The Grace of Siddha – 57 – Mantralayam – Part 2

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I could see one one of my friends in that Ambassador car.

I felt very happy on seeing him in the place which is not known to me. I got along with him and proceeded towards Mantralaya. About this friend, he not only has the intention of visiting temples, but to help others who are in need as well. As a matter of fact, he has done some background research on whether the information I give away through Jeeva Nadi is true indeed or merely an imagination.

When I read the Nadi to him for the first time, he had some
thousand questions: “How is that you are able to give this reading without the thumb impression? (in Kanda Nadi, it is generally read after getting the thumb impression of the person who seeks reading, and it is a general belief that the very word “Nadi” means this Kanda Nadi reading and Vaideeswaran Temple is referred at once). “How is that Agastya Muni answers whenever we ask Him questions? It has not happened so that whatever He said to everyone has happened just the way He said? It is money that is needed even to take care of the Parikaram (remedial measures)?
Above all, how is that every Nadi says that it is due to the past Karma’s effect? Then why do we need to read the Nadi? Is this Nadi a reality or just a myth? What is the answer to this? If such a miracle is happening in this 20th century, then there is no need of policemen to nab the culprits? Neither do we need a police station. Just by reading the Nadi, the culprit can be spot! Why is Agastya Muni not saying these? – these are some of the questions he had
posted earlier.

His questions, in a way, were more larger than the so called
rationalist groups. But whatever he asked were logical for sure. I could not answer all his questions at that time. If I had not been instilled this responsibility of reading the Jeeva Nadi, perhaps I could have got the same questions as these. My friend is a believer of God and follows traditional methods with faith. On the contrary, I used to be reckless, making fun out of others’ faith and was not paying the due respect to elders etc. My friend used to tell me that it is these reasons that Agastya Muni has made me responsible for reading the Nadi, as a corrective measure to my past actions, to guide people in the very way of faith-in-God that I was ridiculing.

My friend did not get any immediate answer from Agastya.
Therefore, he used to make fun out of me that such works are all a fraud and that I, the reader of this Nadi must be imprisoned under Indian Penal code act 20.

But as time went on, he continued to refer to Agastya Nadi, and to his utter surprise, Agastya Muni foretold a few incidents that will happen in his life and a few examples and when they happened just the way the Maha Muni said, he began to believe that: “Jeeva Nadi is true. It is based on the good merits of the person who seeks it, his prayer, his faith and his morality and when all these combined, what happens will also be for good” is the principle of Jeeva Nadi, he realized.

To change one’s fate, the Maha Muni requests the Lord’s
permission and once obtained, He gives His clairvoyance to us. For this, we need to have steadfast faith and patience. We want everything to happen overnight and if not, we begin to abuse. That is why we feel cheated. When the faith goes down, all these begin to appear as a mere imagination. Some of the others realized these just as my friends only over a period of time.

With these thoughts, I was talking to my friend, while observing the beauty of Thungabadhra river and we reached the place where my friend was staying. As soon as I entered, the first question I had is this:

“How do you know that I am going to be here? I never expected you in the railway station!”

“I knew that you are going to be here.” said he.


“Do you think Agastya Muni will show his grace only to you? He showed His grace on me as well” – he laughed.

“Don’t waste the time, come to the point I say”

“Before I tell you, I have a question. He had instructed you to lit a lamp for Kala Bhairava for nine days, but you have done this only for four days. Who will do the rest?”

I was shocked. How did he know all these? He continued then.

“It’s fine. I have made arrangements on behalf of you to have this done for the rest of the days. Leave it. Another thing, don’t you know that it was me who arranged for your train tickets as well?”

I didn’t know how to react. How did he know all these, as I haven’t seen him or spoken to him about all these.

“You are thinking as to how I know all these. Listen, last week, when I was referring to the Saptha Rishi Nadi at Thiruvannamalai, I got an order to accompany you for Mantralaya trip. As per the Nadi’s instruction, I had reserved for two tickets four days back. I had kept this as a secret and wanted to surprise you at the station. Before that, due to official work, I had to come here to Rana Mandalam and since I had to be there by yesterday, I came by car. But when I explained all these to the person who reads the Saptha Rishi Nadi, as per his suggestion, I made arrangements to have the lamp lit for the remaining five days at Kala Bhairava shrine, and offered a coconut (as vadal, to break off the coconut that illustrates the action of breaking one’s ego, breaking one’s problems etc) to Vinayaka and paid an offering as a prayaschitta for not having listened to the words of the Maha Muni, and then came here by car” – my friend said.

