50 – Testing Agastya Muni, yet again!

Thank you dear readers! With His grace and your support, we are reaching the benchmark of 50th post in this series. Thank you!

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

It was around 11 PM in the night when someone knocked my door. When I opened, I saw the total personification of poverty in that person wearing a dhoti and shirt with a soiled yellow cloth, unshaven.

“What do you want?”

“Namaste Sir. I heard that someone reads Nãdi here. Hence I came here to read Nãdi for me” – said that person.

I began to think, “Why is he in need of Nãdi, and that too at this hour?”

I felt the urge to say “It is not possible to read now, please come in the morning” but what Agastya Muni had ordered me is different. Whoever, wherever he or she comes from, at whatever condition, I must not say that I cannot read the Nãdi. Be it night or day, whatever time it may be, I must take bath at once, pray to Agastya and other Gods and must read the Nãdi.

In such readings, Agastya Muni will give me some orders from which I will know who came to have the reading and why.

I can be cheated. But the foremost of Siddhas, Agastya Muni cannot be. If the person who came tells the truth, they will get clairvoyance about their future. Otherwise, they will have to return empty handed and on top of it, they will incur Agastya Muni’s wrath as well.

I thought how could I tell all these to the person who came. But then I thought “Let’s just take bath and open the Nãdi. The rest is all in Agastya’s hand”. I invited the person in and made him sit. When I took bath, prayed to the Maha Muni and opened the Nãdi, He gave me a warning.

I read it and looked at the person who came.

Though his eyes were ticklish due to the light, apart from his dress, his structure seems to be that of a wealthy person. His forehead showed that he must have been well educated. How I saw him in the inadequate light ouside wad different than what I saw in him inside.

The way he sat in the sofa was decent. To sum up, he did not seem like he had suffered in life for anything. I paused the reading and looked at him.

“Why did you come here at this time to read the Nãdi?”

“Sire, I was running a business of selling dry chillies. It went down with a loss of eight lakhs. My relatives have abandoned me and I suffer for even a meal a day. Someone said that you will read the Nãdi and tell everything. How is my future? If nothing came useful, I have decided to consume poison and commit suicide” – he spoke in the dialect of Kongu (near Coimbatore). I requested Agastya Muni’s approval again.

About this person, Agastya Muni said “We know. He is the son of the disciple of the king with white beard and bears the name of the weapon that the Almighty has, the Vel. 

“He threw away the One with big belly whom he prayed for years resulting in his wife becoming insane. He is an onion merchant. In the bag he has, there is a copy of the letter from his beloved, ask him if it doesn’t. As he became crooked, he came here to test Agastya. Tell him not to venture in this!” – I was shocked to see what came out.

I didn’t say this out but mentioned “No, what Agastya Muni says seems different?”

He was adamant for half an hour and kept saying “no sir, what I say is true”

I realized that it was useless in engaging in this talk and it was getting late as well. So I said “Sir, your name is Velayudham. You are an onion merchant. Your father belongs to the Rationalist Movement started by E. V. Ramaswamy. You have thrown away the Vinayaka’s idol whom you were praying to, for all these years, on a result of which, your wife has gone insane. In the meantime, you are involved in an immoral affair. You have her photo and the letter she wrote to you in your shirt pocket. In order to see if Agastya Muni can say “all such” details, and to prove that Jeeva Nãdi is all false, you came here in the midnight in disguise. Agastya Muni asks you not to try testing Him” – I mentioned this in the normal language and then read out from the Nãdi on exactly how Agastya Muni said.

He kept quiet for five minutes.

Meanwhile, though I have been reading the Nãdi for all these years, I had a doubt, “What if this person says is true?”

I had a great fear – What if the information came in Agastya’s Nãdi is false?” I prayed to Agastya Muni earnestly. That person got up suddenly and came towards me…

He then fell at my feet, held it tight and I could see he is crying profusely. I generally do not agree to people falling at my feet. Reason being, due to previous karma, I am blessed with Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nãdi. He has blessed me with the task of telling His sayings to others and I am just a medium. All the credit goes to Him and not me. But many a people think of me as Agastya, who reads the Nãdi. How many ever times I try to explain them, they don’t get it. I understood this person to be one such and I consoled him, asking him whats the matter.

