The Grace of Siddha – 61 – Darshan of Hanuman

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I was wondering if I am in this earth or have reached another world. Such wondrous things were happening on the hilltop in that scorching heat. No trees, plants or creepers around the Rana Mandalam mountain where Hanuman’s statue was present and it was around 1 PM with the heat at its peak. Suddenly, a cool breeze swept through and the heat disappeared.

A divine aroma of enchanting flowers, sandalwood, jasmine, civet perfume, marikozhundhu (southernwood) combined together, filled the air. In the middle of a garden if one experiences the bliss of water droplets scattering over, the same experience was felt. Where was this cool breeze hiding all this while, one wouldn’t know and it began floating. My mind became hasty while I was chanting Sri Rama Jayam. At that time…

I was touching the holy feet of Shri Hanuman, the heat felt there earlier had disappeared. It was as if I was touching an ice cube. I was surprised and I opened my eyes.

Right in front of my eyes, Shri Hanuman stood, in flesh and blood. I felt a current amounting to thousands of voltage passing in to me through the feet I was touching. It was not a statue of Hanuman I saw, it was He, Hanuman Himself!

His eyes looked at me with His hands showing the mudra of
blessing (Ashirwadh), with His face glimmering with Karunya. I looked at Him upwards with my eyelids stopped blinking. He appeared to be breathing in a slow and steady manner.

Thank you Vishnu, for this wonderful art!

Thank you Vishnu, for this wonderful art!

It lasted for just two minutes, such a marvelous darshan. What was the current like sensation that passed through me from His feet? I do not know till date. When I touched the feet again, it had turned rocky. Within five minutes, the heat of Rana Mandalam was back and the breeze was not to be felt.

Is this some sort of magic, I pinched myself and I was immensely pleased that it was real. It is indeed a miraculous, blissful Deiva Darshan. Aha! How blessed I am! I thought. I conveyed my earnest gratitude and thanks to my parents who are the source of this, particularly to my Mother. I prostrated in front of the holy feet of Hanuman with utmost devotion and thanked Shri Agastya Muni heartfully and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

O the one who had the blessing of having the darshan of Shri Hanuman, you shall be henceforth called as Hanumath Dãsan. With such a rare darshan, you have got the rarest of the blessings in your life. For those who are here, won’t understand even if told about this mountain. For incidents that happened long back, no one would believe that this Mahodhara Mountain is an important reason. They may say that it is a cooked up story and ask for proof. Mad people! They only talk that way. But what you got, is a
Anandha Darshan” – The Maha Muni gave a brief explanation.

I did not feel like getting out of that place. I even thought of staying there for the rest of my life. To have the darshan of Hanuman in this Kali Yuga, is indeed prominent among the miracles of the world. I have committed so many sins knowingly or unknowingly. Still, the Maha Muni had shown me the darshan of Hanuman. What else do I want?

I do not know for how long I was seated there. The scorching heat began to come down. Without the mind for getting out from there, I looked at Hanuman again with a pouring heart and thought of starting from there.

A flash occurred in me!

I took out hundred and one rupee from my bag at once and placed it beneath Hanuman’s feet and placed small stones on all four corners so as to prevent it from flying away – prayed earnestly and began to descend.

I did not notice even a single person till I got down. I looked around but found no one. I went to the Ram Temple again. There wasn’t any sign of anyone coming over or have lit up a lamp in the Garbha Gruha or offered anything.

I did not feel thirsty or hungry but in fact was doubly charged and getting down faster. I went near the water body again and found the liquor pot in the same place as it was. I drank the water as much as I could and it tasted like Devamrutha.

I came down around 6 or 6.30 to Rana Mandalam. I was curious if anyone would talk about the Hanuman on the hilltop. I longed for any additional information about it. Once I had had the darshan of Shri Hanuman, the energy I felt inside my body had transformed in to an ultimate briskness. I felt everything will happen great with the grace of God.

Where was I, what was I doing, what am I going to do, nothing I felt. Somehow, I came back home in the train. Once I reached, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting for me when my Mother showed me a money-order receipt.

It had my name, address and marked the receipt of the 101 rupees I had kept, all written in Telugu. Right below that, “Rama Anjaneya Temple – Ranamandalam”, it said!

The experience I had in Mantralaya and Ranamandala mountain, the Divya Darshan of Hanuman I had, receiving the receipt for the money I had kept as an offering the very next day – I was explaining with so much of emotion only to find that no one believed them completely, including my Mother.

“We believe in Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi. But it is hard to believe in such an experience of deiva darshan, it is difficult to digest” – many a people tell me this.

