the happiness in her voice, that she got saved from a huge danger.

The son, out of some disappointment took the sleeping pills in overdose and fell unconscious. The Maha Muni knew this and He drove the lady home to save him! But as the doctors had told it would take 48 hours for him to recover completely, she said she will bring her son after two days.

I personally thanked Agastya Muni as well. Two days went by.

The lady visited with her son. He fell at my feet. “Why is this difficulty? Let Agastya Muni tell us what we need to do. We are ready to do whatever He says” – said the lady. I requested the Muni’s approval and began to read the Nãdi.

Her husband is very used to get bribes. He does not feel like going home if he had not got even a rupee as bribe, though he worked for a big firm. If he does not get anything for a day, he used to take something, anything from the office, even at least the staple pins. For such a person, to complete an important task, another person gave a costly “blue-stone” diamond studded ring as a gift.

For this one, who steals even staple pins, if he is given such a diamond, he accepted it at once and put it in his trouser pocket. He did not realize how dangerous effect that blue jagger will bring forth. Had he known that, he would have returned the ring at once or he must have thrown it away. The moment he accepted the ring, time turned against him at once.


For getting the work for the person who gave the ring, he went wrong ways to accomplish his request and got caught. He lost his position. He could’ve thought even then, he did not think as to why he lost the position. Even fate did not let him think. His son wore the same ring one day. From that day on, he became insane. It was its peak that persuaded him to suicide. Out of this ring, this lady lost all the property they had, drove their daughter out of house” – said the Maha Muni and stated “Let them throw this ring away, everything will be alright and let this lady decide whether this is the effect of past birth’s bad karma or this present!

Later on, the lady and her husband accepted that whatever the Sage said was all true. Though the ring kept in their safe costed about 4 lakhs, it has swallowed about 40 lakhs worth of their properties. Now it lies somewhere in a garbage. But once they threw the ring away, the family’s happiness got restored for sure. The person must have learnt a good lesson to be good too!

~ to be continued…!


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