The Grace of Siddha – 41 – A bird in hand…

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

All those who come to read the Nadi does not remain patient. Some expect that all others should be made to wait and they should be given priority and the Nadi should be read for them first.

Some demand that they are government officials and so preference must be given to them. They read the Nadi and also put a query that I should read it for another person of their reference. Some say that they are from the police department and so they should be given priority.

There is a difference between those who try to influence by using their status or position and those who wait to get the reading. Everything will happen for good only if Agastya Muni’s grace is bestowed. Otherwise, the social status or influence wouldn’t have any effect at all.

They must realize that only based on their Karmic effects that Agastya suggests them remedies and such influences doesn’t weigh anything before Him!

Just as a very well known person came in with his influence, he was about 52 years old.

“Sir, my wife passed away recently. There are two grown up girls. I got the elder one married and she is conceived now. As this is the first delivery, I must take care of it” – he started, beating around the bush.

I intervened and asked, “Ok, what is the connection between these and why you have come to read Nadi?”

“You should ask Agastya Muni if I have an opportunity to re-marry”

I thought “He has two grown up girls and he is around 52. The first daughter is going to be at his place for the delivery. Why is this person thinking of a second marriage?” Though I thought so, I must read Nadi without any bias, so I opened up the Nadi.

No reply came even after trying so many times. I realized that some mistake has happened indeed. I decided to wait for some time and try again. In the meantime, I began to talk to him.

He said he has fertile lands in his home town. As his wife passed away all of a sudden, the daughter’s marriage got interrupted. He kept saying that if he marries for the second time, the delivery tasks can be taken care of. Then the marriage of the rest of the girls can happen smoothly with good alliances. Suddenly, he said he is not interested in this second marriage, but for the girls, he is forced to take such a decision.

In between, he shed tears thinking of his deceased wife. I was surprised.

Your daughter’s in-laws must be knowing your condition. If you can request, her mother-in-law herself can take care of the delivery tasks right? – I asked.

“No sir. As per the tradition, it is me who should take care of this now. I cannot forgo these things. Hence I think the second marriage is the only solution”

When I opened the Nadi again, the Sage said “Let him go at once to Thiruvidaimarudhur. There let him lit Moksha Deepam in the Shiva Temple for 9 days, at once” – nothing further came out.

* Moksha Deepam is normally lit for souls who departed in an abnormal manner, like a sudden death, accidental etc.

This person was puzzled. The same reply came even upon requesting multiple times and so he got frustrated. He asked in a longing tone “Wasn’t there any mention about the second marriage?”

I nodded no.

There will be a reason in what Agastya says. Let him first do what is said and we shall say further” – said the Sage all of a sudden, which shook myself off. Normally Agastya Muni does not respond in an angry tone, but how He said today made me shiver a little.

This person not sure what he felt started abusing, “What are you reading? You’re not responding to what has been asked and further saying go here, go there and all? I have a doubt. Are you saying these by yourself or is Agastya says this Himself?” – he asked in a sarcastic tone.

The person who kept mum so far spoke in a different tone altogether and it embarrassed me. I felt let him say whatever he wants to say and then we shall ask Agastya Muni later on.

“Why should I lit up a Moksha Deepam?” – he asked like a person totally unaware of.

“It probably is due to a dosha from your ancestor’s time. He might have suggested because of it”

“All these are just fake stories ok. My father, grand father and everyone has donated a large sum of money to temples, performed many a Kumbabhishekam, as far as I know, they haven’t committed any sins”.

“It may probably due to a unnatural death for which Agastya Muni might have suggested it” – said I.

“Nothing of that sort happened. I know for sure” – said the person.

“Very well. I shall seek Agastya Muni’s guidance itself”

I opened the Jeeva Nadi in a few minutes.

He is testing Agastya Himself! What he said is all lies. All his grand parents died an unnatural death, by jumping off the well at their very home and committed suicide. His father was murdered in the middle of the road by his enemies due to caste issues. Neither him or his father or his grand fater has any wealth or property. Why should he hide this from Agastya?” – as I read out what Agastya Muni was saying, the person’s face turned pale and he was totally shocked. He bowed down quietly.

I began to read further, aloud.

Even now, there has been an unnatural death in his house. Can he refuse this from Agastya?

The person looked up. I read further.

The reason why he is desperate for a second marriage is to fool others. Otherwise, he is the one who killed his wife by injecting poison in to her, who was suffering from cancer. He didn’t even give proper treatment for her.

The second marriage he is desperate is to get married to his servant maid. They have a closer relationship for quite a few months and she is conceived as well. Let him say himself. Is this true or not?” – the Sage concluded with a question.

As soon as he heard it, he started shivering and fell down at my feet.

“Sire, please do not disclose this to anyone. What the Sage said is all true. As my wife was suffering with cancer, I thought she wouldn’t survive and I killed her by injecting poison. At the same time, I became closer to the maid who came to assist my wife. My wife knew about it and she asked me to kill her and to marry her. I do not know why she said so, but I killed her.

Though I wanted to marry the maid, my daughters are not ready to accept her as their step-mother.

I came to seek Agastya’s words, so that I can convince my daughter with His words. This is the truth!” – said the person.

