54 – Is Witchcraft True? – Part 4

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

That “form” stood right opposite to me, neither it moved or disappeared. Like it happens in movies or stories, it did not wear any white garment nor any sound came from anklets. There wasn’t any cool breeze etc or any fragrances that came. After some two minutes, I opened up the Jeeva Nadi and requested Agastya to appear, through my prayers. He came in those glowing letters and mentioned about that ‘ghost’. Here is what He said:

Her name is Amudha. She belonged to a small town which is about 150 milestones away from the Southeast of Chennai. Poor family. Her parents name are Kanniyappan and Kala Rani. As she was their only daughter, they showed all their love on her. Once she reached the suitable age, Amudha’s parents came here to this building with her to work as a construction-workers to gather money for Amudha’s wedding.

The name of the contractor is Rajaguru. Though he crossed the younger age frame, he was a womaniser. He attracted Amudha by which she became pregnant. Rajaguru got scared and so she killed her here on a midnight, buried her in the septic tank of this house, covered her body with a heavy stone on top and applied cement to cover the surface. No one found out.

Her parents searched everywhere and died eventually with their longing to see her. In addition to the sin obtained by killing Amudha, the sin of being the reason for her parents death chased him. This is what is called Brahma Hathi Dosha. He could have done the remedial measures for these at least, which could have nullified a small portion of that sin’s effect (here, Agastya Muni means the “realization” of one’s mistake and not just carrying out a parihaar or remedy as an escapism). But he did not do so. For this reason, he was so affected that when he traveled along with his family, he met with an accident where he, his eighteen year old daughter and his wife, all died.

Lord Brahma had written the age of Amudha as 44. But she died in her 19th year itself. Know the reason? She killed her husband in her previous birth. That husband was none other than Rajaguru, who took revenge of her in this birth. Had Rajaguru feared for God and married Amudha, such an incident wouldn’t have happened to him. It wasn’t ordained that Amudha has to die prematurely due to her sin in her previous birth. But she crossed the morale. She cheated her parents who believed her. The effect of which, she had to go through this condition” – explained the Maha Muni.

Till He explained all this, Amudha’s form was present. As soon as He finished, she disappeared. I could not see her.

Now Agastya Muni began to explain what “Witchcraft” means.

The human birth – is very rare to obtain. Everyone has to depart one day. The Lord has not only given us brain and power, but has given the ability to forgive as well. Whoever commits a mistake, if one forgives them with magnanimity, the sins committed by them in their previous births becomes nullified. If one remains without doing any sin, with an understanding that everything is God’s act or that we are going through the effect of past karma, and does all possible good deeds and prays to God right from the tender age, that one accumulates Punya. Evil thoughts, anger, frustration, jealousy etc will not touch these. Thereby, even if others commits a mistake, they won’t feel like punishing them.

Had Rajaguru controlled his mind, he wouldn’t have committed the sin through Amudha. The thought of committing such a sin would’nt have raised. His prayers, good deeds would have saved him. But Rajaguru forgot the justice of God. He is now roaming as a ghost in the middle of the road.

Likewise, Amudha sold her morality by cheating her parents. She did not control her mind. She wasn’t having any thoughts towards God either. She was the daughter who produced evil effects to such a good parents. Had she gave a little thought about God, she could have avoided such a premature death as well.

Now do you understand? Witchcraft is just the continuation of previous birth. No one does something all of a sudden. If in case one performs good deeds, does prayers, had faith in God and did good karma, no effect of any witchcraft will ever happen to them.

Even you might ask. Even to those who perform good deeds are being affected by the witchcraft. Let me tell you now. LET THEM COME TO ME. I will change their fate through the grace of My Lord!” – Agastya Muni promised.

I became very happy on hearing this and at the same time, worried that all such people should get the grace of the Maha Muni.

Whoever comes looking for me (Nadi – the Tamil word also means, to look for, to search), I will help them. But I won’t go out myself to change their fate. I do not have such a power because, I have to be trusted. My beloved sons, those who read the Jeeva Nadi, they are to be believed as well. Those who read the Nadi, should convey “what exactly” I say through these glowing letters, without altering even a single word. They should not charge anything for this. At the same time, if those who are blessed to receive such a reading offers something out of their desire, it can be accepted. But nothing should go beyond a limit. Most importantly, no one should threaten others by saying My name.

