The Grace of Siddha – 77 – The place called Chathuragiri

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The Grace of Siddha takes a slight deviation from the main track where these series talk about Chathuragiri and some of the incidents happened around the place. 

I closed the Nadi and looked at those two. What Agastya Muni had mentioned had shocked me. The information clarified that ‘he’ did not commit any mistake but is stuck so very much. It is only Sage Agastya who can save him.

“Ok, what did ‘he’ tell you? What should I ask?” – I asked them.

One of them briefed me about what happened and said,

“Swami, he is very upset that the Annadhana has stopped. The only intention they started this initiative is to ensure that the devotees who climb up  that much of a distance in the jungle to have darshan should not go empty-stomach. It should resume and should continue very well. Even if ‘he’ is not going to be there, the Annadhana should resume. There should be a way out to these problems. He asked us to get clarity on what we should do.”

I began to read the Nadi again.

What do you all know about Chathuragiri?! The Lord who dwells there, do you have any idea how He is? That place is our Yaga-Shala. Even we seek His permission before we set our foot there. We tie a ‘kaapu’ before we get in there. Given all this even for us, it is extremely important for people like you. All these years, no one has ever tied a kaapu (a sacred thread usually worn on the right wrist) so far here. That Lord of great mercy has been very forgiving. Those who did the Annadhana, those who helped for this, nobody understood this. Those few who understood it, did not believe. There has been huge mistakes that happened as well.”

“He was honest alright. But those whom he was associated with committed a few mistakes due to which he is stuck. This we call Sakavasa Dosha. Even if one did not commit a mistake, he gets the dosha because of his association with those who commits a mistake. A 90 days from now, wherever he steps out in our Country, he will be arrested. Ask him not to go anywhere and stay away”.

“Annadhana is a very noble deed in this Kali Yuga. Since he had thought that he is doing it on behalf of the Almighty Lord and even said the same, since they haven’t thought even once that ‘we are doing this’, We will help him.”

Let him listen to what We say. If he follows what We say with a truthfully with a good heart, all the problems will be gone for sure.”

“He should first perform a Chathru Samhara Yaga in a Murugan Temple which is on a hill top, on a Tuesday night.”

“He should chant the Gayatri of Lord Muruga (Subramanya Gayatri Mantra) for 54 times everyday.”

“Everyday, before he steps out, he should chant the Moola Mantra of “Pratyangira Devi” for 36 times.”

“If he does the Japa for the next 90 days, the enemies will be gone. The Annadhana will resume after 3 Amavasya.”

“But at least after these, the mistakes should be avoided.”

“No need to worry about anything. The Agastya will take care.”

“Ask him to stay wherever he is for the next 90 days. The police inquiry will come, he has to co-operate. Ask him to tell the truth. This case will become nothing. I will take care of it. He must be present in the Chathru Samhara Yaga. We will ensure the required safety. Ask him not to worry.”

“But for a few days, he has to feel upset and sorry. Those whom he believed in, will forsake him. They will speak ill of him. No reply should be uttered. Patience is very essential. If he remains silent, We will take care of everything. One has to reap what he sows. He will be saved without great damages.

All these were conveyed to him. When he heard these, he was totally shaken.

The Sage has answered all the questions he was looking for. He decided that he should be as careful as that of walking on glass pieces hereafter. He requested his friend to enquire about the Subramanya Swamy temple on the hill and the requirement for conducting a Chathru Samhara Yaga.

His friend inquired about these and mentioned that it will cost around 20 to 25 thousand rupees. He was dis-heartened as he did not have that much of money. If he could ask the group members of Anna Dhana, they were all frustrated about him. He didn’t know what to do whereby a devotee who comes to the hill top contacted him.

“O Swami, what all have happened? What are you going to do?”

He mentioned everything and also narrated the answers came from Nadi and said “He has asked to do this yagna and mentioned that all problems wil be gone if done so. I do not have that much money and do not know what to do.”

“That’s all right? I know a hill top temple of Lord Muruga. I shall take you there and make all arrangements. Let me ask that priest” – he said.

He came back promptly after two days.

“I have inquired the priest. I will make all arrangements. All the expenses are mine. All you have to do is to come and take part in the yagna” – when he said all these, he was totally moved.

“Will the Sage Agastya do all these in a subtle manner?” – he thanked the Sage from all of his heart and began to make arrangements to go. Without him realizing, there has been a circle of safety that had been formed. He started on Monday and met the devotee on Tuesday. They both got down on a open space and looked up….

There stood a huge mountain, making one gasp as “Ho!” and on top of that, a temple!

“Come, this is called Odhi Malai. The one who is on top of the hill,
blessing everyone is “Odhi Malai Subramanya!” – the devotee introduced.

~ to be continued…!

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