Anyhow, as you have killed a sick person, her soul is not at peace. This is the reason why I suggested you to lit Moksha Deepa. As you are dreaming, the maid won’t come forward to marry you, the reason, she thinks that if you change your mind again, you might kill her as well and start looking out for another girl…and she is going out of the town now” – said the Sage!

This person was greedy to marry the maid after killing his wife. Now he lost both. He went ahead and lit Moksha Deepa as Agastya Muni suggested and has started a home for aged people in his wife’s name and is doing social service to the poor. He totally got out of the thought of second marriage.

He could be seen on top of Podhigai Hills, as a hermit.

~ to be continued…

The Grace of Siddha – 40 – Worldly Debt

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Those who come to read Nãdi to me include people who are in great debt, not in few thousands or lakhs but even crores of rupees. Debtors who obtained money for huge interest and are not able to repay, those who have sold their properties and are greatly affected, there are many types of them who come.

No one seeks the guidance of Agastya Muni before they borrow or before they start a new venture. When the situation grows out of control, they come running to seek Nãdi’s guidance just as people rush to emergency ward in hospital.

In addition…

They expect their debt which they have incurred for years together to be magically cleared in half a second, without even thinking how practically possible it is. Many come here only to have some miracle happening with them and lo! their debts are gone. Sage Agastya is neither Kubera (the lord of wealth), to shower money nor God. He only guides those who seek His guidance, to get rid of their Karmic effects, to reach God, to encourage the sinking hearts and to show them a way out etc. that too, only when they follow Agastya Muni’s suggestions and remedies properly and completely with total faith. This is the practical reality.

On that day…

A multi-millionairre lady from Salem (Tamil Nadu) came to seek Agastya’s guidance. Her face radiated her richness and she appeared abnormally stout. She adorned her neck, ears and hands with gold and diamonds with high quality pearls studded in them. She had applied KumKum (Tilak) in the size of a old quarter Anna (a denomination of money in metal coin, then used in India). A few grey hairs here and there. She was gasping as she walked over, proving that she is not healthy. A ray of worry in her face surpassed all of this.

She rested for a while and said “We have huge debts. I am afraid that our relatives might have done some witch-craft against us. There is a debt of about 1.5 crores. We are not able to pay off the interests for that at all. Please request Agastya Muni and tell us a way to get rid off this debt.”

“Have you come alone?”

“No. My husband has come as well, but he does not have any faith in Nãdi. He is in the car, outside” – she said with a slight worry.

“That’s ok. This is based on individual’s faith. Do not worry. I am not the agent for Agastya. I won’t commit the sin of taking advantage of your situation and by charging money from you. Even Agastya Muni will show you the right direction. Please ask your husband to come here as well.” – said I.

In a while, her husband came in, not so willingly. He did not even face me or spoke but he scolded the lady with very harsh words and said “why are you asking me to come here, why don’t you read the Nãdi for yourself if you have to?”

The poor lady became so upset. She looked at me with dilemma and pity. I even felt why at all I called her husband in and understood her situation.Without speaking anything else, I opened up the Nãdi.

By cheating the brother and possessing off all the wealth, the brother’s entire family committed suicide right on this day, two years back. Their curse have caused this debt. Whatever wealth came in, went by just like how it came. This is the truth” – said the Sage and suddenly….

Let them go home at once, it’s good if they reach before sunrise. We shall tell the rest at a later time” – concluded the sage.

They both were shocked. They came with an expectation that Agastya Muni will say a lot and will show them ways to get rid of their debt and all. But…

Go home at once, that too, before 4.55 AM particularly – the Sage’s words not only must have confused them, but would have disappointed them very much too.

“Didn’t He say anything else?” – asked the lady with her voice choked with so much of pity.

“No Amma. Please do not delay and go home. You must be at home before morning. That is all. He didn’t say anything else” – I said.

The lady left with a lot of grief. I could her her husband started off with her saying “See? I told you already not to believe in these things. At least know yourself now. All these are just a fraud”

In a way, his words did affect me. By God’s grace, I am not in a position to earn money from people by reading Nãdi but why should I hear to such foul talks? Is this because of my Karmic effect? – I thought.

The first call I received the next day around 5 in the morning was that lady’s.

“What’s the matter Amma?”

“O Sire. My son has hanged himself O Sire” – she screamed at the peak of her voice.

I let her vent out and asked “When did he do so?”

“This morning..”

“At what time?”

“When we reached home, around 4.55 AM!!!”

“How is he now?”

“They have taken him to the hospital. Sire, my son will be alive know?” – she pleaded.

“Do not worry. He will sure be alive” – I encouraged her.

“If you say, it is like the Agastya Muni Himself has said so” – said she.

I felt these words were a little too much. Where is Agastya Muni and where am I? I only wanted to give her courage but it is not good to say such big words, I felt. This really caused a worry in me.

The boy has hanged himself and they have taken him to the hospital. He should be alright. If even any one thing changes, no one will believe in Agastya Muni.

I got a phone call from the lady two hours later.

“My son got saved!” – she spoke happily. I left a breath of relief and thanked Agastya Muni earnestly!

~ to be continued…