The Grace of Siddha – 69 – Who kept the Nagalinga flower?

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer.

They had questions but I did not feel like explaining all that happened over the night. One of them said, “We heard the howling of wolves. We were scared it might have done some harm to you and have spent a sleepless night. We could not climb up either. So I came rushing with the priest”

A few joined this person in chorus. One thing was clear. According to them, if someone stays up at night, the God should have given a serious punishment and if not, there is a ‘lack of power’ in that God and they might very well lose the faith. Some thought that I would have got such a punishment to me and those were obviously disappointed by seeing me.

I requested the priest to check if there are any changes in the sanctum sanctorum. He rushed and opened the doors and looked around inside, came out at once.

“It appears as if someone has sprinkled water and on top of Swami, there is a Naga Linga Flower!”

“Do you find anything else?”

“No. But this itself is a big surprise for me. When I locked the door last night, I had adorned the Lord with Pavazha Malli and Bhilwa leaves. I am surprised to see Naga Linga Flower on top”


This flower looks like the Shiva Linga with Naga forming an umbrella!

This flower looks like the Shiva Linga with Naga forming an umbrella!

“Not only that. The Garbha Gruha (Sanctum Sanctorum) appears as if someone has neatly washed it with water. I don’t understand anything”

I thought I shall clarify his doubts a little later and asked “Ok, what
did you give me for dinner yesterday?”

“Sambar rice and curd rice, two parcels”

“They make Kali for Thiruvadhirai right? Did you give me that?”

“No” – he was restless.

“It’s fine. What I ate last night tasted like Kali. Hence I asked” – I

“Have you been thinking of what you will do from now?”

“I will get down, take bath and come back right here, sit next to Nandi and do meditation all day” – I replied.

They were all surprised. The priest said, “Oh today is Thiruvadhirai
nakshatra and it has come from last night itself. That’s why you want to do the Japa is it?” – I later came to know that there is something hidden in this.

I was thinking that Agastya Muni is replying only through this Jeeva Nadi that I had, but was pleasantly surprised that He gives guidance and grace through other few Nãdi’s as well. When I came to this village first, I had no idea about this village or its temple. But after all these experiences through Agastya Muni, I had a special attraction towards this temple.

I have been ‘hearing’ the Devas and Siddhas during the night. What if I worship them during the day? Instead of spending time in gossip, I felt I should come right back after taking bath to do meditation, I explained the priest. Especially when he mentioned about the Thiruvadhirai star that day, and the sambar and curd rice tasting like Thiruvadhirai-Kali had given an intuition to me that there is some connection, so I made arrangements to have darshan of Lord Shiva during the day time itself.

In between…

We got to know that the wife of Karnam’s brother had reached the abode of the Almighty and the rituals were happening. Somehow the Karnam escaped and the brother has also bid farewell to his wife. He can safely leave for Kashmir to spend his life with his second wife. His property will be legally attached to the temple at hill top. With that, the Kumbabhisheka of this temple can be done as per the Agama rules which will nullify any dosha to this temple premises, I thought.

I went down and relaxed a bit, got some tiffin and water and climbed back post afternoon. I have been instructed clearly that for midnight, not to bring any light, not to lie down in the pathway, to meditate by sitting next to Nandi and never ever, ever open my eyes.

The experience of the past two days were remarkable indeed. I became very curious right from the evening as to what experience will there be on the third day that Agastya Muni will show me. Those who had come to the temple during the day, not sure whether they had looked at the Lord properly, but gave a weird look at me seated next to Nandi. I felt like they were gazing
at me like they do at an animal in the zoo.

I spent the time till evening by doing various things; meditated for a while, then I went around the hill, sometimes I enjoyed the view from the hilltop, I then looked around to see if there are any stone-inscriptions in the walls of the temple. The situation did not allow me to do meditation completely. Once the Sayaratchai (evening pooja) was over, the priest locked down the temple doors and got down. I sent him off and quietly sat next to Nandi.

Suddenly, chill breeze flew fast. I had nothing but a towel to wrap
myself. If this had continued, I probably would have lied down right there with fever or forsaken everything and got down to the village. However, when I picked up the towel and wrapped it around my head (to cover the head and ears), the next blow of the wind lifted the Jeeva Nadi I had kept in the baggage somewhere.

It was very unfortunate indeed to lose the Nadi which saved my life. I kept the baggage in a corner not affected by the wind and began to search for the Nadi in that dark. I could not find it anywhere. I was sweat in that chill weather, that’s all I got.

Whenever I got stuck in a situation, I have thought many a times, ‘why don’t we just throw this Nadi away?’ but when this really happened, I was terribly shaken for a minute. I consoled myself with great difficulty that “Just as it got to my hands, it has left me as well and it is all as per Agastya’s will”. As I did not want to spend time on it, I roamed around again, came back and sat next to Nandi.

As I was seated right beneath the Nandi, the chill wind did not touch me which appeared as if Nandi Deva Himself was protecting me from the wind with His two hands. I did not feel the chillness anymore. On the contrary, since I felt a warm breath around myself, I removed the turban and eventually removed my shirt and vest as well even as the wind was blowing heavily. But I continued to feel the warm breath around me, from where, I did not know.

