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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

I thought I should have cherished the experience I got from the hill top temple and returned home quietly. But fate is stronger right? Instead of remaining quiet, I began to read the Nadi for this person who stood with the umbrella and ended up receiving advise from the ‘well wisher’ cart-man.

Once the Erode railway station came, I took some money I had with me and gave it to the poor millionaire saying “Here, with this, get flowers, turmeric, fruits, beetle-nut, incense stick, kumkum etc., along with some oil to lit up the lamp and the string. Hand them over to the priest to do an archana and start lighting up the lamp in the Garbha-gruha. Continue to do this for forty days somehow, anyhow. Good will happen”. He prostrated at my feet, accepted the money and said, “But they won’t allow me inside the garbha-gruha right?”

“No need. Hand over the lamp to the priest. On your behalf, let him lit up the lamp inside”

The cart-man said, “Sir, I don’t think these are practically possible. It is ok if it is for a day or two, but how come forty days?”

I thought, is this guy a cart-man or a villain to this poor fellow? He is going on talking negative. What is his problem? It’s just a lamp to be lit in the temple right? I was a little frustrated. I turned towards him and said, “What are you saying? Can you elaborate?”

“Sir, he is a person who is sort of dedicated to this village as a whole. There isn’t a marriage or anything for him. If there is a death in a house, he has to go there and should remain till every ritual is completed. Likewise, if there is a marriage in a house, he has to do all the work. To say the least, the lady who gave birth to me, is counting her days as to today or tomorrow, she is sick. If she dies, this guy cannot move here or there till the sixteenth day ritual is over and should remain in my house. There are about two or three such ‘tickets’ waiting to go. He is required for all the work. I thought of all these and hence I mentioned so” – he was very determined.

“Oh, is there such a practice?”

The poor guy nodded helplessly. I was very embarrassed.

“Hey cart-man, listen. Till he finishes lighting up the lamp for forty
days, nothing would ever happen to anyone in the village. Why don’t you help him accomplish this task?” – I asked.

“Sir, you said he is going to be very rich. Let it happen when it happens. I am not jealous as I have about ten acres of land for myself along with some land from my mother-in-law. I shall make arrangements for him to lit the lamp, no problem. But I have to tell you the practice of the village right? That’s why I said all these”

“It is only Agastya Muni who should stop all these. Nothing is in our
hands” – I said this and started moving inside the railway station. I
heard someone calling me so I looked back. It was the cart-man himself.

“I have a small doubt sir. Can I lit up the lamp instead of this fellow?”

“No. Agastya Siddha has asked him to do it. It is him whom the Siddha mentioned as a heir of zameendar”

“What sir? Shouldn’t there be a ‘qualification’ to be called as the heir of a zameendar. Does this fellow possess any such?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Like…if I lit up the lamp instead of him, will I get the zameen
property? Myself and him are almost of the same age. That’s why I asked” – he said without any hesitation. I was shocked at this. Such a person, even in a village! I was scared as to where these will end up. I started walking towards the platform without answering him.

Though I came back to Chennai, I kept on thinking about the umbrella guy. Just as the cart-man said, there are no identification for him. Even the parents wouldn’t identify him as their son. Those who brought him up are no more. There is no information on who kidnapped him during the childhood. Agastya Muni says he is the zameendar. But He did not say which zameen. Will he really become the zameendar?” – I began to doubt.

From the time I began to read the Jeeva Nadi, many such doubts arise in me. From my experience, I have realized that it is somewhat easy to manage an atheist, but it is extremely difficult to manage a person who has faith in spirituality. Am I a spiritualist or an atheist or somewhere in between? I used to test myself. But I cannot talk rationalism while holding on to Jeeva Nadi. But I would want anything to happen at once. But for many who has come for the reading, He says “have some patience, wait” etc. This not only makes the person came for reading to be frustrated, but even me at times!

But there will always be a reason. It will be known only later. This is a deva rahasya not many know. If I think of the cart-man, he can easily cheat the umbrella guy. But I shall ask the Maha Siddha, I thought and felt relieved.

Thirty five days passed by. If I ask Agastya on the umbrella guy, He would only say “Have some patience. That King of the Hill (Lord Shiva) will take care of him” and nothing else. I was however curious and thought I shall visit there myself. So I started on the thirty eighth day.

I met the Karnam who received me eagerly.

“Is everyone good in the village?”

“Yes, all are well”

“That day, a cart-man came along with me to the station. Is he good? Is his mother doing well?”

He looked at me for a while, remained silent, then asked, “Why are you asking about him particularly? Did Agastya Muni said something?”

“He didn’t say anything. The cart-man only said that his mother is not feeling well”

“Oh why are you asking that! He was ok all along. He joins political party and gives lose-talks. You see, that day, this guy (referring to the umbrella guy) went to the hilltop to lit up a lamp in the temple. This cart-man went along. None knows what happened. He fell down from the stairs in the hill and is injured with multiple fractures in his shoulders, hip, foot etc. and is admitted in the Puthur hospital!”

“Oh is it? Then?”

“The doctor said it will take around six months for him to recover. His relatives has decided to take him to Coimbatore”

“His mother?”

“She walks a bit nowadays. She has someone to take care of. The umbrella guy is the one who takes care of her. Oh yes, the cart-man said that it came in the Nadi that he is a heir to a zameendar. Is this true?”

I nodded.

“When the cartman said this that day, I was surprised but thought of it as a joke. Only now I believe it”

“If Karnam believes it, that’s good. Ok, where is that umbrella guy now?”

“Where will he go? He may be either in the temple premise. But he is not like before nowadays. He spends most of the time in the temple. He is pestering anyone he sees and asks them for oil or string and says he has to lit up lamp in the temple. He hasn’t gone mad, that’s all” – said Karnam.

I remained silent that provoked him.

“Why have you come all of a sudden? Do you have to stay in the temple in the night again? Is there any order that came?”

“No, I just came this side and thought I should visit you all”

“You didn’t bring the Nadi?”

“No, why?”

“I would like to know two things. One, the cart-man who was like a fit boxer, why should he remain in the bed with his bones broken? Another
thing, about three people who are almost counting their days, are
continuing hale and healthy. In fact, we made all arrangements thinking that the cart-man’s mother has passed away. Only in the burial ground did
we realize that she is still alive. There has never such an incident
before. I wanted to ask all these in the Nadi”

“What control do we have? It is all God’s play” – I bid farewell from him and went to climb up the hill. I have to meet the umbrella guy, but no one was to be seen. I could see symptoms of the priest having closed down the garbha gruha and had gone. I looked around only to find no one. Right at the place where I experienced the presence of Siddhas and Devas, the umbrella guy was lying down. He was in such a deep sleep that he did not notice my arrival. I looked inside the garbha gruya via the keyhole. There
were two lamps lit up in the garbha-gruha of the Swami! I did not feel like waking him up.

Now it may look like he is lying down even without wearing anything on top and with a dirty dhoti of about four feet. But soon, through the grace of the Lord of this Hill, Shiva, he is going to get a big fortune, my mind said.

I silently prayed to that Lord and turned around when I heard that sound. I looked around where a huge snake was crawling towards the umbrella guy!

~ to be continued…!

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