The Grace of Siddha – 76 – The Twist!

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The Grace of Siddha takes a slight deviation from the main track where these series talk about Chathuragiri and some of the incidents happened around the place. 

He did not want to violate the restrictions imposed by the chief. Before all these happened, he had gone to various other places and had accumulated enough experiences, so being quiet was not a problem for him. He came, did his work, and went down. It was as though a screen had been fallen between him and that Lord Shiva. On a certain day when everyone had slept off, he went to the shrine and began to speak, within.

“O Lord! For whatever you have summoned me here, it should happen before I go away from here. Whatever others say, give me the strength to bear it all. From today, whoever speaks unwanted or bad, I will think of You when I hear them. All that they speak will come to you. It will be as they had meant to tell you those. You take care of it. I am not going to think that I am hearing” – he promised and went off.

The Adi Amavasya came. This calls for lakhs and lakhs of devotees on that day. The crowd makes even a person with sanity go insane. The behavior of the devotees will be crazier. He wanted to avoid being there on that day.

The priest knew this and came searching for him.

“You must come to the temple on the Adi Amavasya day. I will make you the priest and give the control of the sanctum sanctorum to you. You must help me.”

“What is this play?” he thought for long and as the priest kept insisting, he agreed, without knowing that a lot of issues are going to crop up right from that.

The Adi Amavasya day came. He asked the chief if he can stand in for the priest. He gave a slippery reply as “I would not tell you “Don’t stand in” and I would also not tell you “Ok, stand in”. Do as you please.”

There was a rule that that Lord must be worshiped (by touching, doing abhisheka etc) only by Rishi Munis, Siddhas and Brahmacharis. This is because it was stated by the Lord Himself, when he gave that Swayambhu Linga (the Shiva Linga that has appeared all by itself is called Swayambhu) to the Siddhas.

“Those who are in the worldly life, if they touch Me and do the pooja, I will turn them towards the pathway of Moksha. So, only those (referred above) may do such pooja.”

He was in a great dilemma, wasn’t sure what to do because he had family. If he touches Him to do pooja, He will change his mind. Who will take care of the family? He thought for a while and went to the shrine again.

“I wanted to stay away from You but yet get Your blessing. Where is an end to Your divine play? Like they show the candies to the babies and pull them, You are showing this “Priesthood”. I accept it believing in You. One request though. I have a family. Do whatever You want to me, but please let me do my duties to my family” – having said this, he stood in the role of the priest.

Like it happens in many a shrines, the relatives of the priest themselves were involved in looting the money that were given as offering. He realized it and asked everyone to stay away first.

“Those who are honest alone can stay. Those who aren’t, stay out! All the money that falls in this plate (the plate used to distribute the karpoora harathi) will be in my control. No one should touch this. It should be reaching the priest” – he made this strict rule that day.

They thought, let’s see how long he can stay here in the same place. He has to take rest at least for a while, we shall see the rest then”.

He listened to this and prayed, “O Lord, I should not get tired. I should not be needing any rest, food or sleep. I do not know what You will do.

Please take care” – he went on with his duty.

A few changes happened within him. He did not feel tired. Those who were waiting for him to get tired had to retire within a short span of time. He stood there for one and a half day, throughout, as a priest.

It was 2.30 in the morning. He felt something and so he sat in the altar where the Lord was seated and did the pooja. He felt very pleased. He showed the Mangala Harathi and showed it to others, that’s when a hand with Rudraksha Beads extended towards the plate. He looked up at the person, who was the same who spoke to him the other day and warned him about the events.

He nodded with a meaningful smile, took the harathi, and moved away. “If His grace is there, we may meet somewhere” – this reverberated in his ears again. He felt as if something is about to start and right then someone said, “Everything will happen for good, just wait and watch” to someone.

The other priest who was there in the other shrine came rushing, stood before him and shouted “Who gave you the permission to sit in the same altar as that of the Father (Lord Shiva). We ourselves don’t dare to do it. He will, He will take us for a ride. Get down first!!”

He turned towards the ‘Father’ and said within, “All Yours” and turned towards the priest and said, “Go and mind your business. If the Father wants to punish me, let Him punish in whatever ways He wants. I am the priest here today. This is an agreement between me and the Father. Who are you to ask this? If you have some problem, do and tell that to the priest (the one who requested him to stand by). I will do as I please here. No one needs to give me any Upadesha (advice)” – he was harsh and blunt. He also realized that he was not himself when he said all this and felt like it was the Father Himself, who spoke all these.

The person who shouted at him went away and never returned till the time he was there in the hill. But he played his part along with the relatives of the priest in complaining that he was selling sandalwood paste in the shrine and that he ‘sat’ in the same altar as that of the Lord and all his restrictions. The priest did not inquire his side properly and so he avoided him. As he treated him with less respect, he felt bad. His chief, who was responsible for finding out what the truth was, did not support him either.

He felt very satisfied that the pooja was done very well, and started
focusing on the routine. The activities related to the welfare progressed really fast. The other groups plotted a plan. They took the contents of this group’s blog and modified it to their wish, printed it and showed it to the temple authorities saying, “these people looted a lot of money and this must be inquired”. The authorities were waiting for such a chance and so they called for the police and said that every other activity must be stopped till the inquiry gets over. Everything was stopped.

A lady, who was leading another anna-dhana group had written and signed the charge-sheet. He was thinking very good about that lady, that she was doing a great job in the middle of the jungle by providing anna-dhana. He never spoke bad about any other group ever. But he had a determination. “For sure, everything happens here is being watched over by “our great elders” and so, we should never speak ill about anything”. This came out to be the truth.

The lady, a day after submitting the charge sheet, died of some unknown reasons. It was his bad time probably, so everyone against him said in a single voice that he was a great magician and hence this lady was gone. If he comes up to this hill, he won’t go back.

This came as a big shock for him. He decided not to go there again and said, “O Lord, I will climb up hereafter only and only if I feel like You are calling me. I will never come here for any human’s call. You decide!”

The police took the charge-sheet and began their inquiry.

~ to be continued…!

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