The Grace of Siddha – 37 – seemingly unrelated reply

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

An elderly person of about 70 years came along with a young man, on his thirties, both their faces had a layer of unhappiness. Indeed, those who visit a hospital won’t wear silk saree and dress up well. Just as so, those who come for Jeeva Nãdi reading come here to get rid of their most pressing issue, I thought.

“He is my only son, born after a long time. He is stuck in a great problem. Only Agastya Muni can save him” – his voice choked with emotion, he pleaded with folded hands. His son seemed educated but his unshaven face appeared very disturbed and tired, as if he hasn’t slept for quite some time.

“What is the problem?” – I asked the son.

He smiled a little but never replied. The father said to me to ask Agastya Muni Himself on what the problem is!

“Me asking Agastya Muni is an option indeed. But what is in it for me? You came here seeking a remedy for your trouble. If you tell me what it is, I can request Agastya Muni for a remedy and convey it to you, that’s all I can do”.

“You’re saying so, but as per the information I got, they all said that the Muni will tell us everything and that we don’t have to open our mouth at all?”

“Those who get such a bhagyam (a blessing), they are lucky indeed. This however depends on the attitude, faith and truthfulness in those who come here. If you tell a lie here, Agastya Muni will tell “lies” to test you. If you think of testing Him, for sure He will test you!” – said I.

The father kept quiet for sometime. “He is stuck in a great trouble and should be relieved off it. That is all” – he said the same thing again.

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi without replying him.

Let him come and see Agastya in about 48 days” – came the sole reply from Agastya Muni!

“What is this sire? Nothing came out?” said the father.

“Agastya Muni does not say anything without a reason. Please come back in 48 days as said” – I said. The moment I said this, the father became frustrated at me.

“It is my mistake that I came here, trusting you. You will collect information from ourselves and “reply” to ourselves it seems. Since I did not mention what my problem is, you could not say anything and are chasing me out to come back after 48 days. I have never seen such a fraudulent act like this. Total fraud” – he scolded and burst out of the place.

The lad went along with his father with his head bowing down. Never spoke anything!

I was heart-broken. However, I remained silent thinking that this is yet another play of Agastya Ma Muni. Another person came in with a paper, to write down whatever Agastya Muni will tell him. I began to read the Nãdi with half a mind, without even asking who he was etc. Agastya Muni began to give answers, which seemed totally unrelated, totally!

He is a thief who got addicted to drugs, went to a foreign land to accumulate wealth. He acted in pornographic movies along with the prostitutes of that foreign land, displaying the sutra of Vatsyayana, only in the sense of vulgarity. Though he accumulated a lot of money on the sin he committed, the moment he stepped on the land of the Brave Man of Maharashtra (Chatrapathi Shivaji), he got caught with all his movies he bought. He somehow escaped and came here to Tamil Nadu only this morning.

The police is searching for him. He will get caught in a few hours and will spend some time behind the bars. He will come back only to Agastya after 48 days, after getting a temporary bail out. The father who blamed and accused Agastya will get paralytic attack. He will be saved after he prayed to Agastya!” – the reply was as hot as firing, in a swift manner.

To put shortly, the son of the old man who came before went to a foreign land, accumulated wealth by acting in porn movies, got addicted to drugs and smuggled those movies to India to sell them, where he got caught by the airport authorities. He somehow escaped. His father knew all this but still he kept quiet and wanted to get Agastya Muni’s words.

Hope the readers understood now. Everything is ok, but why didn’t the Muni convey this to the father himself? More so, why is he saying all this to a person totally unrelated? I could not understand this at all. I was shocked to know that the information supposed to be given to a person, is being revealed to another. This person, without a startling is writing down all that came from the Maha Muni! This disturbed me very much.

“O Sir. There seems to be some mistake here. The clairvoyance that came is for the person who came before you. Please tear this off and tell me what you want to ask. I shall seek the words of Agastya Muni” – I said.

But what I saw, this person began to cry profusely, neither retaliated to what I said, nor did he tear down the paper!!!

He fell at my feet suddenly.

“Sire! What Agastya Muni said is all true. The father who came before is actually mine. The lad who went along with my father is my own brother. He studied BE and was a responsible engineer. His good looks got him to the addiction of girls. Someone told him that he can earn a lot of money if he acts in porn movies in foreign land. He went there and got entangled in that dangerous group. He earned a lot of money and while coming back, he got caught. We know that the police is searching for him too” – said he!

“Your father does not believe in Nãdi is it?”


“Your brother?”

“He is out of any question as he is addicted to drugs already. It was me who asked them to come to you. I knew that my father will have a lose-talk. Hence I followed him. Now, what is the parihaar (remedial measure) to be done to save my brother? Can my dad be saved from the paralytic attack too” – he asked.

As he spoke ill of Agastya Muni, the father will get its punishment for sure. For the remaining question, come after 48 days. Hereafter, do not send people who do not have faith in Agastya Muni” – said the Maha Muni!

This person should have bought his brother directly without sending him with his dad, I felt sad.

The forty ninth day…

The father and the son of drug came back. The father could not talk and above all, he could barely walk as two others helped him to be carried. He could not fold his legs or stretch. His words were gibberish and tears covered his eyes. He could not even fold his hands in the gesture of salutation.

I asked them what happened.

Right after six hours of visiting here, the police arrested the drug-boy in case of pornography. He was in gail and got bail just two days back. The father who witnessed all this got high blodd pressure which resulted in a mild-paralytic attack. He has come back here, with faith, once he saw his son getting bail. Overall, whatever the Muni mentioned has turned out to be true in their cases. The son of drugs asked as to what the future holds.

As he acted in porn movies in that foreign land, though he escaped now, he has to get the punishment for his acts here” – said the Muni, and suggested a few herbs to be prescribed to get rid of the drug-addiction. For the father, he suggested a herb variety that grows only in Podhigai Hills. Though he was graduated as a BE engineer, his acts got him lose his job. He was behind the bars for sometime too. Now he has a business of selling religious items. He is out of the drug addiction now. The father walks without anybody’s help now. One can see him with the holy ash on his forehead and Rudraksha bead in his neck!

~ to be continued…!

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