The Grace of Siddha – 70 – Wait for your time!

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer.

“Sir Priest! Do not speak anything that comes out hastily. I was seated next to Nandi the whole night yesterday. Further still, I had kept the food parcels you gave there next to me and I haven’t taken food from it. Please see for yourself”…saying this I turned around only to see the food parcel missing.

“This is what you are searching. How will this be there? Half partaken, this parcel was there inside, he showed the food parcel and threw it away. Then he went to wash his hands. His actions made me surprise as well as sad. When he came back, I asked him..

“O Priest, You seem to be very angry, but please listen to what I am trying to say. The key to sanctum sanctorum is only with you. How come then can I enter in?”

“What? How come? I have proof. Shall I show it?” – he went inside the temple again. When he came back, he was carrying the Jeeva Nadi in his hands, which the wind blew away yesterday!

I prayed very earnestly to Agastya Muni and the Lord Almighty Shiva who dwells in that hill. I paid my thankfulness to the Jeeva Nadi in my mind and began to get down. The villagers began to set forth a farewell function as well. They gave me a number of sweets and savouries. They said,

“We shall give you all the facilities here. Siddhas and Rishi-Munis visit this hill temple. Why don’t you stay here in this holy village
permanently?” I thanked their sincerity and hospitality and began my way back. They arranged a bullock cart for me to be dropped in the railway station. A person stood near me carrying an umbrella so I don’t feel the heat, this act made me melt.

It will take around an hour and a half to reach the station. I have to
spend this time properly I thought while I noticed the person carrying the umbrella looking at me and the box that had the Jeeva Nadi in turn. He never opened his mouth however. I thought let’s read Nadi to this person and asked him if he wishes so.

He nodded fast.

“Here, sit down, let me read the Nadi for you” – he sat with utmost
respect. I began to read. When I read, it was shock out of shock for me as his history began to unfold.

This guy belongs to a big Zameendar clan, was kidnapped in his childhood for his wealth. His parents were sent a threat-note as well, who did not bother to care about much. The kidnappers thought they will take him to Andhra and kill him there, but they did not reach Andhra but stayed in Erode itself for a few days. As nobody bothered about the threat note, they thought killing him is not going to be useful anyway and left him in the middle of the road on a fine morning.

A farmers’ family found this child while they came to Erode market and took him along. The child who was born with a silver spoon, by fate’s play, was growing in a mud house. He grew up taking care of the cattle and sheep, roamed in this hill top.

Whenever he comes to the hilltop, he use to pray earnestly to Lord Shiva and would do 108 Thorbi-Karnam. No one knows why he is praying, but he had
a great faith and devotion. He cannot speak very fluently and he is the beloved of the villagers. He volunteers for help in any function in any villager’s house. In the meanwhile, the farmer passed away and he was fed by the villagers” – said the Maha Muni and asked, “Did you see how strong the fate is?

“I do agree O Sire. But can’t he join his parents again?”

Only because he has such a chance, We came here to help him” – said Agastya!


Shall tell you, listen. From today for forty days, let him lit up a lamp in the garbha-gruha of Shiva there in the hill top temple. On the forty- first day, a person coming from south-west will take him for a work. Then good luck will favor him. From which Jameen he came out of, he will go back there, right after twenty eight years” – said the Siddha!

I looked at him with awe and pity, at the same time.

I explained him as to what the Maha Siddha said in the way he could understand. At first, he could not understand what Jameen is! All he asked for is this: “will I get food three times a day, will I get a good dhoti to wear?”. I looked at him and thought about that Agastya Muni said ‘owner of immense wealth’.

His looks were shabby, unshaven face, dry hair, topless, a dirty dhoti, dry stomach and skin weary due to the heat etc. But he had an innocent look, a stainless heart, every now and then he would look up the hill top and offer his salutations to the Lord, that devotion etc. made me feel compassionate about this fellow. Otherwise, why would have I felt like reading the Nadi for him?

“For forty days, you need to lit up a lamp up there. Can you do it?”

“They will not let me in Swamy. What do I do?”

“Tell them that I told you. They will let you lit up a lamp”

“Ok swamy. Please tell this cart-man as well, to tell them there. Only then will they believe.”

I explained the carter as well on what I read and told him that the
blessings of Lord Shiva there at hill top and the MahaSiddha Agastya is there with this person and that he needs to lit up a lamp for 40 days.

“That is well right sir. But he does not have a single penny. How would he do that?” – the carter was practical. I said I will give him some money as much as I can and asked the carter and everyone else in the village to give him some money for this task. The carter did not believe that this guy is the owner of some immense wealth in a Zameen etc.

“Swamy, you came here, stayed in the hilltop alive, the people think of you with high regards, all is ok. But while going, the story that you mentioned about this guy being so wealthy, Zameen etc., on the fly, this I don’t believe, you see” – the carter stood by his practicality. “All these may happen, in cinema, but not in real life. Please do not mistake me”. I remained silent when the cart came near the station.

~ to be continued…!

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