As the time passed by, I began to meditate with my mind getting worried every now and then on losing the Jeeva Nadi. I could not concentrate well on meditation. The food was untouched as I did not feel hungry. Since I was told to keep my eyes closed, I remained so for how long I do not know when I suddenly heard the sound of toe-ring.

As a reflex, I opened my eyes at once and there wasn’t any sound!

I prayed to Agastya Muni again, closed my eyes only to hear the sound of many such toe-rings. I began to smell divine aroma and eventually the sound of Veda Kosha, auspicious instruments, the temple bell’s ringing etc.

The all pervading Maheshwara and Parvathi Devi is seated in the middle where the Devas and Siddhas are performing abhisheka and archana with various flowers and items of different fragrances. Lord Vishnu with His Narasimha form along with Lakshmi Devi is performing Mangala Snana for Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma along with Saraswathi Devi is performing archana and abhisheka to the Lord as well.

Then all the Indras, Muni and Siddhas perform abhisheka and aradhana for the Lord with divine kosha surrounding everywhere. All these got over in about ten minutes where a forceful wind lashed out of the Garbha gruha with everyone there disappearing at once!

I then could not hear any sound or smell any fragrance where I opened my eyes. It was peaceful around. It was as if Lord Nandi has released me from his hold as well. There weren’t any such incidents such as last night that scared me. I was reminded it was the middle of the night only by the stars above and the barking sound of dogs from a great distance.

I did not get in to the research of whether what I felt a while ago was real or just an imagination. If I try to explain this to anyone, they may simply think that I am mad and so I decided to remain calm and quiet and only to thank Agastya Muni. The experience I went through is unique and new from the last night indeed. All the divine sight I had, Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi Devi, Lord Brahma with Saraswathi Devi and all the Devas, Siddhas doing archana and abhisheka to Parvathi-Parameshwara, is all because of the great merits or Punya done by my parents, this is the truth.

The Agastya Muni who gave me such an experience for this third day, snatched the Jeeva Nadi from me, is due to the sins I committed, I thought. Though I convinced myself in a way, just as I got it, it has left me, it was a time where a lot of influential people were approaching me to know about their future (in a secret manner) and about the future of our Country in the Brahma Muhurtha time.

There were a few things that was to be done for the Country as well. Agastya had mentioned that he will guide me in the right direction in these areas as well. I am reminded of all that now. If I tell others that it was the wind at the hill top by which I had lost the Jeeva Nadi, no one will believe.

I began to feel very sad. I was given very rare blessings which is not given to many others and now they all have been taken away from me. I even could not enjoy the wonderful experience I had over the night due to this incident.

The dawn was so beautiful. I took some water in the empty stomach after placing the food item I did not partake in the night next to me. The priest and a few people came rushing again in the morning and were very curious as to what happened over the night. As I did not want to deviate them off, I mentioned that “just as the previous day, I had great darshan, I shall let you know later” and became silent.

Not sure what the priest felt, “wait a minute, let me see the Garbha Gruha and be back, if there is any wonder like yesterday” and opened the door, went inside. Within a couple of minutes, he came out rushing towards me and appeared very angry. He seemed to be carrying something in his hands.

“Oye Swami! What have you done! This is very sinful!!!”

“What have I done? Could you please explain?”

“It is a mistake to let you stay here in the temple. The Karnam was
lenient. What the villagers told is correct indeed” – he went on. “After having done this, you are standing still like a stone. If the villagers come to know of this, they will tie me up as well along with you”

The couple of people who came along with the priest began to stare at me. Something has happened inside and they are thinking that it is because of me, which the priest has found out, they thought. They were already frustrated with the Karnam and when the priest mentioned about him, they became happy. They asked the priest as to what happened.

“What should not happen has happened. Since it was Thiruvadhirai
yesterday, I had prepared Kali to offer to Lord Shiva but had forgot it in the garbha-gruha itself. But what I see now, this person has gone inside the sanctum sanctorum, feasted on the Kali which is kept inside and above all, the sambar rice and curd rice that I had given him yesterday, he has kept them inside the garbha-gruha half eaten. Oh O! Will somone do such a thing?!!!”

Image courtesy: 1 & 2

~ to be continued…!

2 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 69 – Who kept the Nagalinga flower?

  1. Sureen says:

    Guruji Pranam,

    I was searching to read about spiritualism and found your site by GOD’s blessings in January this year. Guruji, experiences mentioned in these articles every Thursday are spiritual, extremely enlightening and divine. Have an urge to visit you but am unable to for some reason or the other.

    In this article there is mention of the future of the country and Agastya Muni’s guidance regarding the same. Guruji, please put the prospects of this country in present times as the country is going through polarization due to mischief monger’s. Also the future of majority religion in the country.

    Ms SKB

  2. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    How lucky and Punyawan soul.You are..Got Darshan of Trimurti along with Shakti and sidhhas….not just for a day but for 3 days!!!!

    Agathyar blessings!!!!!

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