The Grace of Siddha – 59 – Mantralaya – Part 4

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Thre is a mount in Rana Mandalam. Climb that up and see” – when my friend said that it is Sri Ragavendra Himself who said this, I was so enthralled. He does not usually say things like that all of a sudden. The Mahan has appeared in the form of the priest, the One who came as a small boy, and appeared as Guru Raya and played ambush with me, is now appearing as the priest, gave us the prasad of Shri Hanuman and asked us to visit Rana Mandalam as a clairvoyance, we could only feel so blissful to think. It is surely a good deed of our past lives.

We wanted to have the priest’s darshan one more time. We looked around, inquired with those who were standing nearby and even checked with the other priests who were performing the rituals there. What they mentioned shook us totally.

“There aren’t anyone other than us who are priests here. However, the prasad you have is from here only. But we are yet to perform the neivedhyam (offering). We are surprised as to how you got this prasad before the offering. The person to whom you are referring to, is not here in this temple, we haven’t seen such a person as well”.

Such incidents can be seen in cinemas, in dreams but such a thing happening in real life, no one could ever believe. The grace of Guru Raya has been bestowed to many a Mahans, there were great amount of merits, when he was walking around here.


We both have got it now and we could not even share this
happiness with others. At the same time, when they came to know that the prasad we had in our hands is given by none other than Guru Raya, they all took it right royally. This pleased us very much. But neither me or my friend had anything left out. We could not think of taking a part of it back home.

We carried the divine thought of having Guru Raya’s darshan and crossed the Thungabadhra river. We were not only happy, but were totally fresh as well, why wouldn’t it be? I kept asking my friend to accompany me to Rana Mandalam but he wasn’t able to join me due to his work. He did have the harddecision to make, even when it is said by Guru Raya Himself, but he had official work to carry out. As this plan sprout out all of a sudden, my friend decided to drop me in Rana Mandalam and return to Chennai early in the morning as against starting the same night that day.

There was another reason as well. If we reach Rana Mandalam in the night, we won’t know if there is a suitable place to retire for the night, and we don’t know the local language. Hence my friend decided to accompany me till he drops me there in the morning.

It was the early hours of the night. We wanted to visit the
Brindavana once again. There were a lot of people and the chief of Mantralaya Mutt was also present. We were standing at the far end of the crowd when the Swamiji turned towards our side suddenly and called us upon.

“Tonight, you two must have the Theertha Prasad of Guru Raya with me. Come here directly” – he smiled and blessed us both and returned to his abode.

How could this be? I haven’t seen this Swami before. Neither did I prostrate before Him. It’s been three days since I have come here. He does not know who I am. I haven’t gone to his place either. Then how is this blessing of having a dinner with this Swami for us both? Is this such a simple task? I even thought that He might have called upon someone who stood behind us, I thought even. This was proved to be wrong when the Mutt members confirmed it.

In the next half an hour, as soon as the pooja for “Moola Rama” was over, we had the blessing of having Theertha Prasad with the chief of Mantralaya Mutt. This blessing wouldn’t have been possible had it not been the blessing of Guru Raya. Once we had the dinner, the Swamiji called upon us again and gave us the formal ‘Red garment’ of the mutt and smeared the Akshadha, blessing us.

“Somehow for me, I felt like I received an instruction to give you both the Ragavendra Prasad. I did just as I felt so. That’s all” – He said. Even then, I did not feel like sharing the experience we had in the morning or about the Jeeva Nadi. He didn’t ask either.

The next day morning, we set forth to Rana Mandalam in his car. My friend, “Through Agastya’s grace, we got the darshan of Sri Ragavendra. Who knows what other darshan is waiting in Rana Mandalam? Whatever it is, please think of me as well” – said rightfully and with a longing tone.

“Why don’t you come along? Let us experience it both”. He had the desire as well, but as he could not, he dropped me off in Rana Mandalam and bid farewell.

The mount was there in front along with it was the small pathway to reach. I prayed to Agastya and Hanuman and started walking. It was around 9 in the morning. There wasn’t anyone except me. Those few who came down from the mountain looked at me and shared a meaningful glance among themselves. They were the normal villagers and I could not ask them if this was the right way to climb up.

Even if I ask, will they answer? Even if they answer, will I be able to understand? I doubt. But I had the faith that some power will guide me, save me. I thought I should ask Agastya Muni. I paused and opened up the Jeeva Nadi.

There was a reason for why I did not open the Jeeva Nadi ever since I landed in Mantralaya. During Ashtami, Navami, Barani and Karthigai, Agastya Muni won’t give clairvoyance, how much ever critical it may be. This was one of the orders that the Maha Muni had given me. I disobeyed this once and read the Nadi for a high profile government official, got the wrath of the Maha Muni, and eventually, his son became insane and died in the airport just as He said. Hence, I have this fear. My intention is to do good as far as possible.

I prayed to Agastya Muni by chanting His Moola Mantra and
opened the Nadi. As the Navami Thithi is still on for another four Nazhigai, He mentioned that He will guide me as a light till I reach the top.

A light came out of the Jeeva Nadi palm leaves, went straight, turned left and pointed to a Bodhi tree. Then it turned right, went southwards, descended a bit and pointed a place, where there was a small water body. Then it slanted towards the right and climbed up. As soon as it stopped at a point, there appeared a letter “Temple of Rama” (in Tamil, Ramar Kovil). Then the light raised above the temple with such a speed and showed a point as the “top of the mountain” (in Tamil, Malai Ucchi) and disappeared.

The Maha Muni who instructs me in the form of letters, has shown me the way through the ray of light for the first time. It was my first experience as well. I felt happy that I got the guidance even when there was about four Nazhigai left for Navami. I recorded the guidance as much as I could in mind and climbed up. Even if I couldn’t the Muni will show me the way or someone would come by.


Even after walking for one and a half hour, there weren’t anyone. If there were any living being in that mount, it must have been just me. This solitude did create some sort of fear. Even if there was a cloud up, it could’ve saved me from the heat. If there were trees around, their shade would have been so good. There were trees which were half cut, plants with huge thorns, at times, there were small trees which were dry. Even air seemed to have been blowing with difficulty.

I realized then, about the mistake I did.

~ to be continued…!


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