“It’s your power of imagination! In this Kali Yuga, the Almightly appearing just like that? For that, are you a person who is immersed in pooja and spiritual practices? All those great souls who are waiting for such a darshan, you got it is it? All these are just sweet lies of yours” – some spiritualistic rationals expressed this openly as well.

“We’re very glad to know that Agastya Muni is orchestrating such miracles. But how is it fair to show all these just for you? Even I have seen the Nãdi in so many places. They all ask for the thumb impression to first search for the appropriate suvadi. Even then the sayings are in form of literature Tamil. But your Nãdi is so very different and so I just cannot believe this, I can’t!” – some relatives say so.

“Don’t tell anyone that such things happened. Either you must have gone mad or that you are cheating others in the name of Agastya Nãdi. What’s the matter with you?” – some opined.

“You aren’t making money out of this Nãdi. Then why are you searching for such advertisements for yourself in the name of Prahladha, Ragavendra or Hanuman? Your name will be spoiled out of this” – my friends said this.

Above all, my Mother asked me: “You mentioned of Agastya Muni saying that it was because of me that you got the darshan of Hanuman. But for about forty years, I have been writing Sri Rama Jayam everyday. He had to give darshan to me. Why didn’t this happen?”

Out of all those, what my Mother said struck hard in me. I do not know completely about Agastya Jeeva Nãdi. Why did it come to my hands? For how long will I be reading it? The rare chances that I got, why didn’t those who came for the reading get? Why is this?

If whatever Agastya Muni had said happens just the way it is, then its fair enough, everyone’s happy. But if it did not, they feel that the words of the Almighty Himself has gone wrong. What’s the reason behind this? Whose mistake is this? All such thoughts used to arise in me in the beginning when I had begun to read the Nãdi.

At times, I had been in situations where I could not even share what I came to know from the Nadi and feel happy. Why can’t I be normal as others? Why did the Nãdi come to me? From what I read out sometimes spoiled my name and people began to look at me differently. But when my own mother looked at me like that, I felt I should just drop the Nãdi in the river.

All the happiness of Rana Mandalam had gone. I wanted to ask this to Agastya Muni Himself but the following days were all Ashtami, Navami, Bharani or Karthigai and so I had to remain silent.

On a Brahma Muhurtha time (between 4.30 AM to 6.00 AM
everyday is referred to as Brahma Muhurtha), I prayed and
opened the Agastya Jeeva Nadi.

On grieving about the mother not having the darshan of Hanuman, you thought of throwing the Nãdi in to the river. This is like insulting Myself. Leave alone this thought! It is not that the darshan of Hanuman has to happen in Rana Mandala mountain. Even at home, if one offers his prayers even within the mind, He will appear. Everyone knows about it. But not only for your mother, all those who spoke ill of you, all those rationalists will have a chance of having the darshan of Hanuman in just ten days. Not only that, your mother’s health has started deteriorating. She has been praying to Lord Rama all these days. If We Agastya, the foremost of Siddhas think of calling her along with you to Rana Mandalam to have the darshan of both Sri Rama and Hanuman, they both would agree and will bestow their grace. But thinking of her health, We left it as it is.

For her, Hanuman’s darshan will be given indirectly, soon. She will attain the golden feet of Sri Rama before Rama Navami. For her, where is the next birth?” – Sri Agastya gave this detailed narration.


~ to be continued…!


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The Grace of Siddha – 60 – Ranamandalam

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I realized that I did not bring any water bottle only after climbing that long. What if I feel thirsty as there did not seem any trace of water anywhere in that place. If it’s a mountain, there could be water falls or tiny water bodies here and there and even tastier water which may not be present in the ground might be available, I thought.

I even thought that Sri Guru Raya might have probably saved me from getting thirsty or Shri Agastya Muni could’ve pointed me towards the water. Without any of these, I did feel very thirsty in that hot sun at 10.30 in the morning and did not know what to do.

“O Agastya Maharishi, whatever You will do, please show me a way to get some water. Otherwise, if it is like neither I would be able to climb up in search of water, nor come down but to die thirsty in between, then let it happen as your wish” – I could not step up any further and sat down then and there.

There weren’t anyone who could hear me if I call. The temperature seemed as if it’s above 100 degrees. I am very thirsty as well. Seeing all these, what is to do with Jeeva Nadi? What’s the use of it? I think we must just throw it off – this unnamed frustration got hold of me while I saw a person carrying something on his head in about 100 feet-‘s distance.

