47 – The watchful one

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

There came a millioanairre lady with richness adoring her all through. Her body language clearly said that there is nothing that she has to earn in the hard way. She said in a casual tone, “All those lands nearby mine are sold out but not mine. Ask for a remedial measure from Agastya Muni for this”.

She spoke in a manner that it was not due to need of money that she wants to sell that land, but just that she could get a few more millions out of it. I did not feel like asking her for more details. I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Surprisingly, not a single word came out. I prayed again and opened the Nãdi one more time.

Nothing came at all.

I myself felt disturbed. I cannot tell a lie just to passify someone. At the same time, how can we avoid hurting her feelings, I began to think.

“O Amma, this day does not seem to be appropriate for you. Can you please come after a week?”

“No. I have to read it today. I am going abroad next week. It may take even a month for my return” – said the lady.

“I am sorry. It seems Agastya Muni does not prefer to say any clairvoyance to you today. You can come back when it is convenient for you. I will read it for sure then”.

“They read out at once in Vaideeswaran Temple. Even elsewhere, they read it at once when I go. You seem to be totally out of space. I am ready to pay you more if it requires.”

This irked me when she said, though I remained patient all along. I remained silent still. As there wasn’t any reply from me, she got up suddenly and went out, angrily.

One month passed by.

On a morning, that lady came to my office appearing so majestic said, “I did not come to you now to read Nãdi. I had a need that day so I came. But I did not get Agastya’s clairvoyance. But even without His clairvoyance, my land got sold ten times more than what I expected. I came here only to let you know of this.” – she spoke in such a low esteem for myself and Agastya Muni.

This day is Chandrashtamam and is the reason why I have to go through such insults – I greieved. I did not feel like touching the Nãdi that day.

Once Chandrashtamam pass by, on an early morning, I asked Agastya Muni as to why such insult happened to me from that lady. Agastya Muni said…

Let me tell you about that lady, listen. She is worse than that lady Kuni of Ramayana. She would do anything for money. On that day when she came to Agastya for Nãdi reading, she had an immoral physical affair and had come here without cleansing herself.

Not just that, eventhough she came to enquire about selling a land, it was not hers. She got it by threatening others with rowdies. Since she got it through illegal means, she wanted to dispose it off thinking that it might pose a problem later on. It is also true that there were a few Government officials who joined hands with her on this. Agastya Muni did not like this. You think of her as a millionairre, who robs poor people off their lands. Just wait for nine more days on what happens to this lady who spoke ill of you and me. Do not grieve. This lady at least came and insulted you straight forwardly. There are others, whom you do not know, on what they speak of us both. They too, will face the same fate as this lady” – Agastya Muni consoled and encouraged me.

Though it eased me out a lot, I waited for nine days to see what happens. I heard nothing, saw no news about anything.

On the tenth day, a person known to me came.

“Did you see today’s paper?”

“What’s up in it? Say it yourself eh?”

“A lady doing forgery for fifteen years, got hold of others’ lands by means of treachery and sold it to rich ones from other states, got arrested by the police”

I looked at him. “What was her name?”

He could not answer. I rushed out to a nearby shop and got hold of the newspaper which had her photograph on it under the same news.


That lady, after going through fourteen years of imprisonment, listens to Agastya Muni every now and then for guidance and is running an ashram for orphans and aged people.

~ to be continued…!

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