The Grace of Siddha – 46 – What matters is true devotion

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

A middle aged man came to me and said this – “Agastya Muni must save me somehow. If not, me and my family has to commit suicide”.

I was not surprised at his saying as I have seen many such before. I thought him to be one among them.

“I belong to Papanasam near Thirunelveli district. I am an illiterate. My mother used to collect the dry woods from the nearby forest and feed us with the money she got. For about 18 years, not once that we wore new garments. The family suffered that much. Now I am pretty good and I have bought my family to a good position. But….” – he prolonged the last word a bit.

“Tell what’s the matter” – I said.

“I used to go to Podhigai Hills often. I pray to Agastya Muni everyday and whenever I can, I make a garland of Shenbaga flowers and offer it to Agastya Muni.

“You haven’t come to the point yet” – I urged him.

“To get my family out of poverty, I have done a mistake. I got acquainted with a gang with ill motives. They gave me good money. I have to go to a place they mention. When someone gives me something, I should bring that back to these. I must never see what is inside the pack. If I deliver the good properly, they give me a lot of money.

“Oh ok”

“Just as that, they asked me to collect a thing from someone about four days back. When I was bringing it back, the police and customs department got hold of me. I dropped the packet and ran out to escape”

“So, are the police in search of you?”


“In that case, you have not come to the right place. Go and meet an advocate and do the needful. That is the right thing to do” – I was focussed only on sending him out.

“No sire! I have heard about you and Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nadi. I have come here from my town with a great hope that only Agastya Muni can save me from this.” – he said so and fell down at my feet and grabbed hold of my legs tightly.

Will Agastya Muni grant his clairvoyance to such people? I was confused at first thinking of so many things. But as usual, I left it for Agastya Muni and began to read the Nadi.

Though this person got money through illegal sources, he has done a lot of charity work very often. He has built a temple in his village for the deities Sudalai Muthu and Isakki Amman. He sure will get the punishment for his wrong deeds. But his good karma will help him as well” – said the Muni and ordered me thus:

What I said is a deva ragasya. If you tell him this, his fear will ward off and he will go back to the same route thinking that he will escape the punishment somehow. Then he will come to Agastya every time. We will save him from this situation only this time” – said this to me alone and further said “Now read the following a little louder so he can hear well” – I continued just as he said.

To get rid of that hideous crime, first resolve and pray that you will do milk abhishekam to your kula devata with the money you got by working hard righteously. Do a yagna for Pratyangira Devi on a Amavasya day. Go to all the six battle-houses of Lord Muruga and apply sandalwood paste for him in all 6 places in such a way that He is pleased.

On a Saturday, let him perform a Garuda Dhandaka Yagya on the shrine of Garuda. If he does this, he will get rid of the bad-reputation. But one thing, while doing all these remedial measures, he should maintain absolute purity. The mind must not wander. This he must maintain for forty days. But if something happens in between, he should not hold Agastya responsible. Another thing, this is the first and last time. If he comes back to Agastya again, I won’t say a thing.

I read out just as the Maha Muni said.

He was listening with utmost devotion and fear, with folded hands. “Only if I escape out of this, I will never get along with that gang again” – somehow I was not hopeful in what he said.

Two months passed by.

A relative of that person came to me rushing and gave me a letter. It read thus:

“Just as Agastya Muni said, I completed all the prayers religiously. Through His grace, I got rid of the cases and bad-reputation. I must mention one thing. The gang I got along with was dealing with drugs. I also thought that the packet I had in my hand contained only drugs. But it was not drugs but Neem Powder. I came to know of this only later.

Only to deceive me, they gave Neem Powder in that packet. But I could only think Agastya Muni has changed the drug to Neem Powder. But I decided that I am not going to involve in these work. I went and surrendered in the police station. I have a couple of old cases against me and hence I am under enquiry now.

I will accept whatever punishment given to me. But if I get released through the Grace of Siddha Agastya, I will survive even by lifting weights and will save my family. Please pray for me”

As Agastya Muni had foretold, he was released from the case without any punishment. Whatever he had committed earlier, he was imprisoned for a year and a half and he got out.

The surprising part here is, the lawyer who got him out of the case with very low punishment, is called “Agastheeswaran!”

