The Grace of Siddha – 46 – What matters is true devotion

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

A middle aged man came to me and said this – “Agastya Muni must save me somehow. If not, me and my family has to commit suicide”.

I was not surprised at his saying as I have seen many such before. I thought him to be one among them.

“I belong to Papanasam near Thirunelveli district. I am an illiterate. My mother used to collect the dry woods from the nearby forest and feed us with the money she got. For about 18 years, not once that we wore new garments. The family suffered that much. Now I am pretty good and I have bought my family to a good position. But….” – he prolonged the last word a bit.

“Tell what’s the matter” – I said.

“I used to go to Podhigai Hills often. I pray to Agastya Muni everyday and whenever I can, I make a garland of Shenbaga flowers and offer it to Agastya Muni.

“You haven’t come to the point yet” – I urged him.

“To get my family out of poverty, I have done a mistake. I got acquainted with a gang with ill motives. They gave me good money. I have to go to a place they mention. When someone gives me something, I should bring that back to these. I must never see what is inside the pack. If I deliver the good properly, they give me a lot of money.

“Oh ok”

“Just as that, they asked me to collect a thing from someone about four days back. When I was bringing it back, the police and customs department got hold of me. I dropped the packet and ran out to escape”

“So, are the police in search of you?”


“In that case, you have not come to the right place. Go and meet an advocate and do the needful. That is the right thing to do” – I was focussed only on sending him out.

“No sire! I have heard about you and Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nadi. I have come here from my town with a great hope that only Agastya Muni can save me from this.” – he said so and fell down at my feet and grabbed hold of my legs tightly.

Will Agastya Muni grant his clairvoyance to such people? I was confused at first thinking of so many things. But as usual, I left it for Agastya Muni and began to read the Nadi.

Though this person got money through illegal sources, he has done a lot of charity work very often. He has built a temple in his village for the deities Sudalai Muthu and Isakki Amman. He sure will get the punishment for his wrong deeds. But his good karma will help him as well” – said the Muni and ordered me thus:

What I said is a deva ragasya. If you tell him this, his fear will ward off and he will go back to the same route thinking that he will escape the punishment somehow. Then he will come to Agastya every time. We will save him from this situation only this time” – said this to me alone and further said “Now read the following a little louder so he can hear well” – I continued just as he said.

To get rid of that hideous crime, first resolve and pray that you will do milk abhishekam to your kula devata with the money you got by working hard righteously. Do a yagna for Pratyangira Devi on a Amavasya day. Go to all the six battle-houses of Lord Muruga and apply sandalwood paste for him in all 6 places in such a way that He is pleased.

On a Saturday, let him perform a Garuda Dhandaka Yagya on the shrine of Garuda. If he does this, he will get rid of the bad-reputation. But one thing, while doing all these remedial measures, he should maintain absolute purity. The mind must not wander. This he must maintain for forty days. But if something happens in between, he should not hold Agastya responsible. Another thing, this is the first and last time. If he comes back to Agastya again, I won’t say a thing.

I read out just as the Maha Muni said.

He was listening with utmost devotion and fear, with folded hands. “Only if I escape out of this, I will never get along with that gang again” – somehow I was not hopeful in what he said.

Two months passed by.

A relative of that person came to me rushing and gave me a letter. It read thus:

“Just as Agastya Muni said, I completed all the prayers religiously. Through His grace, I got rid of the cases and bad-reputation. I must mention one thing. The gang I got along with was dealing with drugs. I also thought that the packet I had in my hand contained only drugs. But it was not drugs but Neem Powder. I came to know of this only later.

Only to deceive me, they gave Neem Powder in that packet. But I could only think Agastya Muni has changed the drug to Neem Powder. But I decided that I am not going to involve in these work. I went and surrendered in the police station. I have a couple of old cases against me and hence I am under enquiry now.

I will accept whatever punishment given to me. But if I get released through the Grace of Siddha Agastya, I will survive even by lifting weights and will save my family. Please pray for me”

As Agastya Muni had foretold, he was released from the case without any punishment. Whatever he had committed earlier, he was imprisoned for a year and a half and he got out.

The surprising part here is, the lawyer who got him out of the case with very low punishment, is called “Agastheeswaran!”

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