52 – Is Witchcraft True? – Part 2

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Light should be used only for doing good. Maha Muni Agastya feels that darkness implies evil intentions, . Hence, when saying or doing good, do it in the light. Only those with crooked and hideous intention will believe in darkness – this is a general rule. Witchcraft is not a good thing. Sage Agastya did not want to read that amidst light. Hence He ordered that all the lights be turned off and it was done at once.

Though it is dark, Agastya Muni reveals His clairvoyance in the form of glowing letters. This is a blessing given to only those who read the Jeeva Nadi. So it wasn’t difficult to read the Nadi even in the dark. I also have experience in reading in this manner before. (During a common Jeeva Nadi reading at Thanjavur through Shri Ganesan, where Agastya Muni gives general guidance and answers general questions, applicable to one and all, power went off but the reading continued. A few blessed souls present there apart from Shri Ganesan could see those golden glowing letters from the palm leaves). 

Let us see that experience before mentioning about witchcraft. It was around 9 PM in the night on that day. Myself and my friend were reading the Nadi for one of our friends who was a native of a foreign land. At that time, one of my close friend came rushing and requested something. He said:

“There has been a sensational incident in Chennai. All the newspapers of a specific agency has been confiscated. The reason for this is not known. You know that I am a regular reader of that paper. I would like to know where I will get that, through Agastya” – his voice was trembling.

“Is it fair to interfere when the Nadi is being read for someone else?” – I rebuked and asked him to sit down quietly for sometime. But still, his eyes floating here and there restless.

For that foreigner, even if he knows Tamil language, not sure what Agastya Muni thought, He asked me to hand over the Nadi to that person. I then realized that what I read from the Nadi, was not understood by that person and so the Muni asked me to hand over. He accepted it with great reverence and touched it on both his eyes, as though paying obeisance. His eyes showed sign of surprise as he read through it with great happiness. Once read, he placed the Nadi on the table and prostrated. He then kissed the Nadi and gave it back.

“What did Agastya Muni say?” – I asked.

He belonged to the Malay country. I thought he will try to explain in a not-so-good Tamil. But when he mentioned “I am really blessed. I did not understand what you read at first. But when you gave the Nadi to me, I saw that Agastya Muni explained everything in Malay language itself!” It was a new experience. Thereafter, He has given his clairvoyance in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages as well, post this Malay language narration. I sent forth this person and called upon my friend.

“I do not know what you will do. I have searched for that paper everywhere. I need that somehow.”

“How is the newspaper and this Jeeva Nadi reading related?” – I asked.

“You will have to ask Agastya Muni on where I will get that paper”

“Are you kidding? I cannot do that. What you ask is not right” – I replied angrily.

He began to plead and did not appear to be leaving. It was getting past 9.30 PM. People around there started murmuring as to “Will someone ask such things to Agastya Muni?”

“Ask him only once. If He does not give a good response, I shall move on” – my friend was adamant. Though I have to read Nadi whoever asks for, I did not expect that my friend will put me on to this situation. If I heed to his request, I may be prone to Agastya’s anger. I opened the Jeeva Nadi reluctantly.

First turn off all the lights. I will tell what is there in the news paper that bears the name of Islam in it” – said the Muni.

I was taken aback. I thought this friend of mine is lucky indeed. In a moment, all the lights were turned off.

That magazine printed the photo of My Lord Rama’s statue garlanded with slippers. Hence the Government put a stay and confiscated all the issues. However, I shall tell exactly as to what came in that issue” – Agastya Muni began to talk in those glowing letters swiftly. For about one and a half hours, right from the headlines, He showed what has been done to the Hindu Gods in Salem district, who were garlanded with stone, slippers etc. as if showing in a video.

Once all that was done, He asked to lit up. Lights came. My friend thanked the Maha Muni who showed us the entire news for that day without even getting the paper and asked “How do we cross verify this?” The Maha Muni instructed us to go to a specific shop at T-Nagar, Chennai and said that “there will be an issue beneath the iron chest of that shop, with which you can cross verify“.

We went to that shop at once where it was 11.30 in the night. The shopkeeper thought us to be police and was focused only on chasing us out saying there wasn’t any such newspaper. Then we explained him on what happened and how we came here where he showed us the newspaper he got somehow. It had all the information that Agastya Muni shared. We all were so surprised.

Agastya Muni strictly told not to have such queries hereafter.

As far as I feel, it would be great if people use the Nadi to cleanse their karma than to utilize it for such purposes. After this incident, I never entertain such useless topics and neither the Guru Muni answers them. The only speaciality in this is that I could read what was in the paper in complete darkness. It was a new experience for me.

Only now after that incident, I ask Agastya Muni if witchcraft was true. I also thought that the Muni will answer me in just 4 sentences. But when He said “turn off the lights, let me explain“, I thought it is going to be similar to the day we had the newspaper incident.

Agastya Muni started explaining:

Before I start saying about the truths of witchcraft, those of you who are courageous, come here on the coming Amavasya day!

Nothing came after. When I asked those present as to who will come, even the friend who requested this information said “It is enough if you can ask this and let me know, why should I be present?” and escaped. Even a few present there, “Why to know about witchcraft and aircraft etc? Let us all think good. Why ask all these to Agastya?” Within this, one of the friend said “Agastya Muni is not some ghost. Why don’t we ask Himself on why He asks us to come here”

When I asked this to Agastya, He said: “Before knowing what is witchcraft, as your friend said, We call upon to show a ghost only!“. That’s all. Those who were around started sweating.

~ to be continued…!

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