The Grace of Siddha – 75 – The game begins!

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The Grace of Siddha takes a slight deviation from the main track where these series talk about Chathuragiri and some of the incidents happened around the place. 


The human mind is a strange one. It doesn’t rest until it finds the answer it is actively searching for. When it finds the answer, the mind naturally feels drawn and creates a relation to the place and the person who was the reason for it. The mind wants to be associated with all these constantly. He was in the same state.

The answers he was searching for was given by Him, the Maheshwara of that Hill, which made him feel ‘He is the right one for me’. He also wanted to stay in that place and do what he could. He blessed him for that as well.

There were many a people who were carrying out Anna-dhana (serving food) to devotees by either forming small groups or as individuals. He joined a group of five and did what he could. Along with this, some other activities related to the welfare of the place added up. Within a short span of time, as he was taking care of everything honestly, the group grew really fast. The other group were jealous of this one. This group where he belonged, had a clear motto. The anna-dhana is happening through the grace of Lord Shiva. We are merely an instruments in carrying it out. When Anna-dhana service was over, his other important work was to be in solitude, to meditate, to go deep in to that forest either alone or with friends and to do research.

He wanted this place to be known to many for them too to get the blessings of the Lord. So he got the permission of the group leader and opened a blog, started writing about the Lord and the place. The mountain became a hot topic of discussion in the internet. Many came to know of this Lord and the amount of people visiting
the hill increased. He also invited a magazine reporter and got an article written on this, which spread the whereabouts of this place worldwide. The place which was sort of hidden and kept as a secret by a few villagers, spread out across the world. Many started talking about this group, which became a reason for problems.

He does not talk much to many. He welcomed anyone who did the anna-dhana. But on other groups, due to the shortcoming on individuals, people started showing interest in this group. The crowd coming to these people increased as well, where everyone contributed whatever they could to this group. Whoever comes in at whatever time, they are not to be told ‘food isn’t available’. This was an order given to everyone in that group.

On a given day, when he was sitting alone in the shrine of the Lord, feeling very blissful, an elderly person came and sat near him. He hasn’t seen him before, he thought someone has come to get the darshan.

He began to speak slowly.

“O Swami, are you meditating?”

He smiled slightly and did not reply.

“You seem very peaceful thinking that everything is going very well.”

He realized that the conversation was taking a strange route and so, but politely said, “Please say out what you wanted to say.”

He gave a piercing look, “Don’t know how to say, but it is good to say the truth as it is, isn’t it?” – he was not ready to come to the point right away.

He straightened up and said, “whatever happens here, is happening because of there, that One, through His grace” – he pointed to the Shiva Linga.

“True. Without Him, not even a single atom moves. Your group does seem to realize that as well. But where is an end to His play? Where it will pull, He alone knows!” – said that old man.

“Why don’t you say what you wanted to say upfront? Why are you so beating around the bush?” – he was a little frustrated.

He sensed his frustration, “Ok, let me come to the point. But to take it in the right sense or not, is totally up to you. But it will happen. This is what is the chess He plays. Now the anna-dhana and other welfare activities are carried out well by your group. But in a few days from now, you are going to lose all these things from your hand. This Lord Shiva, is not like how we all think He is. He gives everything. But when required, He can eradicate everything and can sit alone!

You do not know Him. If one day when everything topples down, you cannot bear it, your mind will feel very painful. Hence I wanted to convey what I knew. Hold on to His legs (surrender yourself to the holy feet of Lord Shiva), cry, pray and ask if there is any other way as against losing all these. He alone can show you an alternate way out” – he was very clear and concise in what he said.

“It is not advisable to say these things out. If you do, and when it happens, they will all blame only you. So, be careful and watchful” – he said, and mentioned, “If His grace is there, we may meet somewhere. Good bye!” – he got down and walked in the path that lead to the forest and was gone.

He was looking at the way that person went, shell shocked. It took a long time for him to come out of the shock. He has heard that in such a hill like this, anyone can come in any form to convey ‘something’. Was it a Siddha who came now, he thought. He looked at the path again and there was nobody.

“He alone can show you an alternate way out” – this was reverberating in his ears and so he went to the shrine again, sat in front of Lord Shiva to meditate. All that the old man had said began to run in his mind.

“Tell me, O Lord. Someone says that we’re going to lose everything. Is this why we all worked here in your temple? Where there was nothing to whatever is now, that anyone who comes, we’re able to show such hospitality till they are satisfied, all
these are given by You and if all these goes away, how can we run this Service and obey Your orders? Ok, please stop what might happen. I will light up a ghee-lamp for three particular days in Your shrine. Please accept it and save us from the plight that might happen” – he prayed, became calm.

He realized that someone somewhere was saying, “Those who are with you, they themselves won’t let you light up the lamp”.

“You are there know! You take care of it. My part is only to try” – he said this to the Lord and began to focus on the other activities. He could light up the lamp twice. The temple priest himself did not allow him to light it up the third time.

He realized that whatever is happening is because of Him, and whatever will happen will also be determined by Him.

Days went by. He kept all these within and was involving himself in the service with patience. He meditated and did the Japa (chanting) he knew. The people who frequented there began to tell him their problems and he felt an urge to say this:

“Sit behind Father and tell Him. It will be solved soon”. The people realized that their problems did fade away and this got spread out that if ‘he’ tells their problems, it will be solved soon.

How can one individual from the group gain so much visibility? Let us see, people outside this group began to protest and they started spreading falsified stories about him. The group leader was also told, “He is freely roaming in the forest. If something happens, who will be responsible. Only we can come for help. Why do you need such trouble?” etc.

They realized that he obeys the chief’s words and they mentioned it to him. He began to put forth a number of restrictions. He instructed him only to concentrate on the anna-dhana and not to talk to anyone, not to roam around in the forest etc. He realized that a net is getting spread around him and it began to tighten up as well.

~ to be continued…!

5 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 75 – The game begins!

  1. Jnanajyothiamma says:

    Very well Presented.

    “THE TRUTH”.Whatever is happening is because of HIM and whatever is going to ALSO because of HIM….Aum.

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