To those who think of earning money with my Jeeva Nadi, I won’t appear as the Light of Life to them” – the Muni explained so wonderfully.

“I have a doubt. May I ask?”


“All these ghosts are always female. Aren’t there any male-ghosts?”


“They say that the human eyes cannot spot the ghosts. But You have shown me a ghost! Just like this, can You give me the darshan of Shri Hanuman also?”

I shall show. Then?

“There are a number of prayogs (usage) in Atharvana Veda about witchcraft. Whatever You have said and what we see in Atharvana Veda differs a lot. Which one shall we accept?”

Is that all or do you have something else?

“Yes there is, Swami. Can’t You give a shãpa-vimochana (relieving off the curse) to this Amudha? Likewise, can’t You relieve Rajaguru’s wife and daughter and give them a new life? At least Rajaguru committed sin. But how is it fair to affect his wife and his child? Is this done by Amudha’s ghost? Or is this a justice given by God? I would like to know this as well”

What is going to happen by you knowing? Everyone takes the present birth based on their good and bad karma. Right from a tender age, if they develop devotion to God, without hurting anyone if they do good deeds, they can transform in to a pure one where all their sins disappear. But no one does this. They only pray to God when they are in trouble

“O Maha Muni! They go to a doctor only when they don’t feel well. Likewise, they pray to God when they are in trouble. What is wrong in this?”

I agree. But if one prays to God right from the beginning, why is there a trouble?” – said the Maha Muni sarcastically, then said “O you are trying to beat me in argument, you poor astrologer” – whipped me on the go.

I shall answer all your questions. But first, go to the police station nearby and look for a record if it says that a girl called Amudha went missing. Then on the fourth day from today, come to the Jeeva Samadhi of Ragavendra. In that Alayam of Mantra (Mantralaya), stay for three days. Ragavendra will appear before you. Then, climb up on the RanaMandala mountain. There, We will accept your request and show you the darshan of Shri Hanuman. Till then, do not open your mouth to anyone on this. This is deva ragasya” – said the Maha Muni which took me to a mixture of bombarding experience.

~ to be continued…!

53 – Is Witchcraft true? – Part 3

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

We just wanted to know if witchcraft is true, but seldom expected that it will turn out to be a potential “interactive session with ghost”. My friend though courageous, he hesitated and slightly shivered on thinking about an encounter with ghost on an Amavasya day. Even though this experience is begotten through Agastya Muni and therefore no harm is expected, my mind began to think that there must be some relation between witchcraft and ghosts. Otherwise, the Maha Muni won’t suggest me to enter in to such a thing.

Hinduism beliefs that our ancestors live in the form of spirit and they appear in Agni to bless us when we offer our prayers on their Thithi day or on a Amavasya day. Even Christians those who live in countries like England have witnessed the presence of ghosts in some mansions but were failed to take photographs of them, I had read in some papers. People who follow Islam too believe in such things. Some of them even perform rituals to make use of the good spirits and to drive off the evil ones.

Though ghosts is a term which is not accepted completely by many, it is widely believed in its shadowy form. So I accepted to listen to Sage Agastya on what He will instruct.

It was an Amavasya day!

People came to meet me enthusiastically but said “So looks like you’re all set to meet the ghost. Carry a metal piece or a knife just in case. Then tell us what happened!” Some said “Sir, do not mistake me for saying this. I respect the Sage Agastya very much. But I cannot accept in such things as witchcraft etc. He is a Siddha, sure. But He should not come in Jeeva Nãdi to fool us or to scare us off” – they opined in their half-secularist mindset.