The Grace of Siddha – 45 – Blessed are those…

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

When I saw that villager, I was shocked a bit, the reason, a rough moushtache, not just that, a robust build, wearing a lungi with nothing on the torso with the loin adorned with a leather belt of an inch’s size.

“What do you want?”

“My wife is not feeling well sir. She is in the village. I need to see the Nadi for her” – said he.

“Why don’t you take her to the doctor? What will you do by reading Nadi here?”

“Agastya Ayya (referred with respect) should save my wife. That’s why I came here” – said he. More so, “The doctor had said that hereafter, your wife should not conceive. If not adhered to, its dangerous for her life. But she is now on her 9th month of pregnancy”

“If the doctor had said so, shouldn’t you be a little careful? Ok, how many children do you have?”

“Seven sire! Now my elder daughter who got married has come home for her first delivery as well” – he said that with an expression of shy.

“Very well then! Are you going to attend to your daughter’s delivery or for your wife? On top, you’re saying that she is not feeling well as well? What is this? Seems that you have done a mistake here” – I said with a true sympathy.

A few moments passed in silence.

“Ok, where is your village?”

“O its near the hill. There is no proper route to that place. One has to cross the river and when travelled for an hour in a twin bullock cart, a town comes. That’s where a delivery ward is present.” – he said that slowly and steadily.

“Ok, if one travels through all the way with difficulty, the delivery itself will be over by then. Aren’t there any other doctor or ladies with expertise in these delivery tasks in your village?”

“O there are, but they won’t come near our village. One has to wait for a whole day to bring them over”

“If you have that much of inconvenience in the village, why don’t you come out of it?”

“No I cannot sir. We are bound to the rules and regulations of the village”

“Very well, now who told you that you came here?”

“They said in the village. I came to know if there is a danger to my wife’s life or not”

The villager seemed a different person altogether to me. In what hope has he come to see me from all that distance? He does not seem to be worried much about anything. He is not a wealthy person either. Though appearing tough from outside, he has faith in God. He has left his lady back in the village who is at the verge of delivery to read Nadi. When I thought of all these, I felt a mixed feeling of anger as well as sympathy.

I opened the Jeeva Nadi.

The wife is physically weak and what the doctor said is also true that if she conceives again, she might suffer. She is a diabetic and she does not have a longer life span. However, this person who came in search of Agastya though seems rough and tough from the outside, he is an innocent child from within. He is an illiterate but has a lot of faith in God.

Agastya must help this person because in his previous birth, he has saved many a lives from being drowned in water. Moreover, he was an ardent devotee of Agastya, who came up to Podhigai hills, keeping vigil and felt so happy by performing milk-abhishekam for Agastya. On that podhigai hills’ falls, a girl slipped down once and he jumped out to save her. At the same time, he lost his life in saving her. We thought about this.

As he helped so in his previous birth, We and Agastya’s companion Lobamudra will be of help to his wife during delivery” – said the Maha Muni!

Then to me, “O beloved son of Agastya, ask this person to return to his village at once. She has got the delivery pain now and she is suffering” – concluded the Sage.

I began to tremble as soon as I read this. However, I mentioned that there is no problem and asked him to rush back to his village. The delivery should happen smooth and both the lives should be safe. I postponed all my other works and began to pray for this.

Do’nt know what this person thought. He started to go but he came back. As he saw me postponing all my work, sent back all those who were waiting to read the Nadi and sat for meditation, he got a big doubt. The person who was talking normally has sat down to meditate, must mean that there is a big danger to his wife and that she may not survive.

He wanted to know what he thought was right and so instead of going back to the village, he decided to stay right here and he sat down in a corner. But he could not do any prayer or anything. His eyes were pouring tears. He imagined that something unimaginable has happened and sat down as though collapsed. I did not notice him either.

When I opened my eyes, I saw him sat down with his head down. Only now I began to tremble and got so tensed.

“Haven’t you gone yet? Go at once!” – I consoled him somehow and I forced him to leave for his village. Only then I was relieve, d. Though it will happen just as Agastya Muni has mentioned, if something happens, these villagers might worsen the condition and I did not want to get caught in such things. I spent the next three nights sleepless.

On the morning of the fourth day…

The villager came back, happily. He had a bounty of fruits, sweets and beetle leaves etc.

“So…the delivery went well I guess? Is the mother and child hale and healthy now?” – I asked in an energetic tone.

