The Grace of Siddha – 65 – Want to live? Then don’t stay here at night!

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Siddha Agastya! This name lingers in the land of Bharath for time immemorial. He is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. 

One can go on narrating many a miracles such as the previous one.
Such is the glory of Maha Siddha Agastya who sometimes guides us by remaining silent, many a times by showing anger and even many a times by remaining as a spiritual guru for many a people.


A very influential businessman from Coimbatore had come along with two of his relatives to see the Agastya Nadi.

As all three of them belong to the same lagna, the clairvoyance
cannot be given. If they want to ask anything about their future, one of the three shall stand some eight feed aside” – said the Siddha!

They were not only very close relatives, but the problem they were
seeking remedy was common to all three of them. They cannot forgo any one. I narrated what Agastya mentioned. All of us were confused when Agastya kept saying what He said earlier. Since all of us knew how to calculate the horoscope, we calculated the same for all three of them right there. Everything was correct.

I had no other go but to ask the Siddha.

As per the time of birth, your calculation is right. But of the
three, the time of birth for the person born in Thirupur is not
correct. At the time of his birth, the Lagna had become Vakra. Now do the calculation as per the Lagna that I say. All the incidents that
happened will then be correct. This Lagna Vakra is not known to the normal astrologers. This we, Siddhas alone know!

This is something I had never heard of. Normally it is known that the planets like Shani, Guru, Budha, Mangal (Sevvai) become vakra. But the time of the birth itself will become vakra is something that one cannot accept that easily as it is not so easy to find that out. It is not to be seen anywhere mentioned in the Jyotish Shashtra either.

The blame given to the astrologers that whatever they said hasn’t
become true could be attributed to the fact that they cannot find out if the lagna has become vakra. But this is not the case with
everyone. To those astrologers who are full of devotion, high morale, one can obtain the complete and most accurate results. The Almighty will show hints if there has been a vakra in the lagna to those, said Agastya Muni.

Still, I had the curiosity to know how the lagna gets vakra from
Agastya Muni and I tried several times.

All these are given to the Siddhas, Rishis and Munis due to the
grace of the Almighty. Normal human beings cannot obtain these. But if one says the results after knowing these, it is equal to that of
the power of God and one could even get the power to change the fate. This stands apart from the prayers of humans and it takes a lot of days to get in to that mental stability. You do not possess that quality now” said the Muni and further said “I will however, teach you a couple of Deva Rahasya. Based on how you will safe guard it, I shall further tell you on Lagna Vakra“.

I felt happy that He did respect me but at the same time, I had the
disappointment that He does not trust me totally. The Deva Rahasya he revealed for totally new to me. Based on these, when I gave out a few remedial measures by checking the horoscope did not give any results at first. Whenever He feels like revealing the Lagna Vakra secret, let Him do so, I left the matter as it is.

All of a sudden one day, I received an order suddenly.

Go at once!” – He ordered me to go to a small village near Erode. I
set forth with none accompanying me. Once reached Erode the next morning, the village 40 kilo meters from there took almost around 3 PM when I reached it due to the fact that there weren’t any facilities to reach the place at that time. I had to go on a bullock cart. It was sort of deserted as well.

There wasn’t any village chief or anyone. They stayed in the nearby
village due to the facilities available there. There was a person who
was running a tea shop with a bench nearby on the shades of a tamarind tree. The natural surroundings was very beautiful.

The tea shop owner was surprised looking at me getting down from a bullock cart as I probably was the only one who came to that village wearing a pant and shirt. Otherwise, there wasn’t any need to look at me with that surprise.

I paid the driver and due to respect, he refused to accept it. I sat
in that bench. I was hungry. I bought curd rice and ate it, till the
time, he did not question about my whereabouts (it is a good practice not to question someone when they are having food). Once I finished eating, I began to ask him about the temple in a hilltop.

“O it is a very old temple. The pujari goes there once in the morning and evening to do the ritualistic offering. No one stays there in the nights” – he said.


“If they do so, they won’t come back alive! So far about seven or
eight people ventured and they came back only as corpses!” – he
silently threw a bomb.

“Why?! What happened to them?”

