The Grace of Siddha – 62 – Hanumatha Leela

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Though Agastya Muni explained these in details, I still had my question as to how long will I be reading Nadi like this? I am deviating from my duties, without ensuring the wellness of the family, I am roaming city to city. How long is this? I did not get an answer for this pressing question.

It was the morning of the tenth day of reading the Nadi.

“There is a Rama Navami pooja in somebody’s house. Please bring everyone” – a person known to me passed on a message. For my Mother, telling her the name of Lord Rama itself is enough. I called upon those who ridiculed my visit and experience at Rana Mandalam as well.

I went along with all of them to the house where the Rama Navami pooja was held. The people gathered there were discussing here and there that Hanuman will appear here in this pooja. I prayed to Lord Hanuman as well, “You showed your divine form through The Grace of Siddha Agastya, but none believed. On top of it, they made fun out of me. I am left with no proof to be shown in this regard. They make me feel painful by saying that even the receipt for the 101 rupees is given by me, myself. Even in this Kali Yuga, I
earnestly pray to you, show them that You can give them a
darshan. Please grace just as what Agastya Muni has said”.

In that big hall, Lord Rama’s picture in the Pattabhisheka form was kept. The flowers for the pooja appeared ike a tiny mountain nearby. Good fragrance was upon the air with dhoopa and deepa making the atmosphere serene. We were about 30 to 40 people present, with devotion.

An aged person of about 68 years, called as Walter Swamy came and sat, carrying a bag. He did a variety of prayers and took out a Pancha Uloka (a combination of five metals) Hanuman idol and kept in the center of the pooja altar. Decorations were made to that and offerings were made. Hanuman was immersed then with flowers and garlands. He asked us to sing the glory of Lord Ram. Then the Hanuman Ashtotharam (eight slokhas praising Lord Hanuman) was sung. Finally, a huge container containing curd rice (that which Hanuman likes) to its brim arrived, covered with a
banana leaf. There also was a Vada Mala (a garland made with Vada, a typical south Indian food item) was adorned to Hanuman.

A plate full of fresh grapes, with not even a single fruit appearing any faulty, was kept. Someone had bought about twelve Kashmir apples, was placed in a plate. The Walter Swamiji offered them to the Lord and performed Neivedhyam.

Everyone were eagerly expecting as to how Hanuman is going to give darshan, what is going to happen etc. Many were looking at the entrance saying “There might be a monkey coming by and they will show as ‘Here is Anjaneya’. The ladies began to cover the flowers kept in their hair with their saree as the monkeys does not like the flowers kept in hair! What if it comes and snatches out the flower?!

Some were ready to get the “blessings” from the monkey Hanuman by offering fruits kept hidden in their bags and get ‘Punya’. Some were even worried that if the monkey ignores all these and goes straight to the kitchen to take care of the food items present there and so they were hurrying to safe guard the food items in the kitchen!

Even if Hanuman comes in a normal monkey form and messes up with the kitchen items, what we tend to do normally is to chase out “that monkey” Hanuman and continue to do our prayers and offerings to the real Hanuman. To carry out this niche task, there was a person standing at the entrance of the kitchen, wielding a stick!

In this situation, the Walter opened his eyes slowly after praying to Hanuman. First he took out and showed the long Vada Mala from Hanuman’s shoulder. There were about 20 vada’s missing from the garland which had about 108 vadas. The remaining ones had a mark of teeth in them as well!

On the container with curd rice which was covered with banana leaf, there was a mark of a hand not once but twice, as if the food was taken out of it. The markings clearly revealed that it was that of a monkey’s hand.

Then, half of the fresh grapes kept in a plate with no one even touching it appeared half bitten and were scattered. One half of the grapes were missing. In addition to all these miracles, the apples contained clear marking of a monkey’s teeth. Normally, it is seen that if a monkey takes out the apple, it won’t eat the outer skin but will eat the pulp inside. The same style appeared in these apples as well.

Everyone including my Mother were looking at these things with greater surprise when it appeared someone standing in the entrance.

(The readers might feel that this post must have continued futher. But there is a reason behind this. Please await the future episodes which will unveil even greater things that happened right here in our time!)

2 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 62 – Hanumatha Leela

  1. maneet kaur says:

    we are blessed that we get to hear all the miracles through you. if the world is still there it is b’coz of the presence of GOD whether we believe or not.whether we experience his presence or not he is within us.i am blessed to be with such a person who can guide u all along

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