He brushed out all those and asked just this.

“O Saami, what do you think of Agastya?”

“Why this doubt suddenly? He is the Shiva-Putra (son of Lord Shiva), He is a Siddha, He is the head of Siddhas” – I said.

“No sire! I was thinking that it is God who is even bigger than Agastya, but as far as I am concerned, He is the God sire!” – he continued..

“On that day when I came here, my wife got delivery pain and she had suffered a lot. At that time, a Sanyaasin and His wife had come near our house. They asked all our children to stay away and the wife of that Sanyaasin took care of the entire delivery process. The moment that lady touched my wife, she did not feel any delivery pain. It was a male child born with no problem at all. There wasn’t any danger to my wife either.

Listen to yet another miracle, O Sire!

This Sanyaasin who sat at the entrance and was doing the Japa, gave a few medicines in small packets. As soon as the delivery was over, the couple proceeded their way, without expecting anything in return. Now you tell me Sire, those couple were none other than Agastya Muni and Lobamudra, am I correct Sire?”

At first, I could not believe it. Why should a Sanyaasi and his wife go there to an anonymous village and return with no expectation for what they did? When I thought about it, I knew for sure that it was that Agastya Muni couple. I thanked to them from all of my heart.

I could only pray this, “How great it will be, if these couple (Agastya Muni, Lobamudra) does such miracles to all those who come to me to seek their guidance via Jeeva Nadi?”

Indeed, blessed are those who are with true love and child-like innocence, the divinity manifests itself there more easily.

O by the way, there are more to be revealed on who is LobaMudra, so keep reading 🙂 !

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 44 – Siddhas are better rationalists

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Is there a dosha in my house? Can Agastya Muni tell this?”

“I shall request. There may or may not be a reply for such queries” – said I.

“This doesn’t seem like a fit reply. Hmm…ask Him, nevertheless” – said the seemingly rough person.

I seldom liked his attitude of as though I and Agastya Muni are awaiting his commands and that I should get the answers from Agastya Muni for whatever he asks for. Still I remained silent and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

The house he is going to go, has a small dosha in the Rezhi (hallway) right under the crossbeam. Before he goes to the house, he must perform a Sudarshana Yagna. Else, there is no use in blaming Agastya later on” – concluded the Sage.

“The Vastu specialist says there is no such dosha in the house? You are saying this. It is not sure which is true and which is not” – he murmured.

I lost my patience a bit “Sir….believe in either of it or leave it. I don’t have anything to lose. I am neither the agent of Agastya.”

I don’t know what he felt. He stood up with anger, “It is a lie that there is something called Vastu Dosha. These are just tactics to loot money by scaring off people. You are saying that there is a dosha in my house. I don’t believe it. But still, I came here as many people asked me to meet you”

I remained silent.

“Ok…let me listen to you. Can you tell how this Vastu Dosha should have come?” – he asked then.

“There may be an evil spirit there. Or an unnatural death would have happened post which they must have not performed any remedial ritual or there could have been a bhoomi dosha which could’ve caused the vastu dosha, says Agastya Muni” – I mentioned.

“Do not believe in all these sir. People die in the roads every day. Can anyone perform Sudarshana Homam in the roads for that? What are you…?” – said he and twisted his moustache, showing a sign of sarcasm and disagreement mixed.

I realized that there is no use in talking to such people. He should come here only if he believes, or else he could just stay away. Why is he causing all such trouble, I thought to myself.

Two months passed by. The same person came back in an evening with a dull face. He did not speak anything but began to cry. I did not ask anything but kept looking at him in silence.

“Sire, please forgive me. I tested the Agastya Muni so much. The result, the only male child I had who was healthy passed away all of a sudden. That too on the new house, right in the Rezhi and right underneath the crossbeam” – he could not speak further.

I consoled him and asked what happened.

“I challenged you and entered the house right after three days. On that night, right at 12 in the night, the child who was sleeping right in the Rezhi screamed aloud. Then it passed away the very next minute”

“Did you perform the Sudarshana Homa as suggested by Agastya Muni?”


“Didn’t you perform any other remedial measure?”

“No. I do not know any shashtra or sampradaya. I do not believe in them either. I realize that this is the result of all that”

“If you do not believe in all these, then why did you come to read Nãdi?” – I asked, feeling a little hotter myself.