Whoever he is and whatever he may be carrying, all I need is a little water. I cried out ‘Hey! Hey!’ and started moving towards him. He saw me after a while when I was signaling towards him. I do not know what he understood. He began to run all of a sudden.

Oh man! What trouble is this! I am losing this fellow as well while I am very thirsty. I began to chase him. After a while, he put down whatever he was carrying on his head and ran away. I chased him and looked at what he was carrying.

It was a pot used to store liquor!

Oh God!!!! I screamed aloud and turned around where I saw water!

“Water for the thirsty” – how noble and pure this word is, I realized that day. The tongue was dry and the lips already had tiny cracks along with the chase that I did, and the water which appeared like crystal, you could imagine how I felt. O good Lord, you saved me, I thanked the Almighty and drank till my heart became cool. I realized the importance and value of water then.

In spite of all these, I did feel Agastya Muni could not have given such a test to me. I do not know what would have happened if I had not spotted the water body. I apologized to Agastya Muni earnestly and moved on. After about half an hour’s walk, I could see a small temple. I thought this must have been the temple which the Muni pointed out in the light-form as ‘Ram’.

It indeed was a Ram temple. An old one. I could not understand what was written in Telugu. Though it was small, the sanctity was profound. I circumambulated the temple and no one was found. I peeped through the keyhole of the wooden door and looked in to the Garbha-Graha. It was a little dark and there wasn’t any light inside though there seemed like a vigraha (idol) inside. There wasn’t any information on when the temple will be open and all. I rested there for a while, prayed to Lord Rama and proceeded towards a tiny pathway to have the darshan of Hanuman!

I also noted down the route to reach the water body if in case I am thirsty again and that of the Ram temple. I recalled the incidents of Agastya Muni showing the route in form of light with a wonder. Had I walked a bit slower, I could have found the water body myself. Such a tension or fear wasn’t necessary. I realized that it was a mistake to run like that.

It was noon when I reached the Ram temple. I looked around and lo!

On top of that mountain, right there stood Shri Anjaneya Swamy! It was about 6 feet tall. It seemed that the statue was sculpted in Vishwaroopa form. They had formed a stage kind of structure with a few heavy stones and iron rods. There wasn’t anything for the roof.

It was a blissful sight to see Hanuman standing there, with a lot of mercy flowing through his face, even in that scorching heat. I prostrated before Him. It appeared that there were no rituals or pooja that happened here. There wasn’t anything different in this Hanuman than what we see elsewhere, but then why did the Maha Muni ask me to come all the way up here to have His darshan? I could not understand.

It won’t be without a reason, I realized and thought we should sit down at the feet of Hanuman and pray to Agastya Muni and see what He says,-. I opened the Jeeva Nadi after sitting down at the feet of Hanuman.

As you are Our beloved son, and due to your past good karma, We were showing you a good way to obtain Moksha, while you abuse Me, think of throwing out the Jeeva Nadi. How is it fair? You began to think like any other. How can We forgive you?”

“The darshan of God is not obtainable by everyone that easy. You could not even bear the thirst for some time, to have thought to give you the darshan of Hanuman was a mistake indeed, still, as you are an ignorant kid, We forgive you” – He whipped me in and out!

I bore all of them.

Now I tell you. Your Mother prayed to Shri Rama for forty long years, every day and kept writing Sri Rama Jayam and she kept thinking about Hanuman in her previous birth for whose merit that I brought you here to have His darshan. Not only that, it was none other than Shri Prahladha Swamy, who appeared as Bala Ragavendra in the banks of Thungabadhra river. Do you know that it is Shri Prahladha Swamy who indeed incarnated as Shri Ragavendra?” – the Maha Muni paused.

I was pleasantly shocked on seeing this.

He had had me the darshan of Maha Prabhu Shri Prahladha Swamy! He has the glory of having Lord Vishnu incarnate as Narasimha Swamy – it is Him whom I have had the darshan, I felt so blissful to think about it. Am I that meritful? To have given me such a blessing, how grateful should I be to Agastya Muni? But here I was, thinking to throw out the Jeeva Nadi?! I felt shameful of myself. The next moment, I earnestly thanked the Agastya Muni with tears flowing down and I prayed to Prahladha Swamy as well.

Now I began to read the Jeeva Nadi with utmost respect and bhakthi.

Keep your thanking sessions for Me with you now. Thank your Mother. It is not only for you, Guru Raya has given His darshan to many a people very often by coming out of His Brindavana. What He had said that “I will come out after 300 years” is happening right now. Do you know how holy this Rana Malai is? You do not know the glory of where you are seated now. We know..!