“It is not an act of some wild animals as one may think at once. He, that God, is very powerful. It is an order in this village that no one should stay there at nights. But why are you asking about that

“Nothing. I have to stay there in that temple for three nights. I
came from Chennai for this purpose” – I said that hesitantly and at
once I said this, the shopkeeper appeared as though he was hit by

“O Sire! You are new to this place. Don’t! Just abandon this desire
and go back safely. You appear to be young and educated. Why do you want to get in to this weird play? Just go back silently” – he
rebuked subtlely and with some rights due to affection.

The order that Agastya Muni gave me was to stay in that temple for
three nights itself. I didn’t mention it as it is and had changed it
slightly, even that was enough to shock this person. To those who
visited the shop thereafter, he mentioned about my idea and they all firmly believed that “I must be a lunatic” and they all were focused only on sending me out of the place.

I stood there alone with no one ready to help.

I even felt that the Muni had made me stuck in to this dilemma.
Something might work out if I meet the chief of this village, I
thought but none of those were there in the village on that day. What else would I do other than opening the Nãdi?

Fear not! You will climb the mountain without any obstacle. There
you will witness a miracle for three mid-nights” – He said just this.

Once I got the instruction from Nãdi, I became energetic. Come what may, I decided. Without paying heed to the people around, I measured the pathway to the hilltop with my eyes. I also procured some dry buns, some old fruits from the shop, just in case if I may feel hungry in the night.

It was getting dark.

I began to set forth towards the mountain which was in the northern corner of the village without even saying anything to those around. Though I was courageous enough, to stay on a hilltop in that unknown village did cause some sensation of fear in the stomach. What if I don’t come back alive, just as these people say? I did get such thoughts as they had scared me that much.

I reached the basement of that small mountain, prayed to Agastya Muni and began to climb up. It wasn’t that big, with the stepping stones lying here and there with lots of plants and creepers tangled

I could also see a snakeskin. With the fear of these poisonous
things, I climbed up half way through, though I was not scared of the humans.

“Hey there! Stop right there and do not climb” – a feeble voice was
heard from somewhere. I was leaning while climbing and now I looked up. There was an old man coming down the hill. As he got closer, it was visible that it was the pujari.

He was gasping as he had hurried towards my side and began to ask me questions. I mentioned everything.

“Whether Agastya sent you or even the Sarveshwara Himself, I do not know. But you should not go there after Sayaratchai (Evening),
neither should you stay there” – he was shivering.

He did not appear to be listening to what I said. Above all, if I
remain silent for some more time, he may as well drag me down and give four tight slaps also! It was clear that it is impossible to
convince him. So I suddenly crossed over and began to climb up
swiftly. Whatever he cried, a caution or curse, echoed there. He
stood there staring at me for some time and began to get down.

I reached the temple in the next twenty secondth minute. A small
prakara, and it was built with red bricks, stone-pillars, mortar and it was a Shivalaya which could have been built at least a thousand years ago!

Though there was a bench made of stone, it was full of dirt. There
were no body. A couple of bats flew and rested. I looked around.
Silence, all around. There weren’t any lights in the temple except
the scarce light from a thoonga-vilakku (a kind of lamp which is
designed in such a way that it glows for days together, the lamp that does not sleep) inside the garbha-gruha, which I looked through the keyhole of the door.

I then realized (Again) that I haven’t bought water along. I thought
alright! This is going to be just as Rana Mandalam and hence was
tensed a bit. After a while, there were a lot of fireflies from the
sides of the temple. I took a look by going that said where I could
see a tiny stream of water coming out of the rock stagnated.

I felt a great relief. We can dip this dry-bun in that water for
dinner. Whatever water this may be, only God knows. If I drink this, another twelve hours can be spent good till the morning, I was

As the night pass by, I was very eagerly awaiting as to what miracle is Agastya Muni going to show me here.

It crossed twelve in the night. All of a sudden…


~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 64 – An Incident in Chennai

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

It is a great thing to be able to communicate with the Siddhas as it is not obtained by one and all. Still, many have got such a chance and have missed them as well. Further to say, many can still continue to get this chance, but due to negligence or lack of faith, they are still losing the chance. Is fate the reason for this? I used to think. I have seen many who are longing for the darshan of Siddhas. It is different to have the darshan of Siddhas and to communicate with them via Nadi.

For some, though they have got the darshan of Siddhas, they haven’t got the guidance. It is true indeed that those who are receiving the guidance from Siddhas and follow them as it is, are greatly blessed. Sometimes, a few who seeks the Nadi does not get such blessings. This surprises many as some who are constantly in touch with the Siddhas get the wrath and get disappointed as well.