“I came since everyone said. I could’ve just left it as it is. I spoke so ill about you and Agastya Muni. Please forgive me. Why should my only dear child die? I suffer so much thinking of it”

“Nothing happens without a reason. Let us ask what Agastya Muni says” – I consoled him.

“I wanted to blame Agastya and to bring an ill-fame to Him, hence I acted that way. I was already aware of the dosha in that house, but I never believed it. Right at the place where my child died, a person who stayed there in that house got killed by a sickle.

The Grace of Siddha 43 - Siddas are better rationalists

The person who came after him, committed suicide in the same crossbeam due to the trouble he had with debt. Then a seven year old child was killed in a fire accident right in that place. In spite of knowing all these, I made my child lie down in the same place!.

I am a rationalist.

But being rational, I lost my young son. If I had done a mistake, please forgive me, but I would like to know why such things happen” – said the person.

I remained silent and opened the Nãdi.

On that particular place, there was an unwanted object kept with an intention that those who come and stay in that house should not live happily. There was a yantra plate kept after being performed tantric rituals using Atharvana Veda. This was kept by a person who lived here before.

Why did he do so? It was because he did not pay the rent for long and so the owner asked him to vacate the house. He vacated the house angrily and thought that whoever stays here after him, should suffer and so he buried the yantra right under the crossbeam in the hallway and he vacated the house.

The yantra was installed by using mantras that cause dangerous effects and it caused various different problems to those who came here to live. When the life of this rationalist’s child was taken away, the yantra has lost all its powers. If this rationalist had performed the Sudarshana Yagna just as Agastya had suggested, this shouldn’t have happened.” – said the Agastya and mentioned…

Whoever goes to a house for living, should perform a yagna for betterment. In addition, one should perform prayers based on their belief“.

O I forgot to mention one more thing. For such an incident to happen to you, it is the effect of you having killed a child in your previous birth. It has accumulated as well” – said the Sage.

This might have hurt the rationalist or he might have thought that I have told this to console him. No one can get pass the effect of Karma. Agastya Muni had suggested a remedial measure only to reduce the effect of Karma. This is the reality. But the main question is, how many understand this? At the same time, not every one gets the blessing of getting a Jeeva Nãdi reading.” – the sage gave all these advice and mentioned that..

In general, we Agastya, does not speak about such tricks based on Atharvana Veda, neither do We believe in this completely because, there is nothing bigger than an earnest prayer. If the tricks of Atharvana Veda is bigger than all, then why do we need temples, churches and mosques? There is no need. Such tricks are not performed by most of the people and for those who do, their families does not live peacefully either” – concluded the Sage.

More so, since He mentioned about Atharvana Veda and the yantra, the Sage said that He will not give any clairvoyance for the next 45 days due to an impurity. For those 45 days, He ordered that the Jeeva Nãdi palm leaves must be kept in Chottanikarai Bhagavathy Amman Temple.

I couldn’t do anything much. The Agastya Muni has always mentioned good things in the Nãdi and when someone comes with query of witch-craft, He says that He does not believe in such things. But Agastya Himself had given so much of explanation to this rationalist, was a surprise to me.

Fourty five days went by.

The rationalist came back, only appearing like a Sivan-Adiyar (an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva) with holy ash being smeared in his forehead and kumkum in the size of a 25 paisa coin in middle of his forehead. He mentioned about something very surprising.

The person who kept the yantra in that house, his grandson met with an accident and is struggling for his life. That person came to this rationalist and has cried profusely, admitting that it was him who kept the yantra.

The rationalist said “Please pray to Agastya Muni to save this child. My child has gone, but it should not happen to this person. I have prayed to Lord Muruga that I will tonsure my head. My prayer should be accepted” – he said amidst tears. I was greatly moved.

After a few days, the rationalist-Shiva bhaktha came again. He had tonsured his head with sandal paste applied on it. He carried a child and the grand father of that child accompanied. What more proof do I want to know that the child got saved?

I prayed to Lord Agastya earnestly!

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 43 – the mother becomes the child

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

A young lad came running by. He was sweating profusely with eyes in grief. He belonged to a poor family. He has come running in the hot sun without wearing any sandals.

I made him relax for some time, offered some cold water and asked him what’s the matter and why is such a hurry.