It is this place where you are seated, that Hanuman took the Vishwaroopa form in his quest to search Sita Devi to Sri Lanka. This mount is known by the name Mahodhara Mountain in those days. There were wild animals around in a dense forest. When He took the Vishwaroopa form, the mountains, forest broke apart. Agastya Muni got goose-pimps on seeing such a sight! I wanted you to be seated on this holy spot and hence I brought you here. You didn’t realize it and started abusing Me

I could not speak a word.

When The Valmiki Muni mentions about this Mahodhara Mountain in the first verses of His Sundara Kandam, you could realize the holiness of this place. Think about it. O Son, there are so many reasons for why I brought you here today. Along with you, I am going to have the darshan of Shri Hanuman as well. Till then, close your eyes and keep chanting Shri Rama Nama and Hanuman Nama” – the Maha Muni disappeared from Jeeva Nadi!

~ to be continued…!


The Grace of Siddha – 59 – Mantralaya – Part 4

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Thre is a mount in Rana Mandalam. Climb that up and see” – when my friend said that it is Sri Ragavendra Himself who said this, I was so enthralled. He does not usually say things like that all of a sudden. The Mahan has appeared in the form of the priest, the One who came as a small boy, and appeared as Guru Raya and played ambush with me, is now appearing as the priest, gave us the prasad of Shri Hanuman and asked us to visit Rana Mandalam as a clairvoyance, we could only feel so blissful to think. It is surely a good deed of our past lives.

We wanted to have the priest’s darshan one more time. We looked around, inquired with those who were standing nearby and even checked with the other priests who were performing the rituals there. What they mentioned shook us totally.

“There aren’t anyone other than us who are priests here. However, the prasad you have is from here only. But we are yet to perform the neivedhyam (offering). We are surprised as to how you got this prasad before the offering. The person to whom you are referring to, is not here in this temple, we haven’t seen such a person as well”.

Such incidents can be seen in cinemas, in dreams but such a thing happening in real life, no one could ever believe. The grace of Guru Raya has been bestowed to many a Mahans, there were great amount of merits, when he was walking around here.


We both have got it now and we could not even share this
happiness with others. At the same time, when they came to know that the prasad we had in our hands is given by none other than Guru Raya, they all took it right royally. This pleased us very much. But neither me or my friend had anything left out. We could not think of taking a part of it back home.

We carried the divine thought of having Guru Raya’s darshan and crossed the Thungabadhra river. We were not only happy, but were totally fresh as well, why wouldn’t it be? I kept asking my friend to accompany me to Rana Mandalam but he wasn’t able to join me due to his work. He did have the harddecision to make, even when it is said by Guru Raya Himself, but he had official work to carry out. As this plan sprout out all of a sudden, my friend decided to drop me in Rana Mandalam and return to Chennai early in the morning as against starting the same night that day.

There was another reason as well. If we reach Rana Mandalam in the night, we won’t know if there is a suitable place to retire for the night, and we don’t know the local language. Hence my friend decided to accompany me till he drops me there in the morning.

It was the early hours of the night. We wanted to visit the
Brindavana once again. There were a lot of people and the chief of Mantralaya Mutt was also present. We were standing at the far end of the crowd when the Swamiji turned towards our side suddenly and called us upon.

“Tonight, you two must have the Theertha Prasad of Guru Raya with me. Come here directly” – he smiled and blessed us both and returned to his abode.

How could this be? I haven’t seen this Swami before. Neither did I prostrate before Him. It’s been three days since I have come here. He does not know who I am. I haven’t gone to his place either. Then how is this blessing of having a dinner with this Swami for us both? Is this such a simple task? I even thought that He might have called upon someone who stood behind us, I thought even. This was proved to be wrong when the Mutt members confirmed it.

In the next half an hour, as soon as the pooja for “Moola Rama” was over, we had the blessing of having Theertha Prasad with the chief of Mantralaya Mutt. This blessing wouldn’t have been possible had it not been the blessing of Guru Raya. Once we had the dinner, the Swamiji called upon us again and gave us the formal ‘Red garment’ of the mutt and smeared the Akshadha, blessing us.

“Somehow for me, I felt like I received an instruction to give you both the Ragavendra Prasad. I did just as I felt so. That’s all” – He said. Even then, I did not feel like sharing the experience we had in the morning or about the Jeeva Nadi. He didn’t ask either.

The next day morning, we set forth to Rana Mandalam in his car. My friend, “Through Agastya’s grace, we got the darshan of Sri Ragavendra. Who knows what other darshan is waiting in Rana Mandalam? Whatever it is, please think of me as well” – said rightfully and with a longing tone.