Those who came to meet me on that day was great in number than usual. Though I did not read the Nãdi for anyone, I felt that everyone is looking at me like the “sacrificial goat”. The friend who promised “I sure will come” did not turn up until 7 in the evening. Apart from this, I need to check the Nãdi to know what I am supposed to do, so I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

That one who is named after Venkatavan (Lord Balaji of Thirupathi) will not come as he is mentally scared. His wife has convinced him enough that he is now at the sanctum of Thiruvallur Vishnu’s shrine. About 40 stones distance (a variation to measure distance on those days, also called as milestones) from here, there will be an Ayyanar’s statue (a village deity who appears in huge forms, big mustache and a fearful look. See Ayyanar) in the middle of the road. If prayed to Him by standing there, a bhairava (dog) will come. Follow that dog for a distance. There you will spot a new building which is half-constructed. Stand there on the southern side where a tree is. We will instruct you further there. Go at once! You are being instructed to be there right at midnight” – said the Sage!

Villages of Tamilnadu contain great a legends out of which, Ayyanar holds a prominent role of Protector.

Villages of South India contain great a mysteries and legends out of which, Ayyanar holds a prominent role of Protector.

My friend got married only recently. He had informed his wife that he is all set to meet a ‘ghost’ with pride. The wife got scared that nothing should happen to him, made a big issue out of this and sent her husband to the Shrine of Lord Veera Raghave Perumal. It is better to see the Lord than to see the ghost, that too on a Amavasya day, said the wife and took him there, the Sage clarified in the Jeeva Nãdi.

Though my friend accepted this as true, I was a bit unhappy that he did not come. But there was no use in delaying further and so I set forth alone in the direction that Agastya Muni showed, with only Jeeva Nãdi in my hands. It was a surprise indeed that no one was ready to even drop me in a car or a two wheeler to that place. The spot which the Maha Muni mentioned came and I got down from the bus.

In the middle of the road, the only breathing thing was me. But there stood a majestic Ayyanar statue bearing a sword, mace and a big mustache. I looked around. It was an ordinary village with huts placed here and there at a distance. The agricultural lands have been converted to plots whose white stone markings were visible even at that night.

Fireflies circled around was slightly interesting to watch. The bus I got down disappeared from eye sight. As it was the last bus that goes to the village, there weren’t anyone I could see. I switched on the torch I carried to check the time. It was 11.40 in the night. We are going to see a ghost in about half an hour, which is absolutely a new experience, I stood there with my heart beating faster when the black dog which was lying down all this while stood up suddenly with its ears pointing upwards and began to move. I followed it swiftly.

En route, I saw snail-shells, small stones used for construction, broken pot pieces, plants with thorns, unpaved road – all of these took its toll on the feet.

All of a sudden…

There was a strange noise, as though ten owls screamed together, that made even my tough heart tremble for a second. I even thought “Let’s go back right away”. To pray for sometime, I opened the Jeeva Nãdi right there.

Fear not! Why fear when I am Here? Your journey will happen without any obstacle” – the Maha Muni said in glowing letters.

I felt very thirsty.

There was a well and a water tank nearby. I slowly went near the water tank thinking that I should not fall back in to the well accidentally. I could not even find out if there was water inside due to the darkness and hence I swayed my hand inside.

There was water!

I gathered some water with both hands and drank, washed my face as well. With the help of the torch light, I came back to the pathway where the dog was standing as though waiting for me. As soon as I came, it started walking as if its showing the way.

I was following the dog as if I was carried away by some force but never felt that I was doing it out of my own conscience. “Who am I? Why am I following this dog? Is this necessary to be in this situation?” – such thoughts never occurred to me at that time, which surprises me to this date.

As soon as the black dog stood in front of the building which was half-constructed…I do not know from where all those dogs came. All of them began to howl loudly, looking at that building, except that black dog! It did not even bark and stood right there. Until now the black dog which I was thinking that it took me near the building, was not to be seen thereafter, which surprised me! But that fearsome howl of about twenty to twenty five stray dogs appeared as if they are chasing something while they howl.

“That something”, whichever direction it went, the dogs will follow and howl. If “it” stops, the chasing would stop too! But the howling would continue, piercing the darkness, and would fall back slowly out of fear. This hide-and-seek happened for about seven minutes in the northern and southern side of that building.

“Is this the ghost? I came here only to see this?” – I thought and opened the Jeeva Nãdi right there.

Wait and see. Till it climbs the stair case, the howling will continue, then you climb the staircase too” – said the Maha Muni and disappeared!