“What you said is all true. I don’t believe in Nãdi. I belong to the Rationalists group. I said there is no God. I have broken the Vinayaka idol in one of the processions we held before. I wanted to prove this Jeeva Nãdi to be false and hence I came here in the midnight in disguise.” – while saying this, Velayudham was so charmed and I could see tears in his eyes.

I felt relieved and thought Agastya Muni had revealed “some more” information and the moment I began, he took out a letter from his shirt pocket and said ‘Read this, its ok’.

“No, please. I don’t have the habit of reading others’ letter”

“In order to get rid of caste issues, I had a firm resolve from young age, that marrying a higher-class woman will be the solution. But they got me married to a girl from my own community but we didn’t have any children. I took that as an advantage and got in to an immoral affair with a higher-class woman, gave her all facilities, kept her in a separate house. Once my wife came to know of this, she burst out. We had a Vinayaka idol made of emerald for generations together. My wife does the prayer offerings to it and I seldom visit the Pooja room.

It was a Vinayaka Chathurthi day. My wife finished her prayers to the idol, placed it in the table and said “Pledge on this Vinayaka’s name that you will not have an affair with that lady”. I said “What, are you thretening me? What can this Vinayaka do? I am the one who broke the idol remember?” and I threw away the idol. She did not expect this at all and eventually became insane. Since the woman I am in affair with was there, I thought I will live with her. But that lady thought that she was the reason for all these and committed suicide. From that day on, I am restless, cannot focus on my business which went in loss. This is what happened” – concluded Velayudham.

“What are you going to do from now on?”

“Now it is all what Agastya Muni will tell me. I am ready to do what He will suggest”

“Can this be believed?” – I asked with a little sarcasm, and prayed to the Maha Siddha Agastya “Please suggest him some remedies” and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

The Maha Muni narrated about Velayudham’s previous birth and said that he should lit a Thoonga Vilakku (Litereally means the lamp that does not sleep) for 48 days for the lady who committed suicide, to get rid of Brahma Hathi dosha and that his wife will become alright in 43 days. He instructed not to try testing Him and mentioned that he and his wife will have a good married life. He ordered Velayudham to construct five Vinayaka temple along with his wife in different places out of which he will be blessed with three sons will be born to them, with the eldest of them will be born on a Vinayaka Chathurthi day itself.

Velayudham’s happiness knew no bounds as I read these. That night changed him as a person totally. He became a spiritualist.

Right on the 43rd day, Velayudham couple came to my place with his face radiating happiness. He had the holy bhasm on his forehead with Kumkum, a rudraksha on his neck – appearing as a ripened Shiva devotee. His wife had a divine radiance and it was hard to believe that she was insane just a few days back. She had all the qualities of the pious family lady resembling in her face. She spoke very well too. I began to ask as to how she got cured and Velayudham jumped forward to reply.

“I prayed to Vinayaka in an emerald idol both morning and evening. Someone came from Kolli hills to whom I narrated my wife’s condition. He gave some medicines and said that she will be cured in 18 days. I myself gave those medicines to her, after praying to Sage Agastya. Right on the 18th day, she became alright! I came here first to convey you this good news.”

I offered my sincere thanks to the Maha Siddha.

Though it is said that one cannot change his fate, Velayudham’s life shows a proof that a sincere prayer can. He constructed several Vinayaka temples. His business flourished and his first son was born on a Avani month, Vinayaka Chathurthi day. Then two more kids were born. He has named his house as ‘Agastya Kutil” and is offering his prayers to Maha Siddha Agastya everyday!

~ to be continued…!

6 thoughts on “50 – Testing Agastya Muni, yet again!

  1. sadhujag says:

    Let us pray to the Great one for welfare of the world and conditions of peace and tranquility as of old days..Namaskaram to all

  2. Madhvi says:

    Om Namah Shivaaya
    Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful account.
    How can I contact you for a reading please?
    Thank you once again.
    Om Jai Sri Sai Ram

    • Dear Madhvi
      Thank you for your kind comments. We do not do Nadi reading ourselves. We request you to do the due diligence in finding the right Nadi reader for you. Namaskar.

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