The Grace of Siddha – 45 – Blessed are those…

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

When I saw that villager, I was shocked a bit, the reason, a rough moushtache, not just that, a robust build, wearing a lungi with nothing on the torso with the loin adorned with a leather belt of an inch’s size.

“What do you want?”

“My wife is not feeling well sir. She is in the village. I need to see the Nadi for her” – said he.

“Why don’t you take her to the doctor? What will you do by reading Nadi here?”

“Agastya Ayya (referred with respect) should save my wife. That’s why I came here” – said he. More so, “The doctor had said that hereafter, your wife should not conceive. If not adhered to, its dangerous for her life. But she is now on her 9th month of pregnancy”

“If the doctor had said so, shouldn’t you be a little careful? Ok, how many children do you have?”

“Seven sire! Now my elder daughter who got married has come home for her first delivery as well” – he said that with an expression of shy.

“Very well then! Are you going to attend to your daughter’s delivery or for your wife? On top, you’re saying that she is not feeling well as well? What is this? Seems that you have done a mistake here” – I said with a true sympathy.

A few moments passed in silence.

“Ok, where is your village?”

“O its near the hill. There is no proper route to that place. One has to cross the river and when travelled for an hour in a twin bullock cart, a town comes. That’s where a delivery ward is present.” – he said that slowly and steadily.

“Ok, if one travels through all the way with difficulty, the delivery itself will be over by then. Aren’t there any other doctor or ladies with expertise in these delivery tasks in your village?”

“O there are, but they won’t come near our village. One has to wait for a whole day to bring them over”

“If you have that much of inconvenience in the village, why don’t you come out of it?”

“No I cannot sir. We are bound to the rules and regulations of the village”

“Very well, now who told you that you came here?”

“They said in the village. I came to know if there is a danger to my wife’s life or not”

The villager seemed a different person altogether to me. In what hope has he come to see me from all that distance? He does not seem to be worried much about anything. He is not a wealthy person either. Though appearing tough from outside, he has faith in God. He has left his lady back in the village who is at the verge of delivery to read Nadi. When I thought of all these, I felt a mixed feeling of anger as well as sympathy.

I opened the Jeeva Nadi.

The wife is physically weak and what the doctor said is also true that if she conceives again, she might suffer. She is a diabetic and she does not have a longer life span. However, this person who came in search of Agastya though seems rough and tough from the outside, he is an innocent child from within. He is an illiterate but has a lot of faith in God.

Agastya must help this person because in his previous birth, he has saved many a lives from being drowned in water. Moreover, he was an ardent devotee of Agastya, who came up to Podhigai hills, keeping vigil and felt so happy by performing milk-abhishekam for Agastya. On that podhigai hills’ falls, a girl slipped down once and he jumped out to save her. At the same time, he lost his life in saving her. We thought about this.

As he helped so in his previous birth, We and Agastya’s companion Lobamudra will be of help to his wife during delivery” – said the Maha Muni!

Then to me, “O beloved son of Agastya, ask this person to return to his village at once. She has got the delivery pain now and she is suffering” – concluded the Sage.

I began to tremble as soon as I read this. However, I mentioned that there is no problem and asked him to rush back to his village. The delivery should happen smooth and both the lives should be safe. I postponed all my other works and began to pray for this.

Do’nt know what this person thought. He started to go but he came back. As he saw me postponing all my work, sent back all those who were waiting to read the Nadi and sat for meditation, he got a big doubt. The person who was talking normally has sat down to meditate, must mean that there is a big danger to his wife and that she may not survive.

He wanted to know what he thought was right and so instead of going back to the village, he decided to stay right here and he sat down in a corner. But he could not do any prayer or anything. His eyes were pouring tears. He imagined that something unimaginable has happened and sat down as though collapsed. I did not notice him either.

When I opened my eyes, I saw him sat down with his head down. Only now I began to tremble and got so tensed.

“Haven’t you gone yet? Go at once!” – I consoled him somehow and I forced him to leave for his village. Only then I was relieve, d. Though it will happen just as Agastya Muni has mentioned, if something happens, these villagers might worsen the condition and I did not want to get caught in such things. I spent the next three nights sleepless.

On the morning of the fourth day…

The villager came back, happily. He had a bounty of fruits, sweets and beetle leaves etc.

“So…the delivery went well I guess? Is the mother and child hale and healthy now?” – I asked in an energetic tone.

He brushed out all those and asked just this.

“O Saami, what do you think of Agastya?”

“Why this doubt suddenly? He is the Shiva-Putra (son of Lord Shiva), He is a Siddha, He is the head of Siddhas” – I said.

“No sire! I was thinking that it is God who is even bigger than Agastya, but as far as I am concerned, He is the God sire!” – he continued..

“On that day when I came here, my wife got delivery pain and she had suffered a lot. At that time, a Sanyaasin and His wife had come near our house. They asked all our children to stay away and the wife of that Sanyaasin took care of the entire delivery process. The moment that lady touched my wife, she did not feel any delivery pain. It was a male child born with no problem at all. There wasn’t any danger to my wife either.

Listen to yet another miracle, O Sire!

This Sanyaasin who sat at the entrance and was doing the Japa, gave a few medicines in small packets. As soon as the delivery was over, the couple proceeded their way, without expecting anything in return. Now you tell me Sire, those couple were none other than Agastya Muni and Lobamudra, am I correct Sire?”

At first, I could not believe it. Why should a Sanyaasi and his wife go there to an anonymous village and return with no expectation for what they did? When I thought about it, I knew for sure that it was that Agastya Muni couple. I thanked to them from all of my heart.

I could only pray this, “How great it will be, if these couple (Agastya Muni, Lobamudra) does such miracles to all those who come to me to seek their guidance via Jeeva Nadi?”

Indeed, blessed are those who are with true love and child-like innocence, the divinity manifests itself there more easily.

O by the way, there are more to be revealed on who is LobaMudra, so keep reading 🙂 !

~ to be continued…!

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