That howl did not seem to wake up anyone in those nearby huts as nobody came with a torch or a stick in hand. There wasn’t any watchman in that building or else, he sure would have come asking “who’s that?”. No one turned out. Neither did a voice come to chase these dogs out.

At that time, I felt there was a form which walked nearby my side and went towards the terrace which faced outwards. I summoned up courage and pointed the torch towards that ‘form’.


The torch did not lit up. I tapped it, shaked it, did all that’s possible, but it won’t come up, even with those new batteries inside. In fact, even the torch is a new one.

You could imagine my condition. I was totally shaken. The fear of how to find out the way out caught me now. “Ok, ok, Agastya Muni will take care. Whatever will happen, let it happen” – I stopped the wavering mind with that thought and looked up the stair case where that ‘form’ went.

It appeared as if it kept climbing up and coming down the stairs. When it climbs up, the howling would stop. When it comes down, the howling will resume and the dogs would chase it. It appeared funny at the same time was causing great amount of fear in my stomach. I was wondering at this rare sight for about ten minutes. Then the dogs began to drift off and the howling came down slowly, I slowly went near the stairs and kept my step on the stairs.

Right at that time, I felt as if someone lifted me to the terrace with such an enormous force. I am merely reading the Agastya Jeeva Nãdi and am telling whatever good it is, to people. For such a person, how is it fair to get caught in such a thing?” – I thought.


I realized that probably Agastya Muni wanted to show me this ghost as an example of what witchcraft means. Before I could think as to “what” or “who” bought me up with such a terrible force, right before my eyes…

I could see a foggy form of a girl wearing a half-saree, standing right opposite to me, which I could see clearly in that Amavasya darkness of 1 AM!

Now, myself and that ‘form’ were standing very close, facing each other!


~ to be continued…!

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52 – Is Witchcraft True? – Part 2

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Light should be used only for doing good. Maha Muni Agastya feels that darkness implies evil intentions, . Hence, when saying or doing good, do it in the light. Only those with crooked and hideous intention will believe in darkness – this is a general rule. Witchcraft is not a good thing. Sage Agastya did not want to read that amidst light. Hence He ordered that all the lights be turned off and it was done at once.

Though it is dark, Agastya Muni reveals His clairvoyance in the form of glowing letters. This is a blessing given to only those who read the Jeeva Nadi. So it wasn’t difficult to read the Nadi even in the dark. I also have experience in reading in this manner before. (During a common Jeeva Nadi reading at Thanjavur through Shri Ganesan, where Agastya Muni gives general guidance and answers general questions, applicable to one and all, power went off but the reading continued. A few blessed souls present there apart from Shri Ganesan could see those golden glowing letters from the palm leaves). 

Let us see that experience before mentioning about witchcraft. It was around 9 PM in the night on that day. Myself and my friend were reading the Nadi for one of our friends who was a native of a foreign land. At that time, one of my close friend came rushing and requested something. He said:

“There has been a sensational incident in Chennai. All the newspapers of a specific agency has been confiscated. The reason for this is not known. You know that I am a regular reader of that paper. I would like to know where I will get that, through Agastya” – his voice was trembling.

“Is it fair to interfere when the Nadi is being read for someone else?” – I rebuked and asked him to sit down quietly for sometime. But still, his eyes floating here and there restless.

For that foreigner, even if he knows Tamil language, not sure what Agastya Muni thought, He asked me to hand over the Nadi to that person. I then realized that what I read from the Nadi, was not understood by that person and so the Muni asked me to hand over. He accepted it with great reverence and touched it on both his eyes, as though paying obeisance. His eyes showed sign of surprise as he read through it with great happiness. Once read, he placed the Nadi on the table and prostrated. He then kissed the Nadi and gave it back.

“What did Agastya Muni say?” – I asked.

He belonged to the Malay country. I thought he will try to explain in a not-so-good Tamil. But when he mentioned “I am really blessed. I did not understand what you read at first. But when you gave the Nadi to me, I saw that Agastya Muni explained everything in Malay language itself!” It was a new experience. Thereafter, He has given his clairvoyance in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages as well, post this Malay language narration. I sent forth this person and called upon my friend.

“I do not know what you will do. I have searched for that paper everywhere. I need that somehow.”