But those with complete faith and devotion towards the Siddhas, get their complete blessings and guidance. In addition, they accept what comes in the Nadi as none other than the word of God, they get the Siddhas’ complete (paripoorana kataksha is the apt word to be used) blessings. But when asked if everyone who reads the Nadiget such blessings, we may have to nod otherwise.

The following incident in our Tamil Nadu shows how the Siddhas are helping the common people even today. When Omandhur Reddy was the Chief Minister of Chennai Rajdhani, he had an personal advisor named Pani. He was blessed with the divine responsibility of holding this Jeeva Nadi that I have, at that time. He referred to the Nadi very often and was running his life accordingly. The CM liked Pani very much.

On a day, Omandhur Reddy and his close friend were seated in the beach and were tasting the authentic Murukku (a south Indian delicacy). Our Pani was seated next to them as well. There were two boys who were walking swiftly towards the beach who were swiftly followed by the guards of Omandhur Reddy as they suspected the boys’ act.

It was night time and where these boys went towards, there werent anyone to be seen, the guards had a doubt that the boys were running towards the beach with some incorrect decision in mind.

They got hold of them as soon as they stepped in the water. As the boys didn’t know them as guards (as they were in mufty), they tried to get out.

The guards asked ‘who are you guys and what are you doing here alone at this time?’

‘Leave us alone. We are going to die’ – they screamed. The answer was enough for the guards to lift them by force. The boys were landed in the beach and started enquiring. The CM looked at all these and nodded the boys be taken closer by his side. The boys seldom knew who he was. They just thought of him as some big shot. What is he going to do, they thought. They were also frustrated that he “spoiled” their plans by summoning the guards.

“What’s your name?” – Omandhurar asked. They replied.

“Why did you come here?”

The CM was shocked when they said that they came to commit suicide.

“What?! What sort of a difficulty are you in in such a tender age?”

“We are saree merchants. We buys sarees from Kanchipuram and sell it in the streets of Chennai. We haven’t got the money for the sarees we sold. We are in debt. Those who gave us the sarees are on our neck, asking for money. No one is ready to help us either.

We are left with no choice but this” – the boys said.

“It is a surprise that the saree merchants gave you the products to you litte boys. Ok. How much is your debt?”

“Fifty rupees”

“Ah! For fifty rupees, such a decision. I feel pity on these guys. They want to work hard and get ahead in life. I seem to have a lot of love and affection towards these boys and I strongly feel that they are not cooking up any stories” – thought the CM and looked at Pani.

“We can solve this debt issue right up. It’s no big deal. But what if they get involved in this saree business again and get in to the same decision? I cannot come to save them?!”

Pani began to speak.

“Let us do one thing. Let us seek the Nadi on their future. If they will come up in their lives, let us settle their debt. We can call upon the Kanchipuram merchants and fix it and tell them to supply sarees as before. But if their future turns out to be something else, we need not have to intervene”

Even then the boys didn’t know that it is the Chief Minister who is in front of them. He asked if they can take the boys along to read the Nadi and Pani accepted post which the boys were taken along with due respect. This is not only a great blessings for the boys and it was also the first time that the Jeeva Nadi was read in the CM’s house.

It appeared so in the Nadi that “They will do very well in business and will construct a lot of theatres. Even so, they will build a beautiful Kutil for Agastya in a wondrous manner” said the Maha Muni and further instructed the CM with love which the CM readily accepted.

Only then the boys came to know slightly on whose house they were in and where they are set forth in their future. Within the next four hours, the saree merchant from Kanchipuram accepted the money given by the CM with great reverence and made arrangements to the boys in their supply needs right then.

The boys had no clue on what is happening and were in great surprise. They gave their promise that they will do anything and everything for Sage Agastya. They did stood by their words where Agastya Muni’s name is spreading its shine in Chennai.

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 63 – Deivam Manushya Roopena

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!


The person who stood at the entrance carried a yellow colored cotton bag. His eyes had a serene grace. A robust figure was he, wearing 12 holy marks of a Vaishnava (those who worship Lord Vishnu), holy thread (yagnobaveetham), his dhoti tied in the traditional panchakatcha form (a five fold style of wearing a dhoti) and a towel tied on the loin. His body was covered with thick and healthy hair with a shining black beard and moustache.