“Why don’t you come along? Let us experience it both”. He had the desire as well, but as he could not, he dropped me off in Rana Mandalam and bid farewell.

The mount was there in front along with it was the small pathway to reach. I prayed to Agastya and Hanuman and started walking. It was around 9 in the morning. There wasn’t anyone except me. Those few who came down from the mountain looked at me and shared a meaningful glance among themselves. They were the normal villagers and I could not ask them if this was the right way to climb up.

Even if I ask, will they answer? Even if they answer, will I be able to understand? I doubt. But I had the faith that some power will guide me, save me. I thought I should ask Agastya Muni. I paused and opened up the Jeeva Nadi.

There was a reason for why I did not open the Jeeva Nadi ever since I landed in Mantralaya. During Ashtami, Navami, Barani and Karthigai, Agastya Muni won’t give clairvoyance, how much ever critical it may be. This was one of the orders that the Maha Muni had given me. I disobeyed this once and read the Nadi for a high profile government official, got the wrath of the Maha Muni, and eventually, his son became insane and died in the airport just as He said. Hence, I have this fear. My intention is to do good as far as possible.

I prayed to Agastya Muni by chanting His Moola Mantra and
opened the Nadi. As the Navami Thithi is still on for another four Nazhigai, He mentioned that He will guide me as a light till I reach the top.

A light came out of the Jeeva Nadi palm leaves, went straight, turned left and pointed to a Bodhi tree. Then it turned right, went southwards, descended a bit and pointed a place, where there was a small water body. Then it slanted towards the right and climbed up. As soon as it stopped at a point, there appeared a letter “Temple of Rama” (in Tamil, Ramar Kovil). Then the light raised above the temple with such a speed and showed a point as the “top of the mountain” (in Tamil, Malai Ucchi) and disappeared.

The Maha Muni who instructs me in the form of letters, has shown me the way through the ray of light for the first time. It was my first experience as well. I felt happy that I got the guidance even when there was about four Nazhigai left for Navami. I recorded the guidance as much as I could in mind and climbed up. Even if I couldn’t the Muni will show me the way or someone would come by.


Even after walking for one and a half hour, there weren’t anyone. If there were any living being in that mount, it must have been just me. This solitude did create some sort of fear. Even if there was a cloud up, it could’ve saved me from the heat. If there were trees around, their shade would have been so good. There were trees which were half cut, plants with huge thorns, at times, there were small trees which were dry. Even air seemed to have been blowing with difficulty.

I realized then, about the mistake I did.

~ to be continued…!


The Grace of Siddha – 58 – Mantralayam – Part 3

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!


In that serene and natural environment, there was a 12 year old boy midst trees, plants and flowers nearby, seated on a rock. His face with divine radiance, His eyes had a remarkable pulling power, as that of a magnet. A fair complection. A firm, but always smiling lips. His forehead had the U shaped sandalwood paste. His hairstyle was like that of a Bhagavadhar. The sacred thread ran crossing his torso as if its lying almost independent. He wore an orange robe on his loin. I felt that I might have seen him in some movie.

It was surprising to see this boy on a place where there was no one, seated on a rock in padmasana pose. He smiled at once he saw me. Myself and my friend went nearby.

“Are you going to see the Pancha Mukha Anjaneya?” – he asked in pure Tamil.

“Yes” I said. “You speak Tamil so well. Are you from Tamil Nadu?”

“Near Kumbakonam”

“You stayed here itself?”


“Is there someone along with you? I ask as you are alone here”

“I am alone indeed. Neither siblings nor parents, no one comes along till the ‘end'” – he said.

This reply shocked me and my friend. My friend said, “He came here to read The Vedas probably, hence he speaks this way”

“No. I came here to teach Vedas” – he smiled and replied.

I felt it was a little too much, sort of. “Are the Vedas that easy? To read it and to debate on it takes at least 18 years. This boy says all these, eh?” – I thought.

“So you think that I am talking a little too much, is it so? Ok, have you had the darshan of Sri Ragavendra?” – the boy asked.

“We had the darshan of the Brindavana of Sri Ragavendra. We are starting to our place today” – my friend replied.

“This doesn’t answer to what I asked” – the boy had a meaningful look and I felt something strange in my inner heart.

The way he speaks, the way he asks, the way he looks, doesn’t seem to be like an ordinary boy. He does not say much about himself, but is asking a lot about us. What is the need to answer all his questions? What is in it for him if we had had the darshan of Guru Raya or not? Moreover, those who come to Mantralaya, come indeed to have the darshan of Ragavendra Swamy and why else would they come here? – while I was thinking all these, my friend held my hands and signalled me “let’s go”.

