The Grace of Siddha – 60 – Ranamandalam

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I realized that I did not bring any water bottle only after climbing that long. What if I feel thirsty as there did not seem any trace of water anywhere in that place. If it’s a mountain, there could be water falls or tiny water bodies here and there and even tastier water which may not be present in the ground might be available, I thought.

I even thought that Sri Guru Raya might have probably saved me from getting thirsty or Shri Agastya Muni could’ve pointed me towards the water. Without any of these, I did feel very thirsty in that hot sun at 10.30 in the morning and did not know what to do.

“O Agastya Maharishi, whatever You will do, please show me a way to get some water. Otherwise, if it is like neither I would be able to climb up in search of water, nor come down but to die thirsty in between, then let it happen as your wish” – I could not step up any further and sat down then and there.

There weren’t anyone who could hear me if I call. The temperature seemed as if it’s above 100 degrees. I am very thirsty as well. Seeing all these, what is to do with Jeeva Nadi? What’s the use of it? I think we must just throw it off – this unnamed frustration got hold of me while I saw a person carrying something on his head in about 100 feet-‘s distance.

Whoever he is and whatever he may be carrying, all I need is a little water. I cried out ‘Hey! Hey!’ and started moving towards him. He saw me after a while when I was signaling towards him. I do not know what he understood. He began to run all of a sudden.

Oh man! What trouble is this! I am losing this fellow as well while I am very thirsty. I began to chase him. After a while, he put down whatever he was carrying on his head and ran away. I chased him and looked at what he was carrying.

It was a pot used to store liquor!

Oh God!!!! I screamed aloud and turned around where I saw water!

“Water for the thirsty” – how noble and pure this word is, I realized that day. The tongue was dry and the lips already had tiny cracks along with the chase that I did, and the water which appeared like crystal, you could imagine how I felt. O good Lord, you saved me, I thanked the Almighty and drank till my heart became cool. I realized the importance and value of water then.

In spite of all these, I did feel Agastya Muni could not have given such a test to me. I do not know what would have happened if I had not spotted the water body. I apologized to Agastya Muni earnestly and moved on. After about half an hour’s walk, I could see a small temple. I thought this must have been the temple which the Muni pointed out in the light-form as ‘Ram’.

It indeed was a Ram temple. An old one. I could not understand what was written in Telugu. Though it was small, the sanctity was profound. I circumambulated the temple and no one was found. I peeped through the keyhole of the wooden door and looked in to the Garbha-Graha. It was a little dark and there wasn’t any light inside though there seemed like a vigraha (idol) inside. There wasn’t any information on when the temple will be open and all. I rested there for a while, prayed to Lord Rama and proceeded towards a tiny pathway to have the darshan of Hanuman!

I also noted down the route to reach the water body if in case I am thirsty again and that of the Ram temple. I recalled the incidents of Agastya Muni showing the route in form of light with a wonder. Had I walked a bit slower, I could have found the water body myself. Such a tension or fear wasn’t necessary. I realized that it was a mistake to run like that.

It was noon when I reached the Ram temple. I looked around and lo!

On top of that mountain, right there stood Shri Anjaneya Swamy! It was about 6 feet tall. It seemed that the statue was sculpted in Vishwaroopa form. They had formed a stage kind of structure with a few heavy stones and iron rods. There wasn’t anything for the roof.

It was a blissful sight to see Hanuman standing there, with a lot of mercy flowing through his face, even in that scorching heat. I prostrated before Him. It appeared that there were no rituals or pooja that happened here. There wasn’t anything different in this Hanuman than what we see elsewhere, but then why did the Maha Muni ask me to come all the way up here to have His darshan? I could not understand.

It won’t be without a reason, I realized and thought we should sit down at the feet of Hanuman and pray to Agastya Muni and see what He says,-. I opened the Jeeva Nadi after sitting down at the feet of Hanuman.

As you are Our beloved son, and due to your past good karma, We were showing you a good way to obtain Moksha, while you abuse Me, think of throwing out the Jeeva Nadi. How is it fair? You began to think like any other. How can We forgive you?”

“The darshan of God is not obtainable by everyone that easy. You could not even bear the thirst for some time, to have thought to give you the darshan of Hanuman was a mistake indeed, still, as you are an ignorant kid, We forgive you” – He whipped me in and out!

I bore all of them.

Now I tell you. Your Mother prayed to Shri Rama for forty long years, every day and kept writing Sri Rama Jayam and she kept thinking about Hanuman in her previous birth for whose merit that I brought you here to have His darshan. Not only that, it was none other than Shri Prahladha Swamy, who appeared as Bala Ragavendra in the banks of Thungabadhra river. Do you know that it is Shri Prahladha Swamy who indeed incarnated as Shri Ragavendra?” – the Maha Muni paused.

I was pleasantly shocked on seeing this.

He had had me the darshan of Maha Prabhu Shri Prahladha Swamy! He has the glory of having Lord Vishnu incarnate as Narasimha Swamy – it is Him whom I have had the darshan, I felt so blissful to think about it. Am I that meritful? To have given me such a blessing, how grateful should I be to Agastya Muni? But here I was, thinking to throw out the Jeeva Nadi?! I felt shameful of myself. The next moment, I earnestly thanked the Agastya Muni with tears flowing down and I prayed to Prahladha Swamy as well.

Now I began to read the Jeeva Nadi with utmost respect and bhakthi.

Keep your thanking sessions for Me with you now. Thank your Mother. It is not only for you, Guru Raya has given His darshan to many a people very often by coming out of His Brindavana. What He had said that “I will come out after 300 years” is happening right now. Do you know how holy this Rana Malai is? You do not know the glory of where you are seated now. We know..!

It is this place where you are seated, that Hanuman took the Vishwaroopa form in his quest to search Sita Devi to Sri Lanka. This mount is known by the name Mahodhara Mountain in those days. There were wild animals around in a dense forest. When He took the Vishwaroopa form, the mountains, forest broke apart. Agastya Muni got goose-pimps on seeing such a sight! I wanted you to be seated on this holy spot and hence I brought you here. You didn’t realize it and started abusing Me

I could not speak a word.

When The Valmiki Muni mentions about this Mahodhara Mountain in the first verses of His Sundara Kandam, you could realize the holiness of this place. Think about it. O Son, there are so many reasons for why I brought you here today. Along with you, I am going to have the darshan of Shri Hanuman as well. Till then, close your eyes and keep chanting Shri Rama Nama and Hanuman Nama” – the Maha Muni disappeared from Jeeva Nadi!

~ to be continued…!


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