48 – Some prefer experience than clairvoyance :)

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!


“My son is aged 38 years. He is well educated and is earning really well. But he is still a bachelor. Can you please ask Agastya as to when his marriage will happen?” – came a couple.

A normal practice in India is that the Hindu girls get married anywhere from 21 years and the boys, 24. The parents appeared wealthy. Not sure if there was any dosha for which they did not do any remedy. The time they came was Ashtami. I was worried as they came looking for me that Agastya Muni should not say anything differently. Ashtami day is lucky for some, but this is a totally different thing.

“You seem desperate to get a good news but are asking this in an Ashtami day” – I thought I can avoid them on this day but they…

“For us, Ashtami day is fine and Agastya Muni knows this too. Please ask Him if you wish” – said they. I opened the Jeeva Nãdi and the Maha Muni said “To speak of auspicious events, it is true that Ashtami day is good enough for him. Not just for him, for many the days of Ashtami, Navami, Barani and Karthigai days will be beneficial. But don’t you take that decision yourself. You do not have the rights for it” – whipped the Sage.

“In that case, You did not give any clairvoyance on these days before. What was the reason?” – I was adamant too.

“That is my wish. Do what I say. This is not an order from a Siddha, but an order of Lord Shiva. Whoever comes on Dasami or Navami day, open the Jeeva Nãdi for sure. If Agastya permits you, go ahead and read. Else, close it down!” – the sage whipped me again.

From that day on, whatever Thithi it may be, I will silently open the Jeeva Nãdi and if Agastya Muni says He will give clairvoyance, I will proceed to read, else I will close it down.

Since the Maha Muni said that Asthami day is beneficial for them, I proceeded to read further.

As per his previous birth’s karma, he does not have the blessing of marriage. But since his parents have performed pooja for 15 years, he will get a bride with a slight challenge. Is he ready to accept such a proposal?” – asked Agastya Muni.

“A slight challenge? How would that be?” – asked the parents.

The girl would be a young widow from a poor family. She could be somewhat good looking. Her sister is physically challenged in her legs. She will be a god-loving person. Will you accept if a proposal come from such a family?” – when the Maha Muni said this, the parents’ face shrunk a little.

Five minutes passed by and nothing came out of their mouth. It was clear that they were not ready to accept a bride from such a condition.

“The boy is in a foreign land. There were many good proposals that came, but we did not try our best in choosing them. Even now, there is a proposal from a wealthy family. If we give our nod, the marriage may get over right tomorrow” – the head of the family spoke with a little ego.

“In that case, please fix the same proposal. Why do you have to come here?” – I asked.

“Let that all be. Can you ask Agastya Muni again if the proposal we have got will get fixed in a marriage or not.” – now the mother said and pleaded again and again.

The proposal that will come from a poor family is what will suit you. If you accept anything else, it won’t last long. The rest is up to your wish” – concluded the Sage.

The parents left, not so convinced. It was clear that they were not satisfied with Agastya Muni’s reply.

A month passed by.

The parents came back to me with a wedding invitation which showed the same wealthy proposal they received.

“Congratulations” – I uttered just this and sat down. They gave a meaningful smile at me. I remained silent. I came to know only later that they wanted to insult me by giving the invitation.

Fifteen days went by.

The wealthy man came to me hurrying and said “There has been a big mistake. Only if you say ‘you’re forgiven’, I will move from here…”

“You are elderly and wouldn’t have committed any mistake. Why would I forgive you?” – I asked.

“Me and my wife have insulted Agastya Muni very much”


“Agastya Muni said this that day itself, that only the proposal from a poor family will last long. We did not believe in these words at first. We finalized the proposal from a wealthy family that we liked. We fixed the date as well and sent out invitations to everyone. The boy and girl spoke to each other and we don’t know what happened. We were laughing out that Agastya’s words have gone wrong. But last night, the girl refused to get married and the event is canceled now!” – said the parent.“I am sorry about that. What do you want me to do now?”

“Can you please request Agsatya Muni’s words for me?”

“Yes” – said I and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Let him visit the Kula Devata temple and do archana and abhisheka. Let it not be lavish, but should be done with devotion. A very good proposal will come. Also, the marriage will happen on the same day as seen in the wedding invitation” – concluded the Sage in these simple words. He explained nothing further.

“Oh my! We haven’t done anything to our Kula Devata temple so far. My hearty thanks to Agastya Muni that He reminded me of this” – said the old man with a lot of hope and left. On the fifth day, they came back with the bride and the groom with the garland still adoring them.

Before I could ask, the father began. As per Agastya Muni’s orders, they set forth in a normal train to complete the abishekam and archana to the Kula Devata temple. There traveled a poor family along with them too. In them was a young widow. She was polite, and was complying to the family’s astrological calculations, the wealthy couple liked her very much.

Compared to the wealthy girl who insulted them, this girl seemed a lot better, their son had expressed this to his parents right there. Though they were shocked at first, they wanted to do what their son wanted and have spoken to the family traveling along.

The girl’s family got scared at first, and they did not expect that their young widow daughter will get such a proposal in the train. The girl’s father wanted to get the nod from their Kula Devata’s temple through the method of ‘requesting with a flower’, and if the deity agrees, they are fine for the proposal.

[stextbox id=”info”]It is a practice still followed in some parts of the country where people ask a child to pick a flower between two, with one approving their request and the other expressing otherwise. The result is accepted to be the wish of the deity itself.[/stextbox]

The surprising part is, the poor girl’s family was heading to the same temple where the wealthy family was heading to. They liked each other and they got their acceptance through the ‘Flower based request’ from the temple. They did not want to delay it further and so they finalized the wedding right there.

The father mentioned this and said “Had we gone in our car, this wouldn’t have happened. Only that we went by train, just as Agastya Muni said, we got this alliance. This is a blessing of Agastya Muni for sure and we are indeed blessed” – said the parents.

When I heard this, all I thought is this one.

“Oh Agastya Maha Muni! Please fulfill everyone’s expectations as this!”

~ to be continued…!

3 thoughts on “48 – Some prefer experience than clairvoyance :)

  1. Mrs.Banumathy Kannan says:

    I want to have darshan of all 18 siddhars . Pl let me know from great Agasthya siddhar can I have that Baakkiam

    • Thanks for your comments. Please refer to the Important Update on Jeeva Nadi section in the home page to have the contact details of the Ashram where the Nadi is read. We wish and pray to Agastya Muni to provide you the necessary guidance.

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