“This doesn’t answer to what I asked” – what the boy said kept reverberating in my ears.

“Ok, farewell boy” – I said and asked for the sake of it, “By the way, you haven’t mentioned your name yet?”

“Bala Ragavendra” – came the reply.

“What? Bala Ragavendra?”

“Yes. There in the Brindavana, it’s the big Ragavendra. Here is Bala Ragavendra who is alive” – he laughed.

His mischievousness hasn’t gone yet.

It is common for those in Madhwa sect to have the name Ragavendra. I thought he is one of that kind as well. My friend began to propel me further.

“Oh wait a little. Though you had the darshan of Ragavendra’s Brindavana, you haven’t got the darshan of Guru Raya yet. For this, if you chant the Moola Mantra of Ragavendra, you will get His darshan. Do it know!” – he got up slowly.

Something struck me hard. The Sage Agastya had ordered me to chant the Moola Mantra of Guru Raya before having His darshan. I had forgotten it completely. Normally, the Sage says a few Moola Mantras and instruct me secretly to chant it from within and not to chant it aloud. If I don’t chant it and read the Nadi, there won’t be any message or some irrelevant messages might come. It won’t be right.

Sometimes, He tells me a few things in advance saying, “Keep this in your mind. Do not reveal till the task is done”. If I say it out beforehand out of curiosity, the result might be just the opposite of what I said. This would get me in to embarrassment as well. But these are some inward rules of Jeeva Nadi.

What the Maharishi had instructed, to chant the Moola Mantra of Guru Raya before His darshan, I had forgotten, and how come this small boy reminded me of it? – this was a greater surprise for me.

I told my friend, “This boy seems divine. He asks us to chant the Moola Mantra of Guru Raya. Let us chant it right here in front of his eyes”

My friend let go of his urgency to move and kept his bag on the ground, closed his eyes. We began to chant the Moola Mantra:

Poojyaaya Ragavendraaya Satya Dharma Rathaayacha
Bajathaam Kalpa Vrukshaaya Namadhaam
Kaamadenave |”

We opened our eyes after a few minutes and we saw the boy walking slowly. In about ten feet’s distance, who appeared as a small boy, began to appear as Sri Ragavendra Swamy in about fifteen feet’s distance, it was as if a divine light floating in the earth.

The painting which closely depicts how Guru Rayaru looked!

The painting which closely depicts how Guru Rayaru looked!

My whole body had goose pimps (when typing this, a chill pervades my whole body with the hair raising up, a pleasant current passing through the body occurs. On closing my eyes, I feel Him walking just as described. I could not speak anything!) The mantra did not come out of my mouth. It was as if I am possessed by an unknown power. Is this what is called the darshan of God? I became overwhelmed thinking and thinking…

To have such an experience is the greatest Punya for me (true!). To this date, my inner self feels so blissful on thinking about this. I thanked the Maha Muni earnestly on blessing me with such an experience.

When I regained my senses, I looked at my friend. He was still chanting. He opened his eyes in ten minutes and began to search “the boy doesn’t seem to be here?”

“O my friend! I do not know how to thank you. The boy who
appeared here, is not Bala Ragavendra. He is The Swamy
Ragavendra Himself!! He reminded me on chanting the Moola Mantra and appeared before me as Sri Ragavendra Himself and disappeared amidst the bushes” – I said.

“What? Really?!!”

“Not only that! Who appeared as a boy here, in about fifteen feet distance, appeared as Guru Raya Himself and disappeared, I realized it now. Didn’t you feel anything?”

“I could smell the fragrance of Maghizham and Pavala Malligai flowers all of a sudden. I thought how come such a fragrance when there is no such creeper or tree and so I opened my eyes. There near the bush, I saw an old man wearing a robe covering his head. I could see his back. Otherwise, I could not see Ragavendra Swamy as you did. My bhagyam is just this” – my friend said.

“Don’t say that. It is because of you, that I got His darshan. It was you who pulled me here to have the darshan of Pancha Mukha Anjaneya. Otherwise, we could have returned home with nothing” – I said.

“Yes. We both have gone through this divine experience. Will anyone believe?”

“Let them, or let them not. Isn’t it true for both of us that we had this experience” – I exclaimed with joy.

Then that miracle happened.

When we took the bag from the ground, we could see the
Mantrakshadhai mixed with kum kum, just as how they give in the Brindavana, along with the sweet, which was cut in equal pieces as that of Halwa with some flowers.