He appeared like a typical Vedic Brahmana. Since no one was known to him, he wasn’t called in. But even in the early hours of the night, his face had a divine radiant visible even at that feeble light.


All of us called him in in an unanimous voice. No one bothered to enquire as to who he was, where he was coming from and so on. He came in with folded hands, washed his hands and feet (as they do it typically before entering a pooja graha, the place of worship) and went straight in front of Sri Rama’s picture and prostrated in
front of it.


For two minutes, he meditated.


Then he began to sing the Rama Nama he knew in a melodious voice. Though the pooja had been over, we all began to sing along with him. This Nama Sankeerthana (singing the holy name of the Lord) created an unknown bliss in all of us. It is not an exaggeration to say that we all forgot the “kitchen – neivedhya miracle” happened a while ago.


The bhajan continued for the next eighteen minutes. The person came did not say anything about his whereabouts. As soon as the bhajan was over, he began to leave after prostrating in front of Lord Rama’s picture.


Not sure what triggered Walter Swamy. He put the garland that was used for the pooja in that person’s neck and gave the thamboola (beetle leaves, nuts and banana). He then said, “you may please take the neivedhya prasad as well before you leave”.


That person replied with a smile “I have taken the prasad” and then said “ok ok, if there is anything that is not offered in this pooja, please give me, I shall take it along”. We could not understand what he meant.


But still, he was given a parcel of the variety of rice, vada to that person who accepted it with both his hands and he did not put them in the bag he carried. As soon as he accepted these, he started moving, really fast, without turning back.


Walter Swamy asked who that person was.


“We do not know. But he came as a Athithi” (guest is an
insufficient word to describe what Athithi means exactly) said the house owner.


I realized that the person who came here did not come merely for the prasad. But I remained silent and did not want to create any confusion by saying something. I had not taken the Nãdi with me and so it wasn’t possible to even ask the Maha Muni.


In the meanwhile, there were chaos to get a piece of the prasad that “Hanuman” had partaken. The food items in the kitchen were getting cold as well and eventually we all sat down to have the prasad where we realized that the person had left the yellow color bag he carried. I picked it up, so as to ask the person on his whereabouts if he comes back looking for it. It is then I realized that whatever parcel of prasad that was given to that person was in the bag. We saw that he did not put them in this bag when he accepted it. 


But all of that parcel was empty!


In whatever paper they had covered the food items, it appeared uncovered with the food items consumed. There was another parcel upon opening which the “Sendhuram” was found (the paste which is normally applied on Hanuman idols everywhere). All our eyes reflected surprise, a wondrous one! Everyone in that hall began to believe that the person who visited a while ago, could be none other than Hanuman Himself!


All those who ridiculed me, spoke rationalism, behaved as though they were the only brainy people, everyone stood there speechless. It is only after this, that my Mother believed as well. But my Father did not believe, even after these incidents. He opined that I am roaming around with the Nãdi leaves day and night, without taking care of the family.


People use to come even at night times from afar where I will take bath immediately and read the Nãdi for them. My Father seldom liked this. He became furious one day and said that the Nãdi should not be in this house hereafter and if it remains, he won’t know what he might do. I had no choice but to give the Nãdi to my friend as a safe custody and began to read Nãdi from his place. My Father was slightly relieved. But since I could not do the proper pooja for Agastya Muni, it happened that the Maha Muni did not appear in the Nãdi for a few months.


Those who came to read Nãdi at that time came to know about this and said, “then all the Hanuman Darshan incident is all fraud right?” on my face.


On another day…when I asked the Maha Muni that “the person who came at the time of the pooja of Lord Rama was Hanuman indeed correct?” – He replied “YES“. I felt the urge to tell this to everyone but the order that came next from the Maha Muni shocked me.


In Kali Yuga, one can get the darshan of Lord by prayer. A lot of such blessed souls do receive such darshan even today. It is not that it has to happen through me. Since you are my beloved son, I had hinted you on this darshan.


I wanted to test you whether you have the ability to control your mind, the people surrounding you, how are they, how they do a double act etc. I wanted to tell you many a deiva rahasya and make you as a spiritual guru. But you do not have a control over your tongue or the ability to keep the secrets as such. You just broadcast everything to everyone. If you think that these people believe in all you say, it is a big disappointment.