“How is the newspaper and this Jeeva Nadi reading related?” – I asked.

“You will have to ask Agastya Muni on where I will get that paper”

“Are you kidding? I cannot do that. What you ask is not right” – I replied angrily.

He began to plead and did not appear to be leaving. It was getting past 9.30 PM. People around there started murmuring as to “Will someone ask such things to Agastya Muni?”

“Ask him only once. If He does not give a good response, I shall move on” – my friend was adamant. Though I have to read Nadi whoever asks for, I did not expect that my friend will put me on to this situation. If I heed to his request, I may be prone to Agastya’s anger. I opened the Jeeva Nadi reluctantly.

First turn off all the lights. I will tell what is there in the news paper that bears the name of Islam in it” – said the Muni.

I was taken aback. I thought this friend of mine is lucky indeed. In a moment, all the lights were turned off.

That magazine printed the photo of My Lord Rama’s statue garlanded with slippers. Hence the Government put a stay and confiscated all the issues. However, I shall tell exactly as to what came in that issue” – Agastya Muni began to talk in those glowing letters swiftly. For about one and a half hours, right from the headlines, He showed what has been done to the Hindu Gods in Salem district, who were garlanded with stone, slippers etc. as if showing in a video.

Once all that was done, He asked to lit up. Lights came. My friend thanked the Maha Muni who showed us the entire news for that day without even getting the paper and asked “How do we cross verify this?” The Maha Muni instructed us to go to a specific shop at T-Nagar, Chennai and said that “there will be an issue beneath the iron chest of that shop, with which you can cross verify“.

We went to that shop at once where it was 11.30 in the night. The shopkeeper thought us to be police and was focused only on chasing us out saying there wasn’t any such newspaper. Then we explained him on what happened and how we came here where he showed us the newspaper he got somehow. It had all the information that Agastya Muni shared. We all were so surprised.

Agastya Muni strictly told not to have such queries hereafter.

As far as I feel, it would be great if people use the Nadi to cleanse their karma than to utilize it for such purposes. After this incident, I never entertain such useless topics and neither the Guru Muni answers them. The only speaciality in this is that I could read what was in the paper in complete darkness. It was a new experience for me.

Only now after that incident, I ask Agastya Muni if witchcraft was true. I also thought that the Muni will answer me in just 4 sentences. But when He said “turn off the lights, let me explain“, I thought it is going to be similar to the day we had the newspaper incident.

Agastya Muni started explaining:

Before I start saying about the truths of witchcraft, those of you who are courageous, come here on the coming Amavasya day!

Nothing came after. When I asked those present as to who will come, even the friend who requested this information said “It is enough if you can ask this and let me know, why should I be present?” and escaped. Even a few present there, “Why to know about witchcraft and aircraft etc? Let us all think good. Why ask all these to Agastya?” Within this, one of the friend said “Agastya Muni is not some ghost. Why don’t we ask Himself on why He asks us to come here”

When I asked this to Agastya, He said: “Before knowing what is witchcraft, as your friend said, We call upon to show a ghost only!“. That’s all. Those who were around started sweating.

~ to be continued…!

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51 – Is Witchcraft true? – Part 1

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Before I started reading Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi, I had no belief in witch-craft. It is called as Sey-Vinai in Tamil, with Vinai being the effect of karma. So invariably, it is our “deeds’ effect” and nothing else. But to earn money out of this, people are being misguided. I myself have told many and send them off frankly and openly not to believe in these things.

My point of view is that there is nothing that cannot be won over by Prayer. Atharvana Veda, by which such acts are being performed is very famous in Kerala. The people of Kerala might and well believe such feasts but we need not, is my view.

Out of the four Vedas, the Rig, Yajur and Sama veda has profound respect all through Tamil Nadu. Atharvana Veda consists of a number of Mantra Shakthi, but it is rare to see who follows Atharvana Veda in Tamil Nadu. Moreover, it is not very known or famous here as well. Hence, they don’t give importance to issues such as witch-craft. Perhaps, this belief grew in the people of Kerala from long ago.

Do such things exist? Can you please request Agastya Muni for clarification? – asked one of my friends. I was hesitant if the Maha Muni will answer to such queries, but then I prayed earnestly to the Sage where he said:

Wait and see. In two days We will tell you in detail” – this reply was pleasantly surprising for me.

