The Grace of Siddha – 61 – Darshan of Hanuman

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I was wondering if I am in this earth or have reached another world. Such wondrous things were happening on the hilltop in that scorching heat. No trees, plants or creepers around the Rana Mandalam mountain where Hanuman’s statue was present and it was around 1 PM with the heat at its peak. Suddenly, a cool breeze swept through and the heat disappeared.

A divine aroma of enchanting flowers, sandalwood, jasmine, civet perfume, marikozhundhu (southernwood) combined together, filled the air. In the middle of a garden if one experiences the bliss of water droplets scattering over, the same experience was felt. Where was this cool breeze hiding all this while, one wouldn’t know and it began floating. My mind became hasty while I was chanting Sri Rama Jayam. At that time…

I was touching the holy feet of Shri Hanuman, the heat felt there earlier had disappeared. It was as if I was touching an ice cube. I was surprised and I opened my eyes.

Right in front of my eyes, Shri Hanuman stood, in flesh and blood. I felt a current amounting to thousands of voltage passing in to me through the feet I was touching. It was not a statue of Hanuman I saw, it was He, Hanuman Himself!

His eyes looked at me with His hands showing the mudra of
blessing (Ashirwadh), with His face glimmering with Karunya. I looked at Him upwards with my eyelids stopped blinking. He appeared to be breathing in a slow and steady manner.

Thank you Vishnu, for this wonderful art!

Thank you Vishnu, for this wonderful art!

It lasted for just two minutes, such a marvelous darshan. What was the current like sensation that passed through me from His feet? I do not know till date. When I touched the feet again, it had turned rocky. Within five minutes, the heat of Rana Mandalam was back and the breeze was not to be felt.

Is this some sort of magic, I pinched myself and I was immensely pleased that it was real. It is indeed a miraculous, blissful Deiva Darshan. Aha! How blessed I am! I thought. I conveyed my earnest gratitude and thanks to my parents who are the source of this, particularly to my Mother. I prostrated in front of the holy feet of Hanuman with utmost devotion and thanked Shri Agastya Muni heartfully and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

O the one who had the blessing of having the darshan of Shri Hanuman, you shall be henceforth called as Hanumath Dãsan. With such a rare darshan, you have got the rarest of the blessings in your life. For those who are here, won’t understand even if told about this mountain. For incidents that happened long back, no one would believe that this Mahodhara Mountain is an important reason. They may say that it is a cooked up story and ask for proof. Mad people! They only talk that way. But what you got, is a
Anandha Darshan” – The Maha Muni gave a brief explanation.

I did not feel like getting out of that place. I even thought of staying there for the rest of my life. To have the darshan of Hanuman in this Kali Yuga, is indeed prominent among the miracles of the world. I have committed so many sins knowingly or unknowingly. Still, the Maha Muni had shown me the darshan of Hanuman. What else do I want?

I do not know for how long I was seated there. The scorching heat began to come down. Without the mind for getting out from there, I looked at Hanuman again with a pouring heart and thought of starting from there.

A flash occurred in me!

I took out hundred and one rupee from my bag at once and placed it beneath Hanuman’s feet and placed small stones on all four corners so as to prevent it from flying away – prayed earnestly and began to descend.

I did not notice even a single person till I got down. I looked around but found no one. I went to the Ram Temple again. There wasn’t any sign of anyone coming over or have lit up a lamp in the Garbha Gruha or offered anything.

I did not feel thirsty or hungry but in fact was doubly charged and getting down faster. I went near the water body again and found the liquor pot in the same place as it was. I drank the water as much as I could and it tasted like Devamrutha.

I came down around 6 or 6.30 to Rana Mandalam. I was curious if anyone would talk about the Hanuman on the hilltop. I longed for any additional information about it. Once I had had the darshan of Shri Hanuman, the energy I felt inside my body had transformed in to an ultimate briskness. I felt everything will happen great with the grace of God.

Where was I, what was I doing, what am I going to do, nothing I felt. Somehow, I came back home in the train. Once I reached, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting for me when my Mother showed me a money-order receipt.

It had my name, address and marked the receipt of the 101 rupees I had kept, all written in Telugu. Right below that, “Rama Anjaneya Temple – Ranamandalam”, it said!

