The Grace of Siddha – 72 – Sarpam Eviya Sadayan!

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

The title literally means, Snake sent by Shiva, in Tamil. The title
occurred in a flash and we liked it :).

During my stay in this hill top for three days, I did not see any snake. But now I saw this one, about eight feet long, a black cobra. I wasn’t able to understand if this snake is searching for food, or had it already. If it is searching for food, it will bounce back to anyone who comes on its way. Then it will run away to its hiding place faster. A misconception about snake is that every one thinks it is a fierce animal, but in fact, it is scared of others, particularly humans. This has been confirmed by a Siddha as well.

If the snake had had its food, it will move slow and steady to its place or a hideout that is cool. Normally, it does not do any harm I have heard. If in case it comes towards me, I could climb up on the place to sit near the temple, or drive it away with a stick or something. But this one is going towards this guy who is fast asleep! I was scared, if only he turns around and touches the snake, that’s it! It will bite him, I started imagining.

On an instance, when I asked Sage Agastya if we can cure the snake bites by chanting a mantra, He said “It is possible” and He kindly gave me that mantra as well. Not only that, he gave suitable mantras for a few other poisonous creatures too.

If these mantras are to give any result, there are certain ground rules that must be followed consistently. If it isn’t possible to adhere to them, the mantras won’t have any effect. Then there is no use in blaming Agastya Muni and so as He said, I began to follow those ground rules first.

One of them in it is to stand in knee-deep water on a Grahana (Eclipse) day and to chant specific mantras without any gap. But was not able to continue to this on a consistent basis. I was doubtful if this cobra bites him and if I chant a mantra, anything could be beneficial at all. I have not got the chance and blessing for chanting any mantra for any such poisonous bites. Is such an incident going to happen now where Agastya Muni has summoned me here? In the meantime, the snake crawled on his side and went up to his hip, looked around well for some time. Then it steeped
down towards his stomach, went straight to the temple and went inside the Garbha Gruha through the small gap in the door and disappeared.

I gave a sigh of relief. The snake could have gone straight in. But why did it climb upon him, got down and went inside? This fellow was sleeping, blissfully unaware of anything that happened. I woke him up. He did not expect me there at all. He was surprised and felt very happy. I mentioned about the ‘visit’ of the cobra. He was so happy. He informed that he is continuing to lit the lamp regularly.

I bid farewell to the villagers and Karnam while a car came. One of the inmates was a Malayali and rest were Tamilians. All having the appearance of villagers.

“May we know who is the chief of this village?” – asked one.

“It is that house, but he is not around.”

“When will he come?”

“Can’t say. It may be two or three days. Who are you? I am the Karnam of this village. You may ask me on anything you want to know”

“We would like to talk to you in private”

“Come here, let’s sit here and talk”. He asked the umbrella guy to fetch some cool drinks to these people.

“We, belong to the Ramayanpatti Jameen family. After the birth of our heir, somebody kidnapped that child desiring the wealth associated. Then there wasn’t any information about that child. We dropped our search after a while. Only before one and a half month, one of those relatives had written a letter where he mentioned that he left the child in a platform in Erode and ran away and that the child is still alive in this area. He also apologized profusely for the mistakes they committed and that the Almighty has given them the deserved punishment. Now the Jameen does not have its heir. The zameendar mentioned in his will to search for the child and to throne him as the next Jameendar and if it was not possible, all his wealth is to be given away to Thirupathi temple or to the Government and he passed away.”

“We came to know only after ten days that he has written such a will, through his advocate. It is on the same day that we received that letter, mentioning about the child. We thought of this as a good omen and began our search again in areas of Erode, Salem, Thirupoor etc. We searched orphanages, checked with Christian Father, to those running hotels, to the police, everywhere. They all said they cannot help if we do not have any
physical feature as an aid for idenficiation”.

The person who explained all these appeared very gigantic and it was clear he was close to the Jameendar. I was very thrilled to know all these, but never expressed anything. The Karnam invited me nearby to take part in this conversation.

The huge man continued…

“See this man here, he belongs to Ernakulam, Kerala and is a very big astrologer. He is an expert in Maha Prasnam (an astrological art where they ask questions in different methods and they receive the answer intuitively from the preceding deity). He came to our place where we asked in the Angala Parameshwari Temple through Prasnam. If he says something, then we will search for the boy and make him the next Jameendar, or else, we will do the ritual of Flower (a child is asked to choose between two colored flowers, with each flower representing one decision, as children are considered as equivalent to God in purity. Whatever flower the child
chooses, the related decision is taken as a word straight from God) and give away all the wealth either to Thirupathi temple or to the Government. We decided this in front of all the people.”

“He came. Did the Prasnam. It came that the heir of this zameen is still alive, he is somewhere about 50 mile distance from Erode, that he stammers when he speaks and he is living in a small hut in the mercy of the villagers. We were so pleased at what came out of Prasnam. But still, we took him along with us and were searching in the nearby villages. We just came to know that such a person lives here in your village. If whatever we say turns out to be true, and if you permit, please show us that man. We will provide all the necessary details you may want” – said he!

I looked at the Karnam.

“All you said is correct. That boy is right here. Are you truly associated to the Zameen. On what basis will I send that boy along with you, I am confused. Also, I cannot take this decision alone. I have to consult with the village chief, the police etc because, there should not be any issues in the future, you see?” – said the Karnam. But this group desperately wanted to take the boy along with them and mentioned that they will bring the village chief from wherever he is, the police and advocate from Erode. I did not understand the logic behind their urgency. The Karnam looked at

“I cannot interfere in this directly. Check your rules and guidelines and move accordingly, but with patience” – I said and asked him to bid farewell to me since it was getting late. But the Karnam would’nt let me go.

In a short while, a village boy came and said that the umbrella guy (the heir) was running helter-skelter in the highway that leads to Erode and the reason is not known. The Karnam did not take it seriously but I felt some trouble is brewing. I waited there for a few hours and came back.

On a Brahma Muhurtha day after Ashtami and Navami thithi passed, I asked the Maha Muni about that boy. This is what He said:

The cart-man wanted to possess all the Zameen’s wealth. So he decided that he will push the original heir from the mountain. He set forth with his plan where a black cobra appeared and threatened the cart-man. He got scared of the snake and he jumped off the cliff and broke a few bones. The villagers got him admitted to the Puthur hospital.

The snake was sent by none other than Lord Shiva! In order to save his devotee, He did this divine play. From then on, that black cobra is protecting this boy, living in the same mountain. It is the same cobra that you had seen as well. This boy got scared that someone will kidnap him. Especially when he silently over-heard the people taking his name, advocate, police etc., he dropped all the cool drinks and ran like mad, got hold of a train to Erode.

A Sannyasin (monk) who traveled in the same train approached him, inquired about him and have instructed his assistant to help this guy. The day in which he will become the zameendar of Ramayyan Patti Zameen is not far away. The Sannyasin himself will help him for that” – The Maha Siddha summarized his story.

I gave out a sigh of relief.

I was busy then for three months where I had almost forgotten about him. I then met the Karnam and the village chief in Kandasramam in Salem, they mentioned that he has become the zameendar of Ramayyan Patti Zameen and is now possesses a few crores and that his lifestyle has totally changed.

I thanked the Maha Muni. There are many a hundred incidents such as this and our humble intention is to present them here. If Agastya Muni is excited, He orchestrates many such miracles. Otherwise, He will test those who has come to receive the Nadi reading, but the end result will be remarkable!

~ to be continued…!


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