Who kept all these in the bag which is covered and zipped up?! There is no one in that late afternoon. Then it couldn’t have happened without Guru Raya’s grace. Oh my! Then it is true indeed that we both are blessed. We shed tears of joy thinking of the whole incident. With this, we had a blessed dilemma of whether we should go to Pancha Mukha Anjaneya or to return home with this sweet experience lingering in mind.

My friend said at once, “we came here only to have the darshan of Pancha Mukha Anjaneya. It is not fair to drop that plan, so let’s go”.

We prostrated again and again on the holy soil where the Maha Swamy appeared before us and thanked Him so much and left happily to have the darshan of the Vayu Putra.

The Pancha Mukha Anjaneya appeared majestically like a rock carved out. We had a blessed darshan. When we began to return, the priest came rushing towards me, handed over a handful of prasad and said, “I do not know from where you are, and who you are, but I have been ordered to instruct you to go to “Rana Mandalam” before you go home.”

“Rana Mandalam? Where is it?” – I began to ask where my friend intervened: “It is just nearby. I came only there for official work. Have you forgotten? and asked the priest, “Where would we go and what should we see in Rana Mandalam? When should we go?”

“There is a big mountain in Rana Mandalam. Climb up that
mountain know!” – this is what he said.

“Ok” I replied for the sake of it and began to consult my friend: “As if its like a divine voice, that this priest says something and gives prasad” – my friend said, and asked, “Did you see the priest’s face?”

“I didn’t see properly”

“For me, I felt as if it is the same Swamy Ragavendra who
appeared before us who came in this priest’s form and has
mentioned it as a clairvoyance” – said my friend and said “Ok, it seems some power is pulling us somewhere. I will drop you in Rana Mandalam via car. As I have some work at the office, I will get back home. Stay at Rana Mandalam and climb up the mountain. They say that Hanuman is there in that mountain. Please have darshan on my behalf as well” – said my good friend.

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~ to be continued…!




The Grace of Siddha – 57 – Mantralayam – Part 2

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I could see one one of my friends in that Ambassador car.

I felt very happy on seeing him in the place which is not known to me. I got along with him and proceeded towards Mantralaya. About this friend, he not only has the intention of visiting temples, but to help others who are in need as well. As a matter of fact, he has done some background research on whether the information I give away through Jeeva Nadi is true indeed or merely an imagination.

When I read the Nadi to him for the first time, he had some
thousand questions: “How is that you are able to give this reading without the thumb impression? (in Kanda Nadi, it is generally read after getting the thumb impression of the person who seeks reading, and it is a general belief that the very word “Nadi” means this Kanda Nadi reading and Vaideeswaran Temple is referred at once). “How is that Agastya Muni answers whenever we ask Him questions? It has not happened so that whatever He said to everyone has happened just the way He said? It is money that is needed even to take care of the Parikaram (remedial measures)?
Above all, how is that every Nadi says that it is due to the past Karma’s effect? Then why do we need to read the Nadi? Is this Nadi a reality or just a myth? What is the answer to this? If such a miracle is happening in this 20th century, then there is no need of policemen to nab the culprits? Neither do we need a police station. Just by reading the Nadi, the culprit can be spot! Why is Agastya Muni not saying these? – these are some of the questions he had
posted earlier.

His questions, in a way, were more larger than the so called
rationalist groups. But whatever he asked were logical for sure. I could not answer all his questions at that time. If I had not been instilled this responsibility of reading the Jeeva Nadi, perhaps I could have got the same questions as these. My friend is a believer of God and follows traditional methods with faith. On the contrary, I used to be reckless, making fun out of others’ faith and was not paying the due respect to elders etc. My friend used to tell me that it is these reasons that Agastya Muni has made me responsible for reading the Nadi, as a corrective measure to my past actions, to guide people in the very way of faith-in-God that I was ridiculing.

My friend did not get any immediate answer from Agastya.
Therefore, he used to make fun out of me that such works are all a fraud and that I, the reader of this Nadi must be imprisoned under Indian Penal code act 20.

But as time went on, he continued to refer to Agastya Nadi, and to his utter surprise, Agastya Muni foretold a few incidents that will happen in his life and a few examples and when they happened just the way the Maha Muni said, he began to believe that: “Jeeva Nadi is true. It is based on the good merits of the person who seeks it, his prayer, his faith and his morality and when all these combined, what happens will also be for good” is the principle of Jeeva Nadi, he realized.

