The Grace of Siddha – 35 – Possessed!

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

There came a mother along with her 22 year old son saying, “This guy was normal but now he behaves like an insane, don’t know what happened. Will he recover or not?” He appeared normal and does not seem affected with any of the symptoms that the mother described.

“What happened?”

“Nothing. He was driving alone in the Chetpet bridge about 1’o clock in the night, a year and a half back. As soon as he came down the bridge, something cold touched his body. From then on, he is not himself”

“How do you know about this?”

“His friends told me what happened for I do not know if its real or not. But he has gone with them for a tiffin, went to a movie and had a good time chatting with them as well.”

“Did you take him to the doctor?”

“Yes. They gave different medicines. Nothing cured it. You only can request Agastya Muni about him.”

“Ok. What do You think about it?”

“I believe someone has done a witch-craft”

“Why should it be so?”

“I don’t know. I just tell you what I hear from neighbours”

“Ok, then you must have performed any parihaar for this.”

“We took him to the Chottanikarai Bhagavathi Amman Temple and stayed there for 45 days and did parihaar, puja etc. We did not get the expected outcome”

While this talk was on, the guy kept silent and I didn’t ask him anything either. Though I was interested to know what would have happened, I didn’t express and I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Jeeva Nadi. At first, no reply came from the Nadi which shocked me. I prayed again and opened the Nadi, again.

Agastya Muni did not say anything, at all!

With a lot of hope, I opened it again and again and at about the ninth time, a reply came.

This is not the right place to tell any clairvoyance to this guy. Though Agastya does not believe in witch-craft, there is an evil spirit that has possessed him and hence Agastya does not want to talk to that spirit. Hence, on an Ashtami day, just about night fall, We will explain about this in that famous Church of Chennai

Then he said “Make yourself a protective circle and here’s a mantra for that” and gave me a mantra.

I have never heard of those Mantras before, and it was difficult to read it as well. With a lot of patience, I recited that about three times slowly then and there. The moment I finished reciting the mantra, the guy who kept quiet for all the while, began to laugh terribly. It was not a laughter from that of a guy, but that of a young girl, laughing romantically!! The mother and myself were shell-shocked to hear a girl’s voice from a grown up lad. Though Agastya Muni had given a protective mantra beforehand, such a laughter made us trembling.

The mother began to cry profusely as she could not bear that. The guy kept laughing like a girl.

I began to notice him completely, which required a great mental strength. The mantra that Agastya Muni gave must also have given me the courage. Otherwise, it would be impossible to be in that room with this guy even for a moment. About ten minutes, the guy lied down on the ground as if unconscious and the laughter had stopped as well.

I explained the mother about Agastya Muni’s words and asked her to take him to that Church on a Ashtami evening. I suggested her to bring a couple of more people on that day as such an occurance may happen there also.

I stood there in front of the Church on the specified Ashtami day with Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi, reciting the Mantra that He gave me with a slight fear, waiting for them to come. They came after a while, along with a couple of others. The guy’s face radiated and was active too. The rest of them appeared slightly fearful. Agastya Muni asked the guy to be seated facing West and began to narrate…

This guy had fallen in love with a girl. At first, the girl did not pay heed to him but later she fell in love with him only manifold than he loved her. She belonged to a Christian family by birth but still she resolved to marry him only. She expressed her wish to her parents when they began to discuss about her alliance and the parents told her what most of the parents would say. Though they put a barrier for her marriage with this guy, she thought she would cross it however. Thereby she ran out seeking him.

But this guy changed his mind suddenly and has told her that they should get married after two years. She did not expect this and jumped in front of the train near Chetpet railway station and committed suicide. Thankfully, she did not blame anyone or wrote a suicide note or so.

As this guy realized that she committed suicide only because of him, he used to go to Chetpet bridge every midnight and used to shed tears thinking of her. As that girl died thinking of him, her spirit got in to him suddenly and it is that spirit which has possessed him” – said the Muni!

This truth is known by everyone including his mother, but she kept it without disclosing it to me. She asked as to how to get rid of the spirit from this guy. Agastya Muni began to explain:

This is related to Atharvana Veda Parihara method. They should have done this during their stay in Chottanikarai Bhagavathi Amman Temple itself. Still, let him be taken inside the Church to get a holy cross from the priest with his blessing and let him wear it. Otherwise, let him be taken somewhere and read The Bible from the beginning to end for about thirty days. Otherwise, let them go to Velankanni Temple and pray for about 18 days. As the deceased girl belonged to a Christian community, I suggested you to come to this holy church and to do these. The girl won’t trouble him after this. ” – said the Agastya!

The guy’s relatives did not get convinced about this and argued as to how could they read a Bible as they belonged to a different caste etc. I just said them this. “Whatever the Maha Muni told me, I narrated. Whether to do it or not is up to you” and I left.

The mother and son came after a month and a half and said that they performed all the remedies that Agastya Muni told them and that the guy became absolutely normal.

I thanked the Agastya Muni and prayed to him earnestly about one thing but. It is not to get me stuck in matters involving spirits or religion”.

So far, such trouble did not come.

~ to be continued…!

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