For these, spirituality is like the fruit of neem tree in this Kali Yuga. Such a darshan happens only in Kretho, Dhretha and Dwapara Yugas. Foolish people believe that such a darshan won’t happen here in Kali Yuga. How will they know of a spiritual wisdom? Whoever believes in this, whoever has a poorva-jenma-vasana (effect of good merits from previous births) only will get My darshan hereafter. If anyone who does not believe in Me, or you who reads the Nãdi , I shall take care of them


Since you asked, Hanuman gave His darshan to you and those around you through this divine play of Neivedhya Prasad. You do not know how much I had to strive to make this happen. Behold, I won’t appear for the next twelve amavasya.


If you ever want to have the darshan of me, keep the deva-
rahasyas as such, within. If you ever dare to reveal them out, I will get rid of you. Another thing, for this twelve amavasya, visit the six holy battle-houses of Lord Subramanya thrice and do the japa of Moola Mantra a crore times only after which, you will be able to read the Nãdi . If not, from the southwest direction, a person bearing the name of Lord Muruga, born in the Simha Rasi and Maka Nakshatra will come looking for you on a Saturday afternoon. Hand over the Jeeva Nadi to him” – strictly said the Maha Muni.


“How can I tell others of the fact that I got the wrath of Agastya Muni? If I say it out, I will lose my credibility and the dis-belief towards this on people will grow. If I don’t say, what will I tell for those who come for reading the Nãdi ? I am not worrying about not being able to read the Nãdi , but I became sleepless and restless that I got the wrath of the Maha Muni.


It was a Vaikasi Visaka day. I wanted to read the Nãdi , thinking that the Maha Muni might say something if His anger towards me had reduced a bit. I was so scared but opened the Nãdi .


It was a good day for me, He appeared.


Continue to do the Japa. For once, visit the six battle-houses in one stretch. With that, for those who seek the Nãdi, read it during the Brahma Muhurtha. Those who believe shall. Those who doesn’t, shant. On those days where you cannot read the Nadi, We will be in your Vakya (sayings). Tell them their fate with the help of their
horoscopes. Blessings!” – he had concluded.


I felt a great relief. From then on, I have never dared to say
anything out that are meant to be deva rahasya and that which is not supposed to be shared. Only after these, people started believing in me. If anyone comes, I check their horoscope and that’s it. But still, I struggled a lot for completing the “one crore japa of the Moola Mantra”.


Since I had stopped reading the Nãdi, many left me. Some
believed in me reading the horoscope and saying things out of it. Some time went this way.


One may ask, “Is this Nãdi that noble?” – Let me give an incident here. Two great actors of the Tamil Cinema, N. S. Krishnan and M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar believed in this Nãdi. This I came to know from the person who read the Nãdi before me.


“They cheat with the Nãdi. Whatever they say about the future does not happen and it correctly says what has happened. This has to be confirmed in the court” – an advocate mentioned so in a playful manner and a judge accepted this proposal and called the person who was reading the Nãdi to the court.


The person who was reading the Nãdi said, “I haven’t done any mistakes, why should I be called upon to the court? Moreover, if anyone wants to read the Nãdi, they ought to come directly, I cannot!”


The judge then said that all the advocates along with him should visit the person’s house. Out of curiosity, all of them went. Upon seated, the judge said that he does not want to test Agastya Muni, but to know if the Nãdi is true indeed and not to mistake their intentions.


“Ask! I shall say what Agastya Muni tells me. This isn’t my
imagination and there is no lie either” – said the Nadi reader.


“Here, look at this” – he showed the paper weight in the table – “I am going to throw this down now. The Nãdi should tell me the exact count of the glass pieces resulting in the breakage once it breaks down. Even if a count increases or decreases, I have to announce that this Nãdi is a fraud. Is this ok?” – he asked in a calm manner.


The person who was reading the Nãdi, Murugan, was scared as well. What if something weird comes out as a reply, the Nãdi itself will be ill-famed right? He earnestly prayed to Agastya Muni and said “The answer you are seeking will be given correctly”.


“In that case, what will happen must be written down in advance, is this possible?” – asked the judge.


“Ok” – said Murugan and opened the Nãdi, wrote down what he saw in a paper and gave it to the judge, who did not care to open and read it. He kept it in his shirt pocket. A few minutes went by.


He picked up the paper weight and raised it above…and kept it back. He did not throw. He then opened the piece of paper and began to read it aloud in front of everyone present there.