It was very surprising to listen to all these at first, and took hours for me to believe it. I explained the difficulty I had in the station and asked him, “who is the person who gave me the tickets then?”

“He is a relative of a person who works in my company. He does not know you. I gave both the tickets and explained him on how you will look like and gave him your address. He has found you after great difficulty and has given you the tickets. Had he given you the same at your residence, you wouldn’t have got so tensed” – he said it just like that.

For me who was thinking that Agastya Muni is orchestrating such things via the Jeeva Nadi, it was a pleasure mixed with surprise on such instructions appearing in Saptha Rishi Nadi as well. I did not however, began to research on this as to how it happened. As they say that we are not supposed to research on Nadhi Moola and Rishi Moola (Moola – source), I did not want to research on the source of Saptha Rishi Nadi as well. 


I have to stay at Mantralaya for three days. On the third day, either in the day or in the dream at night or in person, I will get the darshan of Shri Ragavendra Swamy – these were Agastya’s divine words.

The Maha Purusha who showed me the ghost, is wanting to show me another Maha Purusha, I thought. I prostrated before the Brindhavana of Shri Ragavendra.

Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavanam

For the first two days, nothing happened. My friend stayed with me for all three days and kept asking, “what darshan did you get?”

I felt that each and everyone at the Mantralaya temple were Shri Ragavendra Swamy Himself. Most of them appeared similar, with the sandalwood paste smeared in the same fashion, the dress code of Madhwas, red coloured, orange robes, everything reminded me of Shri Guru Raya.

We had very good food, took a blissful bath at the Thunga river for three days, prostrated on all eight directions of the Brindhavana for eighteen times and spent our time by chanting the Moola Mantra of Shri Guru Raya.

I did not get Shri Guru Raya’s darshan so far. My friend was more upset than me as there was only about ten hours left. It was tough to spend time as well and we did not know what else to do.

“There is a Pancha Mukha (five faced) Anjaneya Swamy temple across the river, let’s go there.” – my friend forced me and so we went there by coracle. We thought a few hours can be spent this way. Normally, there used to be only knee deep water and one could walk across. But since there were crocodiles here and there, one should exercise caution as told by people there.

Instead of crossing the river by coracle, we could as well stay back at the Brindavana and chant the Moola Mantra of Guru Raya, my friend chased out such fears of mine and took me across the river for which he should be appreciated indeed. We got down and were walking on a small pathway. There were no body except the two of us eventually. The time was probably around 3 or 3.40 PM. Suddenly, we heard someone grunting and we turned around.

~ to be continued…!

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5 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 57 – Mantralayam – Part 2

  1. k.c.appu says:

    what if Sage Agathiyar wants to tell someone about something, but the person is unaware of such a Jeeva Nadi? who conveys the message,then? has such incidents happened before?

    • There are countless ways for a soul like Agastya Muni to convey anything to anyone. Though with our limited perception, we cannot list them out, we are sure the person who is fit to receive a message from Maharishi will sure receive it.

  2. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    Today itself I received a msg from Agathyar, which I want to share…

    Last night I decided to went for Mumbai in early morning via train @6.30 am…accordingly today morning i just arrange all and left @6 am from home. I just want to park my bike at my frnds home and then planned to next journey via train.

    As soon as I left home and drive my bike the thought come to my mind I do not supposed to go, but I ignored that and started chanting OM Agastheshwaray Namah on bike itself for Agathyar guidance….

    Its just an 1 km left to reach my friend house…I saw a small puppy (dog) was on the middle of road and was unable to move….suddenly I stopped by bike and thought that some bus is coming on that road…as soon as stopped my bike my sandle broke out but I went to save that puppy…

    Thank God that puppy is now safe…

    But, now i checked i am unable to walk with that broken sandel even a next step…and in early morning no shops available too….

    So I just came back…with a thought that Agathyar indicated me what he want me to do….

    He always direct you…Just have a faith..

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

  3. Tushar Kanti Bhattacharjee says:

    I am an ardent devotee of Baba Shiva,but none of my prays reaching to Baba.My pray to Baba mahaguru Agastheeya to bless me to be heard of by Baba Shiva.

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