To change one’s fate, the Maha Muni requests the Lord’s
permission and once obtained, He gives His clairvoyance to us. For this, we need to have steadfast faith and patience. We want everything to happen overnight and if not, we begin to abuse. That is why we feel cheated. When the faith goes down, all these begin to appear as a mere imagination. Some of the others realized these just as my friends only over a period of time.

With these thoughts, I was talking to my friend, while observing the beauty of Thungabadhra river and we reached the place where my friend was staying. As soon as I entered, the first question I had is this:

“How do you know that I am going to be here? I never expected you in the railway station!”

“I knew that you are going to be here.” said he.


“Do you think Agastya Muni will show his grace only to you? He showed His grace on me as well” – he laughed.

“Don’t waste the time, come to the point I say”

“Before I tell you, I have a question. He had instructed you to lit a lamp for Kala Bhairava for nine days, but you have done this only for four days. Who will do the rest?”

I was shocked. How did he know all these? He continued then.

“It’s fine. I have made arrangements on behalf of you to have this done for the rest of the days. Leave it. Another thing, don’t you know that it was me who arranged for your train tickets as well?”

I didn’t know how to react. How did he know all these, as I haven’t seen him or spoken to him about all these.

“You are thinking as to how I know all these. Listen, last week, when I was referring to the Saptha Rishi Nadi at Thiruvannamalai, I got an order to accompany you for Mantralaya trip. As per the Nadi’s instruction, I had reserved for two tickets four days back. I had kept this as a secret and wanted to surprise you at the station. Before that, due to official work, I had to come here to Rana Mandalam and since I had to be there by yesterday, I came by car. But when I explained all these to the person who reads the Saptha Rishi Nadi, as per his suggestion, I made arrangements to have the lamp lit for the remaining five days at Kala Bhairava shrine, and offered a coconut (as vadal, to break off the coconut that illustrates the action of breaking one’s ego, breaking one’s problems etc) to Vinayaka and paid an offering as a prayaschitta for not having listened to the words of the Maha Muni, and then came here by car” – my friend said.

It was very surprising to listen to all these at first, and took hours for me to believe it. I explained the difficulty I had in the station and asked him, “who is the person who gave me the tickets then?”

“He is a relative of a person who works in my company. He does not know you. I gave both the tickets and explained him on how you will look like and gave him your address. He has found you after great difficulty and has given you the tickets. Had he given you the same at your residence, you wouldn’t have got so tensed” – he said it just like that.

For me who was thinking that Agastya Muni is orchestrating such things via the Jeeva Nadi, it was a pleasure mixed with surprise on such instructions appearing in Saptha Rishi Nadi as well. I did not however, began to research on this as to how it happened. As they say that we are not supposed to research on Nadhi Moola and Rishi Moola (Moola – source), I did not want to research on the source of Saptha Rishi Nadi as well. 


I have to stay at Mantralaya for three days. On the third day, either in the day or in the dream at night or in person, I will get the darshan of Shri Ragavendra Swamy – these were Agastya’s divine words.

The Maha Purusha who showed me the ghost, is wanting to show me another Maha Purusha, I thought. I prostrated before the Brindhavana of Shri Ragavendra.

Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavanam

For the first two days, nothing happened. My friend stayed with me for all three days and kept asking, “what darshan did you get?”

I felt that each and everyone at the Mantralaya temple were Shri Ragavendra Swamy Himself. Most of them appeared similar, with the sandalwood paste smeared in the same fashion, the dress code of Madhwas, red coloured, orange robes, everything reminded me of Shri Guru Raya.

We had very good food, took a blissful bath at the Thunga river for three days, prostrated on all eight directions of the Brindhavana for eighteen times and spent our time by chanting the Moola Mantra of Shri Guru Raya.

I did not get Shri Guru Raya’s darshan so far. My friend was more upset than me as there was only about ten hours left. It was tough to spend time as well and we did not know what else to do.

“There is a Pancha Mukha (five faced) Anjaneya Swamy temple across the river, let’s go there.” – my friend forced me and so we went there by coracle. We thought a few hours can be spent this way. Normally, there used to be only knee deep water and one could walk across. But since there were crocodiles here and there, one should exercise caution as told by people there.

Instead of crossing the river by coracle, we could as well stay back at the Brindavana and chant the Moola Mantra of Guru Raya, my friend chased out such fears of mine and took me across the river for which he should be appreciated indeed. We got down and were walking on a small pathway. There were no body except the two of us eventually. The time was probably around 3 or 3.40 PM. Suddenly, we heard someone grunting and we turned around.

~ to be continued…!

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