“My mother is not feeling well. Will she be alive or be gone? Please ask Agastya Muni” – he said. If the mother is in such a critical condition, he should ideally be next to her, why has he come here running? I thought, and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

He is the only son of the mother. He lost his father at an young age. The mother struggled a lot to bring him up in life, but this fellow…since he lost his father and so was brought up with so much affection, he got addicted to all sorts of bad habits, got acquainted with friends who are to be shunned and roamed around.

The mother worried. Howmuchever she tried to turn him around towards good, he refused and so she gave up. She was told that if he gets married, he will be alright and so she tried all sorts of ways, told a number of lies to get him married to a beautiful young girl.

He was quiet till the marriage was over but started off with his routine as soon as the marriage was over. His activities got increased manifold after the marriage and police came to his house, searching for him often. The girl realized this guy’s behavior to be bad and so she went back to her parents without telling him one day. This fellow mistook his mother to be the reason for this and started hitting her, with the climax that happened this morning when he hit her with an iron rod. The mother is struggling for life in the hospital.

This fellow only got the realization that he has made the mother suffer so much and that his wife has forsaken him. Someone has told him about Agastya and hence he has come over here.”

In addition, the Sage mentioned, “He will realize his mistakes and recover. For his mother to live, he must forsake the drinking habit right from today and should go to the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Murugan and lit 5-faced lamp. He should work hard for his earning. For his wife to come back to him, he should forsake his friends. In addition, he should visit his Kula Devata’s temple every week and lit up a ghee-lamp. Will you?” – asked the Sage.

“For sure!” – said he.

If you want Agastya’s words to be truthful, do all that We said without fail. Otherwise, Agastya cannot guarantee for your Mother’s life. Your wife may not return to you either. What do you say?” – Agastya Muni put forth a condition.

“O Sire! Never say so sir! Only now I realized all my deeds. Instead of running away from the police, I want to lead a normal life, I need my wife, I would like to have children” – he prayed earnestly with tears and ran back to his mother.

Two months went by.

As soon as he completed all that Agastya Muni asked him to, his wife came back to him one day. In the meanwhile, he joined as a daily-wager in a big company. His mother recovered as well. Though she wasn’t like before but she was immensely happy that her son has listened to Agastya’s words.

One day, he came to me with his mother and wife.

“It’s been three years, we don’t have any children as yet”. He was totally changed. Agastya Muni mentioned that his wife will conceive in about 9 months and not to worry. But the doctors had mentioned that it was not possible for him to become a father as he was impotent. I came to know why he asked such a query only after knowing his problem.

The mother pleaded to me “My son needs to have a child. If Agastya’s grace allows, let Him take my life. I want to be born as a child to my son” – she pleaded.

Agastya Muni accepted her prayer and the mother went back with a pleased heart. It was Tuesday and a Shashti Thithi as well. He came back running and said that suddenly, the Mother is not feeling well and only I should help her recover.

Go home. Read Skanda Shashti Kavacham three times. Place your Mother’s head in your lap, for her soul to rest in peace. There will be a girl born to you in about ten months. It will be a re-birth of your mother” – said the Maha Muni!

Just as the Maharishi said, there was a girl in his house. He is looking at his mother in the form of his child.

~ to be continued…

3rd Anniversary – Hurray!

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Thank you! With so much of gratitude and happiness, celebrates its 3rd anniversary today with You being the sole reason behind this. We are humbled and honored at the same time. Thank you so very much for your support. When this site was started, there was a great degree of doubt (yes!) on whether this will sustain even a couple of years. However, we had our focus clear, the articles in GnanaBoomi will focus on improving the thought process, what Sanatana Dharma says about the improvised thinking and its benefits and above all, how it fits in today’s world. Just like there are as many ways to attain the supreme goal of life, improvising the thought process can be through inspiring interviews, stories and articles and what not. The site was built with these core concepts in mind, and with flexible approach. Our confidence grew manifold as the amount of feedback and support from all of you holds testimony to the fact. 

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The Grace of Siddha – 42 – The lesson I learned…

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

When a 26 year old girl was brought in front of me by her sister, I myself felt a sort of fear. She was reduced to skeleton and was not able to step forward even once and was gasping. None can tell that she is just 26 by her appearance because she appeared like a 12 year old. She wore a normal shirt and skirt. She could not talk and even if she manages to do so, the voice appeared as if its coming out from a hollow.

