The Grace of Siddha – 64 – An Incident in Chennai

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

It is a great thing to be able to communicate with the Siddhas as it is not obtained by one and all. Still, many have got such a chance and have missed them as well. Further to say, many can still continue to get this chance, but due to negligence or lack of faith, they are still losing the chance. Is fate the reason for this? I used to think. I have seen many who are longing for the darshan of Siddhas. It is different to have the darshan of Siddhas and to communicate with them via Nadi.

For some, though they have got the darshan of Siddhas, they haven’t got the guidance. It is true indeed that those who are receiving the guidance from Siddhas and follow them as it is, are greatly blessed. Sometimes, a few who seeks the Nadi does not get such blessings. This surprises many as some who are constantly in touch with the Siddhas get the wrath and get disappointed as well.

But those with complete faith and devotion towards the Siddhas, get their complete blessings and guidance. In addition, they accept what comes in the Nadi as none other than the word of God, they get the Siddhas’ complete (paripoorana kataksha is the apt word to be used) blessings. But when asked if everyone who reads the Nadiget such blessings, we may have to nod otherwise.

The following incident in our Tamil Nadu shows how the Siddhas are helping the common people even today. When Omandhur Reddy was the Chief Minister of Chennai Rajdhani, he had an personal advisor named Pani. He was blessed with the divine responsibility of holding this Jeeva Nadi that I have, at that time. He referred to the Nadi very often and was running his life accordingly. The CM liked Pani very much.

On a day, Omandhur Reddy and his close friend were seated in the beach and were tasting the authentic Murukku (a south Indian delicacy). Our Pani was seated next to them as well. There were two boys who were walking swiftly towards the beach who were swiftly followed by the guards of Omandhur Reddy as they suspected the boys’ act.

It was night time and where these boys went towards, there werent anyone to be seen, the guards had a doubt that the boys were running towards the beach with some incorrect decision in mind.

They got hold of them as soon as they stepped in the water. As the boys didn’t know them as guards (as they were in mufty), they tried to get out.

The guards asked ‘who are you guys and what are you doing here alone at this time?’

‘Leave us alone. We are going to die’ – they screamed. The answer was enough for the guards to lift them by force. The boys were landed in the beach and started enquiring. The CM looked at all these and nodded the boys be taken closer by his side. The boys seldom knew who he was. They just thought of him as some big shot. What is he going to do, they thought. They were also frustrated that he “spoiled” their plans by summoning the guards.

“What’s your name?” – Omandhurar asked. They replied.

“Why did you come here?”

The CM was shocked when they said that they came to commit suicide.

“What?! What sort of a difficulty are you in in such a tender age?”

“We are saree merchants. We buys sarees from Kanchipuram and sell it in the streets of Chennai. We haven’t got the money for the sarees we sold. We are in debt. Those who gave us the sarees are on our neck, asking for money. No one is ready to help us either.

We are left with no choice but this” – the boys said.

“It is a surprise that the saree merchants gave you the products to you litte boys. Ok. How much is your debt?”

“Fifty rupees”

“Ah! For fifty rupees, such a decision. I feel pity on these guys. They want to work hard and get ahead in life. I seem to have a lot of love and affection towards these boys and I strongly feel that they are not cooking up any stories” – thought the CM and looked at Pani.

“We can solve this debt issue right up. It’s no big deal. But what if they get involved in this saree business again and get in to the same decision? I cannot come to save them?!”

Pani began to speak.

“Let us do one thing. Let us seek the Nadi on their future. If they will come up in their lives, let us settle their debt. We can call upon the Kanchipuram merchants and fix it and tell them to supply sarees as before. But if their future turns out to be something else, we need not have to intervene”

Even then the boys didn’t know that it is the Chief Minister who is in front of them. He asked if they can take the boys along to read the Nadi and Pani accepted post which the boys were taken along with due respect. This is not only a great blessings for the boys and it was also the first time that the Jeeva Nadi was read in the CM’s house.

It appeared so in the Nadi that “They will do very well in business and will construct a lot of theatres. Even so, they will build a beautiful Kutil for Agastya in a wondrous manner” said the Maha Muni and further instructed the CM with love which the CM readily accepted.

Only then the boys came to know slightly on whose house they were in and where they are set forth in their future. Within the next four hours, the saree merchant from Kanchipuram accepted the money given by the CM with great reverence and made arrangements to the boys in their supply needs right then.

The boys had no clue on what is happening and were in great surprise. They gave their promise that they will do anything and everything for Sage Agastya. They did stood by their words where Agastya Muni’s name is spreading its shine in Chennai.

~ to be continued…!

2 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 64 – An Incident in Chennai

  1. NR Sridharan says:

    Great indeed.Endless grace of Agathya peruman. For the first time, name of a V.I.P is mentioned. It is not diffiucult to guess who these two boys could be. But it is still a rahasya how and when Mr Pani passed on the holy Naadi Granthas to late Shri Hanumathdasan.

    Om Agatheesaya Namha


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