The experience I had in Mantralaya and Ranamandala mountain, the Divya Darshan of Hanuman I had, receiving the receipt for the money I had kept as an offering the very next day – I was explaining with so much of emotion only to find that no one believed them completely, including my Mother.

“We believe in Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi. But it is hard to believe in such an experience of deiva darshan, it is difficult to digest” – many a people tell me this.

“It’s your power of imagination! In this Kali Yuga, the Almightly appearing just like that? For that, are you a person who is immersed in pooja and spiritual practices? All those great souls who are waiting for such a darshan, you got it is it? All these are just sweet lies of yours” – some spiritualistic rationals expressed this openly as well.

“We’re very glad to know that Agastya Muni is orchestrating such miracles. But how is it fair to show all these just for you? Even I have seen the Nãdi in so many places. They all ask for the thumb impression to first search for the appropriate suvadi. Even then the sayings are in form of literature Tamil. But your Nãdi is so very different and so I just cannot believe this, I can’t!” – some relatives say so.

“Don’t tell anyone that such things happened. Either you must have gone mad or that you are cheating others in the name of Agastya Nãdi. What’s the matter with you?” – some opined.

“You aren’t making money out of this Nãdi. Then why are you searching for such advertisements for yourself in the name of Prahladha, Ragavendra or Hanuman? Your name will be spoiled out of this” – my friends said this.

Above all, my Mother asked me: “You mentioned of Agastya Muni saying that it was because of me that you got the darshan of Hanuman. But for about forty years, I have been writing Sri Rama Jayam everyday. He had to give darshan to me. Why didn’t this happen?”

Out of all those, what my Mother said struck hard in me. I do not know completely about Agastya Jeeva Nãdi. Why did it come to my hands? For how long will I be reading it? The rare chances that I got, why didn’t those who came for the reading get? Why is this?

If whatever Agastya Muni had said happens just the way it is, then its fair enough, everyone’s happy. But if it did not, they feel that the words of the Almighty Himself has gone wrong. What’s the reason behind this? Whose mistake is this? All such thoughts used to arise in me in the beginning when I had begun to read the Nãdi.

At times, I had been in situations where I could not even share what I came to know from the Nadi and feel happy. Why can’t I be normal as others? Why did the Nãdi come to me? From what I read out sometimes spoiled my name and people began to look at me differently. But when my own mother looked at me like that, I felt I should just drop the Nãdi in the river.

All the happiness of Rana Mandalam had gone. I wanted to ask this to Agastya Muni Himself but the following days were all Ashtami, Navami, Bharani or Karthigai and so I had to remain silent.

On a Brahma Muhurtha time (between 4.30 AM to 6.00 AM
everyday is referred to as Brahma Muhurtha), I prayed and
opened the Agastya Jeeva Nadi.

On grieving about the mother not having the darshan of Hanuman, you thought of throwing the Nãdi in to the river. This is like insulting Myself. Leave alone this thought! It is not that the darshan of Hanuman has to happen in Rana Mandala mountain. Even at home, if one offers his prayers even within the mind, He will appear. Everyone knows about it. But not only for your mother, all those who spoke ill of you, all those rationalists will have a chance of having the darshan of Hanuman in just ten days. Not only that, your mother’s health has started deteriorating. She has been praying to Lord Rama all these days. If We Agastya, the foremost of Siddhas think of calling her along with you to Rana Mandalam to have the darshan of both Sri Rama and Hanuman, they both would agree and will bestow their grace. But thinking of her health, We left it as it is.

For her, Hanuman’s darshan will be given indirectly, soon. She will attain the golden feet of Sri Rama before Rama Navami. For her, where is the next birth?” – Sri Agastya gave this detailed narration.


~ to be continued…!


Picture courtesy: Vishnu,

4 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 61 – Darshan of Hanuman

  1. Hi Juna, We’re merely presenting what we got from the Jeeva Nadi reading of Late Shri HanumathDasan. There is no intention to fool anyone 🙂 and this post was published with all due respect and devotion to Shri Hanuman!

  2. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay jay Ram..

    Om Hanumantay Namah

    How lucky I am to not only read but to feel the Hanumandasan experience…Its really shower of blessings

    But I also feel sad as I can’t even able to meet such a great blessed soul of Hanumandasan in my life….

    Thanks a lot gnanaboomi…you are the only reason we all devotee get blessings of Agathyar.

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