Two days went by. The next day around 11 AM, there was a request from the owner of a very famous movie production company seeking permission to have a Nãdi reading. I sought Agastya Muni’s permission and asked him to come. Though he was a multi-millionairre, he was very humble. His eyes were shining due to his wealthy lifestyle, on them at the same time, were a ray of worry as well, I noticed.

I thought it could be due to some issues with the business. I opened the Jeeva Nãdi and began to read. The gist of what the Maha Muni said beginning with “At the time the star of Sathayam rose”.

Your daughter bears the name of Parvatha Kumari (Goddess Parvathy). She is well versed in a foreign language and has won many a medals for her writing. That innocent child, a low-minded illeterate person who stays nearby her school is trying to bring her under his custody.

Your daughter does not know his hideous intention and used to go to his shop nearby with her friends to get eatables. He wants to marry your daughter so as to get hold of the enormous wealth you have.

Right this moment of reading the Nãdi, that crook has gone to the holy place where Parasurama was born, only to get a candy where the Atharvana Veda is misused in it. Since you have done some good merits in your previous birth and that your wife prays to My Beloved Lord Muruga by litting up a 5 faced lamp, you have come here in a good time for daughter to be saved from getting in to his custody. Just save your daughter so that his mere shadow does not even fall on her, for seven days. Afterwards, whatever he did will become a waste, then it will teach a good lesson to him by itself. Go at once to Lord Subramanya’s temple and do abhishekam with milk and water. Take the lemon at His feet and keep it in your pooja room. You do not have to fear anymore” – said the Sage!

As I read this, the person began to sweat profusely. He could not even speak and I could see his hands shivering a bit.

“I came here to ask about my daughter as well. But I never thought it would be so serious” – and began to narrate a few incidents. I stopped him right there and said, “Rush at once to Murugan temple, just as the ‘Guru Ma Muni’ instructed. As Agastya Muni Himself said nothing bad will happen, He Himself will stay as an invisible guardian to your daughter. Let us talk later” – I sent him off. He was very happy and appeared very hopeful about the future when he left.

Ten days would have passed by.

The person came with a lot of fruits, flowers accompanied by his wife and that innocent girl, all appearing very happy.

“Agastya Muni showed me the right direction” – he began to explain what happened.

“My daughter was only normal. But my wife said that she is getting scared of something all of a sudden, I didn’t believe it at first. When enquiring her friends without her knowledge, we came to know that a small shopkeeper near her school used to see her, behave with her in odd manner. As he was illeterate, the way he spoke, his urge and odd ways of talking made my daughter has expressed her worries with her friends.

My wife is an intelligent lady by nature. She asked the reason for my daughter’s fear, who said something for the sake of it and kept the matter in disguise. Then my wife enquired this with her friends and bought it to my attention. As soon as I heard of it, I came to meet you that day itself”

“Well. Is everything ok now?”

“I went to Lord Muruga’s temple at once, performed abisheka and archana, got a lemon from the temple and kept it in my pooja room. Then I took my family for a pilgrimage to the “Aru Padai Veedu” (the six battle houses of Lord Karthikeya) and came home only last night. Within that, they said that the guy closed down his shop and went back to Kerala itself. Some say that he met with an accident and is in hospital now. Whatever it is, in 10 days, I will change my daughter to a different school” – he said.

“It is not required. The guy will never turn towards your daughter hereafter. Let her education continue as per her wish. The rest will be taken care of by your prayers and Agastya Muni will take care as well” – I encouraged him.

Right then, he asked “Is there such things called as Witch-craft?”

“I cannot answer this. Let us request Agastya himself” – I replied and opened the Jeeva Nãdi after praying accordingly and asked:

“Is witch-craft true? If so, how strong is it? Is it strong enough to change one’s fate? Can this be believed? Who all will be affected by such things? How to prevent this?” – I asked such questions to myself and began to read.

First, shut off all the lights. Lit them up only when saying good words. Till then, listen very carefully on what We say” – said the Maha Muni!

The information that He shared not only took me to surprise, but to those around me as well…!

~ to be continued…!