The Grace of Siddha – 56 – Mantralayam – Part 1

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

To go to Mantralaya was the next instruction.

I went to the ticket counter to book a train ticket to Mantralaya. I could not get the tickets. I thought I must go without any reservation and when I saw the crowd near the train, I felt that its not just today, but for the next full
week, it is impossible to get in to this train.

There were people filled in every compartment. There wasn’t any other train to Mantralaya for that day either. I possibly could get on tomorrow by changing trains to reach Mantralaya.


But it is today that the Maha Muni asked me to go and I didn’t know what to do. I even tried “other means” by asking the TTR but no luck. They just said, “travel in an unreserved compartment and meet me at every station. If there are any vacant seats, I shall provide you” but there wasn’t any confirmed ticket.

It was about five minutes for the train to start.

I opened the Jeeva Nadi with a little frustration and grief.

Fear Not My Son! Your travel will happen without any hinderance.” – said the Maha Muni. I had no hope. Then that miracle happened.

There came a person running towards me, “Sir, you have to go to Mantralaya only right? I have got two seats in this coach here. Get in there now. I have paid the cost for this berth. Get on!”

I was so very surprised. I even thought that it is an offense to book ticket in some other’s name. But the person made me enter the train and threw my luggage in too. The train started the very next second and the person disappeared too. I was thinking as to how is this all possible while the
ticket checker came to me.

I showed the ticket to him and explained what happened. He smiled and returned the ticket to me.


I mentioned my name.

“You have rushed to get the tickets. In your name, two berths has been booked four days ago”

“How? It is not possible?”

“The person who came here a while ago mentioned about you and said that he has your tickets and that he will bring you in half a minute, and while I was checking that ticket, he got down. Now you are showing a different ticket. Here, sit comfortably.”

I could not understand anything, or could even dream of such things. I was thinking frightened as to who that person was, how did he know my name, why did he book a ticket for right today. When people were desperate to get a single ticket, why is there two berths booked in my name? The ticket checker didn’t come thereafter and nobody else occupied the other seat either.

It was ten in the morning, the next day. The train stopped in Mantralaya station. As it was my first time visit here, I got down slowly. It was a small station and there wasn’t any platform or anything. From here, Sri Ragavendra Swamy’s brindavana would be around 15 kilo meters. A government bus comes once in an hour or when the train stops. Till then, the place will be deserted.

I was thinking as to how we are going to go there and came out of the station. An ambassador car came and stopped near me.

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 55 – Witchcraft and the lesson learnt

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I thanked the Maha Muni who gave courage to me even at that midnight and when I returned, it was 2 in the morning. I tried switching on the torch to look for the way out and it lit up at once! The same torch which did not work a while ago worked just like that, which surprised me. I pointed the torch in the direction where the “ghost” was standing but all I could see was a wall. There is no use in staying here anymore, I thought and set off from there.

When I got out of the building, the black dog which disappeared a while ago stood there, as if waiting. I could not understand where it went in the meantime and why it is standing now waiting. The moment it saw me, it started moving and I pointed the torch in the direction it went and started following it.

It was walking at a rapid pace till it reached the main road and it started barking very loudly all of a sudden. It never moved further. I was following it in ten feet’s distance and was shocked a bit on hearing the sudden barking. I moved the torch around the dog and could see a cobra carrying a mice in its mouth, moving along the road. It was about 8 or 9 feet long. Though it was a small shock, I realized how dangerous it would have been had I moved in front some two minutes ahead or if the dog had not alerted me on time. I could’ve stepped on the cobra. I would have been in great trouble if the cobra turns my way or even if it turns its course towards the dog, and if the dog bites it or whatever, I will be in serious trouble. Though I had the Jeeva Nadi at hand, I am a mere human and who will bear these sort of trouble? When I thought of it, I could not but think that “is this all required? I could have stayed back like my friend”. If something else happens, I know people will ridicule me saying “he must be insane to have followed the Nadi” and all that.

At the sixth minute, the cobra crossed the road and rushed in to a nearby farm land. Only then did the dog stopped barking. I reached the main road around 3 AM. The black dog which accompanied me as a guide so far was not to be seen as soon as I reached the Ayyanar statue. I searched for it for full ten minutes but it could not be seen anywhere!

I was sweating profusely. As a matter of fact, I was standing like dressing up right after taking bath without drying. I could not determine if it was due to fear or a surprise out of “things that did not happen”.

As it would take another 3 hours for the bus to come, I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

I asked you to pay your obeisance to Ayyanar but you did not listen. Hence the Karkodakan (the cobra) darshan. It came only to warn you. Another thing, you did not believe Me and kept saying “why all this trouble to me”. If you yourself do not believe Me and thought like all others, the Karkodakan came to warn you” – the Sage whipped.

I expressed my apologies to the Sage.

I then asked “You had mentioned about this dog well before. Who was that? Was it the Ayyanar Himself?!”

No. It was Kala Bairava. He came accompanying you even in the midnight. To express your thankfulness to him, lit up a lamp for nine days in his shrine as soon as you get back” – said the Sage! I felt so proud and blissful that even the Almighty stood by my side in this night. When I explained these things to my friends, they were surprised whether such things would happen and began to research the facts as well.

When I went to the Kala Bairava’s shrine the next day, there was a surprise waiting for me. The priest mentioned, “Just a while ago, an aged person came here handing over these oil, ghee and these thread, telling me that you will come here for nine days to lit a lamp in Kala Bairava’s shrine”

I was surprised and shocked.

My insight told me that it must have been none other than Agastya Muni who gave these things to the priest because, this matter is known only to me and Agastya. I had mentioned all the incidents except the reason for why the snake came, and the fact that I forgot to pray to the Ayyanar and that I kept doubting Agastya Muni Himself.

I then became very careful that hereafter I should never ever doubt His words, and should accept them as it is without getting doubtful or question them with a wavering mind. At times, the clairvoyance for some might have not been correct. I used to get confused as to why this happens, did we say something wrong and even think about Agastya Muni sadly. The Sage clarified all that to be wrong in this nighttime drama.

Even my friend tried to find out if someone has given a complaint about a missing girl named Amudha and indeed found that such a complaint has been logged by a person. Amudha got killed and so was the fate of the killer with his family. I did not want to research further. The Maha Muni said that the girl’s ghost got salvation on another day. He also had suggested the killer’s family to lit up a Moksha Deepam for Rajaguru’s family. I sent a messenger to them conveying this and they did what was suggested.
I was satisfied that Amudha and Rajaguru’s family got salvation with the help of Agastya Muni.

It was the fourth day. After I saw Amudha’s ghost, the next order came, to go to Mantralaya!

~ to be continued…!