“What’s the matter?”

“She is my sister, aged 26. Both the kidneys have stopped functioning and is struggling for her life everyday. We have come here in faith of Agastya Muni. Please tell us some good” – said the sister.

“How long does the problem persist? Did you take her to any doctor?

“Its there for one and a half year. All our property, even the mangalya has been sold, but there has been no improvement”

“What? Did you sell the Mangalya? Does it mean she is married too?”

“Yes. Once they knew that she has this disease, her husband abandoned her, never to come back”

Those words hit me hard. I felt terribly shaken. The husband himself has forsaken her. What sort of an atrocity is this? It is now that he must be with her, my lips murmured.

“She was a beautiful girl before the marriage. Her college life ended in love, which progressed to a wedding. One and a half month right after the marriage, one of her kidneys stopped functioning. In another one and a half year, the other one failed too”

“This is truly a miserable incident” – I said.

“We did not take even this as a worst incident. But what hit us hard was the attitude of her husband, thinking that she won’t be of any use to him anymore. I have come here with immense faith on Sage Agastya. Please request the Sage to guide us to save my sister” – when the sister cried profusely, my heart sank.

I looked at the girl. It appeared that if f this condition prevails, she may not even survive for a week. I also came to know that this sister, with her meager salary and by eating once a day, is taking care of this girl’s medical expenses.

What sort of a miracle is the Sage going to create to save this girl, I thought and prayed to Him and Shri Hanuman and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

The Sage outlined the girl’s past life’s stories and said that this girl will continue to live and that an unknown person will provide her kidney and so not to fear. Though He said these words, I myself felt that the reply was not so satisfactory. When will she get the help? Who is the person? From where will he come? How will he help? Till then, will this girl be able to survive? Will the help be in the form of money or a donation of kidney? There were no answers for these questions from Agastya Muni.

How many ever times I asked these questions, the reply were the same. So I consoled the sister and this girl and send them off. For the remaining of the day, the girl’s face kept coming in my mind.

Four months passed by.

On that day, somehow, the messages I received were just the opposite from being a good news.

With a half-mind, when I opened the Jeeva Nãdi, I heard a voice at the entrance. The sister alone was standing there. I consoled myself and prepared to receive what she was going to say.

“How is your sister Amma?” I asked.

“She is doing good. It has been two months since the kidney operation took place. I came here to convey this news to you”

“Can you please repeat that clearly again?”

She repeated the same, with happiness.

As per me, it could have been four months since the girl could’ve passed away. But as Agastya Muni said, she survived. How was this possible? I invited the girl inside and asked how this miracle happened. I have given here what exactly she said.

“I went to a magazine’s office to advertise requesting help. On the way, I met the sister of my sister’s husband and I explained my sister’s condition to her. I do not know what she felt. She took me to a person, a Government Doctor. He listened to my story and asked me to take my sister to the hospital. I took my sister there the next day itself. He carried out various tests and said if the relative of someone who has died unnaturally comes forward and if the kidney and blood matches with your sister’s, then we can do the transplantation”

I got excited.

“But five days passed by and nothing happened. I began to worry and prayed to Agastya Muni”.

On the sixth day morning.

The parents of a young man who died in an accident agreed to donate his organs and so the kidney was transplanted to my sister. Agastya’s words became true. My sister is recovering fast now” – she concluded.

This has happened as if like a cinema and this indeed is a miracle, I said to myself. But I wanted to ask the Maha Muni himself and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Those who seek the guidance of Agastya Muni do get doubtful when it takes a little while to happen as We said. We will forgive them. But my beloved son, you, have doubted the sayings of Agastya. Even now, you are doubtful as to how it happened.


From now on for the next 27 days, I will not appear for you and give clairvoyance to anyone. Not only that, you must do pradakshina (circumambulate) on the Aru Padai Veedu (the six sacred temples of Lord Subramanya namely Thiruparangundram, Thiruthani, Swami Malai, Thiruchendur, Pazhamudhir Cholai and Pazhani) and do 108 namaskaram (prostration) at my shrines there. Else, Agastya will not remain with you” – the Sage whipped me!

As there was no other go, only after I visited the Aru Padi Veedu and prostrated before the shrine of Agastya Muni for 108 times in each shrines that the Maha Muni came back to me!

~ to be continued…!