The Grace of Siddha – 36 – test of truth

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Most of those who come to read Nãdi does not confess what they did wrong and seek guidance, rather, they keep it confined and question that Agastya Muni should do some miracle or if some new information should come out of the Nãdi.

Some will ask what their name is! Where is my wife right now (?!) etc too! As their intention is to test the Agastya Muni, He becomes equally sportive and answers them sarcastically. Such answers from Agastya will be totally opposite to the truth and at the same time, it would demean them. They won’t be dissatisfied either with me or Agastya. Even if they get angry towards Agastya Muni, due to the orders of Agastya, it has happened they went down to such a state that they wound’nt be able to get up afterwards.

The lady who came the other day asked this question in a slow and steady manner – “My husband is missing for the past 2 years. Please help me find out where he is”. When saying this, her face did not resemble fear or anxiety, which disturbed me.

“What steps have you taken?”

“I tried everything, and nothing was useful. Only Agastya Muni can help me find out” – she said in the same steady tone. I began to think, she is at the peak of depression out of the search attempt and is heart-broken.

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Because of this lady in front, Agastya has got impurity (theetu as referred in Tamil). Hence, ask her to come again in 13 days” – this is what came and no other inputs came out of the Nãdi. I did not tell her about the impurity part but just said that the day is not auspicious, so to come again after 13 days and sent her off.

Due to this impurity, Agastya’s clairvoyance was not available for thirteen days. Even I felt happy that I am getting some rest and set forth to Thirupathi through my friends’ invite where I saw this same lady with a person. She was dressed well and they were laughing heartily while going. The lady did not see me though. I felt happy within that she has indeed got her husband back and blessed them within that they should live happily. But I had a doubt, “Why did Agastya Muni get impurity due to this lady and didn’t give any word for 13 days?” If it was due to this lady, then her husband or any of the parent would have deceased. If she was married and then if her parents were deceased, then too, its only for three days that such restriction is in place. Only if she had lost her husband, it accounts to thirtten days. But if she is here in Tirumala wearing flowers and tilak, what does that mean? Which one is true and which is untrue?

But I also thought that the Agastya Muni won’t say or do anything without a reason.

After fifteen days, the same lady came back and said “You had asked me to come after 13 days. Hence I came. Please help me find my husband”.

Once I hear this, my stomach had a burning sensation out of anger. What I saw in Tirupathi kept coming in my mind. Is what I saw with my own eyes a lie? Or what she says is? Or is it that I saw a lady who resembles this one and thought it is her? – I was royally confused. After a few minutes, I submitted my apologies to Agastya Muni for my confusion and began to read the Jeeva Nãdi.

It is true that the lady’s husband has left her about one and a half years back. He went on a business trip to a foreign country and got arrested there due to a misdeed he was involved in. Just at the time this lady came seeking Agastya, her husband met with a car accident there and died. She does not know that yet. Neither did that country’s government give her any formal notification.

Since she came to Agastya at the same time her husband died, an impurity got Us and We asked her to come later. In the meanwhile, this lady had an affair with her neighbour, which her husband is aware of too. It is true that they lived like a husband and wife. A few days back, in Thirumala, she wore a mangalya as her lover’s persuasion.

Hence as she is a Sumangali now, We did give clairvoyance. Send her off in the best way you can by saying anything you see fit”. – Ordered the Maha Muni.

This got me in a huge dilemma. I did not expect that He will get me in to such a trouble. Now I had two questions. Her husband has died in a foreign country and it would take a few days for the body to reach India. She does not know the truth yet and in this way, she is a widow.
A few days back, she adorned the Mangalya due to her lover’s persuasion and in this way, she is a Sumangali (a married lady whose husband is alive). Is she asking about her husband without knowing anything and what should I tell her?”

“O lady, please give me your address. I shall write you a letter in an auspicious day” – I said and got her address. Though I got her address, I never wrote anything to that lady. At the same time, I wrote all that Agastya Muni told in a letter addressed to her, pasted the cover and kept it in my room itself. She came back in a month and a half and never argued or got in to a fight or so. I took out the letter and handed over to her.

After reading it, she just said “You could have told me this that day itself” – in the same steady tone.

“Fair enough. I should have mentioned what Agastya Muni said, exactly. But at that time, this news would have created a huge shock in you. To avoid it, I did so” – I said.

She kept quiet for a while and said “I got the news about ten days back. I asked them to do all the formalities and rituals there itself, which got over by yesterday”

I expressed my sorry for the sake of it and said “Don’t worry for you have got a new husband”

“Maybe, but I do feel whatever I did as a big mistake. There is a huge difference between the Mangalya tied with love and affection and the one worn due to compulsion. I do not like this second marriage. Above all, this person is already married, has kids and does not have any income. So I decided to stay away from him” – said the lady.

I was looking at her quietly and asked “What have you decided to do?”

“With the money I have, I think I will do some service in the name of Agastya Muni!” – said she!

I blessed her that it is indeed a good decision. I never saw that lady thereafter, but I strongly feel that she must be doing some social service for sure.

~ to be continued…

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