You, who come in the line of that king who gave a correct
judgement to the cow (Manu Needhi Chozha), will pick this
rounded glass (paper weight), will raise it above but you won’t throw it down




Such a Nãdi came in to my hands. 


(goose pimps, anyone?!)

The Grace of Siddha – 62 – Hanumatha Leela

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Though Agastya Muni explained these in details, I still had my question as to how long will I be reading Nadi like this? I am deviating from my duties, without ensuring the wellness of the family, I am roaming city to city. How long is this? I did not get an answer for this pressing question.

It was the morning of the tenth day of reading the Nadi.

“There is a Rama Navami pooja in somebody’s house. Please bring everyone” – a person known to me passed on a message. For my Mother, telling her the name of Lord Rama itself is enough. I called upon those who ridiculed my visit and experience at Rana Mandalam as well.

I went along with all of them to the house where the Rama Navami pooja was held. The people gathered there were discussing here and there that Hanuman will appear here in this pooja. I prayed to Lord Hanuman as well, “You showed your divine form through The Grace of Siddha Agastya, but none believed. On top of it, they made fun out of me. I am left with no proof to be shown in this regard. They make me feel painful by saying that even the receipt for the 101 rupees is given by me, myself. Even in this Kali Yuga, I
earnestly pray to you, show them that You can give them a
darshan. Please grace just as what Agastya Muni has said”.

In that big hall, Lord Rama’s picture in the Pattabhisheka form was kept. The flowers for the pooja appeared ike a tiny mountain nearby. Good fragrance was upon the air with dhoopa and deepa making the atmosphere serene. We were about 30 to 40 people present, with devotion.

An aged person of about 68 years, called as Walter Swamy came and sat, carrying a bag. He did a variety of prayers and took out a Pancha Uloka (a combination of five metals) Hanuman idol and kept in the center of the pooja altar. Decorations were made to that and offerings were made. Hanuman was immersed then with flowers and garlands. He asked us to sing the glory of Lord Ram. Then the Hanuman Ashtotharam (eight slokhas praising Lord Hanuman) was sung. Finally, a huge container containing curd rice (that which Hanuman likes) to its brim arrived, covered with a
banana leaf. There also was a Vada Mala (a garland made with Vada, a typical south Indian food item) was adorned to Hanuman.

A plate full of fresh grapes, with not even a single fruit appearing any faulty, was kept. Someone had bought about twelve Kashmir apples, was placed in a plate. The Walter Swamiji offered them to the Lord and performed Neivedhyam.

Everyone were eagerly expecting as to how Hanuman is going to give darshan, what is going to happen etc. Many were looking at the entrance saying “There might be a monkey coming by and they will show as ‘Here is Anjaneya’. The ladies began to cover the flowers kept in their hair with their saree as the monkeys does not like the flowers kept in hair! What if it comes and snatches out the flower?!

Some were ready to get the “blessings” from the monkey Hanuman by offering fruits kept hidden in their bags and get ‘Punya’. Some were even worried that if the monkey ignores all these and goes straight to the kitchen to take care of the food items present there and so they were hurrying to safe guard the food items in the kitchen!

Even if Hanuman comes in a normal monkey form and messes up with the kitchen items, what we tend to do normally is to chase out “that monkey” Hanuman and continue to do our prayers and offerings to the real Hanuman. To carry out this niche task, there was a person standing at the entrance of the kitchen, wielding a stick!

In this situation, the Walter opened his eyes slowly after praying to Hanuman. First he took out and showed the long Vada Mala from Hanuman’s shoulder. There were about 20 vada’s missing from the garland which had about 108 vadas. The remaining ones had a mark of teeth in them as well!

On the container with curd rice which was covered with banana leaf, there was a mark of a hand not once but twice, as if the food was taken out of it. The markings clearly revealed that it was that of a monkey’s hand.

Then, half of the fresh grapes kept in a plate with no one even touching it appeared half bitten and were scattered. One half of the grapes were missing. In addition to all these miracles, the apples contained clear marking of a monkey’s teeth. Normally, it is seen that if a monkey takes out the apple, it won’t eat the outer skin but will eat the pulp inside. The same style appeared in these apples as well.

Everyone including my Mother were looking at these things with greater surprise when it appeared someone standing in the entrance.

(The readers might feel that this post must have continued futher. But there is a reason behind this. Please await the future episodes which will unveil even greater things that happened right here in our time!)